Lock problem, P10-792 and intel 2200BG wireless

My 792 P10 is not equipped with Wireless Lan Mini-PCI card and it doen't have the on / off wireless switch, but it is possible to add a mini-pci wireless card.

I installed the Intel 2200BG mini-pci wireless card. The drivers are installed in windows and linux correcltly.

When I am using Intel wireless tool to set up my wireless card, I get the error message:
Locking wireless must be turned off and the same error under linux when I am loading the module appropriate.

I tryied to disable wirelless lock using Fn + F8 and all the other function keys, but nothing happened.

How can I unlock Wireless Lan?
Thank you.


Can you please check the status of the card wireless in Device Manager? The card enabled or disabled? Please check in the properties of the map under the device using wireless if there is use of the status of this device.

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  • Toshiba A10-131 and Intel 2200BG

    I installed a PCI Intel 2200BG wireless adapter mini in my Toshiba Satellite A10-131. But there is no air inside clot! Techniques in senter said service, they can install the antenna to this computer. Except this, software signposted as the switch hardware power button is DISABLED. What is it?

    And another question: what software I should install to use the combination of keys "Fn + F8"?


    I also found information that your device is not ready for the wireless because there is no antenna in.
    I'm sorry.

  • Satellite A30-PSA30E Intel 2200BG wireless problem

    I bought the new wireless card intel 2200BG miniPCI for my Toshiba laptop. I have card connected to the miniPCI slot free and both cables are connected as well.
    My problem is that this hardware switch on the right side of my laptop does not work (no led light). The original Intel software is posting I have material activate this card. Can you help me please?

    Hi Michael

    I hope that you have connected the card properly. The white cable must be connected to the HAND and a black to the power supply please check if the card is recognized and properly installed. The status is displayed in the Device Manager. The wireless adapter should appear under network adapters.

  • Encryption and Intel Pro wireless 2200BG

    I have an Equium M40 with an Intel Pro wireless network adapter. When you try to set the encryption wireless adsl modem asks me to set the security on the adapter. I seem to not beable to find it, do I need to download a software to change this, or can it be done in windows? running XP home.


    You should not install Intel client Manager. The WLAN configuration can be made using the WLAN Windows settings. Encryption can be set in the properties of the wireless network connection > wireless networks > favorite network properties.

    Good bye

  • A30 and intel 2200BG miniPCI adapter

    I read the same topics on this forum but have not found an answer.
    I installed the wifi (intel 2200BG) adapter to my A30 all seams OK, but he says hardware switch off the switch is on, but the green light stays off and the Wireless does not work.

    I found a tip to cover the 11 and 13 pins, made all the following instruction, but nothing happened. It still does not work.

    Any tips?


    I think the best way to solve the problem of card Wifi is t contact Service partner by phone!
    Maybe they can tell you what you did wrong!

    I searched Toshiba knowledge base, but I can't find anything about creating a Wifi card!


  • A30 and Intel 2200BG working now with Scotch!

    I searched and read and did not believe what I read, but with the help of a little Scotch tape on terminals 11 and 13, I'm running.
    3 weeks I have fought this, support Intel only responded once to tell me to download the latest version of SW, which I had already said, I've had.
    By mistake, I was under the impression that the assignment of pins for Mini PCI cards had been agreed and that it was the norm. What is rocking the boat Toshiba or Intel? My first impression is Intel as a search for "2200BG" throws up a lot of problems and not all models of Toshiba.
    However, I suggest anyone who has problems with the Mini PCI 2200BG card try first the fuse high-tech method of tape adhesive tape.
    BTW the wireless switch or fn + F8 still does not work.

    Hi Alison

    The fact is that this Intel card is part of the Centrino concept and many laptop producers use this to own units. A few days ago that I've que j' ai ete been I electronic store and I looked into many notebooks (various manufacturers) and almost all device manager have this card.

    The fact is that the producers of the laptop cannot do much. In my opinion, Intel should test and verify the functionality first. If you visit the Intel download page there are a lot of new drivers for this card and I believe that trying to Intel to make it better. We'll see.

