Looking for a 1700-400 Satellite XP drivers


I work with a satellite opportunity toshiba 1700-400, and I have no CD for her. There is however no XP driver not found on the support pages. Only win 2000 and me. Does anyone know where I might be able to get these drivers?

see you soon


Unfortunately, this device was not delivered with Windows XP and it s a little bit older.
I checked a few websites of Toshiba, American and Australian driver Web pages, but there is no available XP driver.

I think you should check the devices that are installed on your laptop and eventually you'll find an XP driver under different notebook series.

But if not then I guess you have to use the XP OS without drivers Toshiba ;(

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    Download the second file listed.

    Extract on a USB floppy and press F6 when you are prompted to install the SATA/RAID drivers or integrate the drivers in a copy of your XP installation disc.


    The specific ACHI driver you need for your laptop computer is the Intel(r) ICH7M/MDH SATA AHCI Controller.


  • Looking for DVD recover my Satellite P200


    I am looking for a DVD reinstall my Satellite P200 - 12 K (preferably in french)
    Thank you for your help.


    Hello Philip

    It might be problematic for you to find the original Vista recovery disc for this older model laptop.
    I'm also sure that you will not be able to order it too so my advice to you is to install the clean version of Win7 32-bit by using the original installation disc for Microsoft.

    I had long ago P200D and I used it with Win7. I found all the necessary drivers, tools and utilities on Toshiba download page - http://www.toshiba.eu/innovation/dow...ivers_bios.jsp

  • Looking for review on the Satellite L50-A00V

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    Maybe he has a different model number in other countries.

    Someone met with a review of the Toshiba L50-A00V laptop?


    The L50-A00V Satellite was released for the Australian market.
    You can find the technical page here: http://www.mytoshiba.com.au/products/computers/satellite/l50/psklna-00v001/specifications

    Models Satellite L50 published in other countries takes in charge the other extension: for example series Satellite L50 PSKLNE (L50T-A) was released in Europe and it is very similar (same) series

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    Thank you for your advice.

    Greetings from Lake Garda


    Hi Carlo

    Greetings to Garda. It s a wonderful place on this planet :)

    Back to your question;
    You can order the recovery of the AEP CD in your country (Italy?).


  • Satellite 2410 - looking for drivers

    I am after the drivers for a Satellite 2410 (PS241A-602FEP).

    Any ideas?


    You can download all the drivers for this model on the Toshiba site:
    http://EU.computers.Toshiba-Europe.com > support & downloads > download drivers

    You should look for in * Archives * to find them. The model number is similar (PS241E), but they still have to work on your model. :)

    Check this box!

  • Satellite A500 - 134 PSAM3E - looking for Windows 7 drivers


    I recently bought a laptop Toshiba A500 - 134 (PSAM3E), I am looking for Windows 7 drivers.

    I searched the Gulf site but there drivers are not yet available. Kindly help me to find drivers for my laptop.

    P. S.
    I'm really angry about Toshiba, there they sell computers under the name of Windows 7, and on the other side there are no available Windows7 driver. I lost my faith of Toshiba...



    I didn t find Windows 7 drivers for the satellite A500-134 (PSAM3E) at this time.
    But I noticed that Toshiba is being driver download.
    Drivers more appear on the page of European driver for Toshiba
    I think that it s just a matter of time when the drivers would seem


  • Looking for all the drivers Vista for Satellite A305-S6872

    Hi, I reinstalled Windows Vista retail
    and I have no devices configured

    I'm looking for video, sound, ethernet, wireless,

    My laptop:
    Satellite A305-S6872

    Thanks in advance!


    Satellite A305-S6872 seems to be a Toshiba laptop we and therefore, you should take a look at the Toshiba driver page we:

    You should find your laptop model and the drivers.

    See you soon

  • Looking for drivers of Windows XP Home for my Satellite P105-S6227

    Hello all-

    I have a hard enough time looking for some drivers for my laptop toshiba satellite p105-s6227. more important are the sound drivers and video. I'm hoping maybe someone here knows of a location of some compatible drivers for this system. If so, I'd GREATLY appreciate it if they posted this information here.

    (fingers crossed)

    Thanks in advance!

    The hardware configuration of your laptop is not known to me but before you wait here you can check the other topics on the drivers of Windows XP Home edition for the P of Satellite series. You can also consult the manufacturers of hardware support page.

  • I'm looking for drivers XP for Satellite P205-S6307

    I'm looking for drivers for windows XP, but I can't find.
    Can someone help me solve this problem?
    Thank you very much.

