load cell 9237 + full-bridge: load cell_null_off_shuntcal.vi - error 200077

I try to use load_cell_null_off_shuntcal.vi with load cell (Honeywell model 31, not amplified). I'm using LabView 8.6, cDAQ-9172 and NI9237. Entries: excitation10V internal; mV/V 2.1492 (calib. bin); weight 10 lbs max. resistance bridge 350 ohms (Honeywell specifications); 9237 internal shunt resistance 100 kohm; map of shunt R4 (default setting). Selected "offset null" and "shunt cal.

Error-200077 occurred to Shunt calibration perform DAQmx
. VI:1 (bridge) or the possible reasons:

Measurements: Requested value is not a supported value for
This property.

Property: I. Bridge.ShuntCal.GainAdjust

You asked:-61.980405e3

Valid values begin with: 500.0e - 3

Valid values ending with: 1.500000

If "shunt cal' green button not selected, no error. Setting the gain should be about 1. Subvi DAQmx PerformShuntCalibration (bridge) .vi contains "Call library function node" which is locked (?).

Any ideas?

What is the location of item correct shunt for a full-bridge load cell? Change this location does not eliminate the error.

Hello, YTC,.

The problem is most likely in your external connections of the NI 9237 and the load cell.  As mentioned in NI 9237 Operating Instructions and specifications, page 9, SC + SC - pins must be connected to the terminals of the resistance specified in the .vi of Shunt calibration perform DAQmx (bridge) (in the case of a full bridge, it would be R3).

Let me know if you still have problems with your calibration.

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    I'm trying to use the example
    load_cell_null_off_shuntcal.VI with a scale of full-bridge (Honeywell
    Model 31, not amplified). I'm using LabView 8.6, cDAQ-9172 and NI9237. The
    load cell is connected to the pins 2,3,6 and 7.

    Entries for the front side of the VI
    are: excitation10V internal; mV/V 2.1492 (calibration sheet); weight max 10
    lbs; resistance bridge 350 ohms (Honeywell specifications); 9237 shunt internal
    100 kohm resistance; map of shunt R4 (default setting). I chose
    "Do not offset null" and "shunt cal.

    This is the error I get:

    Error-200077 occurred at DAQmx
    Do a calibration Shunt (bridge) .vi:1 or the possible reasons:

    Measurements: Requested value is not
    support for this property value.

    AI. Bridge.ShuntCal.GainAdjust

    You asked:-61.980405e3

    Valid values begin with: 500.0e - 3

    Valid values ending with: 1.500000

    If the "shunt cal.
    green button is not selected, there is no error. I understand that the Gain
    Change value should be approximately 1, whereas I get is much larger. The Subvi DAQmx PerformShuntCalibration
    .VI (bridge) contains a "Call library function node" which I did not
    find out how interrogate.

    Someone else has experience
    with this error? Do you have any advice on:

    How to 'see' the calculations being
    carried out inside the "call library function node"?

    What the correct shunt element
    a full-bridge load cell location is? (although changing this location only)
    does not eliminate the error, I can't find this info).

    What can I do wrong with
    my entries to cause this error?

    Thank you


    Hi Claire,

    You must physically connect the SC of arm of the bridge terminals (normally R3). The terminal is not provided for the connection of external resistors.

    See the example

    C:\Program NIUninstaller Instruments\LabVIEW 8.6\examples\DAQmx\Analog In\Measure Strain.llb\Cont Acq strain samples (with calibration) - OR 9237.vi

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    Hi [email protected],

    The NI 9219 measures the ratio of voltage full bridge in hardware sensors, allowing any variation of the voltage to cancel. You won't be able to measure the output voltage of the sensor regardless of the voltage without additional channels, but you can measure the ratio of raw tension using the type of Bridge (V/V) . You can also use the type of measure of Force (bridge) measurement of load cell with engineering units (N, lb, kgf, no strain).

    This screenshot shows where the two Bridge (V/V) and Force (bridge) can be selected in the DAQ Assistant:

    These types of measurement were added sometimes around DAQmx 9.1, so if you have an older version of NOR-DAQmx, your DAQ Assistant maybe not them. The latest version is currently 9.4 of NOR-DAQmx. Front of NOR-DAQmx 9.1, the approach to recommend to measure the load cells was to use the custom with Excitation voltage type and a custom scale. However, Tension Custom excitedly can't Bridge of calibration in the DAQ Assistant.


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    Thank you!

    This is not a very good example, they show.  Full-bridge 1 will also read the constraint of torsion.  Full-bridge 1 is for any configuration where you get 2 gauges of tensile and compression 2 meters and you expect roughly equal magnitudes.  With a twisting bridge, the only thing you need to do is to make sure that the wiring and pay attention to the numbering of gage.  Think just mentally on what measurers are in tension and in compression as you twist the stem or tube.

    If you're wrong, you pretty much know immediately because you will see very little change in the output when you go to the torsion of the shaft because the templates of traction and compression will liquidate cancel each other in the bridge rather than expand their effects.  To fix it, all you will need to exchange a few threads to effectively rewire the bridge correctly.

    Good luck in your project.

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    · What is the number and the model of the computer?

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    Hope the helps of information. Please post back and we do know.

