Linksys Wireless - G PCI Network adapt with sharing SpeedBooster (wmp54gs) problems

Trying to route internet even if the computer to my xbox but there's no sharing tab under the properties of devices. There are in my connection to the local network. just need to know how to turn on sharing. operating system 32 bit vista


Yes, you can I understand it. I have uninstall my wirerless adper and then reinstalled. the sharing tab and then he got to work thanks anyway.

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  • Linksys wireless-g usb network adapter unable to detect the router using windows XP desktop PC

    I've changed in broadband Orange yesterday and since then my adapter is unable to find the network (it was working fine with TalkTalk until I changed).

    He managed to find a couple of other networks that are nearby but nothing else.

    I have a laptop (windows 7) who finds the router Orange immediately. I tested the adapter with the laptop and it finds the router Orange plus about 10 other nearby networks.

    I rang Orange who crossed their tests and not found any problems. I uninstalled and reinstalled the adapter on the windows XP desktop, but I get the same result.

    Can anyone help?

    Thank you

    Thanks for the reply.

    I got it finally work last night after a day of cleaning up!

    Even if the network does not have to be detected in the available wireless networks "choose" I tried the "New Connection Wizard" and entered all the details that came with the router. The adapter found the Orange router but nothing else in the region.

    For now, it works but there is a problem somewhere, because I don't see any networks, I can see on my laptop.

    See you soon.

  • Wireless - Code 31 network adapter

    Toshiba NB520 - [AR9002WB-1NG] that Wireless Driver has worked for 2 years! It stopped working all of a sudden [after a few windows updated or other?]! [Works well when you are using the Ethernet cable] I get the check "this device does not work properly because windows cannot load the drivers required for this device (the Code31] - I tried a search & reload.). Answer tells me "good driver is installed", but same error is always there [31 i.e.Code] how to find the right driver? or make this a function?

    Hello Baron,

    Thanks for the prompt response, I understand that it might be frustrating if experience you problems when you use the computer.

    I would also like to inform you that you need to install the latest drivers and uninstall devices Device Manager network adapter wireless. I'm sorry for providing incorrect suggestions in the previous post. I made the necessary changes and would be asked to follow the steps to uninstall the device manager network device, then install the latest drivers wireless on the manufacturer's Web site.

    Ideally, drivers for the device are developed by the manufacturer of the device and Microsoft works in cooperation with the manufacturer of the device to expand the area of driver updated, in some scenarios, may result in corrupt drivers confront these updates.

    It is not required to uninstall the program from drivers in the list of programs, if you are not comfortable with the steps, I ask you to directly install the latest drivers for the card wireless from the link provided below.


    If you need assistance to download correct drivers, you might consider even to meet Toshiba Support.

    Let us know the results, so that we can help you further.

  • Uninstall the network adapter with Windows 7

    I can not connect to internet on my other PC with Windows 7.  In Device Manager, I found 9 network cards that I can't uninstall.  If this is caused by a virus?  How can I remove additional network cards from my PC?  Thank you.

    Hello Markopx,

    Thanks for posting in the Microsoft Answers forum! In order to remove any unwanted network adapters, simplyright click on the network adapter of your choice in the Device Manager and select Uninstall.

    Hope this helps J

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  • Several subnets on a NETWORK adapter with BladeCenter?

    We have an IBM BladeCenter H chassis with switches Cisco 3012.  Each blade server is configured with a total of 4-port NETWORK adapter.  Our initial intention was to 2 4 network cards for the traffic of the virtual machine and the others, two for tolerance to the failures/vmotion/management team.  It has recently been brought to my attention that there is another necessary subnet for some of the virtual machines that will run on these servers.  So, my question is, can I have access to multiple networks (10.1.1.x & 192.168.0.x) through two NICs servile mentioned above to the traffic of VMware?  Keep in mind it's bladecenter environment, I have the external ports on the back of the chassis of the physical connectivity.  All documentation showing this would be the icing on the cake.  Thanks in advance.

    You should be able to this with trunking and tagging of vlan. This will allow you to pass the traffic of multiple VLANs and label it.

    Jason Silva

  • adding a network adapter with port group

    I have searched the net looking for a way to add a network adapter on a virtual machine and specify the port group / name of command line or with vi perl of the network and have found no examples (or change a network map of existing virtual machine port group). Adding an adapter with is easy, but there is no place to set the port group (containing a special VLAN id for the new virtual machine that is just cloned). I am creating a fully automated system and this characteristic seems to be missing or I missed just plan. Can anyone help?

    Here is the code which is close to what we use:

    #$netname is a string of the name of the network, the host view is the moref of the host that you deploy on

    My $net_vm_dev_conf_spec = create_net_device (network-online $networkname name, hostview-online $host_view).

