Linksys E3000 - connectivity - can't access Admin setup, etc.

I had some connectivity issues. I have Cox and a cable modem connected to an E3000 wireless router. Both wireless and direct connections are normally working on my Windows XP computer.

This morning there was no internet connectivityt. I decided to try to access my router admin page. I couldn't get him. I'm positive, I entered the correct DNS number because it works now. I even turned off wireless to make sure she's trying to connect by ethernet b/c admin wireless access is disabled. This is my main question. What possible reason could I login on my admin page. The router is o. It is plugged it. I even restarted and I still couldn't connect to it? I did an ipconfig/release and / renew and which did not.

Ok. So I connect my computer directly to the cable modem. My internet is now. It is still a little buggy, but. (In other words, as soon as I open my browser, my homepage says the same thing... without connecttivity. Ok. So, I'm trying to update... It says the same thing. Ok. Then I try another link. It works now. I try google again. It works now. I repeat again and again close and reopen my browser and it's like he's not only the first page you are trying to open.)

But, I digress. It's the router. So I set about how it was - Internet through the router to the computer. Now, magically, it works, and I can access the Web page and admin?

So, why couldn't access my router page before. Cox is this coming Tuesday? Does this sound like something is wrong on their end or is it the router.

Router about a basic configuration, but I don't change the IP start and the range of IP addresses to include only 6 possible connections.

Yes. I tried everything but now the buttong reset for 30 seconds. Instead, I just unplugged. Nevertheless, there is STILL NO REASON I wouldn't be able to connect to my router a minute and the next minute I can? And the only thing that changes is that I disconnected 1 Ethernet and then plugged it back it later. Unless it was a bad connection or a cable, but I checked that already.

Forgotten. No help here.

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    Hello CPR,

    Welcome to the community!

    The operating system and data are saved on the disc that is inserted in the ReadyNAS chassis. Without the records, there is no, you will not be able to access the admin page. SSH is also disabled by default, so if you want to access via SSH, you must Access the first admin page and then allow it to from there. Telnet access is designed for engineering and support of L3.

    Kind regards

  • I can't get to a specific Web site - Linksys E3000


    I have a Linksys E3000 and everything works fine... until last week.  A Web site, I go all the time has stopped working.  The site is Martini in the morning,  This is a great internet radio station.  I listen to the station via other resources, but I can't go to the Web site that has a lot of features that I use.

    The details are that of any one of the computers connected to our network, I can't access the site.  When I plug a computer directly into the modem from Comcast, I can access the site.  I changed nothing that I am aware and everything worked until the Monday of last week.

    I thought it wasn't what actually on the router, but a TRACERT shows that I am.  I have a desktop running Vista, 2 laptops running XP Pro, an iPad, and none of them can connect to this site.  My iPhone cannot connect when it is on the network, but when it is 3G, it can.

    I know can someone ask me to join the TRACERT list, so here they are.  I appreciate any suggestions.

    Kind regards

    Irvin Johnson, Vancouver, WA

    tracert ads follow... a leave the router, 1 directly connected.

    The TRACERT from the inside of the network are:


    The route to []

    with a maximum of 30 hops:

    1<1 ms   =""><1 ms   =""><1 ms ="" bronzelion="">

    2 22 21 21 ms ms ms

    3 22 ms ms 21 21 ms ge-3-33 - [] .net

    4 22 ms ms ms 23 23 you-3-1 - [] .net

    5 35 ms 35 ms 35 ms []

    6 39 39 38 [] ms ms ms

    7 37 ms ms 37 37 ms xe-11-1 - 0.edge1.SanJose1.Level3 [] .net

    8 42 38 37 [] ms ms ms

    9 45 ms ms 37 38 ms ae-63 - 63.ebr3.SanJose1.Level3 .net []

    10 46 ms ms 53 54 ms ae-2 - 2.ebr3.LosAngeles1.Level3 .net []

    11 52 53 53 ae-71 ms ms ms - 78.ebr1.LosAngeles1.Level3 .net []

    12 49 49 49 ae-5 ms ms ms - 5.car1.SanDiego1.Level3 .net []

    13 48 49 49 ms [] ms ms

    14 48 49 49 ms ms ms

    15 * request timed out.

