Linksys WRT 1900ACS + Linksys SE2800 - gigabit connection problem

Hi guys,.

I have a Linksys WRT router 1900ACS that is connected to a Linksys SE2800 switch. The switch is not recognized by the router as a gigabit.

I also connected a computer with a gigabit network card via a cable, but I get only 100 Mbps speeds. My internet commection is a 500 Mbps. If I connect the computer directly to the router speed is about 470 Mbps.

Is the switch defective?

Thank you!


andvarga wrote:

For this 10/100Mbps port is displayed.

OK, then you have a wiring problem. Replace the Ethernet cable with a good cable to know who is connected to before 1000mbps.

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    SE your know that Linksys WRT-1900ac can use the time machine function? another post said that can not use time machine to back up! Is it really?

    Thank you!

    Yes, really. the linksys is a wifi router only, and has no hard disk attached. I guess that you can attach a hard drive somewhere (if possible) and put on with the Time machine backup, but this is neither here nor there.  For me, I bought a time capsule airport - very reliable and very easy to install and to use, does the job quietly and well. He also recommended to have a backup of some sort finally... just for security reasons


  • XP key wep changes for new router linksys after the connection. you need to reinstall the WEP every time you start from the top.

    XP key wep changes for new router linksys after the connection. you need to reinstall the WEP every time you start from the top.


    Let us perform the steps below and check out them.

    a. click "Start," "Control Panel", then "Add or Remove Programs". In the box "Currently installed programs", find the name of your wireless router. Click on the name of the software, and then click 'remove '. Click 'Yes' when prompted to confirm.
    b. click "Start" then "run". Type "Services.msc" and click "OK". Select 'Wireless Zero Configuration'. Click on 'start '.
    c. click 'Action', 'properties '. In the drop-down menu "Startup Type", click on the arrow and select 'Automatic' to assign the commissioning of automatic Wireless Auto Configuration. Click on 'OK '.
    d. restart your computer.
    e. right click on "Wireless connections" icon Select "View available wireless connections." Click on "change the order of preferred networks. Select the name of your network, and then click "Properties". Erase the old key and enter a new. Click the checkbox next to "Automatically use that key." Click on 'OK '.

    I hope this helps.

    Thank you, and in what concerns:
    Shekhar S - Microsoft technical support.

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  • Linksys E4200 and connectivity Motorola SBG6580

    Here is a picture of my home network. The problem I'm having is, I can't get the WD MyBook Live Duo to be seen on the entire network. If it is connected to the Linksys, all computers connected to the Linksys can see it, but not those related to the Motorola. If I put it on the Motorola, the same thing happens, but in the visa versa. I bought the Motorola for its DOCSIS 3 capabilities, not for the wireless. I prefer to use the Linksys Wireless. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Devices must be on the same subnet (e.g. 192.168.1.x) to be able to see each other. You could make the Sb IP and for the E4200 and connect a cable from LAN of the SB E4200 (not WAN) port lan port.

    Here is a guide if you need:

  • WRT 1900AC - 1st edition material last BIOS - backup on SLOW remote NAS!

    I've recently updated my (EasUS ToDo Backup) backup software and had reconfigure a drive mapping to make it work.  My backups now run about 4 - 5 times slower (17 hours instead of 4) with the same material.  I can't believe, the problem is in the backup software, but maybe it's in the way I "mapped" the drive and it referenced in the backup program.  I was going to put a couple of my systems to Win10 before the end of the free period of "update", so I want good system backup and restore capabilities, and a 17 hour backups is a problem.

    Win7 (x 64) on two computers at the present time.  One of them saved thanks to the new software very good speed, but the other took "forever" on the same wired LAN which is certified 1 Gbps.  I wanted to be able to change the NETBIOS name on the router so that I can include my IPV4 machines in a "working group" without a real host "server."  I note that working group I use WinXP, WinVista and Win7 to be able to do things simply in my LAN is NOT "WORKGROUP" and I suspect that a simple change in configuration of software for the backup program will solve my problem, namely not invokng a 'sharing' as the backup target, but instead use the 'Network' connection I have implemented directly targeting instead the windows share name. (drive letter).

    Is there a plan to let people change the 'media services' and name of working group on the router of the hard coded in the current BIOS?

    @Fuzzy - TY for this review, but... The wiring that I use has a gigabit switch between ports on the router and the Linksys WRT-1900AC so there isn't that one ethernet connection actually connect the router to the cable modem and an ethernet connection between the router and the network that has been certified to 1 Gbit/s, when we installed it.  All Cat 6 cables.

    According to me, the difference is in the network I have called inavertently when I configured the Windows backup software.  Since the post I checked how I got the software set up on another computer "faster" and found that the slow backup worked via a 'mapped drive"on the local host, and ran that fast on a 'network' drive that I had specified as // with the password 'admin' WRT-1900-AC to ensure that any user configured on the machine had right to the root of the drive.  "Bad habits have life hard."

