Logitech webcam C920 is supported?

Hi, I'm a new bird for labview.

I'm trying to use the webcam in acuqire photo. But it's always show me error timeout.

No matter, I have install driver logitech or remove driver logitech.

C920 is supported?

I searched on it, I think that C920 might be allowed.

Who can help me?

Thank you

Yes, thank you for your reminder.

My solution is to increase timeout.

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    I spent the last week searching the Internet for solutions, as of yet not a single one worked, my webcam works on my laptop perfectly, but every time that I plug it into my pc dekstop, he refuses to work, it just says: drivers failed to install, when I select find updates, drivers are up-to-date , reinstall the driver does not resolve the problem, configure via Troubleshooting device does not work, and the microsoft fix this software is


    I am running Windows 7 64 bit on an ASUS Z97 - A motherboard and the driver could not be installed.  To get to the bottom line, I found a conflict with ASUS AiCharger + info.  While studying that, I started helping the ASUS AO and accept the prompt to upgrade to version  After that, the driver for the webcam installed and the camera and software seem to work fine.

    I hope this helps someone.

  • I installed a logitech webcam, and everytime I go to use it with windows messenger it stops and says that there is a problem

    I installed a logitech webcam on my computer and everytime I go to use it on windows messenger, MSN messenger stops and also I'm unaable to use yahoo messenger.

    Hi LindaKeippel,

    1. what operating system do you use?
    2. what happens when you try to use yahoo messenger?

    Method 1
    I suggest that you set the computer to the boot and try to use the Messenger. The following link will help you configure the computer to boot.

    How to troubleshoot a problem by performing a clean boot in Windows Vista or in Windows 7

    Note: Put the computer into normal mode.
    A. Click Start, right-click computer and then click on manage.

    If you are prompted for an administrator password or for confirmation, type your password, or click on continue.

    B. in the console tree, click Services and Applications and then click Services.

    (C) in the part of details, right click of Windows Installer and then click Start.

    Method 2
    If the steps above fail, I suggest you to reinstall the drivers from the manufacturers Web site, the following link will help you to reinstall the drivers.

    Updated a hardware driver that is not working properly
    http://Windows.Microsoft.com/en-us/Windows-Vista/update-a-driver-for-hardware-that-isn ' t-work correctly

    Method 3
    Once you reinstall the drivers, I suggest you run the windows updates again.

    Install Windows updates

  • Impossible to uninstall Logitech Webcam Software

    I have Windows XP sp3, IE8 and all updates. Except 3 Logitech webcam C615 updates that all 3 failed to install with the same error code 0 x 80070103.  I have installed and uninstalled my software of Logitech C615, drivers and all a few times, hoping to redo the programwork. The program worked the first time I added it perfectly for almost a week, then without my knowledge at the time I had 3 virus severe threat (which I've taken care of via MSE) a week or so later when I discovered it. I don't know if this is related, but the screen would go black and dead when we tried to use the webcam, it does simply not at all. It's weird that on the same day I've updated these 3 updates failed was the day that I got the virus. So, I uninstalled the program overall, thinking the problem was the webcam and re-installed. It's the same thing, and Yes, the drivers were very good. I had yet to understand and fix the virus. So, I uninstalled it again. Still it wouldn't work. Then, viruses have been found and fixed. Now, here is my current problem. I'm trying to uninstall the Logitech Webcam Software C615 Ain Add/Remove Programs, and it will not uninstall! I '; worm tried and tried. Whenever a screen that is supposed to appear and ask you what parts you want to uninstall tries to ride, flashes briefly and then disappears, leaving me unable to uninstall. I tried the fix from Microsoft, but it without success. All parts of the program that I finally tried to do an unintall advanced disappeared (I think) except the software part. Help! Thank you!            KinaPO


    1. What is the full message of error/popup?

    2 have what Microsoft Fixit you tried to solve the problem?

    3 What problem confined to a specific program? You are able to uninstall other programs?

    Looks like some third-party programs is blocking. This can also occur if the computer is still infected with a virus.