    16 ^ C


    It is the same tracert goes directly to the comcast modem:


    The route to []

    with a maximum of 30 hops:

    1 7 ms 6 ms 5 ms

    2 7 ms 7 ms 14 ms ge-3-33 - [] .net

    3 7 ms 7 ms 7 ms you-8-3 - [] .net

    4 21 21 19 [] ms ms ms

    5 27 24 23 [] ms ms ms

    6 47 ms ms 23 23 ms xe-11-0 - 0.edge1.SanJose1.Level3 [] .net

    7 33 ms 35 ms 35 ms []

    8 ms 34 35 ms 35 ms ae-63 - 63.ebr3.SanJose1.Level3 .net []

    9 30 ms ms 31 35 ms ae-2 - 2.ebr3.LosAngeles1.Level3 .net []

    10 31 ms ms 35 36 ms ae-71 - 78.ebr1.LosAngeles1.Level3 .net []

    11 34 ms ms 33 33 ms ae-5 - 5.car1.SanDiego1.Level3 .net []

    12 33 ms 33 ms [] 34 ms

    13 34 ms 33 33 ms ms

    14 35 ms 36 36 ms ms

    Full trace.

    C:\Windows\System32 >

    I mistyped the MTU size. Change the size of the MTU to 1365. Cycle the router and see if it works.

    You have already updated the firmware of the router. After upgrading the firmware on the router, it is recommended that you must reset the router and reconfigure the router. Press and hold the reset button on the router for 30 seconds. Release the reset button and wait 10 seconds. power cycle the router and reconfigure the router. See if it works.

  • I can't access my wireless router admin page...

    Hello! I have a wireless router from CD - R King (a local router brand not known worldwide). Before, I can access my router admin page wireless very well using firefox, but now he will just say 705 unable to connect to the server. However, I can still access it using IE, Chrome and Opera. Why is this happening? How can I fix? I tried to reset the router and unplug and plug in again... Help, please!

    You use the proxy?

    If your use of proxy, it refuses access to the local host.

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    Difficulty to a Vista - corrupted user profile

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    I hope this helps.

    Rob Brown - Microsoft MVP<- profile="" -="" windows="" expert="" -="" consumer="" :="" bicycle=""><- mark="" twain="" said="" it="">

  • I have a laptop with Windows XP that show an icon connected to the internet, but I can't access the internet.


    I have recently setup a wireless connection from my laptop on Windows 7 works very well. but I have a laptop with windows xp that show an icon connected to the internet, but I can't access the internet can you please help me.
    Thank you
    original title: wireless internet

    Do you receive kb from the internet source or is it local only, and when trying to access the page host does upward with the site not found or 404 error, have you tried to repair the connection, it could be your antivirus protection is blocking the signal.

  • Linksys E3000 (changed to DNS servers) No. Playstation Network Access

    For a month I got weird pop ups on my IPAD, ANDROID phones, desktop computers AND home. I just thought that I had a bad month and I need to spend more time with my individual devices and get clean them. I then noticed recently, last week I was unable to connect to the Playstation network (NAT Type failed, the Internet connection Test failed). This was happening on my PS3 and PS4. I direct connect of PS4 and PS3 to my Modem cable from Time Warner and I have no problem. Everything works fine. But when connected to wireless or wired to my Linksys e3000... no dice.

    I connect to my router and so some research. I noticed that my DNS servers are and I decided the router and then restart my cable modem. Routers Gets a new address and but there are still some problems with the connection to the network Playstaiton (could be downwards). I noticed that my IP DNS address is  I restore the configuration on the router and DNS goes back to  This is all the information I have at the moment. When I get home tonight I'll have more information.

    Does anyone else have this problem?

    Is the router configured for DNS custom or did you automatically detect DNS of the ISP service and ISP modem?

    What modem to ISP Mfr and model # do you have?

    You could ask the ISP service as well about it. Usually they don't change DNS very often.