    1. create virtual device configuration for NIC specifications

    2. ================================================

    void create_net_device {}

    my % args = @_;

    My $network_name = $args {netname};

    My $host_view = $args;

    {if ($network_name)}

    My $network_list = Vim::get_views (mo_ref_array-online $host_view-> network);

    {foreach (@$network_list)}

    If ($network_name eq $_-> name) {}

    my $network = $_;

    My = $nic_backing_info

    VirtualEthernetCardNetworkBackingInfo-> new (deviceName => $network_name,)

    network-online $network);

    My = $vd_connect_info

    VirtualDeviceConnectInfo-> new (allowGuestControl,-online 1

    connected-online 1,

    startConnected-online 1);

    My $nic = VirtualE1000-> new (support => $nic_backing_info,)

    key-online 9999,

    unitNumber => UNDEF,

    addressType-online "product."

    connectable-online $vd_connect_info).

    My = $nic_vm_dev_conf_spec

    VirtualDeviceConfigSpec-> new (device-online $nic,

    operation => VirtualDeviceConfigSpecOperation-> new ('add'));

    Return $nic_vm_dev_conf_spec;





    #then create a config specification

    my new VirtualMachineConfigSpec =-> () $config_spec

    deviceChange =>,


    #Then apply this config spec spec clone or something.


    VCP, vExpert, Unix Geek

  • Equium L20: How to install a wireless Mini-PCI network card

    I just bought a wireless card for my laptop my laptop did not come with any what wireless I got it all, so buttons in it to the wireless do I need anteater, if yes, how can I install it and would it void my warranty

    Post edited by: welard


    You write on your laptop. Maybe your laptop isn't ready to install a minPCI wireless network card.
    But if it of possible to install so generally the slot card WLan should be placed at the bottom of the unit or under the keyboard.

    Then there must be the card only into the slot and then connect the two WLan antenna cables. As far as I know to connect the white cable to the hand and Brown to the auxiliary voltage

    Sometimes the Toshiba ASP should install the WLan card because of the validity of the guarantee.

  • Device driver for LINSYS Wireless-B USB Network Adapter 2.4 cannot install or find the drivers for it?

    I can't find the drivers for a wireless - b network card to install?


    1. What operating system is installed on the computer?
    2. You try to create a new connection?
    3. The computer is connected to the domain envirnoment?
    4. Do you have similar problems with drivers with other USB devices?

    Please provide more information on the issue so that we can better help you.

  • Remove a NETWORK adapter with a voltage VM.


    I note the discussion at this link... Network card remove virtual machine running?

    Given the above is a bit old, I was wondering if there was a better way to do it now? It works, although there seems to be a bit of a brute force backend way to do. Because I need to do for the production of 2000 virtual machines I don't want to take any chances, if I can possibly help it.

    One of the effects that I found that may be of this method is that the virtual machine occasionally requires a vMotion to solve "configuration not valid for device number '0' when it is tempting to connect offline VMs. NIC

    Please can I confirm if there is a better way to allow hot withdrawal of a NETWORK card, and then use the 'normal' way to remove a NIC (Remove-carte_reseau).

    Thank you very much!

    I'm afraid that the situation has not changed, you should always use the API method.

    In fact, if monitor you (with Onyx, for example) what happens when you remove one card NETWORK to a VM under tension from the vSphere client, you will notice that the same method of the API is used.

    It is also important to understand that some comments not the OS really love hot-removal of a network card.

    On the positive side, they are for most older versions of OS.

  • Single NETWORK adapter with 5 IPs

    Hi guys,.

    I'm new to ESXI 5.5 and have a question. My server has a single NETWORK card and I got 5 fps by my ISP. I want to run 4 virtual machines on my server. I want one of the IPs to be assigned to the hypervisor and the 4 other IP address to assign to each host.

    Is this possible with a single NETWORK card, if so, can someone guide me in the right direction on how to accomplish?

    Thank you!

    Unless your service provider restricts the number of MAC addresses on the same switch port (your uplink port), there is nothing special you need to do. Simply assign an IP address to the host as well as each of the virtual machines. That's all.


  • ESX uses network adapter with the mac address that is different than virtual connect reports

    Hi all

    Our ESX environment consists of HP C7000 enclosure, virtual connect 1 gb ethernet with a mixture of BL480c and BL460c. We just bought some new BL460c G7 with NIC NC553i to replace some of the oldest BL480c. We have configured Virtual Connect to assign mac addresses. In vc management consoleI see the addresses assigned to the server, but when I start the server displays a different mac address for nic #2 that vc does. NIC #1 has the same mac address of console management vc and in the server BIOS. When I install ESX also sees the 'wrong' for #2 nic mac address. According to vmware nic #2 has not any network connected to what should be if it was really nic #2 (according to the vc management console).