  • WRT610N not showing BLUE for Gigabit connection?

    I was on the phone with Linksys TS tonight (and hung up) and also the Live Chat and not getting anywhere.

    I have a nine WRT610N router. Everything works fine when connected by cable CAT6 between my PC and the WRT610N. Firmware has been upgraded to the last descendant of site Web after installation. The only problem I see so far is the following:

    Gigabit Intel Pro1000/GT card, cable CAT6 from PC to the router. EasyLink Advisor shows 953Mbps, the LED shows GREEN (10/100) router is not BLUE (GB). I tried 2 ports on the router and 2 separate new cables CAT6. Is there a problem with the firmware of the router the WRT610N, or display BLUE for a gigabit connection?

    Thank you


    It is a known problem with the WRT610N.  Depending on how you look at it, the manual is incorrect, or the firmware is incorrect.

    For the moment, the following applies to the WRT610N:

    Green is 1000 Mbps, Blue 10 / 100 Mbps.

  • WRT-1900ACS new firmware for the new version

    I bought a WRT-1900ACS yesterday but let's see now there is a new version of the firmware and I'm wondering if I can swap out somehow, and what differences they may have because the firmware is not compatible. I don't want to have a version that will be phased out support than with the current design.

    Firmware worm.
    Deadline: 21/06/2016
    Download 30.1 MB

    Release notes

    IMPORTANT:  WRT1900ACS v2 firmware is not compatible with the firmware v1 WRT1900ACS.

    And if you really want to know the difference between the GBA v1 and 2:

  • WRT1900ACS no IPv6 Configuration Options - WRT 1900ACS

    Lack of adequate research on my part, but why in the world stores software packages offer NO real option on Linksys WRT 1900ACS IPv6?

    Anyone know if a DD - WRT image is available which provides IPv6 configuration options? And if you use an image that is stable, please provide the info of the image?

    Or another - not a Linksys - wireless router that provides IPv6 configuration options?

    I can install an old Cisco 2800 and a switch to wired customers as a temporary solution, but I learned to get this resolved as soon as POSSIBLE.

    Thanks for any info you can provide.


    The WRT1900ACS is sustained and stable on the Sub 3rd party firmwares, they advanced IPv6 configurations. If you have many options:

    1. OpenWRT
    2. DD - WRT
    3. McDebian (for the Linux Experts)
  • Nook Color ereader & connectivity problems with router WRT610N

    I recently bought a new Nook color ereader for my wife. As long as a network administrator, I thought that this would be an easy task to configure the ereader to connect with my Linksys WRT610N router on the 2.4 Ghz band. But I'm running problems when connecting. The question seems to have intermittent connection problems where the meals seem to see the wireless network, authenicates, tries to get an IP address, then connects for a short period or removes the signal very quickly while being right on top of the router with the device.

    By the recommendations of various forums of Nook, I had the best luck with the following...

    2.4 Ghz band settings

    SSID: NookNetwork

    Channel width: 20 GHZ

    Standard channel: 9

    SSID Broadcast: enabled

    Security mode: WPA2 Personal

    Encryption: AES

    Passphrase: set out

    Key renewal: 3600

    UPNP: disabled

    RTS: default

    Defragmentation: default

    Tag: default

    However, the problem still resides in an intermittent connection to the wireless network. I also tried various arrangements of the channel to both channels 1, 6 and 11 with my best cponnecting chance to channel 9. I also played with the security and disabled all together and have plugged but always file (will not however run the unsecured network). Also try a tag value of 75, a framework of fragmentation of 2306 and 2307 RTS setting. My computer laptop while run and connect properly.

    I use the latest software updated both on the color of the corner. I am at the end and have searched high and low to get suggestions, and have not yet reached a compatible connection. Please help... Thank you! And my wife thank you in advance! Smiles!


    Hi death,

    Thanks again for your comments and your concerns. Really appreciated!

    I took your advice and contacted Barnes & Noble for a new replacement and am waiting for the reception of the new unit as I type. If all goes well, we have reduced the problem and the replacement ends at our misfortunes... smiles!

    I'll let you know...


  • E2000 Gigabit connection to the modem


    I use an E2000 connected to a DSL modem through the internet port. My modem is able to connect at gigabit speed, but it doesn't seem to be the case with the E2000. All other ports are running at speed gigabit without problem. Y at - it all settings can be changed or there is a limit of router?


    I double checked before posting this response and I have a hardware problem. The cable between the router and the modem seems to be wired incorrectly explaining why 100 Mbps and 1 Gbps. I'll close the post.

  • connection problem with my wired network:

    My multimedia PC running Vista (SP2) and is connected (wired) via a switch, and powerline Gigabit connection directly to my BT Home Hub. In the last month or two, I noticed a problem that when the PC starts it does not connect to the internet. If I open the network folder, I gives me the message that, because I'm connected to multiple networks, I can't connect to the internet. If I open the folder 'show all networks' it completely shows a connection to the Local network, but the connection seems to be two network - home and just describing it as 'unidentified network '.