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    SOURCE:java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Attempt to set property named siteVisit (WarehouseRepository:registration:50616) with value = null (class=null). 
    A null value is not allowed for a required property. **** Error Sun Jun 14 16:33:21 BRT 2015 1434310401527
    at atg.reporting.datawarehouse.loader.PipelineDriver.process(PipelineDriver.java:118) 
    **** Error Sun Jun 14 16:33:21 BRT 2015 1434310401527 /atg/reporting/datawarehouse/loaders/RegistrationPipelineDriver at
    **** Error Sun Jun 14 16:33:21 BRT 2015 1434310401527 /atg/reporting/datawarehouse/loaders/RegistrationPipelineDriver at
    **** Error Sun Jun 14 16:33:21 BRT 2015 1434310401527 /atg/reporting/datawarehouse/loaders/RegistrationPipelineDriver at
    **** Error Sun Jun 14 16:33:21 BRT 2015 1434310401527 /atg/reporting/datawarehouse/loaders/RegistrationPipelineDriver at
    **** Error Sun Jun 14 16:33:21 BRT 2015 1434310401527 /atg/reporting/datawarehouse/loaders/RegistrationPipelineDriver at
    **** Error Sun Jun 14 16:33:21 BRT 2015 1434310401527 /atg/reporting/datawarehouse/loaders/RegistrationPipelineDriver at
    **** Error Sun Jun 14 16:33:21 BRT 2015 1434310401527 /atg/reporting/datawarehouse/loaders/RegistrationPipelineDriver at 

    The entire newspaper is attached.

    We thank you and we expect from any suspicion.

    Hello, we found the problem and is more simple than we thought.

    The problem happens because the ARF paintings are not initialized and then initialize the tables and restart the server.

    And we have set up these components, which, in our environment, have been mapped wrong:

    paramPropertyNames=timestamp,orderId,profileId,sessionId,memberSegments paramClasses=java.util.Date,java.lang.String,java.lang.String,java.lang.String,java.lang.String[]
    lookupProperties=\ order.submittedDate,\ submittedDay,\ submittedTime,\ generatedOrderId,\ lineItem.sku,\ lineItem.product,\ lineItem.category,\ user,\ originOfOrder,\ salesChannel,\ internalUser,\ demographic,\ lineItem.stimulusGroup,\ segmentCluster,\ lineItem.promotionGroup,\ billingRegion,\ lineItem.shippingRegion,\ lineItem.store,\ localCurrency,\ siteVisit,\ order.id,\ lineItem.lineItemNaturalId,\ sessionId,\ lineItem.question,\ lineItem.quantity,\ lineItem.markedDown,\ lineItem.localUnitPrice,\ lineItem.localLineItemGrossRevenue,\ lineItem.localLineItemDiscountAmount,\ lineItem.localLineItemMarkdownDiscountAmount,\ lineItem.localOrderDiscountAmountAllocation,\ lineItem.localLineItemNetRevenue,\ lineItem.localOrderNetRevenue,\ lineItem.localOrderTaxAllocation,\ lineItem.localOrderShippingAllocation,\ lineItem.localLineItemPriceOverrideAmount,\ lineItem.localOrderManualAdjustmentDebitTotalAllocation,\ lineItem.localOrderManualAdjustmentCreditTotalAllocation,\ lineItem.standardUnitPrice,\ lineItem.standardLineItemGrossRevenue,\ lineItem.standardLineItemDiscountAmount,\ lineItem.standardLineItemMarkdownDiscountAmount,\ lineItem.standardOrderDiscountAmountAllocation,\ lineItem.standardLineItemNetRevenue,\ lineItem.standardOrderNetRevenue,\ lineItem.standardOrderTaxAllocation,\ lineItem.standardOrderShippingAllocation,\ lineItem.standardLineItemPriceOverrideAmount,\ lineItem.standardOrderManualAdjustmentDebitTotalAllocation,\ lineItem.standardOrderManualAdjustmentCreditTotalAllocation,\ originSite,\ submittedSite,\ lineItem.itemAddedSite,\ order.profileId,\ couponApplied
    dimensionProperties=\ submitTimestamp,\ submitDay,\ submitTime,\ order,\ sku,\ product,\ category,\ customer,\ originSalesChannel,\ submitSalesChannel,\ agent,\ demographic,\ stimulusGroup,\ segmentCluster,\ promotionGroup,\ billingRegion,\ shippingRegion,\ store,\ localCurrency,\ siteVisit,\ naturalOrderId,\ naturalLineItemId,\ sessionId,\ question,\ quantity,\ markedDown,\ localUnitPrice,\ localGrossRevenue,\ localDiscountAmount,\ localMarkdownDiscountAmount,\ localOrderDiscountAllocation,\ localNetRevenue,\ localOrderNetRevenue,\ localOrderTaxAllocation,\ localOrderShippingAllocation,\ localLineItemPriceOverrideAmount,\ localOrderManualAdjustmentDebitTotalAllocation,\ localOrderManualAdjustmentCreditTotalAllocation,\ standardUnitPrice,\ standardGrossRevenue,\ standardDiscountAmount,\ standardMarkdownDiscountAmount,\ standardOrderDiscountAllocation,\ standardNetRevenue,\ standardOrderNetRevenue,\ standardOrderTaxAllocation,\ standardOrderShippingAllocation,\ standardLineItemPriceOverrideAmount,\ standardOrderManualAdjustmentDebitTotalAllocation,\ standardOrderManualAdjustmentCreditTotalAllocation,\ originSite,\ submittedSite,\ itemSite,\ customerId,\ couponApplied

    Everything worked well.

    Follow the links to solve this problem:

    https://docs.Oracle.com/CD/E35319_01/ACI.10-2/ATGBusIntellInstallGuide/ATGBusIntellInstallGuide.PDF - ATG Web Commerce Business Intelligence Oracle configuration

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