local station changed the broadcast signal THAT WMC will not find.

MY frequency changed from local station cbs always on same channel 2.1 & 2.2 windows media center will not find the new frequency. they appear very hard on my tv tuner.


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    Until two days ago, the arrangement I did personally for the icons on my desktop have remained in their correct position.  Now every time I reboot, the change of the medium-sized icons of "smaller" and they are no longer in the order in which I chose.  How can I stay in the position or the grouping and the size I choose?  Apparently, some features of Windows 7 has been lost.  How can this be corrected?



    Method 1:

    The desktop icons should not change unless you change the screen resolution. Run SFC and see if that helps.

    System File Checker (SFC) scan will replace the missing or corrupted system files on your computer.


    How to use the System File Checker tool to fix the system files missing or corrupted on Windows Vista or Windows 7:



    Method 2:

    Step 1: create a user account: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/Windows7/Create-a-user-account

    If step 1 works then try step 2.

    Step 2: difficulty a user profile is corrupted: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/Windows7/Fix-a-corrupted-user-profile

  • How to customize the button so that it does not find the required value

    Hi all

    I use jdeveloper I have a form inside that I have some text boxes and few components more radio button and a few selectonechoice.
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    But I don't want to check required fields not when Button2 is clicked. Even if the required fields are empty, I want to perform the action that I wrote on this click button2.

    How to get there?

    Please suggest.

    Thank you

    JSF orders including af:commandButtons have an 'immediate' property that is intended to do what you want to do. Take a look on: http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E12839_01/web.1111/b31973/af_lifecycle.htm#CIACBJCJ


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    I have also entered with Gmail and was assured that it is configured for IMAP

    Thank you.

  • How can I change the settings so that Firefox is NOT my fault?

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    Hi Tamara, it takes two steps:

    (1) on the page Options in Firefox, Firefox is not to check if it is the default browser the value:

    "3-bar" menu button (or tools) > Options

    Firefox must display the general panel indicating the start section. Uncheck the "always check if Firefox is your default browser"

    (2) use the steps in the article from Microsoft following for Internet Explorer again to make the default value:


    Does it work?

  • How can I cancel my purchase of storage iCloud if I tried to change my storage plan, but when I go back to the one free, that it will not let me click done in my iPhone

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    Because once payment hovering around (the date of the credit card is usually charged) and the current month is finished, it will change.

  • I'm having a problem with Windows XP, because the icons are so big on my computer I can not disconnect the firewall - there is no sidebar... I was told to change the pixels and more, but will not slide - clues someone? PLEEEEEEEASE help!

    I tried to move the sliding bar - no chance vickipeterson2

    Hi vickipeterson2

    You must start your Windows in VGA MODE and reinstall the graphics driver.

    To do this, you must then:

    Turn on your machine (Copmputer), during the mother cards Logo screen,

    Press F8 repeatedly until the menu black screen apears

    Pentecost arrows select ENABLE VGA MODE

    Click workstation whit right mouse button, select Properties, hit on the hardware, device menager

    In the tree hitting adapter display or display of Pentecost right mouse button and choose uninstall.

    Restart your Windows and reinstall the graphics driver from your.

    This will solved your problem

  • try to uninstall the program and that it will not be finished or I would uninstall programs more

    downloaded the toolbar following mixi DJ, my backup pc, player vaf, supreme savings and optimizer prov3.1 and tried to uninstall it constantly says wait until the next program is uninstalled for continue. program im trying to uninstall is only 42 MB, but just used finished, or I want to uninstall something now. any help would be extremely grateful. I am a novice on computer. Thank you.

    Go to the control panel and click under the programs heading, "uninstall a program". A massive list of programs should pop, click the program you want to remove and do what he asks and the program should be deleted.


    I WATCHED a TUTORIAL AND it included vanishing point filter. and when I'm in the filter, I can't see any vanishing point in there how can I access it? my version is photoshop cs6 systems of windows 7 64 bit operating

    Reinstall Photoshop - you lack a lot of required plugins.

