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I recently bought a new computer. I have not yet installed itunes top. my C drive is much smaller than my D drive. I understand that iTunes needs to be installed on the C drive for some reason any. But is it possible to do all my purchased media go to the D drive, when I download it? I soon fill my C drive if not.

Thanks for any help.

Launch iTunes with the SHIFT key is pressed, choose Create Library and navigate to a folder on the D drive.


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  • Locate the media dialog box appears

    I say cloud creative to update to the latest version of Premiere Pro yesterday and now when I open a project that needs to search for media, dialog "Find media" does not appear, and I'm not able to click on any of the items of the menu bar.  The only thing I see is the black background of the program of Premiere Pro and Windows makes the sound with that is when you try to click on a program outside of an open dialog box that you are not interacting.  So first is not frozen, it is simply not display the dialog box.  I checked to make sure he's not hiding behind other programs, and I have not all other monitors hung.  Any thoughts?

    I had this problem as well. What are the causes that is in your DOCUMENTS folder, there is an ADOBE folder with a folder of PREMIERE PRO inside. It has a number of records for each version of first (6.0, 7.0, 8.0, 9.0). There are some config or files in the folder corresponding to your version that causes the link media dialog box to not appear. If you create an OLD folder and move all those here, the next time that you open a project that ran out of media, it recreates the version number and media link will be displayed correctly.

    In my case, I installed 2015.2, so she recreated 9.0 and later, everything was fine... There is no newer version that I can go to, so the upgrade is not the answer and you do not want to reinstall the creative cloud or windows.

    Also, when the first appears to hang when the media location bar is completed, it is not actually frozen. If you press ESC, it will take you to the program. It's almost the link media dialog box is open, but off the screen, somewhere, so pressing ESC closed this window invisible and everything is displayed. But media link still does not work, and you can just press ESC to ignore it.

  • Impossible to locate Adobe Media Encoder Vista (64-bit)

    I'm unable to locate the SOUL in C: > Program Files (x 86) > Adobe > first Pro CS5.  This is the trial version, installed a week ago and had to reinstall because of a system restore, I had to do.  The last time that I installed it, there is a subfolder with a shortcut to the SOUL.   Now, I get a dead link labled Adobe Media Converter and when I click it, I get an error message 'file not found '.  Anyone here having the same problem?  I don't want to take the risk of buying a corrupted file.  Own tool Adobe does not detect anything.

    Thank you


    TEA and are part of the PR and not available as a separate download.

  • Could not locate Windows Media Player

    Cannot find the Windows Media Player on my computer (Vista)

    I can't find the Windows Media Player on my computer (Vista) also when I tried to update WMP, there is nothing to update. Anyone knows, if I lost the WMP?

    For your information:
    You can find Windows Media Player in Program Files.

    Start > computer > open C: drive > open Program Files > open Windows Media Pla > scroll to find wmplayer.exe > right-click on wmplayer.exe > perform one or both the following...

    1 pin to Start Menu
    2 send to > desktop (create shortcut)

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  • Add the network location in Windows Media Center for recorded TV

    Locations of tv settings, tv, recorder, more Windows Media Center does not outside of the local computer.  I used Media Center to record some TV shows and I want to spend my laptop on USB large network of an old desk for viewing later.   Because I can't point to this place I'm stuck.
    The files are on USB key and visible in windows media player and video location in Windows Media Center.  In other words, none of the news of the series is visible in Windows Media Center (but is in windows media player), so I can't continue to record series because Windows Media Center is not aware of the episodes already on USB network.

    Hello Johngi2,
    Thank you for your message.  To change the location of your recorded TV shows and always keep the info so that you won't get duplicates please browse to the following location in Media Center.
    Settings > TV > TV recordings > TV storage > storage location
    You just change the location of storage on your USB.  Please let us know if it did or did not help to solve your problem.
    See you soon

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  • Not able to locate the Windows Media Player 12.

    Original title: Windows Media Download? Do not find... disappeared

    Recently, I had to do a check disk and a system restore. Back to the computer, I was able to locate the Windows Media Player 12 United Nations, I looked and looked and there was'nt even situated in the 'Windows features on and outside Tower' box. Then I got on the chat with microsoft and they sent me a link to dpownload it again once, however I downloaded it, and he kept saying "these updates are not compatible with your computer": even if I downloaded the correct link and also I'm aware of updates. Also, I tried to find the download on microsofts website and it says that the page is unavailable.