    This laptop was designed for the American market.
    See the Toshiba site, we:


    If you will not find XP drivers on the Toshiba site we then try some XP drivers of singles for Satellite P200 from European Toshiba driver page.
    The P205 and P200 are very similar portable series

    Good luck

  • I am looking for the drivers for my Satellite P100 PSPAD

    I'm looking for all the drivers for my laptop please!

    Go [link: http://eu.computers.toshiba-europe.com/cgi-bin/ToshibaCSG/download_drivers_bios.jsp?service=EU]

    then choose your laptop (series P notebooks - Satellite - Satellite - Satellite P100 (PSPAD)), select operating system and press "search".
    In the file "Install Instructions" read the proper installation order.
    Good luck!

  • Looking for a CD/DVD drive used for satellite 1700

    I'm looking for a CD/DVD used maximum 24 x 8 x speed, speed, 5.25 inches for the computer player satellite phone S1700-500.

    If anyone has it or knows where to find one, please contact me!

    Thank you

    Hi Mark

    This kind of things you can find on a market online like ebay. You will find a large number of hardware components used. Before you buy something check exactly which components work well with your laptop.

    And now the final question. How you want to do this 5.25 inch drive working correctly with your S1700?

  • Satellite M50: Looking for an update of drivers and BIOS

    I brought my laptop Hong Kong model number: 7F014

    I'm looking for updates for my drivers and including any update of the BIOS... but there isn't any driver available for download or in HK from Toshiba site or its dealer Knight-itech...

    can someone help me?


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    Hi William,.

    You can try the drivers from the web site of Toshiba UK:


    You can also get updates of BIOS, but make sure they are compatible with your model.

    Kind regards

  • I'm looking for drivers for Satellite L300D-10 XP has

    I'm really having a hard time looking for drivers for xp for my laptop. I demoted it from Vista and can't find anywhere I looked. I have found that the Ethernet driver. Cannot find the drivers on the official website. (at least the I can't)
    Anyone would be willing to help?
    Thank you much in advance.


    Although I wouldn't normally recommend this method you can try to install the Windows XP drivers for other models L300D laptop. If these do not work, then contact your dealer or support of Toshiba and ask them if they know that if all Windows XP drivers will be provided in the future for your computer model. your laptop seems to be a new model, so maybe it's a matter of waiting a few months for that to happen. I suggest you check the drivers on all driver Toshiba USA, Toshiba Canada and Toshiba Europe sites.

    hope this helps

  • Installation & looking for drivers XP for Satellite P200 - 1C2 Solution

    I see here many have problems with installing windows and drivers for xp.

    XP installation
    A normal sp2 installation cd will not be able to install windows on the laptop. You need the S - ATA for Intel drivers.
    You can download the site http://www.Intel.com or
    http://www.connect.de (search Intel_SATA_965.zip)

    This driver is for XP and Vista, a Core 2 Duo processor.

    -Download nlite to www.nliteos.com.
    -Copy the files from your xp cd to a folder on the hard disk as C:\XP_CD
    -unpack the drivers to a folder on the hard disk
    -launch nlite, choose the xp folder and continue
    -ignore the form 'sessions' and continue
    -Choose pilots and the possibility to make an iso and continue
    -Open the drivers with nlite (folder with multiple files)
    -Click on the name of the driver one continue with ok
    -choose "textmode driver" mode and select all drivers in the list box (use ctrl)
    -continue to nlite and burn on a cd setup

    Now you can boot from the cd and install windows xp

    Audio driver
    Many have problems with the audio driver, it does not work. Here, I explain how I solved the problem on my laptop:
    -go to the Device Manager
    -look for uninstalled 'pci device's
    -Right click on it and install the driver
    -Let windows automatically installs the driver, it will show one uninstalled HD Audio definition Driver
    -Now, you install the Realtek driver

    Display driver
    For my laptop, there is no screen driver download for xp, here I explain to ati, how to install the original driver
    I Don t know how to solve the problem with nvidia graphics, but maybe there, he works to

    -Download driver catalyst newes at amd.com
    -try to install, it will make a folder in C:\, but won´t install
    -go to the Device Manager
    -Right click uninstalled the VGA card and choose install driver
    -take the last option, the auto driver, continue
    -ignore the next form and continue
    -choose to install the driver of a data medium
    --aller go to C:\ATI\Support\Drivers\, find the inf file and open
    -Choose your graphics card for example Ati Radeon HD 2600 Pro
    -install the driver, windows will say, the driver may not work, but it works!

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    Very useful and interesting display. I m missing information.
    Could you please say what laptop do you have?

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