line that appears on the monitor screen

There are line appearing on my screen, says that there is a problem with the image, and then asked me to restart my laptop. now im in safemode, my speakers does not work, what could be the problem?


In Safe Mode, many devices do not work, then no sound is not a problem here. Connect an external monitor to your computer laptop, is the line shown in the monitor as well?  It seems that if your laptop must be taken to a workshop for diagnostic work.

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  • HP 14 laptop: there are vertical lines that appear on my monitor HP 14-r024TX

    When I opened my laptop, a vertical line has appeared in the centre and disappears in a short time like 5-10 minutes of using the device. The case is repeated for 2 weeks until week 3, there are more lines appeared and does not disappear. I went to my dealer and they said they will send the laptop to the company here in the Philippines. Should I back up my files first before sending it even if just the monitor will be replaced? How long he's going to be fixed? and my unit has a genuine copy of Windows 8?. Also, my unit did not fall to the ground to make. Please help! and I thank you in advance.


    Thanks for coming back!

    Ok. In this case backup all your data by copying and pasting on external hard drive and the HP Recovery Manager backup tool & expected repair with HP in your region.

    You could also do an entire hard drive / image back to another external drive using the built in Windows 8 Control Panel tool and using third-party tools such as Macrium Reflect free. You will need Windows rescue CD to return after restore everything back to the laptop.



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    Hi all:

    Any new owner of the 9000.

    I've had three questions for you gurus:

    (1) is there a way that I can choose which icons appear on the home screen, so that I don't not to hit the MENU button and then scroll to access ones I use regularly...?

    (2) ATT (in the United States) made wonder a user name and password when I try to connect to  I already put in place an email 'external' non-Exchange, the private, ([email protected]) on my phone, but of course I can't use it to connect to this site.  Does anyone have an idea as to what is happening?

    (3) even if I send emails using this account [email protected] of "BOLD", what should I do to RECEIVE emails on account of [email protected] using POP?

    Any help on these three issues will be fantastic.

    Thanks in advance.


    You can hide those that you no longer want to see. Just ALT + click the trackball on those that you do not want to see and choose hide. With the default theme only the top row of icons will be visible without hitting the menu button.

    Check out this post to other sites that have additional themes, you can install

    When you go to the page AT & T BIS are you in the 'create new account' first? You can create an account to access the site. After you have created an account, you can access the sections of e-mail accounts to configure your BlackBerry email account.

  • line that runs through the desktop screen

    I was doing a white line down screen - only occasionally.  When I try to get a screenshot, the line is never in the picture.  It seems that the line disappears as soon as I press a button to do something.  is this a symptom of something devastating, looms around the corner? Should I panic or just put on my blinders on and increase the volume?

    Is it still there when you start? Until you press a button any? If it's a hardware problem, you can start the diagnostics of material holding down d d or command to start and run a test.  This test is not final as the apple store has better test software.  You could try a reset of the pram and see if it clears.

  • How can I fix the blue screen that appears after the Welcome screen and also the compaq screen changed after windows update the or to the 03/23/11

    March 23 windows set to date. a failure and then managed. After that, the compaq screen has changed and the blue display lights for a little after the Welcome screen.


    If you think the update caused the blue screen then uninstall it to check.

    Control Panel - Windows Updates - lower left Installed Updates - uninstall or change


    Remove an update


    The problems with the removal of updates

    How to uninstall updates in Windows Vista

    Disable or hide optional updates on Windows Vista


    If not, remove the updates help then we can troubleshoot the BlueScreens.

    Check this thread for more information using BlueScreenView, MyEventViewer and other methods
    to troubleshoot the BlueScreens - top 3 responses (+ 1 other).

    We can analyze the minidumps if make you it available to the SkyDrive or another file
    sharing sites.

    ZIP or download the content of the C:\Windows\minidump

    Use SkyDrive to upload collected files


    Also this, so you can see the probable bluescreens.

    Windows Vista restarts automatically if your computer encounters an error that requires him to plant.
    (also Windows 7)


    Check out these utilities to see if information may be collected:

    It is an excellent tool for displaying the blue screen error information

    -Free - BlueScreenView scans all your minidump files created during "blue screen of death," collisions
    and displays information about all accidents of a table.


    MyEventViewer can be verified at the time of the blue screen (BSOD) within a second or so of the
    time of the BSOD to provide more information about the possible cause - see TIP.

