Load the Mac Book Pro

I am able to charge my Mac Book Pro, in countries outside the United States without having to buy a converter?

The only card you need would be one that changes only

"fitness" - just the pins make contact...

If any travel store or electronics store to have an adapter.

There are no additional electronics in this type of adapter.

There are several forms for different regions in Apple Travel Kit:

• About the Apple - Support Apple world travel adapter Kit

When traveling, you can use the Apple World Travel Adapter Kit

to load your Apple products in different countries. This type of

Kit does contain all the electronics, so it's a passive converter.

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  • Sub c multi port vga adapter can not fit in the hold of the Mac book pro computer

    Sub c multi port vga adapter can not fit in the hold of the Mac book pro computer

    None of the MacBook Pros have any type of VGA port.

    What MacBook Pro you have?

  • Suddenly, I noticed that I have to do a larger than normal pressure on the bead of the mac book pro-retine to get an answer to the deeper click. How can I do?

    Suddenly, I noticed I do higher than the normal pressure on the pad of my Mac Book Pro 15 "retina to get a response to my deepest click. How can I do? Thank you.


    Which MacBook Pro model?

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  • Using the Flash drive when you use the Mac book Pro?

    I am currently trying to determine whether it would be useful to add an extra cost of £400 for the other half TB of Flash Drive when buying top spec Mac book Pro?

    Depends on your storage needs. You're OK with unloading of LARGE files on an external USB 3 drive? If so, you can save the $$$ and get the 256 GB.

    I have 256GB flash on my retina of MBP 2015 and that's a lot for me. If I start running out of space, I'll spend LARGE files my server or an external USB drive to free up space on my MBP of retina.

  • Cannot sweep of the MAC Book Pro using OfficeJet 8600

    I have used my OfficeJet Pro 8600 to scan until last week.  So I rebooted the software of HP and I still can't analyze.  I tried the Apple via AirPrint (version 2.0) drivers, still does not work.  Prints well but will not scan.  10.10 OSX is loaded but it worked for weeks after that.  The strange thing is that analyze the Mac of my wife (an old portable) with OS x 10.10 using version 1.0 of AirPrint.  Ideas?  I tried all the resets of the queues, etc.

    Hi @Cap1007

    Welcome to the Forums of HP's Support. I understand that you are no longer able to scan using your printer Officejet 8600.

    We know that this is not a hardware problem that you are able to scan the older Mac Help. your wife I included the document Mac OS X: Scanning Software done is not open or stops responding .

    Please let me know the results.

  • How to sync Contacts from iPhone with the Mac Book Pro?

    Contact created on the 5 c iPhone syncs with MBP in iTunes. What should do? I tried everything I can find help files.

    Open iTunes on the computer and verify that the computer sees the iPhone. Check the settings for synchronization again.

    Why not use iCloud synchronization of Contacts? All changes made on any device connected to the same iCloud account and verified contacts will be synchronized immediately.

  • Cannot start the mac book pro os 10.8.5

    Unable to repair the permissions. Impossible to repair the disk.

    How do photos and documents I have to register before re - format the drive?

    Impossible to download and reinstall 10.8.5.

    Don't have no time saving machine that laptop!

    Any ideas anyone?

    Before you do anything, you need to make a backup, preferably separated 2 on 2 discs.

    Start of recovery volume (command - R on a restart, or hold down the option/Alt during a restart and select the Volume of recovery). Run the check/repair disk utility and repair permissions until you get no error. Then re-install the operating system.

    OS X recovery

    OS X recovery (2)

  • Mac Book Pro, outdoor WiFi antennas work to extend wi - fi range when plugged into USB PORTS

    Outdoor WIFI antennas work if plugged into the USB port on the Mac Book Pro. If they do, those who extend range of transmission and reception wi - fi?

    Sorry, but I've never used an external USB wifi antenna but if you describe your use case a wifi Repeater/Extender can be a good option for you. https://www.repeaterstore.com/pages/WiFi-booster-Repeater-Extender-differences

    If the option is not a Repeater/Extender so will have to wait for someone who has used an external USB antenna down to.

  • How to connect a microphone to capacitor for Mac Book Pro?

