Log file of NOD32 which can help diagnose the problem with svchost.exe, WScript.exe, mshta.exe and windefender and update please someone help does not!

HHmmmm bears ok I will answer your questions, but I don't really see the relivence of them for the progs anti, spy, virus, malware are not the problem.

(1) a little more than two or three weeks ago or not.

2A) about two weeks ago.

No. 2B) I don't buy anti progs that do not work. Why would I? He did not set the blocks just prob the random load IE 8 to a maleware site addresses.

(3) I got the updated version of Avast for almost two years. He simply blocked addresses saying something was trying to use svchost and WScript mshta.exe to attempt to load IE to a maleware site. I disabled Avast but since the installation of NOD32 if she does not interfere.

(4) I don't remember what I used before I think it's Norton or macafree but I don't know about two years ago, I had the computer taken, wiped and reinstalled windows and they gave me Avast for free.

(5) Yes, I tried Norton and Macafree, and they do not work to correct the problem. I uninstalled them well and they are no longer on my computer.

(6) no they were not preinstalled.

If you're going to ask me to do a system restore it will not help I already tried. Useless program when you can't use it. I tried several times with different dates, even in safe mode. I already ran on Microsoft Live Onecare, MSRT, Fix and MSE. I have spybot, malwarebytes, superantispyware, synematic and have tried them all. Nothing can solve the problem. Now NOD32 blocks the random addresses loading IE but it is very annoying seeing this thing pop up constantly. The only thing that it does not stop is when I use IE occasionally it will load a location for a Wal-Mart gift card, but I've just close it. If I use a different prog or any it constantly blocks the random addresses loading IE. I don't have IE loaded. Yes I have popups blockers, but it does not block another page being loaded on the card gift wlmart site. everything else works well.

Please don't give me no matter what more links to the help pages for Microsoft because I already looked through them all and tried a lot of useful advice and none have worked. What I really need Bear is a set of instructions on what or the files to search posibly containing a script that gives orders to the system files to try and load IE maleware sites. I need to know where to look, what I'm looking for and how to rewrite or erase the command or script. Probly get rid of some files HKLM or commands too if there are orders as well. I'm sure you'll tell me its probly in both registry keys. in any case if you can help with a set of instructions on how manually enter and take care of the problem that would be great.

I have seen the manual of instructions on how to repair scvhost.exe but I'll not go messin' and delete this file cause I know that you need so that windows run. I'm sorry for the poor fools who go on Ehow and follow the instructions. in any case if you can help it would be greatly appreciated I don't have the money right now to put this thing in the shop with Christmas around the corner and all. Peace!

bear oppss sorry I forgot to say of windows has been completely updated in time and yes I was able to connect to windows update and defender update as well before that happens, but now I cannot connect to a, but can connect to anywheree else apparently on microsoft or other juice of sites not not both.

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    Thanks for the update.

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