    MyEventViewer - free - a simple alternative in the standard Windows Event Viewer.
    TIP - Options - Advanced filter allows you to see a period of time instead of the whole of the record-
    Set it for a bit before and after the time of the BSOD.


    AppCrashView - free - a small utility for Windows Vista and Windows 7 that displays the details of all the
    application goes down has occurred in your system. The information breaks down is extracted from the .wer
    the files created by the Windows Error Reporting (WER) of the operating system component of each
    time that an accident has occurred. AppCrashView also allows you to easily record the list of accidents to
    text/html/csv/xml file.

    I hope this helps.

  • Red lines that appear on the working files

    I have no idea what to do with this issue... Started to see these lines of thought that I needed to update my card and Psalm I have updated my graphics card (with SUCCESS) I uninstalled and reinstalled Photoshop CC. Started out with that question... still ended up with this problem. I did not remove the preferences again... do not know if I have to. I REALLY NEED TO FIX THIS ADOBE! Here is my card...

    XPS 430 Win 7 64-bit, 6 GB of RAM - graphics card - AMD Radeon HD series 7700, the date

    Adobe: I'm counting on you guys much for providing an optimal product, but it seems all the few weeks a new issue at any point it sounds... theres always a Bug on hold is displayed. Please help me understand this. I'm happy to pay for Photoshop and other services when they work and work for... but me, it seems that I was better before when I cracked the software. I have had no problem cracking of close to 3 years. Now his monthly im while shelling out $50 each month. FIX IT!


    The exact type of RAM is entirely dependent on the motherboard.

    And once you know what kind of RAM it needs, you could easily replace Kingston, crucial, or just check amazon (but don't read comments, some brands are just out of luck).

  • How to stop messages that appear on the screen locked when they arrive?

    How to stop messages that appear on the screen locked when they arrive?

    Settings > Notifications > Messages > turn off display on the lock screen. -AJ

  • I have a white box that appears in the upper left corner of my screen that I don't know what caused it to appear

    Original title: white spot on screen

    I have a white box that appears in the upper left corner of my screen that I don't know what caused it to appear, my scans came back clean and all system also removes ok, nobody knows what it is or what the cause and better yet how get rid of? I am running windows 7 home.

    Thanks for the info and help! It turned out to be a malicious program that I have my computer in the start of the part of my computer, once I found and removed, the issue and a few other hick-ups disappeared.

  • Is it possible to convert the standard numbered list to the list that appears on the same line a right after another? As indicated in 1. Text goes here, 2. Text goes here, 3. Insert text here

    Is it possible to convert the standard numbered list to the list that appears on the same line a right after another?


    1. Insert text here
    2. Insert text here
    3. Insert text here


    1 text goes here, 2. Text goes here, 3. The text here.

    This revised list can take multiple lines.

    I use InDesign CC2014 - if that makes a difference.

    the only way is to convert numbered in the text (select numbered list > ctrl (or right click) > bulleted & numbered lists > convert numbered text).

    Then, with search - replace, you can change the paragraph returns in space (or in space by commas as in your example)

  • Not supported input message appears on the monitor

    "Input not supported" message appears on the monitor whenever I try to watch a DVD or video stored on my hard drive

    What could be the cause of the problem? The monitor is an Acer x193w. I got this computer for over a year and I've never been able to watch a DVD in its entirety because after so long as the message arrives and the only way out of the said message is to manually cut the power goes to food. I tried the alternative media such as VLC players to see if it works, but it seems to be something else the cause. This happens only when I run the videos that have a considerable length (20 minutes or more)

    Hi CheerleaderMelissaFan,

    Through my research, I noticed that users with similar problem have solved this problem by changing the screen resolution, I suggest you to change the display resolution and make sure that the refresh rate is adapted to your monitor.

    Follow the steps mentioned in the link below

    Screen resolution-change


    Change the refresh rate

    (You can see the documentation for the monitor to the native display resolution and refresh rate)

    Now test to see if the problem is resolved, after back if you have any questions

    Thank you, and in what concerns:

    Ajay K

    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer

    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

  • try to do a slide show... pictures do not appear in the monitor while playing

    try to do a slide show. I imported several JPEG files and they appear in the media folder. If I double click on one of them in the media folder, they appear in the control screen, but when I drag them in the video timeline 1 they do not play.  the screen is blank. If I double click on one of them in the timeline that they appear in the monitor, but when I play them that nothing shows in the monitor.any idea why they don't play. ?

