Little help General and question about layout theory

Hello... any help appreciated:

I am a photographer who has always been a person DIY.  I built a Web site for my work on my own using Dreamweaver and some tutorials online.  He comes back, it works (although a little slow), but the code would, I imagine, most of you take your computers and whiten your knuckles.  In short: it works on the tape, Staples and ideas of jerry-rigged.

I've watched more tutorials and am rebuiding the site, trying to clean up the code and the site.

I have a number of questions and issues that I have not been able to solve on my own and so I turn to this site.  I'll post a few initial questions here and even more in the following days.

I sincerely appreciate the time and help you would be willing to offer.

1. when I try to preview in Firefox, my computer switches to Firefox, but the site is not displayed.  All that appears is what was the last page I looked at Firefox.  This does not happen for Safari, Opera, etc..

2 I watched videos on the site, built the site largely with a layout of the Tables and then a page turns with the Table in a template for the pages that follow.  I guess it's a frequently asked question: most people set out sites this way to make... or with the ApDiv?  I feel I'm learning a foreign language by the book... now I wondering how people REALLY speak.  My site is (look at the code at your own risk).  I provided that in the hope that, if you take a look, you might see a way to layout would work for me better than the other.

3. What is recommend for my table, wide... I'm focusing on the photogarphers and others who usually have large screens and I want to maximize the space I have for my pictures, but I also want to most people when they visit my site to get the site on their screen.  The solution would only be a percentage based tabular presentation?

I'll save the other for another day or post questions.  I appreciate any response you have!

1. There is a known issue with Firefox 3.6.x and preview based on the browser.  It is noted in the Mozilla bug database and has been approved for publication in the next version.  I got the bug number in an old post, but I don't know off the top of my head.

2 tables are a deprecated feature in Dreamweaver and have been removed from CS4.  So I recommend against learning in this way.  Œuvres of absolute positioning for some cases, but if you want a layout pass little matter that someone has the resolution you will end up with an elastic layout using percentages.  You can use div tags PA in it to achieve some effects.  But most of the time it should be used in some sort of container because otherwise your site will have different appearances according to the resolution.

That your site is concerned, many will run your site through a validator: - HTML, - CSS.  At the moment your site validates 100% with CSS and has only a single error in HTML format (other errors are related).  Your "and must end with a ' / > '."  Apart from that, everything is in order.  Personally, I like the simplicity of your Web site, although I think you could add a little more to the grey background by integrating one of your images in the background.

3. return to the table.  Closer look at your code and I see that you have a table around your content with a width of 1134.  Personally I trash and follow these steps:

Here, all the power to the table remains

If you get away from the table and move to div and layers, so you can make your more elastic page mentioned in the #2 response.  This code inside the body tag would give you a width of 90% of the visible area and auto margin: 0 would set the margin at the top and bottom of the page to 0 while the auto Center the page horizontally in the window of the browser.  As stated previously, layout tables are obsolete and will be not available in the latest versions of DW from CS4.  So I highly recommend moving ahead of them if you can.  The following resource is a good starting point for CSS ( ).  Think about the design of web sites in this way, just said HTML what should appear, CSS says what it should look like when it appears. Based on your current layout, it wouldn't be hard to reproduce this with fewer lines of code using basic CSS layout compared to the current table layout.  If you need an example, I could try to stick something together.  It may take a few days if.

And if you have any other questions, feel free to post them.   Most of the users here are more than willing to lend a hand.

Tags: Dreamweaver

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    3. I would like to put my icons used on the fricking HOME SCREEN! I don't like the cutesy pictures. I'm trying to do my job more quickly and easily as possible.

    4. fix the darn voice control mechanism. I bought expensive pieces of Bluetooth. All I want to do is voice component. That's all.

    5. get some control over the spelling. There is no way to change the words that are "learned" through the monitoring of its use.

    6. enough with the U.S. - marketing. Mountain time is Mountain time. Not US - MST. I'm not picking up something like that, I don't like that who commits an offence. He is as stupid as the settting (like Apple) zones in the "Calgary, Alberta." I do not live in Calgary. I don't live in the GENERIC Mountain time zone.

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    Best - out an immediate UPDATE to solve these problems and to add the features I pointed out above. I'm probably not the only one faced with limitations integrated interface and the information screens.

    Please tell me how I can restore / uninstall / whether this "update".

    I shudder to think that the only solution is to backup, recovery, and then reload the Z30. Others have tried and failed.