    It is recommended to test for other DNS services if you want to use different DNS, you can use this:


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    We have access to our user account for children, but ours is the administrative account.  We tried to access through their account, but it's not accept any administrative password possible to alow access.

    Here is the tutorial that everyone will offer you when you have this problem to logon:

    I have a little more to add...

    The user profile Service has not the user of the connection failed to load profile

    See if the suite you can get an admin account...

    Go to Safe Mode...

    Restart your computer > immediately and repeatedly pressing the F8 key until you see a black and white screen. The top/down arrow and select Mode safe mode with networking.

    Now, while in safe mode, you perform one of the following?

    1 can connect to your account admin without the error message?
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    2. If you are unable to log in to your account administrator in safe mode, you see another administrator next to your account?
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    1st thing to try is the system in safe mode restore to before the problem

    Windows Vista

    Using the F8 method:

    1. Restart your computer.
    2. When the computer starts, you will see your computer hardware are listed. When you see this information begins to tap theF8 key repeatedly until you are presented with theBoot Options Advanced Windows Vista.
    3. Select the Safe Mode option with the arrow keys.
    4. Then press enter on your keyboard to start mode without failure of Vista.
    5. To start Windows, you'll be a typical logon screen. Connect to your computer and Vista goes into safe mode.
    6. Do whatever tasks you need and when you are done, reboot to return to normal mode.

    If that does not solve it read more

    read the tutorial below

    When you log on a Windows Vista-based or a Windows 7 computer by using a temporary profile, you receive the following error message:

    The user profile Service has not logon. User profile cannot be loaded.

    Your user profile was not loaded correctly! You have been logged on with a temporary profile.

    If you tried to log on to Windows and received an error message telling you that your user profile is damaged, you can try to fix it. You will need to create a new profile and then copy the files from the existing to the new profile. You must have at least three user accounts on the computer to perform these operations, including the new account that you created.

  • Linksys SRW2024 - I can not connect to the console


    During the download of the firmware I had a crash (unfortunately!). I did it by webview.

    Now, I'm not able to access the switch over. The entire feature disappeared.

    I try to connect to the switch using the serial interface, but this most recent worked on my switch. (-> That of why I decided to install the new firmware)

    -I know that HyperTerminal configuration and I used 2 different series cables (an anonymous and the console blue cisco cable (Rollover cable)).

    With the cables, I can connect without any problems for cisco Pix, cisco ASA5505, various cisco routers and also for the new dell switches.

    But I can not access the Linksys switch!

    In the Linksys forum, I got the answer: "you must use the cable supplied with the switch. Unfortunately I can not find this cable in my range.

    Please, could you tell me if the SRW2024 differs from the blue cisco console cable? If Yes, where can I organize such a cable? Or can you tell me the pinouts of the DB9 pins. Thank you very much.

    Kind regards

    Hi Angelo,.

    OK, I took out my multimeter and checked the list of pins on my cable from the console that I use to connect to my SRW2008P.

    My SRW2008P, which should be the same cable as the pinout on the two DB9 connectors femal SRW2024 are 1 to 1.

    In other words easily available cable with the following pinout.










    Best regards, Dave

  • Can not connect to web access SX20 after factory reset

    Hi all

    I have a problem when I reset factory SX20. I finished off SX20, then hold the power button for 10 seconds until what he puts to Flash. Then press the power button twice. I don't know it have already been reset factory state yet.

    But after this, I can not connect by web access. I can ping to SX20. but I can not connect on the Web or Telnet and I don't know what are the admin user and the password.

    can you help me for this?

    Please, help me to check it out.

    Thank you all

    If you are able to navigate to the login screen by using a web browser, the default username is "admin" without password.  Telnet is disabled by default.

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    According to the documentation and connector of the workspace Configurator, I should be able to access the administration portal of the workspace with the AD user that I used it as BindDN account, but appears not to be the case.

    If you connect using https://horizonworkpace/SAAS/login/0 see if the user WorkspaceAdmin is listed and is marked as an admin user?

Maybe you are looking for