Lightroom can't change the photos of mark IV 5 d in 1DS camera profiles

May I ask on Lightroom camera profiles? I can't change the photos of mark IV 5 d in 1DS camera profiles. When I tried to change it, the color saturation is very low, as black and white photos.

Before I used Adobe DNG Converter & DNG Profile Editor to make my own Canon 1DS camera profiles. The effects of the 1DS the color profiles that surrounds the peoples were adorable. It was a success with 5 d mark III.

But now, using the new camera 5 d IV. I followed the steps of old, using DNG Profile Editor to open it and then choose Canon 1DS DCP to export. The effects of saturation of color does not become as before. It turns very low over the DNG Profile Editor, when I tried to export a new dcp 1DS file in lightroom, looks still very low color saturation.

I would ask if anyone has come across such a problem...

I hope that someone can help and can solve my problem.

Thank you!

someone already answered my question. The answer is: in the DNG profile editor just add + 1 saturation (any button of saturation), it goes back to normal.

Thank you all!

Tags: Photoshop Lightroom

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