Limits of the RAM for N-Alvorix-RS880-Μatx (HP p6650z)

I just got the p6650z - 4 gigabytes of RAM. It has 4 slots, and there are currently 2 sticks of 2 GB each. If I read the motherboard plug right (, it seems that it can take up to 8 GB of RAM (for the 64-bit operating system) and can handle 4 concerts in each of the slots.

So your stay with 2 chopsticks 2 - gig, I could insert two 2 gig sticks more, or a stick more than 4 gig, but NOT 2 sticks of 4 gig again? I'm not a RAM expert by any means, but I'm just surprised that a mobo could handle 4 gigs of ram in a dwelling, but not in a second slot.

Or am I misunderstood something in this form?

Yes, because:

Your computer uses only memory channel, configured as pairs A and B.  Each pair has 2 banks. Each pair must be matching.  If your motherboard is the N-Alvorix-RS880-formfat (Alvorix) you are limited to 8 GB max. You said two 2GB have been installed. You can add another two 2 GB of the same speed. That would be max on your Board to "N".  I don't see any need to purchase two 4 GB, and draw away the installed pair of two 2 GB modules. I hope it is clear to you, now.

The N-Alvorix-RS880-formfat (Alvorix) MOBO is limited to 8 GB.

H-ALVORIX_HF-RS880-Μatx MOBO is limited to 16 GB.

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    I don't want no heavy games, I just want to change to 256.
    I tried to change it by accessing the BIOS, but I had no luck with it, no option for this, another way, I could do?

    Thank you!.


    > my question is how can I change the RAM for my internal video card? I found I only 64 and I want to change it to 256.

    No, you can not do it yourself. The system will automatically change to the need for more ram.

  • Plug on the RAM for-> E1-531-2686?

    How fast is the RAM for this guy? Do we need to buy a ~ module corresponding to the latency/size/speed to fill the empty slot?

    I can't find any info on this anywhere. Would be nice to order the RAM and the computer at the same time. I think that the listed max RAM is 8 GB, so get another 4 GB chip would be the way to go.

    Thank you!

    I contacted Acer via the online form and they said:


    ... We show that the E1-531-2686 can be upgraded to a maximum of 8 GB by using the SO-DIMM DDR3 1333. If you want a manual for this model, these can be downloaded from our site of support under the heading "Drivers and manuals."


    The problem is, the user guide they're talking about is "Generic" for the entire line E1-531. Basically, there just pictures of ports and a guide for the use of the temperature and of course a lot about your product registration.

    Also, search this site, forums and not, the acer store and several others and some ' net research I couldn't get an answer to this. So I'm glad that they go back to me so fast... yet, funny that info is not easily available...

  • Question on the limitation of the RAM

    I use Windows 7 x 86 ultimate (SP1) on a computer laptop 4 GB ram
    I am well aware of the limited memory posed by Microsoft, but why he only 2.16 GB usable memory?

    shows that for 7 ultimate, the limit is 4 GB
    How is the limit for my laptop only 2.16?

    is there somehow I can ask Microsoft to remove this limitation? as quite the player, the more RAM is better for me, and this unusable GB 1.8 is quite disturbing

    I use Windows 7 x 86 ultimate (SP1) on a computer laptop 4 GB ram
    I am well aware of the limited memory posed by Microsoft, but why he only 2.16 GB usable memory?

    shows that for 7 ultimate, the limit is 4 GB
    How is the limit for my laptop only 2.16?

    is there somehow I can ask Microsoft to remove this limitation? as quite the player, the more RAM is better for me, and this unusable GB 1.8 is quite disturbing

    As you know, the limitation is the 32-bit operating system you have chosen to run.  You want to use the memory better, get 64-bit Windows.

    Your material is to eat the rest of your memory with my guess it being likely to centre around a video camera, you have probably chosen to improve your gaming experience.

    Your solution, once again, is to set up a 64-bit operating system.  That's all.

    Do you have Windows 7 is pre-installed (OEM license) or did you buy this detail (the retail license)?