    Method 1:

    I suggest to run the Fixit and try to uninstall the program manually.

    Solve problems with programs that cannot be installed or uninstalled


    If you have already tried, you can proceed to the next method.

    Method 2:

    Put the computer in a State of boot is a way to know which application is causing this problem.

    To help resolve the error and other messages, you can start Windows by using a minimal set of drivers and startup programs. This type of boot is known as a "clean boot". A clean boot helps eliminate software conflicts.

    Put your boot system helps determine if third-party applications or startup items are causing the problem. If so, you need to maybe contact the manufacturer of the program for updates or uninstall and reinstall the program.

    Step 1: Follow the steps in the link below to do the same thing:

    How to configure Windows XP to start in a "clean boot" State

    Note: After troubleshooting, be sure to set the computer to start as usual as shown here:

    Step 2: To configure Windows to use a Normal startup state

    After you have used the boot is a way to solve your problem, you can follow these steps to configure Windows XP to start normally.

    a. Click Start and then click Run.

    b. type msconfig and click OK. The System Configuration Utility dialog box appears.

    c. click on the general tab, click Normal Startup - load all services and device drivers and then click OK.

    d. When you are prompted, click on restart to restart the computer.

    Method 3:

    Run a scan antivirus on your computer.


    Note: If infections are detected during the scan, there is a risk of data loss because infected files will be deleted.

    If the problem persists, you can report the issue in the Logitech forums for more information:


    Hope this information helps.

  • trying to install logitech webcam c210. need to find the driver for it. went to the site Web, but no infro. for drivers.

    tried to fix the problem. has been unsecessful. keep getting error #2. No driver

    tried to fix the problem. has been unsecessful. keep getting error #2. No driver

    Hey cornbread1

    Here is the information for your webcam and page download driver Logitech

    For more problems, please contact logitech



    Walter, the time zone traveller

  • Launcher main exe stopped working so my logitech webcam does'nt work, what can I do?

    My webcam logitech 170 does'nt works because Launcher main exe stopped working what can I do about it?

    There are a number of discussions in Logitech forums at the topic "main Launcher" (not sure whether an any of them will be useful): http://forums.logitech.com/t5/forums/searchpage/tab/message?location=Board%3Aquickcam_software&q=launcher+main#message-list

    Logitech product support can also help: http://www.logitech.com/en-us/support-downloads?debug=0

  • I have windows 7 ultimate, my logitech webcam c110 does not have detected his help please

    the webcam is found in devices and printers when I run the troubleshooter it says that hardware changes might not have been detected in the webcam is detected in the official website of logitech


    1. don't you make changes on the computer before the show?
    2. have you installed the drivers for the webcam from the CD or after they download from the Web site?

    Method 1:
    Run the fix it and check.
    Hardware devices do not work or are not detected in Windows

    Method 2:
    You can check the link for Logitech and check if the download and installation of the drivers help you-

    If the problem persists I suggest you try to download and install the drivers for Windows Vista compatibility mode to Vista in Windows 7 for the webcam and check-
    You can check the link for assistance on compatibility mode - mentioned below

    Reference link:

  • Logitech webcam was working fine before, but now it isn't there at all.

    the thing is my webcam was working fine before. In this sense, there was an adequate software and it opened well... So I don't know... I did not open this during a few days and today when I see that I was not able to find it at all... all first I thought that it was not grateful but den I realized that is... cuz its der in Panel d. And when I looked up the location and everything he showed me that one icon but dat thing opens at all my webcam C270 HD model if dat can help...

    Logitech has webcam drivers for your webcam. uninstall the software from Control Panel and reinstall from here


  • Blue screen with Logitech Webcam C500 under XP SP3

    I have a logitech C200 webcam working OK and then he started to do "Blue screen" of Windows.  I thought he might have a failure with the C200 camera, so I bought a new Logitech C500.  I uninstalled the software for the C200. restarted the computer and follow the instructions to install the C500, including updating to the latest drivers available on the net.  Problem is that the C500 is originally the same question.  Immediately I plug the usb cable into the computer, the blue screen appears.