    The only reason why I'm still on BlackBerry, it's that the questions and to some extent a difference of perspective in regard to the available phone / features are even less problematic on BB Z30, they're on ios or android platforms. Quite in my opinion. But then, I'm the one with a frustration level into the red zone.

    Thanks for reading. I'll be even more grateful for the resolution of some.

    Cinereo wrote:


    1. the screen turns off. Whenever I wake up, the display is enlarged. I have to move and move and gesture to get the display to fit the screen, so I can't unlock the phone.

    Go into your settings > accessibility > and disable Mode magnify.

    If you do this, I would like to read the rest of your post and see what I can help with... and Yes, staying quiet is a great feature... I understand that you might be frustrated.

  • If anyone can help with a question about burning my project to a folder or disk?

    I'm burning my project to create items in a folder after attempts to burn it to a dvd... He gets through the encoding then starts the burn and stops at 24%... It's at this location for over an hour... What is typical and I should keep waiting or is it frozen? How long a project of 3 minutes usually takes to burn?


    What version of Premiere Elements and on what operating system works - it?

    Do you receive an error message when ever the burn on?

    a. do you stop markers in the timeline of the project?

    If you work with Premiere elements 13

    a. update 13-13.1 using Help Menu/updates to date of an open project


    b. look at the problem with and without the disabling Intel HD Graphics 2000 and superior preference in the preferences.

    Please see Edit Menu/preferences/general.

    Let us begin here and decide then what then founded on the details of your response.

    Thank you.


  • Edge of 530 slow wake up and question about wireless relatively to sleep

    Hi, I have a 530 advantage, I got it 2 weeks ago, running on windows 7 64.

    I found that on its quite slow to wake up default settings, I made a change that has been to the wireless card, I checked the allow my system to disable wireless to save energy (so it stays on). This seems to have made an immediate difference and the laptop wakes up now a lot faster.

    The problem now is to have this option checked, when my laptop wakes the without wireless is disabled when he wakes up and will not turn back, I have to turn it on manually. If I leave the power save option checked for the wireless card, that it automatically connect when my laptop wakes.

    Seems a little odd I thought uncheck the option to allow my laptop turn wireless off means he must just stay on, but he seems to have the opposite effect.

    Can someone advise? everything I wanted, it was for my laptop to wake you up more quickly and the wireless is turned on or auto connect after he wakes up.

    Thank you


    I found myself the answer to this question, I found that I had to uncheck the same box in the bluetooth device, it does not work exactly as I wanted to and the wifi connection is more lost once I wake up my laptop

  • Can someone help me with questions about the first on Mac?

    I have the trial version on my mac and several questions, I want to solve before you buy.  When I open the software first, he asked if I wanted to download additional content and I; However, the theme of the film is moment that shows a preview is the one that was originally there.  The others are empty, although I can apply to my project.  On the theme of the birthday party, it also shows in my project window into the birthday party some items that I don't see in the film, and a red sign pops up saying "media offline".  After, playback is very jerky and seems to stop at times.  The finished film will run more smoothly and have all the items?    Another problem is that I can only find 12 soundtracks that are in the media with my clips window.  Is that all you have to choose for your projects?

    Another annoyance, that's when I clicked on the "Inspiration Browser" help advice at the bottom, he said I had to download Adobe Reader and I did. However, it continues to display the message and won't let me watch some of the tutorials, although a few works.  (Adobe is installed and I rebooted the computer).

    I want to buy Photoshop Elements and first package but would like to know when I go to the paid version, my problems will be solved.  The project I'm working on that will have the "banner of trial" deleted?  Should I uninstall the trial version and reinstall the paid software?   Also, I would like to know if it is worthwhile to get as edition for extra storage and features.

    I appreciate any help as when I called Adobe they would not answer questions from users of the trial version and directed me to this forum.  (Not a good way to sell their software).

    If the OP is referring to SmartSound QuickTracks, this ARTICLE might be useful. It covers the range of SmartSound Software and music, so there is more information, we're going to need just to QuickTracks. Personally, I use a lot of SmartSound Software and their music. Hardly a project is complete without a material SmartSound in there somewhere.

    Good luck


  • reclassification of jinitiator in SUN JRE and question about Workflow

    I have a couple of questions really related to the workflow, then maybe wrong forum, but I'll start here.
    I'm upgrading of our configuration to use jinitiator to SUN JRE and have a few questions.

