Link to 7.07 BIOS?

I know it's a long shot, but what is someone has a link or anyone can host a download for AAHD3-HB 7.07 BIOS? I already have the 7.16, but I'm having no luck finding the old version.

I know it's a long shot, but you never know. Thank you.


Hello hibiscusguy,

Unfortunately, after a long search, I was unable to locate the BIOS version for your motherboard 7.07.

As an after thought on this, I'm curious to know where you got the BIOS update of as the drivers of HP Pavilion p7-1174 desktop PC does not display the BIOS updates. I even swapped on for Windows 8 pilots, and it's not there either.

Thanks for posting on the HP Forums. Have a great day!

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    Link to 1.50 BIOS for Toshiba Satellite C660D-13 q does not (error 404) - file not found.
    How can I get this file after all?

    Who should I contact for this?
    Any help email address?

    Thank you

    You are right. the link says 404 error.
    To be honest, it is not for the first time something like this happens, but after a few days, everything was OK again.

    Try to download this update in a few days. I hope it will be fixed.

    By the way: you have a few problems installing the BIOS update should be made as soon as POSSIBLE?

  • HP S55 10y: don't know the BIOS password

    Im trying to reimage my office but I don't know the BIOS password to change settings. Someone please HELP! Laughing out loud


    Instructions to clear the password of the BIOS for your model are at the link below, under clearing BIOS settings > clear the BIOS password.

    There's a separate rider to clear the BIOS password, and instructions as written should work.

  • Impossible to download the BIOS for Portege Z930 - 404 error


    My tool tempro says that there is a new BIOS for my Portege Z930.
    But the link does nothing.

    If anyone can solve this? Or have the correct link

    Thank you

    You can use this direct link to download the BIOS file
    [Update BIOS 6.80 - WIN for Portege Z930 |]

  • Bios update HP consumer Desktop PCs (ROM family SSID 8184)

    I recently bought a new HP 260-a010 Slim desktop computer and have had only a few days. So far, the majority of the updates installed correctly, but this one, on that I wonder is to be a problem. I made 3 attempts to install, each attempt to take more than 3 hours! It is a ridiculous amount of time something like this for installing! What can be done to fix this?

    Hello! Welcome to HP's Forums a great way to get help.

    Please visit this link to update the bios:

    If this update does not work, I would need more information. Let me know the error message.

    Let me know how it goes.

    Thank you and have a nice day.

  • HP pavilion g6: hp pavilion g6 BIOS reset password

    Hi, I have a HP pavilion g6. The version of the BIOS F.26. I had put an administrator password, but forgot. After you have entered the wrong code 3 times I get the "system disabled" with the code 99166157.can, you kindly give me the password of derivation?


    Use the code to reset below


    or generate it from the link below

  • No GPU fan after upgrading the BIOS to 4.2 on Satellite P100-434

    Hi, I upgraded my BIOS today to version 4.2 and since the GPU fan only works during the splash screen, and once Vista has loaded, it never runs again, in addition, the CPU fan turns at a constant speed, and the screen has "shifted" to the right, so I quarter of the right hand of the screen on the left.
    As you can imagine, it's a little annoying, and to say that the GPU temp is 65deg. with 90deg all about processors. not too good for the material.

    Is could someone PLEASE tell me how I can downgrade the BIOS?

    I have fans and fences etc. are all and free from dust.

    I do turn all the appropriate toshiba of specific drivers, and I even tried to reinstall the NVidia one card.

    GeForceGo N-Vidia 7600

    Thanks in advance.

    Someone else here had the same problem, according to the P100 support newsletters found here you must update the nVidia Driver If you update BIOS v4.2

    Here is what says the newsletter:

    Update the BIOS of the computer to the version 4.20 or newer:

    1. click on the following link to download the BIOS version 4.20 for Satellite P100. Save the file on the Windows desktop.

    You can also search for a newer version of this BIOS on Service and assistance from Toshiba site at

    2. double-click on the file sp100v420.exe on the Windows desktop to start the driver installation.

    3. restart the computer.

    Update the display of the computer to version or newer nVidia Driver:

    1. click on the following link to download the version of the nVidia display driver. Save the file on the Windows desktop.

    You can also search for a newer version of this driver on Service and assistance from Toshiba site at

    2. double-click on the file driver_display_nvidia_os2007387a.exe on the Windows desktop to start the driver installation.

    3. restart the computer.

  • dvt6 - 6 c 00: updated to the latest bios Wireless Card install/f1.b


    I would like to install a new wireless card to take advantage of the speeds wireless AC, I am looking for an update or the mod my bios of f1.b to my Dv6t - 6 c 00 due to the white list.

    I tried to use the HP Web site to check the updates for my computer, but the automated process will fail every time.

    I would like to mention donovan6000( created a certain Bios Modded, but every time I run the application InsydeFlash included, he said, while trying to install the original of f.1b bios and the f.1b modded bios, they are not to my laptop.

    My Bios Dv6t information - 6 c 00

    System Board ID - 17FA

    BIOS version - F.1b

    Vend. Insyde BIOS

    I have not seen an update to this topic for a long time, and any tips/help is greatly appreciated!

    I found a solution that worked perfect.

    I upgraded my bios F.1b to a modded F.02 and was able to install a wireless card for $26 ( & redirect = true & ref_ = oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00) which gives me a 866.7Mbps wireless speed

    Here is where I found the solution

    Here's a direct link to downloads of bios of donovan6000

  • Qosmio F15-201: old BIOS version required

    Well, I changed my original BIOS and then ran into problems.
    And I did not backup old.
    So I need a new.

    Please help me on where it is located?
    This is for a Toshiba Qosmio F15 201 with a GeForce fx 5700 with 128 MB of memory.