    If I then turn off the adapter and re-enable it, it will connect to the correct home network and so to the internet without any difficulty, but every time I restart the PC I have the same problem.

    The reason for which mmediate why it's a nuisance is that I can not receive Windows updates, because the update is disabled at startup if no internet connection is present and cannot (I think?) be restarted by restarting the PC (cue endless loop according to the above).

    So my question is how to remove this 'unidentified network' if ever it shows up as a separate in a list. I prefer not having to try to reinstall the whole damn OS, but am at my wits end otherwise!

    When you have changed the Norton, have you used this tool to remove it?

    Just give it a try and see if it helps.

  • Router WRT320N to a wired BEFSX41 router connection problem

    Hello, I never thought it would be so difficult. I have problems to connect to a router (WRT320N) so it will be on the same network as my other cable firewall router (BEFSX41). The wireless router works fine because it connects to the internet via the BEFSX41 router. However, the two routers do not see each other and I can't connect two computers, a wired computer, the other laptop wireless to the same network.

    Wired BEFSX41 router uses IP address and the router WRT320N wireless uses IP address.

    Don't know what other information you need. I hope you can solve this problem for me.

    Thank you


    For file sharing, it is always better to maintain the network in the same subnet... Connect the BEFSX41 on the Ethernet Port of the router WRT. (LAN-to-LAN connection)... Visit this link for that. If the IP address of the main router is then, change the 2nd router's ip address is

    Make sure that file and printer sharing is enabled... Also, make sure the computer are in the same workgroup...
    Default workgroup in Windows Vista has been renamed to WORKING group. In Windows XP, the default workgroup name is MSHOME...

  • Network host connectivity problem

    Hi all
    I have a bit of a strange an ESXi 5 U1 host connectivity problem. The host has a network card in the subnet, and from there it can ping both devices but cannot ping to two other devices. To explain a little better:
    There are two hosts with identical hardware (HP ProLiant DL380 G6) both built with the same picture of ESXi 5 U1 from HP.
    There is an IP address on the switch (Cisco 3750 gigabit) management.
    There are two servers running Openfiler, which I'll use for ISCSI data banks.
    All these devices are in the same VLAN in the subnet. host 1 is identical to the 2 host configuration (bar IP address and host name, etc.). Host can ping all devices on the subnet 1 and maybe ping by all devices on the seubnet. 2, the one with the issue of the host can ping and ping the Cisco FoxyCode and host 1, but cannot ping or ping by one of the two boxes openfiler.
    Research on the openfiler boxes I see missing entries in the arp (marked as incomplete) table. Host 2 he entered complete arp for the openfiler boxes. A trace of the wireshark package shows the openfilers sending arp requests but no response from host 2. The Cisco and host 1 to get the answers.
    I have patched the critical fixes host 2 until the last critical and no, applied the latest versions of firmware HP etc. Swapped, cables, tried different switch ports and even different NICs on host 2, all to nothing does not. The Cisco ports configured all identically from host 1. The openfiler boxes are set up with interfaces servile and the Cisco switch ports are etherchannelled for these. There is no etherchannel or link aggregation etc for guests, straight connection to the front in the VLAN.
    Interestingly, all devices also has an interface in the 24 for management and all devices can see all other devices here absolutely fine.
    If anyone has any ideas on where to go from here please let me know, I'm going crazy trying to understand this one!

    ts999 wrote:

    The openfiler boxes are set up with interfaces servile and the Cisco switch ports are etherchannelled for these.

    I wonder if the Etherchannels in Openfiler servers might not work. Depending on how the switch load balances executives, this could cause a host to work and the other is not.

  • AppStore connection problem!


    I'm running a 21.5 "iMac with OS X El Captan 10.11.5. My problem is that I am not able to connect to iCloud and the App Store on my Mac.

    The error I get is "there was an error connecting to server Apple ID"

    The same username and password works perfectly well on the site of iCloud, my app store on the iPhone and the iPad, but not on Mac.

    What is the way my iMac communicates via the internet? We have a firewall. And oh, the software update for El Capitan is downloading as I type; He didn't even ask for IDs, just started downloading automatically. The same thing happened yesterday with the updates listed on the tab Update on the app store - they have been is downloaded yesterday without asking my login details but it was a rare event; connection problems I described above took place during the last month or so.

    How can I fix?

    Thank you!!

    Try disconnecting all the services using your Apple ID on your iMac, iTunes, FaceTime, iMessage and try to sing.

    If you cannot connect to the iTunes Store - Apple Support

  • Connection problems can not connect I forgot my password I did ' get the confirmation email.

    Cannot connect connection problems I forgot my password I have request a Reset password but I did ' t get the confirmation email.

    Go through the logon process. When you enter your name / password
    should be a link I forgot the password. Site more to have that.

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