    When I look at the mac addresses in the BIOS none of the network interface card have the mac address assigned by vc. VC firmware is 3.01. I have attached the photos I see information in the management of VC and BIOS console. Someone at - it for clues to what is happening and how can I solve it? Thanks in advance.

    Kind regards


    Please refer to:

    Note:   The ESX host uses following addresses starting with 00:50:56 (as opposed to the address embedded in the interface itself).

    To determine the MAC address of the interface Board of the ESX host, run the command:
    # ifconfig | grep-i hw
    The output looks like:
    vswif0 Link encap HWaddr 00:50:56:41:5 A: 59
    The MAC address is in the first line after HWaddr.  In this example, the MAC address is 00:50:56:41:5 has: 59.

    Note:   The ESX host uses following addresses starting with 00:50:56 (as opposed to the address embedded in the interface itself).

    You can also review the output information and the esxcfg-NICS - l order MAC addresses.
  • Linksys Wireless-G Access Point WAP54G ver 3.1 security problem


    I have WAP54G access point in our network. I would like to change the WPA security settings, but am not able to do.

    I did everything as mentioned in the installation manual, and I get to the 5th sheet of status points: Firmware version v.304, MAC (numbers), the IP address, SSID linksys channel Channel 6 and disable WEB security

    What I would do, is to change the SSID and WPA2 security. When I'm clicking 'Yes', he goes to the next sheet "Password", I write admin and click on "Enter". "I'm going to pop-up window Setup access violation" at address 0049BDB6 in module 'Setup.exe '. Write to the address C933016A. »

    So please, any ideas what to do? This shouldn't be so hard... It works very well as an access point, but I need to have at least some security.



    P.S. both are physically the same hub

    I suggest resetting the access point and configure manually. Access just the link below for your reference.


  • Satellite L500-13z - Windows 7 does not recognize wireless network adapter


    The Windows 7 RC Device Manager does not recognize my wireless network adapter (for example: Atheros, Intel or Realtek). I tried to install all the Toshiba support drivers, but none of them work:

    After installation, they ask me to connect the unit to my computer (of course it is still on the motherboard!).

    =>, Is there a way to know what is my Wifi adapter?

    that one failed: (this is the only Word to say "network adapter" with a yellow exclamation point).

    -Online someone knows when will be released Windows 7 drivers on the website?


    Before you begin to install all drivers WLAN you can find on the Toshiba site you must make sure that wireless network card, you have exactly. You can check in the Device Manager-online properties-online Details of the local network adapter device.
    Need you an information like PCI\VEN_XXXX & DEV_XXXX

    If you have based this information you are looking for with these terms on this site in order to determine the exact WLAN card:

    After that, you can download the driver appropriate for your laptop. Before installing, you must uninstall all other versions and restart the laptop.
    Also, make sure that the WIFI is enabled with the hardware switch and FN + F8.

    Welcome them

  • Realtek rtl8188su wireless lan update 802.11n usb 2.0 network adapter

    Realtek rtl8188su wireless lan update 802.11n usb 2.0 network adapter. What are the problems he says. is it necessary?

    See my response to your previous thread:

  • Continuous network adapter reset the problem?

    Is there a replaceable NIC in the HP2000 specifications?

    Almost every time I want to use, I have to run this utility to reset the network adapter. My srtength of the router signal is a full 5 bars, but the connection drops every few minutes and then resets fine. I LOSE EVERYTHING I'M WORKING ON.

    I'm under Win8.1 and a QCA9565 of Qualcomm Atheros 802.11b/g/n WiFi Adapter.

    I tried to turn off the feature under power management and adding the network address in the advanced settings. No change has helped. I also installed the latest driver. In addition, it is wireless, so I disabled the Lan Realtek adapter.

    What is causing this problem reset? Please help me solve this problem, before my wife makes me resume...

    Hi Sparkles, thanks for your interest. I tried all your suggestions, before posting, and nothing helps.

    I, too, was working on behalf of HP for 36 years in R & D model workshop in Palo Alto.

    My grandson has suggested a usb wireless network adapter can work around the problem, and he did. I have an Asus router, so I got an Asus N - 10 usb wireless adapter. WIN8.1 was a tenacious installation; Asus wireless adapter is no longer compatible with operating systems more old (like me), but it seems to be a permanent solution for under $ $20. I stay logged in until I log out.

Maybe you are looking for