    I was able to locate the media player in the C drive, but only fragments of it, I know its there somewhere and I was wondering if there was a way to access?

    I don't want a response to "go to microsoft and redownload. I'm pretty crazy right now with people who post those.

    Someone at - it true tech tips? Apparently, Microsoft is without it.


    Windows Media Player 12 comes by default with Windows 7.

    Check out these links MS




    Try the steps mentioned by MS and audit officer


  • After the update to 2015.3: offline, after locating media: not able to import audio data


    I've just updated to 2015.3 CC this morning, and after that, almost all circles in my projects are offline.

    It seems to me like a codec is missing. How to fix this? (And why the codecs are missing after an update?)

    When I try to locate the media I'm not able to import the audio "selected file does contain no audio media used by clip references...". "etc etc. Of course there is audio. And yesterday, everything worked very well.

    Now I am in trouble: working on a one hour documentary is expected to be completed this weekend!

    I have

    Windows 10

    AMD Radeon R9-270

    (which, I say it once again, worked perfectly until this update)

    So, what to do now? I have to make it work...

    Hi, sorry for my English, I solved this first remove what hides your real all this files where you have actually sent. Then go to

    C:\Users\YOUR WINDOWS USER \AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Common and delete all the files inside:

    Be cached anywhere

    Media cache

    Media cache files


    then change to a new location of your cache files in the PREFERENCES / MEDIA

    then just reopen your project and wait for files compliant and that is all...

  • Locate the path for the offline media

    I have a few offline items in my project, and media are distributed across multiple hard drives. Is anyway to find the path (directory) to locate offline media? I know willing first of data because if your player is connected media connects automatically.

    I just want to see the path, so I don't have to "trial and error" plug in every drive I have until the media is online. I often rearrange and delete things that makes media disconnect, so if I could see the way I know that this is the first research and could link to the new location.  In Final Cut you entitled simply clip on the clip, select "Media recconect" and he would then tell you where FCP is searching for the item in offline mode (ie: Macantosh HD/users/Benjie/Desktop/partnerships Footage Day 01). Having this path saves hours of searching information, does anyone have the solution?

    I use CS6 on Mountain Lion

    Thank you

    This is only possible with the new first Pro CC.  For earlier versions, you're stuck pretty well guess.

  • iTunes playlists/media, missing since the update of the sierra

    It will be difficult to explain, but my Mac threw a fit when I updated for sierra.  Initially, I lost my entire library.  It's on an external drive and sierra seemed to point to the default library.  Called Apple and they said the "file multimedia iTunes was missing.   Sharp itunes for the external drive and he could not see.  Probably because of the missing multimedia iTunes file.  Took an hour of round Mobile files and the technician left me with the items to copy and said "that should do it."  After that a few hours I received a message that the hard drive was full!  Somehow he had copied to files and duplicate the hard disk.  All my playlists were too with the counties of game and bookmarks missing from TV etc.   Some worked me and somehow got all this back and forth, the whole lot, but now I have 2 files on the external HARD drive.  the one with the real files (less the multimedia file mentioned previously).  The other file has files itl etc. and the iTunes media inside as well as the illustrations, BUT in the preferences folder, the library is pointing to the folder which has just the files in it and NOT all the info in there library database.   It works, what's more to say apples, fix, but it's a weird way of working and im about to move my library to a new drive and I see bad to come.  Can I move the two files to new HARD drive? If yes how it will find my playlist information and files when they are distributed in 2 files.  My apologies for what is long. Thanks for the pointers

    Preferences do not "point" on location of media except to say iTunes to put whatever it is added from this point, the to this place. The only thing pointing to the location of media is each individual line in the .itl file entries.  It seems to me that you used to have a shared library with multimedia files on a drive along with the rest of the library support on your disk files inside.  You do not specify what has happened when you "lost" your library.  If you say that you lost playlists and counters that it sounds to me like you are creating a new library (.itl) starting with a white and adding media to him to get a stand-alone library the way things normally are.  Personally, I wish that you had come here first because we probably could have cured it all in 5 minutes, being a little more than a power - a by-the-book mindset. There is probably an easy fix, but now everything has been confused by you and Apple apparently trying to get everything back up to the main drive I don't know where we are.