    1. one of the patches I must apply '3865683' a ' step 11, run the program simultaneous Workflow Directory service Validation user/role. (Required) ".
    -problem is I don't know much about WF and don't really know what that means or what options to provide

    2. in my Test environment, which is a clone of Prod my shippers Notification and Service components are falling and yet once, I work in the how to correct this.
    I don't know if it's the result of my clone process or the upgrade steps that I lived to reach from jinitiator SUN JRE.
    So my concern is when I do this prod if it interrupts the flow of work or if it is simply due to the clone process.

    Any comment is appreciated.


    The simple answer and support is 'no '. 6863618 patch is a patch of request (must be applied using adpatch), and it will update the files of application/database layer, in order to restore the database files only is not enough because it would make your incompatible application with the database.

    Thank you

  • Comments and questions about the mixture ADF Page flows with Trinidad UI

    Hi all

    I did a few tests to see how possible it is to use Trinity to the UI (for compatibility of this stinking IE 6) as well as the ADF Page flows / controller of the ADF. My question is whether there is a sustainable configuration from the point of view of Oracle. I did things to make it work and noted the following interesting behaviors (call anaomalies, if you wish):

    (1) addition of ADF Page Flow within the reach of the technology for a project automatically adds ADF Faces. If I try to eliminate ADF Faces of the scope of technology, it automatically deletes the flow of Page of ADF as well.

    (2) if I remove the ADF Faces DURATION 11 project library and create a page of trinidad (also set up the renderkit and as appropriate skin and remove a moment-false ServletADFFilter of web.xml) I get errors MDS when running the resulting page. I can't correct the error by removing the MDS libraries either - as soon as I put ADF Faces DURATION 11 library back, things are OK.

    (3) since I've faced ADF in my scope of technology, all newly created JSPX pages end up having af:document / af:form tags and have the namespaces implemented for ADF Faces. Not useful if I want only parts of Trinidad, but not a show-stopper, either.

    (4) an interesting thing that I have reported before... If I have the ADF Page library flow into my project and then configure navigation case in faces-config. XML (I know, wouldn't do that, just an observation, even if someone who has accidentally library ADF Page Flow in their project without any intention to use the ADF Page flows will find this very annoying to debug...), the first click of button that leads to the navigation works very well. All subsequent navigation requires two clicks on the link/button to trigger navigation. This behavior does not occur if you change the case of navigation to redirect = true.

    So, in summary, I seems to be the controller of flow/ADF Page ADF working with Trinidad, with a few minor problems of productivity due to an obvious requirement to have the Library Runtime of ADF Faces and the extent of technology ADF Faces included in my project. Now Oracle - is this going to be a sustainable configuration?

    I'd also appreciate comments, suggestions and comments from anyone else who has tried or is trying to use the ADF Page flows / ADF controller with a single user Trinity interface (well, in my case, I'm going to blur more using the tag af:template with components of the Trinity, but it's another whole story).



    bump #2

    + 1). Adding the ADF Page Flow within the reach of the technology for a project automatically adds ADF Faces. If I try to eliminate ADF Faces of the scope of technology, it automatically deletes the flow of Page of ADF as well. +

    ADF task flows have to ADF Faces e around. Not sure this is documented somewhere, but I hope it's

    (2) no idea about it

    + 3). Since that I've faced ADF in my scope of technology, all newly created JSPX pages end up having af:document / af:form tags and have the namespaces implemented for ADF Faces. Not useful if I want only parts of Trinidad, but not a show-stopper, either. +

    Looks like that is facing an emergency room to have an option in the dialog creation page if create an ADF or page of Trinidad. I'll take a note

    + 4). An interesting thing that I have reported before... If I have the ADF Page library flow into my project and then configure navigation case in faces-config. XML (I know, wouldn't do that, just an observation, even if someone who has accidentally library ADF Page Flow in their project without any intention to use the ADF Page flows will find this very annoying to debug...), the first click of button that leads to the navigation works very well. All subsequent navigation requires two clicks on the button/link to trigger navigation. This behavior does not occur if you change the case of navigation to redirect = true. +

    I'm not sure how to restrict we are on the "do not use" them in combination, but to me this looks like a bug.


  • Some problems and questions about StorE TV

    Hello! I bought stor.e tv a week ago and there are a number of issues, in order of personal importance:

    1. it slows down audio playback. It happens when the standard reading mp.3s on my stereo via the analog output - my music sounds weird, slow and with a reduced frequency. I have to go back change, the exit HDMI (normal speed part, no problem), then change new analog, navigate through folders to find the song I want to play and replay - voila, it works normally. Altogether in a complex way to play a song correctly, you do not?
    2. when there are ID tags (especially album covers) to the songs it takes forever to go from one song to the next.
    3 audio settings are often forgotten after the device has been stopped normally remote control only - you turn it on again and is not how I left it, but back to HDMI. So, I recall at any time check the settings before playing a song? Even if, in a tortuous path, that ^ s have useful to the problem of the mind 1.
    4. do not display correctly Cyrillic subtitles.
    5 pretty hot.
    There are other things, too (no playlists, not slow, slow to develop, etc.). I'm actually writing than just before you go back to the shop and ask for my money back.

