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where can I find a list of the artist, I have taken on the apple's music?




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  • On my iPod Nano 7th generation, there are some artists who are not listed, although their songs are on the iPod. For example, I have two Blue Oyster Cult songs on the iPod and they show, but Blue Oyster Cult is not listed under "artists".

    On my iPod nano, 7th generation, there are artists who are not in the list of "artists". For example, I have two Blue Oyster Cult songs appearing under "Songs", but Blue Oyster Cult is not indicated under "artists". Is it possible to have the COB and other artists who do not appear to show up under the "artists"?

    See Missing artist or Album not with others by the same artist.


  • change the illustrations in my list of artists on my iPod 5th generation

    Hello. I am writing because I have a question on my ipod touch. I want to change the work of my list of artists on my ipod touch. However, I don't see how. Does anyone have an idea of how I should proceed? I use a laptop with windows 7. I have an ipod 5th generation with 9.2 and iTunes ios 12.3. I'll be very grateful to the person who can help me. Thank you very much.

    Maxime Bourget.

    You can change the work of songs in iTunes on the computer.

    1. Select the song or video you want to add an illustration to in your library or selection, and then choose file > read the information.
    2. Click picture, and then click Add. Navigate to the picture you want to add and click Open.
    3. Repeat step 3 to add additional photos.

    Then synchronize the iPod synchronization. Sometimes yo I first have to delete songs with the previous work of the iPod to the new subpoena work.

  • Is it possible to print a list of artists in my library?

    -a single line by the artist and the total number of songs (not a detailed list) by this artist?

    I guess you can do exactly that. But you can choose the view you like best and then print it.

    Best way is to send it as a PDF in the print dialog.

  • Album appears in another list of artists

    When I see all the albums Dylan an album by Baez appears because he was the composer of a track.  If I list all the albums of Cohen from the same album Baez appears because he was the composer of another track.  This only happens with a specific Baez albu

    See the grouping of tracks in albums. Having the same composer should not cause any connection between the various albums or artists. More likely is an irregular use of the sort fields.


  • Why most of the work has disappeared from the artist list in the update of iTunes 12.5.1 and 10 IOS and how I get it back?

    Update to the latest version of iTunes on my iMac and update my iPhone to IOS10 why most of the work in the list of artist in my iTunes library disappeared, and how do I get it back?


    If you use iTunes game, try here > get help with iTunes - Apple Support

  • iTunes 12.4 missing "Sort by artist."  Only sorts by the artist of the album.

    I spent hours to be arranged by library to be able to change the field name, rather than name, artist name.  (If I want to find Buddy Holly, I look under B, not H).  Then, I could choose to sort by artist.  (And BTW, stop the Match completely, because just renames all of what he wants.)

    Today, I downloaded itunes 12.4 and it immediately destroys all my work.  I'm happy to be proven wrong here, but we have lost the ability to choose how to sort.  ITunes is the culprit to sorting by artist Album when you access a list of artist.  Is no longer, we can deal with the field of the artist.  Why must iTunes make it so difficult?

    Can someone tell me if I'm missing something?  Thank you.

    Since the introduction of the Album artist field (iTunes 7) sort by artist has been controlled by the first non-empty value of: Type Album artist , Album artist, Genre artist, artist.

    In general I expect to see Buddy Holly in the artist and fields artist album and the sort fields empty. It usually takes an extra effort to fill in the fields to sort with a scheme such as < name >, < name > as typical iTunes and Gracenotes deliver information such as < name > < name >.


  • How can I see a list of the songs on my ipad in itunes

    When I use iTunes to transfer audio files from my PC to my iPad 2 iTunes shows me the Genre lists, Albums, artists and songs transferred manually, these categories are not relevant.  I meed is a list of names of the song if the song is there or not.  How to achieve this?

    The music is what is actually in your iPad.

  • Number named show bands up and down the lists

    I had this problem since my last iPod, who lived both a Vista and a Windows 7 laptop. New iPod that I use on my new laptop running Windows 10 with a library of re-downloaded has been used. In Itunes, the bands that start with numeric characters like 10 years exist only once, at the bottom of the lists of artists. There is only one version of each track, no duplicates. My iPod still have them listed twice in artists, once at the top of the list and one downstairs. Both versions play correctly and have the same tracks, but are treated as separate artists with separate tracks. They follow individually the parts and Randomize titles may take X followed by Y Album from two sources and play the song "same" twice now.

    First time around I blamed it on Vista and then an iPod that sync with Vista. Then I blame on the sort options, but I had other problems Itunes that I solved it by deleting and retyping the artist info and check the options and type names. Copies of these strips at the top simply should not exist, but I cannot get rid of them, or to determine what causes cela first place. Anyone else has this problem, or have any ideas?

    As a test, change the name of one of these "bands" (in iTunes), so that it starts with a letter.  For example, add "AAA" at the beginning of the name of the artist , so that it appears at or near the top of the list when sorted by artist name.  Sync the iPod.  On the iPod, is this artist, who has previously been entered twice on the list, now only listed once or twice?

