Login to view server does not accept connections from Microsoft RDP

Hello everyone and thank you for taking the time to help me in my attempt to jump into the world of the VM.

I managed to get everything up and running with little trouble, but I'm a bit confused on the subject of clients.

I understand that the PCoIP connection method is preferred... but I want to better understand the methods of connection and keep soft things as possible.  Being as I'd like to be able to connect to the pool by using the customer view and Microsoft's RDP client provided with windows, but I meet an obstacle.

My office pool was initially set PCoIP preferred, but allowing users to substitute... I could not connect via the view client no problem for my pool of offices not persistent, but not with the Microsoft RDP client using the address of the connection manager.  If I put the IP address of one of the XP VM in the pool I can connect via RDP, but not via the connection manager.

I get the pool to be favorite RDP that allows the user override... no change.

So I'm confused as to how it works... is the connection broker/manager only work with the client of the view, or I would be able to connect anyway?

Am I missing some setting?  I did my setup based on the 'evaluation' guide, then maybe there's a checkbox miss me.

The pool works seamlessly with VMware view client but not MS RDP. Pointers on where to find would be greatly appreciated.

Here is my config of pools:

Number of workstations (at a minimum): 10

Number of workstations (maximum): 10

Number of workstations (available): 2

Stop commissioning error: Yes

VM naming pattern: NPVM

Tags: all the

What VM is not in use: do nothing

Turn off and remove the virtual machine after the first use: No.

Automatic disconnection after disconnection: never

Allow users to reset their desktop: false

Allow multiple sessions per user: No.

By default the display protocol: Microsoft RDP

Allow users to override the default protocol: True

Quality of Adobe Flash: do not control

Adobe Flash limitation: disabled


Chicagojsh001 wrote:

ITTech2002, in your response you said

«No need to use the MS RDP Client directly, but it is a good work-around if necessary.»

You say that you cannot connect to the pool of offices with the help of MS RDP, rather you need to connect to PCs by IP address rather than the broker for connections are so?

View client appealed to RDP and PCOIP according to which selected protocol.  The display client uses the broker for connections to allocate your session, provide the usb redirection and map printers.   So in a sense, you can use RDP with the broker for connections with no problems, but there must be through the client view.

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    Hi John,.

    Thanks for posting your query on the Microsoft Community.

    According to the description, I understand that your computer does not accept the connection password.

    I suggest you to refer to the suggestions of Arya S Asok replied on June 25, 2010 and check if that helps.


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    If you're talking about XP Mode the default password is XPMUser.  In general you can not use Windows without a password in Windows Virtual PC that you can with Virtual PC 2007 and before.  XPMUser is used only with the XP Mode virtual machine.  All other virtual machines requires a user created password.  If you have changed the password in XP Mode and forgotten, then you have to start over.

    Windows Virtual PC is based on virtual server rather than VPC and all virtual machines need a password.  If necessary, uninstall the integration features, start the virtual machine and create a password for the admin user.  Restart the virtual machine, and then reinstall the integration features.  You will not be able to access a virtual machine created by the user that has no password, while the integration features are installed.  Once you have everything right, that a virtual machine will not be asked a password if you are the admin user in Windows 7.


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