Long battery life satellite L755-18E

Hi all!

I have a new Satellite L755-18E i5 buyed September 5. There are 3 days...!

My laptop is very nice... but I can work 2 hours with the battery you full-charged. Light medium and in collaboration with wifi.

I ve read it should work around 3, 5-4 hours. 2 hours seems bad to me. Is the third full support, from 100% to 3%.

Is this normal or should I change my laptop?

Sorry for my English...

Thank you so mach you for all ansewer


> I ve read it should work around 3, 5-4 hours. 2 hours seems bad to me. Is the third full support, from 100% to 3%.

Battery requires time to work on the use of the laptop. So if you run games of high performance or any other software and use a lot of equipment performance the battery needed to dump a lot faster!

If you want to extend the battery work, then you should check and change the windows power management settings

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    Hi all.

    I would buy an extended battery for my Qosmio X 300 15 U.
    Can't seem to find one here (Italian language)
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    How can I find:

    (1) my special feature type/model/broaching/whatever of current battery to check compatibility
    (2) a long battery life, suitable for my laptop model. (the current life is about 1 hour, depending on the load of HW)

    I would stick with the Toshiba products, but other vendors are OK. Europe or Italian is the best.

    Thanks a lot for any pointer.


    I checked the support from Toshiba for some x 300 models page and I found no place where Toshiba offers several different types of battery for this model of laptop.
    For example, I know that Toshiba has offered different battery types (different number of cells) for many other models of mobile phone, but not for these portable multimedia Monster.

    They have designed activities video games and powerful and the best result is with the settings of high performance and, of course, with high power consumption.
    This multimedia laptops are certainly not designed to work with power supply battery.

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    Thanks for the tip. It seems my app music (Tunein Radio 5.4) consumes 39% and works in the background (I think). I wouldn't delete it because it broadcasts my taste of internet radio stations. Other tips? TIA!

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    How long will it take for Motorola out with long battery life? Even with the battery-saving widgets and e-mail settings, the battery life is not like the blackberry battery life. A word about a newer version of the battery?

    I have absolutely no idea.  This is pure conjecture on my part... I think they'll come out with a very soon, as complaints of battery have been commonplace on this forum.  I see that you specifically ask about extended life batteries Motorola, and it's a good thing.  Good number of the first who begin to appear on Ebay and other sources will be almost Rocciamelone be manufactured according to lower standards specifications.  I have been burned several times that I care to admit by buying non - OEM batteries for cell phones and other electronic devices.  I also basically stumbled upon some good deals on batteries long service life which have been excellent according to market vendors.  I hope we get some good news soon.  Merry Christmas and happy new year - Dan

  • HP ENVY M6 K025dx: long battery life

    How can I maintain my maximum battery life? I use mostly my laptop in the House so I should use it by plugging the charger or should I disconnect it when it is fully charged? What is the best for the battery life can be at its best?

    How to improve the life of a battery:

    1. it is not advisable to use the laptop when the adapter is plugged

    2. it is not advisable to keep the power supply plugged in even though the battery is fully charged

    3. you must drain the battery completely before recharging it again

    4. Power Plan must be set correctly for extended battery life

    5. Please keep the brightness of the screen to the lower level

    6. Please turn off the Wi - Fi Connection when not in service

    7. remove the disc from the optical drive when not in use

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  • Satellite L775-15 q - plan to charge the battery for long battery life


    I just bought a Satellite L775-15 q and I want to know the best plan to charge my battery, so it can last as long as possible.
    Do I always leave the laptop plugged into the charger power cord, no matter if it has full battery or not? Should I always leave the battery drops to 10% and then charge it to 100% and then remove the power cord? Or do I have to do this from time to time and not every day?

    Thank you!

    I agree it is important that you should calibrate the battery from time to time
    This means discharge battery until it would be completely empty then load it again until the State of battery charge would achieve 100%, or until the battery indicator would turn to green.

  • Need long battery life for Satellite L450-114

    There anyone Kow if there is an extended battery available for this model?

    My battery is 44wh PA3534U-1BRS, 10.8V

    I fear for your Toshiba L450 offer 6 m just a pile.

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    The following list shows you an overview:


    and Yes, for machines of the G6, there are TWO types of batteries: (normal) 6-cell and 9-cell.

    Kind regards.

  • Problem loading the battery on Satellite L755-1LN

    My L755 is fairly new and was working fine. However, the battery is worrying me. Today I turned on and the battery icon showed about 80%. I used the laptop on battery, for about 10 minutes and the screen is empty and not coming back.

    I plugged in the socket and press the power button - he told me it was to recover from a low-power station. I watched load, and he got to 80% in 15 minutes and sat there for 30 minutes before jumping to 100%. I unplugged the power outlet, and he went straight to 80%. I suspect that the battery monitor software is to blame, but can I do to recalibrate it.

    Here again, would it be a bad battery?


    For me, this looks like the battery but problem try to calibrate the battery.
    Remove/Disconnect the power adapter and leave the laptop disconnected until the battery is completely empty. Then connect the power adapter and leave it connected until the battery indicator turn green (or blue).

    This procedure should be repeated two or three times to recalibrate the battery, but if the battery is faulty of workaround would help a lot.

  • Long battery life problems

    So me and my brother all have two droid bionic, and we both had battery extended to them. Mine works very well, him, but emits causes. for some reason any it restarts randomly with his phone, especially when he sits in the car. He got a bionic replacement and used the same battery and he still has questions. I guess that's a bad battery? who else has this problem?