  • Pavilion dm1 that suddenly will not find my wireless network.


    I have a Pavilion dm1 notebook, running Windows 7 32 bit which is suddenly unable to connect to the wireless network. I know that wireless works very well as other devices are plugged on, and it works very well for the last few months. I connected the netbook directly on the modem with the cable.

    The wireless switch is on - watch the blue light on the wireless key. I tried to turn the computer and the internet router / wireless market of several times. When I click on the network key in the toolbar, it does not give me the ability to scan for WiFi networks, and when I try and set up a new network of the only option it gives me is using DSL/cable broadband.

    I have tried many 'solutions' to try to get a chance to see a wireless network but no luck.

    Any help would be appreciated!

    Thank you.

    Completed by reinstalling the latest drivers and all of a sudden 10 wireless networks appeared. Did not work the first time I tried it but good! Second time lucky.

  • Should I reset the FPGA FFT when changing the input signal?


    I have an application based FlexRIO where I do FFT on several incoming signals. The signals will be ranked so that I get first for example 4096 samples of Ch1 and Ch2 4096 samples, etc. This means that I don't have to do it in parallel of the FFT and I would like to reuse the implementation of FFT and windowing to reduce the use of resources.

    I intend using the VI Express followed by the Express VI of FFT window scaling



    and I'll use them inside a SCTL.

    This figure comes from the section using the FFT and help illustrate the issue:

    There is a discount to zero terminal for the fenestration and the FFT VI.

    Are there internal registers in the windowing and FFT which force the image 1, image 2,... from the same signal or is it possible for the first entry in a framework of Ch1, the next frame belonging to Ch2, Ch3 gaze and so on and always get reliable results?

    Another way to ask the same question: if I have to reset the window and FFT when changing the input signal?

    Thank you


    Hi Cyphish,

    When using the FFT of the LabVIEW FPGA vi express and windows nationwide express vi calculations are make it point by point so there will be no problem when going through different types of measures. Therefore, you should have no problem with your application.

    Best regards


  • After that I changed the apple ID password I can not connect to facetime

    After that I changed the apple ID password, I can not connect to facetime

    Update your password for Facetime, too.

  • When I have to click on a link to google search, it would automatically open in a new tab. How can I change the setting to that again?

    If I was looking for the lyrics of a song on google, a lot of different links to appear. I used to be able to click on the link and it will automatically open in a new tab. There is more to this. How can I change the settings so that the links will open in a new tab again?

    sign in to the google account,
    looking for something in the bezel,
    at the top right you will find the search parameters in which you must mark "open each result selected in a new browser window."

  • I need to change the address of that my developer PlayBook is shipped... Someone has an idea how to do this?

    I wasn't expecting the PlayBooks free to hold out long enough to ship.  Now that it appears that I will not mine get until the first week of may, I need to change the address that mine will be available so that I can travel.  I'm afraid that when the mine is sent, my mailing address has changed.

    Those of you who have had correspondence with the ideas of TGM, who would be the best person to contact to get my mailing address has changed?

    Thanks for your time!

    Just reply to the E-Boutique online order-mail you received and tell them to change the delivery address.
    It is done a few days previously and received confirmation about two days later.

  • How can blackBerry smartphones, I change the sound signal in BBM

    I just got a 8520 only native of the United Kingdom.  I can't understand how to change the sound signal for BBM.  My daughter has the same phone, but the menus are different from mine.  Can someone guide me through this process?

    Drop down menu using the speaker on your homescreen icon and choose "Set Ring Tones/alerts. Inside the new screen, you should see a repeating field, called "Instant Messages". Expand it and you will have access to options for Blackberry Messenger. There must be 3 total.

    Selecting one of the three will allow you to customize the BBM options. I suggest you change all three for the same parameters.

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