    Hi all

    After recently to buy a NW-700 Neewer and set up, I plugged it on my which seems to me to be a model 2012 or 2013 the Mac Book Pro, only to see that he has been received as headphones and tab out of my sound preferences. I don't think that there is something wrong with the microphone as I had also bought and hooked to a phantom power source. After you pass the cables through the power source, I plugged my card TRS in a TRS FosPower additional to the PLUG adapter, knowing that Mac does not accept audio TRS jacks. And then after all that, I plugged this card into my computer which was accepted as a helmet instead of a microphone.

    I have a theory, that the FosPower adapter converts only the input signals and the computer then thought of as a helmet. What do you think?

    Here are some pictures to help.

    The Mic

    Phantom power


    Before the plug-in

    Once the adapter is connected

    Thanks for your help,


    Hi garretthelp,

    I understand that you are having trouble to get your microphone Neewer NW-700 to be recognized as a device on your MacBook Pro.  If the TRS FosPower to adapter PLUG does not work for you, have you tried using an audio interface with standard XLR connections for your audio configuration?    Which application you use on your Mac?  No matter what settings are you using in the Mac system preferences should also be done in the settings of the audio application as well.  I will include information for GarageBand below for your reference.

    I found the Web site of the manufacturer of your product and enter the SKU for the microphone Support page, but they do not have a manual available at the moment.  So, if using an interface standard audio does not resolve the problem, you will need to contact Neewer for more information.

    Plug in a microphone

    You can connect a microphone to your computer to record your voice, an acoustic instrument or any other sound on an audio track in GarageBand. You can connect a microphone to the port of audio input of your computer, a USB port, or, for better audio, an audio interface connected to a FireWire or USB port on your computer. You can also use your computer's built-in microphone to record sound.

    After you connect a microphone, you choose the input source for the range that you want to save in, and then turn eventually followed. Monitoring allows you to hear you play so you can hear the part you want to record as well as the rest of the project.

    Connect a microphone to your computer

    Do one of the following:

    • If you use your computer's built-in microphone, select the Microphone as the source of entry into GarageBand > Preferences > Audio > devices.

    • Plug the microphone on your computer audio input port (if she has a), then choose integrated input as input source of the track.

  • Connect a USB microphone to a USB port on your computer. Choose the USB microphone as input source of the track.

  • Connect an audio interface to a USB or FireWire port, then a microphone for the audio interface for recording.

  • Connect a console audio mixer or console in an audio interface connected to your computer.

  • Set the input for a microphone source

    1. Select the audio track.

    2. Click the Smart Controls to open the smart controls, and then click the Inspector button of .

    3. In the recording settings section, choose one of the following on the shortcut menu of the entry:

      • If you use your computer's built-in microphone, choose the built-in Microphone.

      • If you use a microphone connected to your computer's audio input port, choose built-in input.

        If the integrated entry does not appear in the menu, choose GarageBand > Preferences, click Audio / MIDI, then choose enter integrated in the context menu of the Audio input.

      • If you use a microphone connected to a USB port, select the microphone.

      • If you use a microphone connected to an audio interface, choose the number of the channel for the microphone.

        If channels audio interface do not appear in the menu, choose GarageBand > Preferences, click Audio / MIDI, then choose the audio interface in the context menu of the Audio input.

      Make sure the format matches the microphone or instrument. Choose a mono for monophonic instruments (with a single channel), then a stereo input to stereo devices (with a pair of channels).

    4. Drag the recording level slider to change the level of input to the sound source volume.

      If the recording level slider is dimmed, you cannot change the volume of entry in GarageBand. In this case, use the volume control on the unit.

    Take care

  • Sync with Mac Book Pro external hard drive

    No recommendation for the software synchronize files between the Mac Book Pro Retina and the external hard drive / distance NAS?

    Time Machine



  • I bought a Mac Book Pro how to integrate lightroom and creative cloud

    How can I integrate creative cloud with a Mac Book Pro?

    I currently use Windows 7 file system to store my photos in Lightroom.   I have dng files from lightroom in a directory of files on it and export to email and various functions in the subdirectories.   How does in the Mac Book Pro?