    I suggest that contact you Logitech as show the specifications that the Logitech Webcam C500 is compatible with Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP SP2 and later versions.

    http://Logitech-en-AMR.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/A_ID/12676/section/Troubleshoot/CRID/435/lt_product_id/6303/tabs/1, 3.2, 5/cl/us, en/kw.

    Troubleshooting for the Logitech webcam:

    If it's blue screen again, get the blue screen error message because it will help you determine the cause.
    In addition, blue screens (not all) are material usually associated drivers.

    I hope this helps.


  • I'm missing device of my drivers for logitech webcam c260 image in Vista

    How do you get the device image in my drivers, I am trying to install logitech webcam c260 on my comp. and it won't allow me to install properly without image... Please help! :(

    The best place for loicate and install drivers for your computer is the site of the brand of your webcam. That is to say"Logitech. I also find the drivers I need Microsoft TechNet.com. If your webcam is still under warranty, there should be no charge for Logitech to give you the halp you need for pilots. Sometimes, you can send the manufatuer to your computer, they will often have additional information for you, but there may be a fee for this service. Hope this was somewhat helpful. :))


    I have windows vista and I have a logitech webcam, I know how to take pictures, I don't know how to save an email and send pictures of the webcam.

    I use an HP webcam. Maybe what I'm saying now will throw somelight to your question.

    After the photos have been taken > start button > Search box, type webcam media, press ENTER> uac prompt > right click on the Webcam media folder in the next window, click OPEN > there are photos. I can highlight all, right click, click on MOVE TO > navigate to a folder of my choice > click MOVE.

    Now, I can e-mail them the normal way.


  • Logitech Webcam preview window

    Is there a live preview for webcam captures using Remote Scan on a server terminal server. My end-users are swearing up and down that they had a glimpse of lining up patients from a webcam capture in their EMR software. Remote scan is the capture of the image on a Logitech Webcam c210 using the Remote Scan Microsoft WDM driver. The Preview button is just take a picture not a live stream.

    Until the user logs from Server RemoteScan RemoteScan customer using the virtual channel it will be a live stream preview. If the direct connection via IP, there is no flow.

    If you have any questions please contact us at 406-721-0276.

  • What is Logitech Webcam?

    What is Logitech Webcam?  I have Logitech wireless keyboard and mouse combo, so I need the Webcam?

    You don't need a webcam unless you have a need or use for you. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Webcam for a description of the Webcam

  • Compatibility of Logitech Webcam

    The Logitech Quickcam Webcam Chat list model No.: 961462-0403 as compatible Windows 7 64 bit.  I don't see anywhere that Logitech would agree with you.

    Logitech Webcam Software (LWS) with Vid 1.1 x 64 seems to work,
    but Quickcam Chat Webcam
    Model No.: 961462-0403
    M/N V-UBQ42
    n/p 860-000168 is not listed as compatible.
    I believe that this model is sold at Wal-Mart!
    Do you think you and Logitech can get on the same page?

    Hello Fedora,

    You are 100% correct that Logitech Quickcam Chat Webcam is compatible with Win 7. Visit this link:

    You can try it for yourself by installing it on your computer windows 7. If it is not detected or does not behave as it was supposed to include then don't panic.

    Try to install the device in compatibility mode for Vista or XP with Service pack of your choice.
    * Right click on the program executable (it ends with .exe), then click [Properties]
    * Click the [compatibility] tab to open the abc32. EXE property sheet.
    * Click on the [run this program in compatibility mode for:] box, and then select the operating system you want to invoke compatibility for the menu drop down.
    * Click [apply] then [OK] to exit the property sheet.


    Good luck $

  • Camera flashes in the audio window and a camera when using HD Pro Webcam C920 with Mac 0s 10.10.3 character animation - does not work.

    Wen, using my HD Pro Webcam C920 with my MAC pro with OS 10.10.03 the camera and audio Panel flashes just market every second or so and there is no connection to the tracker or facilitator. Y at - it an inconsistency with the camera?

    Solved the problem by turning on another webcam program (Facetime) and it seemed to stabilize the camera.

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