  • The battery life on Satellite P100

    I have a Satellite P100-160. The battery life is only 2 hours. I thought it would be more. Any other s battery to give them the same life, or more?

    Sorry, but I don't really understand you. 2 hours for this great book for me is fantastic battery life. As you know battery life depends on notebook use.

    If you wish to have more long battery life reduce power consumption in standby power management (display brightness, CPU activity) or simply use already created profiles of power.

  • My Satellite L755 HDMI - output 16 M has stopped working


    I have been for long the my Satellite L755 HDMI connection to a TV, but a few days ago it stopped working. The laptop detects the TV and identifies it as Samsung, but there is no signal on the TV screen.

    Outputs HDMI to the TV and cable are ok because I can run other devices. Tried to activate HDMI thanks to push "FN" + "F5" key (I choose the TV screen), changed the resolution, updated Nvidia drivers, nothing works. My OS is Win7 64.

    I know that the only signal is seen on TV, the screen is when I restart the computer; the I can see on the image on the screen of the TV for a few seconds (while "starting windows" is displayed) and not good image, with lots of red vertical lines on the screen. After a few seconds, no signal again on the TV screen

    Can anyone help? Maybe it's a hardware failure?
    The laptop is no longer under warranty.

    Thank you.


    It is not easy to say what may be wrong with that. I think that it will help much, but have you tested the feature with different HDMI ports on the TV?
    Have you tried to roll back the OS (System Restore) to an earlier time when everything was OK?

    On this virtual path, that it is not possible to provide the diagnostic but ultimate test right, you can do if you reinstall OS using original recovery image and test in functionality with the factory settings.

    What do you think of all this?

  • 15-j171nr battery life

    15 - j171nr lists the 5 hours 15 minutes battery life.  15 t-j100 lists as up to 9.5 hours battery life.  Both have the same battery 6 cells.  Why the difference?  Is it because the 15-j171nr has a GeForce graphics card?  If so, is it correct to assume that in any laptop if you choose one of the dedicated graphics cards it will reduce considerably autonomy?

    The short answer is Yes.

    The a5-j100 is a configurable base unit. Each increase in performance on the product corresponds to a higher battery drain. Up to 9.5 hours battery life is minimum configurations.

    Think of a battery as a tank of gas.

    looks like a faster processor by pressing the gas pedal harder, it will use more autonomy.

    A dedicated graphics card is like putting in a turbocharger. You get more performance, but use more autonomy.

    Even add memory will flow battery faster - why? Because these extra components need energy to be recycled through them constantly. Electronic circuits more in the loop, the more energy it takes to keep their power.

    Remember also that the 'up to' ratings on the battery life varies also in your own use.

    Imagine two cars with fuel mileage ratings identical. a driver reduces the gas pedal and leads to a constant speed, while the other driver stops and starts quickly. They will each receive a fuel mileage result different.

    So, using Microsoft Word with the wireless turns off and the screen brightness turned down give a longer battery life than streamining a film on the interent with maximum brightness.

  • x 230 better battery life

    Hi, I've been looking around for a laptop with the best range on the market, and I read the ThinkPad x 230 ( http://www.lenovo.com/products/us/laptop/thinkpad/x-series/x230/ ) has a fairly high autonomy, I was wondering how to do this, this site here. http://blog.laptopmag.com/all-day-strong-longest-lasting-notebooks it is said that it can reach up to 20 hours and 46 minutes with a battery 9 cells and piles of sheet, so I looked around the battery 9 cells on your website and I discovered that it is can be ordered with the laptop or separately so that is not a problem but the problem is with the battery sheet as far as I know, the only one who takes care of the built-in battery is the battery 6 cells sheet here http://support.lenovo.com/en_US/product-and-parts/detail.page?&LegacyDocID=MIGR-76758 but I'm still not sure how it works, if I'm battery 6 sheets with battery 9 cells with cell phone they would combine in a way their autonomy and work as one and when I load the map of battery would it load both batteries and indicate the level of the two on the sheet of battery? This is what it will really reach 20 hours of battery life without having to change all the parameters of the laptop to take another source of power supply (if I left the laptop on and unattended) me? I'm really looking forward to buy this laptop if the join of the batteries and the work as only and can get up to 20 hours of battery life.

    By the looks and personal observation, it's a slice battery.  but that is called an external battery, don't know why.  It is exactly the same as a battery slice.

    The two batteries together should get a high number of hours.  I'm not sure of exact times however.  with a light load as you did I'm sure that he would not die for a while.  The exact times are difficult to determine without testing.  Unfortunately I do not have a battery slice.

    I think it will be a great tool for the trip.  It is light, fast and has a long battery life.

    I hope this helps.


  • How can I get the projection of "extended battery life turned off my screen?

    How can I get the projection of "extended battery life turned off my screen?

    I enabled first the long battery life when was disconnected, then I disabled it. But now, at the bottom right of my screen is a blue rectangular box that says disabled extended autonomy. and it remains on the screen, in front of all, evn when I go online. Is not only that the taskbar is higher than down right

    found on another forum, worked for me:

    by serene wing

    Annoying, isn't it? Here's how to get rid:

    • Press Ctrl-Shift-Esc to open the Task Manager.
    • Click on the tab labeled 'process '.
    • Find the process named "quickset.exe", right-click on them and select "end process". Confirm the dialog box that appears.

Maybe you are looking for

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