    Bravo, guys!


    > 4. Does not display correctly Cyrillic subtitles.
    Yes, has been mentioned in other threads seems that not all the subtitles are supported.

    With regard to other issues.
    I think that you should try to reset the store default TV E again and should check how it works.
    In many cases, it helps to solve these annoying problems.

    Welcome them

  • Need help with two questions about preinstalled WXP Tecra A11 - 10F

    Hello world
    hope someone will help me with these:

    1. sometimes left port my A11 USB and eSATA port close do not recognize any device I plug.
    In win7 there is a power management option with which this can prevent to met, but how can I do under XP?

    2 - is there a way I can put a fixed amount of RAM on the graphics accelerator? (The two o/s)

    Thank you in advance.


    Hi Alessandro,.

    1. as far as I know that this option is not available on Windows XP. Vista and Windows 7 provide several obsolete as XP power management features. All you can do is to install Toshiba Power Saver if it s not installed. Here, you can set power saving for the processor, cooling fan, etc., but USB is not available.
    In your case, I'll try an update of the chipset driver.

    2. No, fixed the amount of RAM can t graphics card game. This will be controlled automatically.

  • Satellite SM30-604: 4.25 SpeedFan and question about the right temperature?

    SpeedFan 4.25 is on my Toshiba Satellite SM30 604.
    Until recently, the CPU usage shown was variable.
    Compared to a low percentage (green dots) to somewhere around maximum, according to what I was doing (I have never game, but use purely professional things like Word, Excel, PowerPoint and many websites).

    Temperatures in most of the green time, the high 40-links, the low 50-links (I then scroll to the top of the Speed01 of the fan from 0 to 50% and 50%, it starts to run). I sometimes add an external fan, I work sometimes in very hot climates).
    I have the readings of the time 4.
    Local temperature: 49 c (with this temp color varies between a Green V and a red arrow pointing upwards).
    Temp distance: 85 (with a flame)
    HC0: 26 c (with a green (V)
    Temp1: 86 (with a red flame).


    These very high temperatures, I've had for a day. The fan is working (I hear it, I can feel. "I can see, because I partly dismantled the laptop.) But the Speed01 is 0%, and there is no reaction on the adjustment upward. Or playback is 100% without reaction to setting down. And rotating or disable "auto fan speed has no effect.
    And without any other program running, the CPU usage increased a few seconds after switching on to 100%. I do not notice a significant slow down in the speed of my applications when I start using them. And a virus today scan did not reveal all the important things.
    I can't activate my taskbar more.

    Who has some answers for me. Green in this area?

    Thank you

    Hello Han

    Your ad is very nice and very interesting, but you'll be very happy if someone can explain all this because you are using a non-Toshiba software. It is always recommended to use the original software because software Toshiba designed has been tested and it can just to protect the hardware components.

    Use of software from third party is always at your own risk, and if you have any problems or questions, please contact their own support. They have much more experience with your applications.

    I can just tell you that you should be careful where your laptop is placed and make sure that the device can take a deep breath and cool down properly.

    Good luck!

  • Suggestions and Questions about the upgrade my Hardrive Mac and Ram.

    Hi This is my first time asking something in the forums. (At least I think) Well anyway, I got the Macbook Pro Mid 2012 13 "with the retina also runs the OS El captain. I do computer for school and sometimes animation video editing and ive noticed some performance as my projects get bigger and bigger issues. I want to improve my mac, but I'm not very tech savy and don't want to do something useless, so I had a few questions, I wanted to ask you.

    Do I need for my hard drive and my Ram?

    What effect will the upgrade of my Ram and what effect will be upgrading my hard drive with an SSD?

    I saw this SSD online and thought of novice opion that sounds get Id more bang for my buck (link) with her. Is this good? What more to kill? WiIll it still works? Could you suggest some other good affordable options?

    My next question if I decide to upgrade my Ram can provide you with some good affordable links to buy of new RAM sticks, is also 8 GB, the best he can do?

    My next question I watched a few videos online and by installing the updates level looks really easy and fast. But I use bootcamp (to play games sometimes), and I wanted to know if I save my files on my drive as ive seen people do videos, (something to wipe the drive and put it back in after installing updates) will be I lose my windows 7, I lost the disc to reinstall and he check so I really want to buy a new also do not want to lose the things I put in memory.