  • Upgrade the RAM for Satellite A60

    Hi I have a Satellite A60 with 512 MB DDR preinstalled in a slot. I want to install a 1 GB of additional ram from crucial. have a few questions:
    1 Toshiba A60 manual says that maximum RAM in two slots should not exceed 1.5 GB. That means 1500 MB literally like 512 + 1024 = 1536. I know its stupid but the hassle of a return of the items after the purchase is a pain.
    2. the Crucial website says that maximum RAM in two slots is 1280 MB.
    3. speed: can I install the 1 GB PC2700 on my laptop? Not sure my current speed of 512 MB, but critical comments on DDR is backward compatible. do you agree?
    4 slots: is there a difference between the slots? As I read, I can't put the two Rams at once. I need to put one at a time.
    5. as you watched the crucial page, do you think that the RAM of 1 GB is a good choice for my laptop?

    I am looking to buy the 1 GB of ram this week. I would appreciate your help on this guy.
    Thank you.


    Yes, you can use this module to 1 GB.
    You have 512 MB of internal memory and an expansion slot.
    If the maximum is 1.5 GB.
    The module fits into this slot and the speed is also OK.

    Good bye

  • Helps the RAM for 15-D045NR


    I think with the purchase of a 15-D045NR. The problem is that I can't find out if the RAM is expandable on this computer. It comes with 4 GB of Ram, but did not mention if it is expandable. I already bought a 15-d037dx, but I'll take it in the specs from Best Buy, it reads that the 4 GB of memory is not expandable. I called Office Depot to ask the tech to check the 15-D045NR, but he said that he cannot say even by checking the itsself to the computer if the RAM is expandable. I'd appreciate any help I can get.

    Thank you

    You are the very welcome.

    That is right.

    You can install up to 2 x 8 GB memory of the DDR3L-1600 (PC3L-12800).

    The L stands for low voltage (1.35v).

    Make sure you get a memory:

    Unbuffered memory

    Non - ECC


    At 8 small black memories on each side of the PCB, not 4.

    Refer to Chapter 4 of the the service manual to know how to remove and replace the memory modules.

    If you want a recommendation, and you want to just max the thing out now, then opt for this set...

    If you just want to double, for the moment, then add this 4 GB chip...

  • Increase the RAM for laptop

    I have currently has:

    Laptop "Acer ENME69BMP, 2 G of RAM, Celeron, 320 HDD, Windows 8.1, 10.1" display ".

    I need to some more RAM, but I'm new to this so I'm not really sure where I can get affordable compatible RAM for my machine. Any suggestions?

    I started looking and I found what seems to be a reasonable price (compared to other prices on the site), but I don't know if it is compatible:

    How can I check which will work on my latpop and how custom and what are the average prices for RAM in the range from 4 GB to 16 GB?

    Thank you very much

    I looked at all the sites said that the maximum memory for your device is 2 GB.

  • Is there a problem with the maximum size of the RAM for Satellite 320CDT?

    I have a 320CDT Satellite with the latest BIOS (v8.00) and Windows 98 Second edition installed. There are 32MB memory base and a 32 MB module in the single expansion slot. If I change it to a plug-in 64 MB I see that 64 MB of total memory reported, not 96 as expected; the specification for the machine indicates that the admissible maximum memory is 160 MB (32 MB base + 128MB expansion). Does anyone know if there is a problem with the maximum memory size for this model and if there is a solution or workaround? I need to know quickly, in order to decide if I should return the memory module to the vendor! Thanks a lot for any help, Peter

    Satellite 320CDT supports an internal memory of 32 MB and a single slot can be used!
    You can improve it to max 96 MB (32 + 64 MB)
    I found a few old memory modules. You can use the modules SODIMM 144 pin EDO PA2043U 32 MB or 64 MB PA2044U


  • Suggest the configuration of the RAM for Tecra A8

    Hi people,

    I want to increase the RAM on my Tecra A8 (PTA83L - 02 k 014) to 2 GB. Currently she is 512 MB. But I don't know what configuration of RAM (DDR/DDR2, speed in MHz etc.) should I buy?

    Please give me some advice. Also suggest me which are the best & reliable brands available in the market?

    See you soon!

    Tecra RAM DDR2 support. Supoprted speeds: 400, 533, 667 MHz.
    I suggest you to buy 2 x 1 GB (memory equivalent 2 modul necessary to have dual channel mode) RAM DDR2-667. I currently using Venus Kingmax 2 x 1 GB (PC2-5400, model name: KSCD48F-A8KB5) without problem and the dual channel mode.

  • Limitations of the trial for WS 9 or 10

    I'm trying to understand the limitations of the trial - it expires after a certain period of time, but is completely full or is a set of features on the scale or?

    It is full of star until the expiry of the period of the duration of the trial.