    Thank you

    Win7 64


    Thank you whsprague... got it fixed... it's that darn... Nvidia driver problem somehow my computer for video driver updates without knowing me it... lol... and I found the driver may 2013, installed and everything works well again...

    Thanks for the help

  • Can someone tell me PLEASE, in the plain of the English and the words of one syllable, how to stop the annoying damned stick figures appearing on the home screen?

    I changed to Firefox because I was pushed to the madness of insignificant and frankly childish animated startup and the home screens. As far as I am concerned (and I know I'm not the only one), so that they can be some developers personal 'wet dream', they are nothing other than a total loss of pixels.

    Now, someone decided unilaterally that Firefox must throw it of simple but elegant homescreen Fox/Globe and join the modern idiom of animation pretty, colorful things to attract the attention of God knows who.

    Can anyone provide a simple walk-through of how do to remove or hide these garbage for those of us without qualification degree level in the computer... Please?

    The best way to get around that is just to create your own home page and do not use the 'default' on: homepage.
    See - How to set the home page
    That you have already rejected.

    You can use this UserStyle - - to hide the two sections of the about: home page House that Mozilla sends messages and videos when they feel the "need".

    Many of us have disabled the changes made to the top [brandLogo part] of the Start Page of Firefox and off advertising "excerpts" [under the reservoir of research] that Mozilla uses all the time now, so we don't see this "thing".

    If you feel adventurous, here's how to 'fix '.
    Type of topic: config in the address bar and press ENTER. Accept the message of 'dragons' to see the Advanced preferences screen. Use the search box at the top to enter the below pref.

    You can assign an empty string to stop your Firefox to retrieve "extracts" and brandLogo changes the browser.aboutHomeSnippets.updateUrl pref. Right-click this pref and select Edit then clear the value as pref in the box that appears, and then click OK. Who will also disable "snippets" that appear under the container of the research on the default home page.

    Then you must open the folder of your profile, via help > Troubleshooting Information > profile folder > > folder view button. Then close Firefox.
    Your profile file open with Firefox closed (Firefox '3-bar' menu key > exit/Quit), wait two minutes, then remove the storage\moz-safe-about + House folder in the profile folder of Firefox to remove the brandLogo and stored in IndexedDB code snippets to make Firefox use the default brandLogo and a defined default code snippet.

    Restart Firefox for these changes to take effect.

    If you later change your mind about these changes, you can reset the pref browser.aboutHomeSnippets.updateUrl via the context menu and Reset to retrieve the default to start to use the storage\moz-chest-fort-about + House record once again.

  • How can I clear my card data that appears under the search categories cards?

    How can I remove card slots that appear under the search card categories? I have not saved favorites and I already deleted locations lately, but for some reason any previous locations appear under the different search category.

    Click on "Favorites" you show in your screen shot with zero places.

    Then, click "Recent" down to the Center.

    Then click on 'Clear' at the top left.

  • Horizontal line to appear in the display of Toshiba 32BL502


    I recently bought a Toshiba 32BL502 32 in Super Slim LED TV - purchased the 11th of this month.
    The first time, I unplugged my blu - ray player HDMI cable and connected to my laptop instead, it was absolutely perfect.

    The 2nd time, however. It caused a horizontal line to appear on the screen - and it is always there now. I tried to turn it turned off and unplugging everything - is there any which output is on.

    I informed E-buyer, the company I bought, and I think they should be able to replace or repair.
    But I would like to know how to avoid what is happening again!

    Is it as simple as just turn off until I unplug the blu - ray player HDMI cable to plug into the laptop? Thanks for your help!


    In my opinion its just not lucky.
    There is no special procedure to connect a display to a blu - ray player or a laptop.
    The display can be ON or OFF which makes no difference.

  • the user does not appear in the login screen (el capitan)

    I see a user in the control panel users & groups of system settings, but it does not appear in the login screen. How can I fix it? I did a reinstall of system and see that the data is always there the prior installation.

    In users and groups > Connection Options, is the verified user list?

    If you have FileVault active it cannot list users until you type the Admin password for decrtpt disk.

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    With Firefox 20.0 I don't get the window 'Open with' or 'save' when I click on a file to download. I want the option to open the file automatically. I know that the new download the toolbar button is there, but that adds a few steps to open a file. A

  • Where to put a plugin - Win7

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