Little change in the table and little range between 2 numeric values

Hi all

I am a student in Electromechanics in Belgium and I do a simulation of an explosion with 48 leds for my final project.

In the attachment, you can see the program that I have already written. I think that this can be done more easily, but I don't know how.

I cut out 48 leds in 2 tables, with each table 24 LED.

If you see the program you will understand actually the best way to do this is to shift bits, but I don't think it can be done in LabVIEW?

But, the program works, so this isn't the real problem.

Now, I have to add a new function to the program, which allows you to add a range of leds.

So if you want to test 10 led 18 led, you can choose the "from... to..." menu and complete the range of leds.

Also, if you want to send a linear explosion with a fork, it must be possible to leave the early explosion to run 10 and end on 18.

I thought to do a function like this:

1111 1111 1111 1110 0000 0000 (10)

0000 0011 1111 1111 1111 1111 (18 reverse)

0000 0011 1111 1110 0000 0000 (the LED range I want)

but I do not know how...

Can someone please help me with this, it's keep me busy for days

I don't ask you to do the program for me, because I know it's complicated, but some advise to help me further with this.

Thank you!


I forgot the attachment

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    How do you rank on the iterator compensation?

    use resetActionListener in your clear button and let us know what is happening?


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    Let me know if that helps

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      SIZE 4M

    In tablespace "ts_tbsp", adding a data file 'ts_data01 '.

    AUTOEXTEND ensures in the future if whenever the data file fills an additional size of 4 M is added automatically.

    Once it is created, a new data with the extension .dbf file is created in the folder Oradata.
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    I've already done my research in the world, but cannot find solution.

    You closed the first cell in what appears to be your content area.


    Must be:

    Write it down / at the end of the

    is removed from the version "should be."



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    This will not work:

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    (2) you cannot delete records in a table - your RAID 5 5x1TB must always have records of 5 or more (you can add without deleting).  Even when using the same number of disks, isn't it possible to do the smaller table/VD.

    (3) even if you used 2 TB disks, there is no way to expand the RAID 5 using the extra space on the disks - with 5 disks in RAID 5, it will remain the same size. The only thing you can do with the new space is to create a second RAID array on the disks (called "slice").  This new VD is handled by the operating system as another "drive."

    Keep in mind if backup and restore in a larger painting, as if the VD ('disc') is greater than 2 TB, the disc "" MUST be converted to GPT and active UEFI bootmode (instead of BIOS).  Make sure that your backup software is capable of restoring one using the BIOS install on a system UEFI (and the 'disc' TPG 'disc' MBR).

  • generate the search pages the tables and forms using templates speed


    I have a table-form page and would like to have a quick search on two windows. Currently, I'm copying the form of generated code page jspx table on page jspx form to achieve. Speed models can be modified to allow this? I looked at the formGroup.vm and the searchArea.vm, but the below lines

    If ($JHS.current.pageComponent.hasSearchArea)
    if(${JHS.) Current.Group.generateSearchAreaInRegion})

    seem to be stumble me...

    We develop in JDev and JHeadstart

    Thank you!



    You can make a custom searchArea.vm and a custom formGroup.vm model where you uncheck the box for #if ($JHS.current.pageComponent.hasSearchArea)

    You will then get a search box in the table and the page of the form.

    Steven Davelaar,
    Jheadstart team.

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