    Here is some information on my card, it's a GeForce Go 5700 on an AGP interface and coming from Toshiba which offers a NV36 chipset and 128MB memory.

    If someone even card please copy bios original file and sent...

    Thanks in advance.


    The laptop should generally run without problem after the update of the BIOS. The new update of the BIOS is improved and I put t know why you need an older version of BIOS.

    I doubt that the questions that appear on your laptop might be linked to the new BIOS.

    However, if you need an earlier version of BISO then you can also contact the ASP in your county and ask for these files.

    Good luck

  • BIOS does not detect the CD/DVD on Satellite A205-S4639 device


    My laptop Toshiba works not very well, he has the following problem:

    When I enter the BIOS program (by pressing F2) main 'BIOS hand', the CD/DVD device does not appear in the module.
    Click on the link of the image: [main BIOS |]

    Then, I go to the BIOS boot module and the CD/DVD device appears in the list of boot devices, che the image link: [BIOS Boot | |] BIOS Boot]

    Finally, I try to boot from the CD/DVD-ROM and it works (check this box [Image | |]) Boot menu]).

    In the environment of OS (Ubuntu and Windows XP), the CD/DVD device does not appear, and it does not work.
    The laptop features:

    Make/model: TOSHIBA Satellite A205-S4639
    T.O.D.: 160 + 120 GB
    RAM: 3 GB DDR2
    Video: NVIDIA GeForce Go 7300
    Optical drive: PIONEER DVD - RW DVR-K17LF

    Note: I've updated the BIOS, but the problem persists.

    What is going on?

    > Then, I go to the BIOS start module and the CD/DVD device appears in the boot device list, click the link of the image: BIOS Boot
    It is a boot menu and it always seems to know whether or not the CD/DVD or HARD disk drive has been inserted!

    In my opinion, your CD/DVD drive is faulty or there is no link with the portable CD/DVD player.

    A mobile technician must verify and if necessary should replace

  • Latest BIOS forSatellite L30 (PSL33E) has a serios bug.

    Can someone help me find some old (3.0) BIOS for Toshiba Satellite L30-134 PSL33E? The BIOS which is available on the official website of Toshiba has a serious bug. After upgrading my laptop seems to generate a lot more heat than before and my DVD is not working properly.
    Guys, you need to remove the link to the new BIOS of all your sites and to provide the link to the old stable BIOS, or a new one with all the bugs fixed.
    And you have a general support center? Our local support (in Russia) Center does not at all!

    Reset you the BIOS to default settings updated the BIOS?
    Maybe there's dust in the heat sink causing it to overheat?

    Try to remove the ODD/DVD filters:

  • Satellite L300 regularly freezes after BIOS update

    I've updated the latest bios for my Toshiba Satellite L300. However, after using the computer for half an hour, the computer is frozen.

    Even though I reinstalled the operating system, this problem still occurs. Can someone view please the link to the previous bios for this Toshiba L300?

    Kind regards.

    Check if there are several versions of BIOS according to the operating system that you are using as if it were with other series of satellites?
    And redefine the BIOS settins on default. This often allows too much.

    Not sure, but I think that you will not find a previous version of the BIOS on Toshiba download page and so you can ask your ASP if they can return BIOS back to a previous version.

  • Equium A200-15i - need the original BIOS

    I would be very grateful if you could send me a link to the original bios for the EQUIUM A200-15i.

    Thanks in advance, Michael


    On the European driver Toshiba page, you will always find new versions of BIOS.
    Older versions of BIOS are not downloadable, and I think that you will need to contact the ASP in your County to get this older BIOS.


  • Satellite P300D-h-13: Bluetooth no longer works after update BIOS 3.30

    I have a huge problem with my bluetooth module integrated on Toshiba P300D-h-13.
    It worked great until I have not flashed Bios to version 3.30.

    Now, I do not see my module and when I start battery bluetooth, it says that I should plug my camera.

    Plese help me or give me a link to older firmwares bios?

    You define the default BIOS after the update?
    Isn't it? Then do it.

    Have you tried to activate the Bluetooth using the function keys after the update of the BIOS?

    PS: don't think that its probably the Office BIOS issue is related to the other grounds
    What system do you use?

  • HP 840 G1: update the BIOS

    Have a HP 840 G1 about a year - provided with Windows 7 preinstalled.

    Upgrade to Windows 10 in early January and had a number of problems (instability, no sound, etc).

    Did a clean recovery, re-installing Windows 10 using the Windows Recovery feature and delete some files from the user to get the cleanest version.

    Seems to be running very well so would load my files and other software but tune gave me a few updates, including the 01.35Ap1 of SP74659 Version of the BIOS upgrade.  Trying to finish the upgrade but I received a message upgrade installation ahd failed - could stop and start normally again. I just checked my BIOS level and it shows L71 worms 01.20. However, HP has the latest version of the BIOS as 01.35.Rev.A which seems a lot more recent than the 1.20 that I apparently.

    Given my limited technical skills, have I missed something or can I safely download and try to install 01.35.Rev.A

    Thanks in advance


    This update is for Intel VBIOS.

    The VBIOS provides a set of graphical functions that are used by programs to access the video hardware. The graphics controller built into the Chipset Intel® is an example of the video material.

    You can try to update manually here.

    It is the recommendation of Intel.

    You don't need to update your VBIOS if you do not experience a graphics issue with your computer.

    Here are a few reasons why you can update your VBIOS:

    • To solve a problem of graphics (for example, visual corruption when playing a new game, an error reported by the Windows operating system * which is linked to the video BIOS, etc.)
    • Recommendation of the manufacturer of your computer
    • Recommendation of an Intel customer support agent


Maybe you are looking for