  • HP Pavilion p6774y: N-Alvorix-RS880-Μatx Motherboard

    My office runs only fans when turned on, the hard drive is not engaging, the monitor keeps just scan for a signal. I checked the connection right, I tried another monitor always the same answer. I took the hard dave and put it in another computer and it came but the motherboard in this computer is not compatible with my hard drive because it wouldn't start windows. I tried to find the same motherboard online and I can't find one. Anyone know what are the mothers compatible with the same or better features than my original for a Pavilion p6774y?

    The HP Pavilion p6774y magnesium Gray edition was released in November 2010, 4 years ago.

    This computer uses a motherboard (N-Alvorix-RS880-formfat (Alvorix)) provided by
    Foxconn using socket AM3 (AMD) and AMD 785 G chipset processors.

    Here is the specification of motherboard Alvorix:

    IF you wish to use a replacement DIRECT, CHECK eBay and sellers of HP hardware.

    IF you want a motherboard FOXCONN retail with the same grip (AM3) and chipset (785G)-
    their motherboards II Deluxe cinema or cinema II Premium may agree. & U = us0000472

    Foxconn cinema II Deluxe Review (2010): YouTube

    I STRONGLY SUGGEST that you work with Local (with qualified Tech) computer store for upgrade/replacement.

  • Extend the RAM for Flex 10


    My computer laptop flex 10 has 2 GB of memory. It is possible to upgrade memory to 2 GB more to make the laptop more fast when I open any program?

    Nice day.

    After reviewing the manual of your equipment:

    (vivid RAM) memory is soldered to the system board. If you want 4 GB, you will need to change the entire Board.

    If you look at page 53 of the manual, you will see the 12 possible combinations of CPU + OS for 4 GB cards.

    CPU: N3510, N-2810, N2805, N2910

    OS: No OS, Win8Std, Win8Pro

    Hope this helps to clarify.

    Kind regards.

  • Upgrade the RAM for HP ENVY dv7-7233nr

    How much could I add? I currently have 481 GB free of 569 GB. My computer will not slow down, but I use this laptop for games and I would like to have more space for custom content for the Sims 3 to download. It works not too badly, but there is a little late, and sometimes it freezes. I don't know if it is possible to add ram, so that's why I'm here.

    I would like to know how I'm going to do.


    A little delay could be due to its graphics, BUT you can't do anything on this subject. Your machine currently has 6 GB of RAM:

    You can switch to 16 GB as shown:

    You can buy from them or use the information (including the price) to buy elsewhere.

    Kind regards.

  • Should the RAM for an ESXi host replaced the same ones remaining?


    We are running a cluster of servers ESXi 5.1 - 2 of them are Xeon E7440 2.4 GHz (64 GB of RAM) and 1 of them is Xeon X 5460 3.16 GHz (32 GB of RAM).

    Currently, the use of the memory of all three ESXi hosts are about 60%.

    We will replace the Xeon X 5460 server with a new physical server.  We would like to ask for your opinion how much RAM you must order (my manager of door on the cost of the new server).

    Thank you

    Hi again Tony,

    1. No, it is not high at all. You should begin to worry about this, after reaching approximately 85-90%.
    2. My short experience with clusters of memory-unbalanced, adding that more memory would be a lot like the DRS manages memory locations & 'kindness host' in the right direction, but I'm not really sure how that would turn out in the long term. If you decide to present more memory to your server, it would be possible to upgrade the other two guests sooner than later
    3. Yes, ask the seller would be the right thing to do. Please note that you will need to put in place an enhanced vMotion to conform to your next "older" CPU then, because you'll have something other than X 5460. I guess you'll have to "intensify" a generation or two, depending on what you have found.
  • Cannot find the RAM for my iMac

    I can't find my DIMMS (1333 mhz for an iMac mid-2011) on the Apple Store. I even searched the model # (PC3-10600) and they are apparently non-existent Apple is concerned. So I started searching Amazon, etc. I looked for that model # and a lot of sources that seem to match the specification EXCEPT that they were all the 240 pins. I can't find a 204 pins. What is going on? My Mac has really slowed down with all the OSX improvements and so on. I want to add 2 DIMMS to 4 GB, but I don't want to order something on the market after if it does of course. THX.

    Check that... I've did some more research and I found some 204 pins. Interestingly, several of them say 240 pins. What typo perhaps? Is it reliable aftermarket DIMM? Who are the good manufacturers?

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