    Thanks, I'll check the users /CurrentlyLoggedOnUserName folder.   Of course, I would also like to migrate the library of Lightroom for my MacBook Pro file.  Would you know how to do this?

    In my youth, I was Lockheed Martin systems engineer.  I retired after 30 years.  But I was removed about three quarters of the total time, I worked for LM.   I still miss.  I build my own computers using Gigabyte motherboards.  It is now time for a new putter.  But I think Microsoft gets lost.  Bill made some wrong choices back in the 1950s.  But there was no way for him to see the future.  I wonder how Steve was able to design a system that is as safe today as it was at the time of the 2nd of Apple.    OS X and IOS running on hardware apples with apples approved, software Virus protection and using the Apple servers.  Microsoft is trying to catch up.  But I think it's a little late for that.  I supports several major charitable organizations.  The vast majority of the members of the staff of charities have a lot of problems with Windows 8, 8.1, and 10 is not much better.  Then, before I lose more money, I'm deserting a ship.  Currently I'm learning that a Mac Book Pro to full charge.  And when uncomfortable with the M.B.P., I replace my desktop Windows mini server with a Mac Pro system.  Support for Win 7 has been interrupted.

    Learning new things is good for the sole.  This will be fun.  Here's to the next thirty years!


  • I have a mac book pro 2009 model, now when I try to load it, there is no green light on the adapter and the laptop does not charge. Not sure if there is a problem with the card or the battery or the laptop. Kindly help

    I have a Mac book pro 2009 model, when I try to load it it not there no green light on the adapter and he is in charge. Not sure if there is a problem with the adapter or the battery or the laptop. Kindly help... Thank you

    Have you tried:

    Portable Apple computers: Troubleshooting MagSafe adapters - Apple Support

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  • does not load the pages of the last session - 2015 Mac Book pro


    You just bought a new Mac Book Pro 13. Safari and Chrome using for navigation. My user account is admin and in both browsers the classified are marked 'open the pages of last session', but it does not work.

    need help.

    Thank you

    In your Safari menu bar, click history > reopen all windows from last Session.

    For Chrome see the called extension, "Session Buddy" > https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/session-buddy/edacconmaakjimmfgnblocbl bcdcpbko

  • I can load a second copy on my Mac Book Pro to use when I travel?

    I have LR 6.5 loaded on my desktop PC.

    I want to load another copy on a Mac Book Pro to use when I go on a trip and out of the office. Can I use the same license that I already have?

    Thank you

    Hans Bailiht

    Hi hansb


    You can use a Lightroom license on two computers at the same time.

    According to the details of your account, you have several Lightroom platform, so also works on Windows PC.

    See FAQ end-user license agreements

    Download Lightroom:- Download Photoshop Lightroom



  • Mac Book Pro cracked screen inside, no damage to the outside


    I woke up this morning with mac book open and off. I have seen that my screen was quite dirty and decided I have to clean fingerprints on it. I used a Clorox and a paper towel to clean. Once I finished I turned an and saw my screen cracked. When I rubbed my finger on the screen it there's no indication on the front or the back of the screen he was hit there. It is only within the screen. I took it to apple and they said it was an accident, when I washed only the screen, as I did with several Mac Book Pro, I bought in the past. I have Applecare, but he does not apparently. No where else on my mac does show that I have damage and I did a diagnosis, and there is nothing else wrong with my system. They said that I am $ 800 and it's just scandalous due to a stream for the super screen thin on the inside. I don't know where to go from here, but I've used Apple products in my life and being a college student, I don't have that kind of money to fix. This problem should of never happened. I do all my graphics and coding on my Mac and have always loved. I also have a case of black Tech21 surrounding for added protection so something like this has not happened. Please if there is any help I can get here, it would be highly appreciated.

    Benjamin Schmidt

    Make your case to a store manager, but it is difficult to claim "just happened by itself." Be nice to the staff of the store, you are basically arguing for special treatment.

    It does not mean you did anything on purpose, but the MacBook was responsible, if you are responsible for. The cause could be anything from a drop of abrupt changes in temperature. Who knows...

    Good luck!

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