    From the retina MacBooks you is impossible to pass the ram as it is soldered to the logic board. As with the hard drive, it's just a card ssd and you can't get those anywhere because their hard to find.

  • New to DW CS4. General order questions about spacing etc...

    Hi there anyone available to answer a few questions, I have on my model.

    Ive tried alighn the text of navigation (which is down) to the right? any suggestions?


    It's a little more complicated.  A solution would be to use a table-

    Copyright © Mark Salinas 2010. All rights reservedselected works |  Info | Press on. contact


    Adjust cell widths as needed.

    The next would be to use floats-

            © Copyright mark Salinas 2010. All rights reserved selected works of |  Info | Press on. Contact


    You may need to adjust the widths.

  • Question about layout


    using the last jdev 11g building of OTN.
    I need to design my app's header area and obviously it shouldn't cause problems of rendering in any size of desktop screen or browser.

    Earlier, I designed using some of the horizontal panelGroupLayouts that uses % width that is not recommended. I am currently not able to design the same page layout without using
    % stuff.

    The header looks like:

    global links in the Center
    Logo of the site to some links in the center left few links from the end

    Search in the end box

    I designed it as:

    < panelGroupLayout type vertical = >
    < panelGroupLayout type = "horizontal" halign = "Center" >
    global links
    < / panelGroupLayout >
    < panelGroupLayout type = "horizontal" style = "AFStretchWidh" >
    logo of the site
    < panelGroupLayout type = "horizontal" styleClass = "AFStretchWidth" >
    < panelGroupLayout type = "horizontal" width = "60%" >
    Central region links
    < / panelGroupLayout >
    < panelGroupLayout type = "horizontal" width = "40%" halign = 'end' >
    end links area
    < / panelGroupLayout >
    < / panelGroupLayout >
    < / panelGroupLayout >
    < panelGroupLayout type = "horizontal" halign = 'end' >
    Search box
    < / panelGroupLayout >
    < / panelGroupLayout >

    If upper and lower area are very good. but the central area use width in % well that makes you like. This thing is a part of the page template that i'm using in my application to the design of the other jsff and jspx. I am facing some problems stretch on these pages and someone suggested this might be % width in the template is causing the problem.

    So please advise how to solve this problem.

    Have you considered using a panelstretchlayout and placing items in the sections start and end? Or maybe a panelBorderLayout.
    For example, see this page:

  • file txt and questions about conspiring field

    Hello everyone, I'm trying to plot a graph xy of a txt file and I am having some problems. I enclose the program and and the txt file, I'm getting, don't forget it's prety base, can someone tell me what is the problem? Also more information on trace would be useful as well, for example I can plot from a machine in time real (I enclose also a file to use for communication with the machine) also is there a way to delete a line that is not in the top of the file? Thanks in advance

    Reading data from the field

    1. your file uses two spaces as the delimited.  Change that to be a tab.

    2. you need to index on COLUM, not the line.


    1 write the file inside the loop.  Be sure to open/create the file before the loop and close the file after the loop.  This will allow you to eliminate the shift register and you save a lot of memory.

    2. If you want to plot the data, I recommend using a graph.  In this way, you have just to the wire in the last value once you converted to digital.

Maybe you are looking for

  • Why internet Explorer opens in the small window

    After I opened my home page in Internet explorer 7. Whenever I click on the links they allways open in small windows. I tried to resize and closing, but it makes no difference, I also tried to hold the SHIFT key and the keys CTRL but in vain.Guy

  • OfficeJet Pro 8500 has more: back two has stopped working

    Two sides priting has stopped working. Print both sides "checked" but print dialog shows released a face on two sheets or "layout" began to show "long edge binding" as GRAYED OUT. Any ideas please?

  • laptop on sleep

    Laptop keeps going mode "sleep" and I don't know how to turn it back on, I can get it going again in closing and opening, but sometimes it just continues to go to sleep again. Phone is a Samsung R700

  • Calendar sync Outlook of Z30 of blackBerry with Blackberry

    I'm receiving data Committee canoe for device error when you try to sycronize calendar and contact on my Z30 I use windows 8.1 and office 2013

  • FilePicker.Listener problem

    For some reason, Eclipse can not resolve the type FilePicker.Listener. If I leave aside the listener, the FilePicker runs great. I am glad that it was finally added to the API. Problem is that if I set up a listener, I'll never know which chose heh i