    You have a backup from before doing the update?  You still need a backup.  If you do then things likely to find without too much problem.

    Are your files on the external hard drive always as they were before?  You have two folders in library in your music folder? You must be old. Try starting iTunes while holding down the option/alt key and when you are prompted to select the .itl file in the old folder.  This is the file 'pointing' for your multimedia files on the external hard drive and containing of playlists, ratings, date added, etc.

  • Equium L40-10 x PSL41E: no media card


    This maybe a stupid question but here again; I am a stupid boy Equium all have the locations of media as our looking card doesn't have the manual one where it should be ours is L40 - 10 x model psl41e.

    Thank you

    You are right. Not all portable L40 are equipped with the card media due to layouts slot different motherboard!

  • To connect to windows media Center 7 to a sony bravia tv

    Hello. Hope you can help. I just bought a Sony Bravia TV, KDL40EX713. I also got a wireless adapter for TV said domestic it connected to my network, and it works very well and you can access to the various available catch-up TV services. He also sees a program called 'VUZE' on the macbook from my daughter, (on the wireless network) I can stream media. I understand that it's by a standard called DLNA which Winmedia Center and TV are compatible with. I want to get this to work on my PC so I can stream from that too.  Last week I went into the settings of streaming on Winmedia Center and changed some options but could not operate. So I don't know what happened, I never did anything more, but in the TV menu icon had appeared of the winmedia Center, and I was able to locate and media playback. The next day I was going to show this to a friend, but instead of the winmedia icon, there is an icon of server type on tv (with the name of my PC), and all I got was 'impossible to connect to the server' on the TV. Can someone suggest a correction to get it working again? I had nothing changed between where he was working and where there will be no outside to turn it off at night.


    You can contact Sony support and check.




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  • find media player

    Unable to locate the media player

    "windows media player" search in the start menu.
    I hope this helps.

  • Media Center incorrectly determines the digital tuner on my Hauppauge 1850 as incompatible to the Canada for digital channels over-the-air via antennas

    I have a hauppauge tuner card 1850. I live in the Canada. If I've set up media center with the Canada as my position the digital tuner is not recognized as compatible in my area. If I place the library with my position defined in the United States. The digital tuner is recognized and works very well. The downside is that I can not guide ads for my actual surface when I set the location in media center in the United States.

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  • My Media Center doesn't recognize most any video file.

    I know that I uninstalled a demo of video converter program because I bought another. The demo was Prism-video converter and had some other demos video app delivered too. I can always convert the video files in my new program. I can read files in Media Player and other video applications. I uninstalled and reinstalled Media Player and Media Center. I deleted the locations of media and add them. Moved files in other places and tried to add these new folders too. Running Windows 7 64 bit. I also tried to reinstall several codecs too. My Xbox can't see files and can not either my local Media Center. He can't even pick up my .wmv files. Been a week now, extremely frustrating. Can someone help me please? I've read several similar messages, but the things they have tried have not worked for me.

    could help you.
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  • I need help cached media!

    Thus, unbeknownst to me before that I imported as 1000 songs, cache would completely fill my hard drive.  I looked at how to remove it and I moved in error where it should be instead of delete first.  I have about 50 GB, which was taken over and I continue to delete things on my computer just to be able to turn on and off.  Where is the default patch for cache files and how to get back this space?   I already deleted all the music so I can re-import once location is set correctly.  Thank you!

    The default location for media Cache files and the media Cache database files are:

    PC => C:\Users\(your username) \AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Common\

    Mac => / /Users/(your username)/Library/Application Support / Adobe / Common /.

    These should generally be deleted manually as the preferences > Media: clean database button only for a source film that is no longer available

    If you always wrong to locate, then you can reset the preferences (note that it's all preferences - can - be synchronize them with first CC) by launching the first with the Alt/Option key owned up to the start screen.

    Then visit the preferences/Media and you can navigate to the default locations.   Reminder if this will reset all THE preferences.  I hope that you can re - synchronize your CC

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