  • M40X with intel 2200BG wireless no wpa and slow downloads


    I'm not able to activate wpa. so I currently use the system wireless without encryption. the internet connection is not stable and the download rates become slower.
    in any case, I am not at all satisfied free config. is there a better program to work on my toshiba?
    my phone is 1 month old, and parameters are as I've had in the store.
    Thanks for any help


    I put t really know why you are not satisfied with ConfigFree. It is a small and useful for the monitoring of the connections program. You can not use for WLAN or LAN configuration, but you can see all the connections that you use and you have total control over all devices that can be used for different types of connections.

    If you don't like it because of the WPA option n I have to repeat that you can not use this application for WLAN configuration. ConfigFree is not responsible for this problem because of it.

    As far as I know if the wireless network adapter supports WPA encryption it should not have any problem. As Lucky, you can configure your WLAN by using the Windows WLAN configuration. You can find it under properties WLAN on the wireless networks tab. Under preferred networks chose a available and go to properties. I put t know what WLAN card you have but according to producer WLAN card unit is also pre-installed with WLAN client. You can also use, but WLAN Windows MUST be disabled.

  • Intel 2200BG always disconnect when the value g on a Satellite M70


    After months of go around forums and messages, I still have the same problems with my card Intel 2200BG wireless.
    Of course, I've updated my bios, drivers,... but the problem remains.

    I called toshiba france and they were just as good to send me a link to the latest drivers...
    I have no problem with mode b and use channel 11.
    I think I'll just throw this card and buy another brand.

    Any suggestion?
    Thanks for the help
    JPaul of<>


    Don't always blame your WLan card in Notepad.
    Wireless performance depends on the wireless card, but also on the WLan router!

    You define the G standard only on the router or wireless network card?
    In the WLan card properties, you should be able to put the B, G or two B/G.
    Also turn off the power save option on this map.

    Maybe you checked only the Toshiba driver for the latest Intel WLan driver page. Download the latest driver on the Intel site!
    You use the Intel ProSet utility?

  • P10-304: Intel 2200 Wireless MiniPCI - does not

    I have s Satellite P10-304, in which I mounted an Intel 2200BG wireless mini pci card to. I can't it to work. Blue neon does not illuminate. The card is recognized in Device Manager and States that he is working. I tried to download driver Toshiba wireless updates, but they are rejected as the system indicates the best driver is already loaded.

    Can someone help, please?

    Hi Roy

    Please check you another topic on the same theme:


    Good bye

  • Problem Driver ATI 9700 Windows Vista on a P10 792

    I tried Windows Vista beta 5308 in my Toshiba P10-792, and I was unable to get graphics accelartion with Windows Vista Driver for Ati 9700 graphics, which is is built in P10 - 792.
    It displays an error code 43.

    After some research, I found http://forums.microsoft.com/MSDN/ShowPost.aspx?PostID=268378&SiteID=1

    Some people suggested to get the last update of the bios for laptop. I've updated to the latest version of the bios, but the problem persists, someone has the same problem?
    Any help would be valuable.

    Thank you


    Usually, you use the graphic drivers of Toshiba Toshiba laptops.
    I found the description of the error 34 on this site from Microsoft:
    http://support.Microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=KB; EN-US; 310123 #XSLTH3439121122120121120120

    34 error code: Windows cannot determine the settings for this device
    Solution:: the device requires manual configuration

    Well, the fact is that Windows Vista is not official on the market and there is a lot of necessary test. Moreover, Toshiba doesn't utter the graphics driver for Windows Vista at this time. In my opinion, wait for Toshiba graphic driver. I m sure that the original Toshiba graphics drivers will work in the future.

  • P10 - 792 already built-in WiFi antenna?

    I have Toshiba satellite P10 792 and I try to install
    Intel 2100 WiFi but I can't find the built-in antenna

    as they say here on page 15.

    The pc is also a hardware switch radio power.


    Gandalf is right. There is no card on your laptop wireless network. The best solution for you is on http://eu.computers.toshiba-europe.com section Products > Options & Accessories > Communications.

    I found one for you. It's Wireless LAN Mini PCI Card (802. 11 b / g) with part number PA3300U-1MPC.

    If there is no on/off switch you can enable/disable it in many ways. If you buy one and need help let us know.