  • iTunes plays the songs back to artists in descending year sorting


    I used iTunes in the view of artists, since this version is released, I love the section recently added to the list of artists.

    Today, I changed the order albums are presented within the artist, before it has been shown by year in ascending order (from oldest to newest), now I wanted to show them first the most recent album (descending order), so I changed this setting.

    When I started playing an album songs in the next room go back, as expected. If I started to play the last song from an album, he would go with the song of last second and so on. Similarly, if I started playing the first song from an album, the next song would be the last song of the album more old (he goes to the rear in the titles of an album, but forward in order of the album).

    Here is an image showing the behavior.

    Read this previous Post of community Apple...

    Sort records in descending order, causes songs stopped playing.

  • problems with the field artist album

    looking for advice here, before I chuck my computer out the window

    I have a lot of compilations on my computer, and I have a set of 29 all under the same album artist name so I can find them easily

    but I downloaded a new album and for some reason it will not fit properly in. He spends under the artist of the album that I put, but it separates each song in a different artist, and not one goes into the existing category. so I have a list of artists, where about 30 of them in a row are exactly the same.

    I think the problem is that the tab sorting, the album artist is defined as what I would like it to be, but then the kind as it is set by default as mixed, and for some reason it wont let me change it. If I try, it returns immediately.

    any suggestions?

    Setting generally a title of the Album and Album artist common will fix things.

    For issues more profound see grouping of tracks in albums, see especially tried it STILL has too many blankets!


  • How can I download illustrate artists albums

    Would like to download (cover) illustrations of albums, but I can't remember how to...

    If someone help me...

    Thank you


    My French is pretty bad (the is not used since our 25 anniversary trip in Paris), but it depends on what pictures you're trying to change.

    (1) If you want to say that the work that music Apple and iTunes displays when you look at the list of artists - you cannot select what is displayed. iTunes and Apple music kind of selects him. Based in part on the last album that you added by this artist, but not always.

    (2) If you mean the ALBUM art, is the question that Apple music displays the bad work? Probably means that at least one of the tracks was wrong with Apple music. You can download a different version of the work of Google (this is what I do) and then change album by double-clicking on the album art and if you select Get Info. Go to the tab of the work, and then drag the photo you want to use. BTW - the downloaded version must be in JPEG format for iTunes to recognize it as an image file.

  • How to convert a list of hyperlink?


    I'm trying to create a dynamic list of artists, and to do so under the task, I'm not able to show artists like link - Hypertext

    "Change the artist list to display each name of the artist as a hyperlink to artistDetails.jsp, passing it a parameter called itemId, set the id of the artist."

    For this, I did something as below-

    < dsp:valueof param = "" / >
    "< dsp: a href ="artistDetails.jsp"bean =" "paramvalue ="itemId">
    < / dsp: a >

    I don't know what I am doing wrong, please help me to know what is the problem?

    As I assume that you practice with Dynamusic modules. Required code is available in the same module.
    Try below:



  • Horrible 'Songs' setting in the newest update

    I've updated to the latest version of iOS, and now in the service of ipod music songs are not classified in alphabetical order as they were before.  When you click on the songs, you get the artist in alphabetical order with each of their songs in order.  Is nothing more than a list of artist, expanded to every artist.  This is not an alphabetical list of all the songs in the library.  Attach it to the way it was, which was a good list of songs!

    Easy fix. Go to settings > music > songs of sorting & Albums and select by title.

  • How to select songs on the 4th gen Apple TV? Really... (OS 10 tv)

    Seriously, is there an EASY way to choose the songs or artist on the Apple TV?

    I can't believe that it should be this hard. I am a subscriber of Apple's music is my iTunes stuff in the cloud and see Apple TV. Everything is good. Random play is ok.

    But when I want to play an album by an artist of some, that's where the trouble begins. I have the music so that if I wanted to play something of an artist who is towards the end of the list, I have to scroll through all along, that takes forever with this remote control (which I hate). I did find a work around. Do you have?

    At first, I couldn't find the name of the artists, that would help a lot of filtering. I couldn't find a way to access some letters to speed up the selection.

    If I accidentally leave the list of artists, then I find myself at the top of the list of return! It hurts...

    Apple TV app on the iPhone is ridiculous. It is only a mirror of the Apple Remote hardware. There is no additional functionality for the collection of the artist or a song directly from there.

    Please don't suggest using a mac or ios device to listen to my music, it's inpractical in my case. Apple TV should justify its price to pay by giving all round independent musicplaying service.

    SO, what would be an EASY way to choose the songs or artist on the Apple TV?

    Really don't know what you're doing, but I'm not all that hard.

    First I will say that in general I just ask siri play an album that she does.

    However there are times where I don't remember the names of all the albums, in such cases (let's go with the stones on this one), I dictate "Rolling Stones" in the search field, select it in the list that appears, and then switch the selection of Apple's music to my library, I have now www all my stones albums that I have in my library listed. If I don't want to dictate, and then usually by typing 'ROL' is sufficient to have "Rolling Stones" appears in the list.

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