    Good bye

  • Satellite P10 - 792 HDD size instead of 60 GB 27 GB?

    Just unpacked and spent last week, install my P10-792 and now (...) I noticed that the C drive is only 27 GB while the drive itself is about 60 GB. There is a volume without the name of about the same size (27 GB).
    In the FAQ, I found a cure for the resizing partitions using the restore CD, but it probably means reinstalling all over the entire machine.
    Please help me. I would use all of the disk and not just half of it.

    Thank you, Stephan

    Hi Stephan,

    information to your new Latop, beautiful machine! :-)

    I think you have the factory installed OS on the machine and you might see in Solution Explorer that the C partition is ony 27 GB and space without a name like unformated?

    There are 2 solutions

    1. If you like partitioning with 2 x 27 GB you can click on the unpartitioned space and format it with the right mouse click-format. Then you have a "C" and "D" partition on your laptop

    2. the alternatives, it is that you want another partition, you must use the Toshiba Recovery CD and do a reinstall with the Expert Mode. There you can set the size and the number of partitions.
    or you install 3rd party software like Partition Magic and set up the partitions on a running windows system!

    Tip: There is a 60GB HDD built in, but you have only two partitions of 27 GB on your PC. The result of this is that not 54 GB but 60 GB are built. It is a property of Windows, a gigabyte, 1024 megabytes.

    Bye Bob

  • Satellite P10 792: help me with da Video Card

    I have a Toshiba Satellite P10 792, and every time I watch a DVD or play a 3D game, my laptop stops after 10 minutes or less.

    any advice?


    If this happened recently is here something you don't l l tell us? ;)

    Gumati in my opinion, it may be a battery fault. Please call the Service partner and ask them what may be the cause.

  • Satellite P10 - 792 lock ups / crashes and battery

    I used my P10 792 even since I bought it 3 years ago. S there was a decreasing battery box that appears on my screen (sometimes) say I should replace the badly inserted battery and restart my computer. If there is also a problem mouse touch pad. He touchpad doesn't respond well to orders while he was trying to move the pointer.

    The battery alarm message usually comes with the dysfunction of the touchpad. I have to press ESC to restore the touchpad back to normality and close the application of process Btrychkr.exe under the menu CTRL + ALT + DELETE to make the gibbous Moon box to disappear.

    But the main and most recently problem are blockages, especially when running programs that require a video grand advanced such as 3D games and DVDs. The screen freezes for several seconds, and then he comes back to life. This is sometimes followed by a sudden stop down.

    Finally, when I try to turn it on, it doesn't even get to loading windows before it stops again, and so on. So I have to wait several minutes before pushing on the button again. Now, we have reached a critical situation where the computer won t last more than 10 minutes before its shutdown automatically without notice. There is no error message so I don't see what is the cause of the problem. (Battery? Overheating?)

    It is also important to note that one of my friends with a series of P10 also had these same problems and finally had to buy a new one because the laptop has been just the hand. I fear me comes with the same situation of m.

    How can I solve this problem?
    I would really appreciate the help.
    Thank you


    You you use laptop for 3 years. You replace the battery during this 3 years?
    Isn't it? I think it would be a good idea to replace the battery.
    Usually after about 500 times of loading and unloading procedures the performance of the battery goes down and the life time decreases

    Additional during those 3 years, the laptop needs to be cleaned. Fans suck dirt and dust and sometimes cooling modules cannot turn with maximum performance and can not cool the CPU and other devices.
    Of course, the overheating could be a reason for your shutdown problems

    Looks like you haven t much experience so I think someone with more experience (technician) is recommended to clean the notebooks cooling modules

  • A80-131: problems with intel 2200bg


    I bought a toshiba a80-131 and I have problems with my wireless card, an intel 2200bg.

    the wireless connection is still down, and when he isnĀ“t, the download speed is very low (1-2 kbs) in a lan connected to a service 256kbs 11.

    I know that the problem is in the wireless card, but I Don t know how to solve.

    the drivers are all of these loans.
    Can someone help me?

    Thank you

    Hello Pedro

    Try to disable the card wireless in the ConfigFree tool and shortly after it turn on again and check the intensity of the signal and connection.

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