Looking for a new charger for a Satellite Pro C850 - 10V

My charger for my laptop stopped to load the computer, and I'll try to find a new charger, but can't seem to find to this laptop.

A charger for another version of the Satellite Pro would work as well?


Each charger has own part number. This part number, you can find on the label of the charger. Not looking for charger for model C850 - 10V but click on part number to order the right one.

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  • Looking for old Satellite Pro 2100 does not not for spare parts


    I tried to replace my keyboard with a new (no problem, I could order it) on a Satellite Pro 2100.

    Unfortunately the keyboard "cable" must be plugged into the motherboard using a little white girl 'thing' to keep the cable attached to the motherboard.

    Unfortunately, I lost this small 'thing' white.

    So I'm looking for an old Satellite Pro computer where I can take it to does not.

    Or if somene has a better idea, please let me know at:

    [email protected]

    Thx a lot

    I think you mean the PJ11 connector.
    This PJ11 is placed on the motherboard and the flat keyboard cable must be connected to this connector.
    I m not 100% sure but I think the PJ11 is mounted on the Board and I wonder how someone can lose it.

    If you need a look of old Sat Pro in eBay. You should find something

  • Driver cd-rw/DVD-ROM looking for a satellite Pro 2100


    I'm looking for the driver for the cd-rw/DVD-ROM
    I installed XP Professional
    I'm enregistred the Toshiba site and download all the drivers I
    can to my laptop
    but I don't have the driver for the cd-rw/DVD-ROM

    Default xp installed this driver
    Toshiba DVD - ROM SD-C2502 V1313
    but just do dvdrom and I can't use the CD - RW
    Could you please help to have the driver
    I downloaded all the drivers for the toshiba support site
    But no nothing no driver for cd-rw/DVD-ROM

    HI Ab,

    There is no special driver for the optical drive of your computer laptop just the drivers Microsoft standard supplied with the XP operating system.

    Make sure you have the "Enable CD writing on this drive" box checked for your optical drive. You can check this by selecting my computer then right click on the optical drive, select properties and then click the recording tab.

    Kind regards

  • Screen bezel for Satellite Pro C850 - 1 M 7 needed

    Someone at - it helps me find a bezel replacement screen for a Satellite Pro C850 - 1 M 7 please?

    eBay gives just generic and I can't find anything on this site or the other.
    Thank you very much

    Laptop parts are not available for sale. No laptop manufacturers etc. Toshiba page you will not find anything.
    Or, you can try to order by a Toshiba service provider or some independent stores. Usually the Googling around you should be able to find it for Satellite Pro or maybe some Satellite C850. The parts must be the same.

    I don't know where you want to live, and it is not easy to help looking for a direct link to order.

  • Drivers for Toshiba Satellite Pro 420

    Hello! I need drivers for Toshiba Satellite Pro 420 for Windows 98. My e-mail address: [email protected] Thank you! (I'm sorry, I don't speak English)

    Post edited by: rft2

    I checked the Toshiba download page, and unfortunately this old book is not listed there.
    Single Satellite Pro 4220.

  • Need to keyboard for my Satellite Pro A10

    where would I be able to get a replacement for my satellite pro spa10 keyboard to the United Kingdom

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    You can order this keyboard at the Toshiba service partner in your country.

  • Can someone point out the card network for Satellite Pro C850 driver?

    Hey, I have re installed Windows 7, but I forgot to download the drivers. I needed before hand. I can t have access to the internet on this subject to update the drivers. If someone could please please find the network drivers for the Toshiba Satellite Pro C850 cards and post them here!

    I don't want to download a driver manager. Just the drivers please!

    To help we need more information. You use Win7 32 bit or 64 bit and what model of laptop you have exactly?

    Anyway, if you can access the internet with another PC you can find drivers on http://www.toshiba.eu/innovation/download_drivers_bios.jsp

    Check it out.

  • Where can I buy a network card wireless minPCI for a Satellite Pro A30 PSA35E


    Anyone know where I can buy a card pci WLAN for a Satellite pro A30 PSA35E laptop?
    I live in England.

    See you soon

    The laptop would support this Kit wireless LAN card: PA3212U-1MPC
    It s an Intel Pro 2100 WLan card and it supports the 802. 11b standard.

  • Satellite Pro C850-1FN stucks in the form of preparation of auto repair


    I have a Satellite Pro C850 1FN and for some reason it stuck in a display of automatic preparation for startup repair. He will be sitting with the text on the screen, and after 8 minutes bluescreen shows then talk about a problem and then re boot PC.

    The cycle then continues.

    Any ideas greatly appreciated.


    It looks like the repair automatic isn t possible.
    Have you tried another HARD drive recovery option?

    The HARD drive recovery process would begin the new system, but also the driver installation and would set the laptop back to factory settings.

    I think that if the system repair isn't possible, your next step should be the HARD drive recovery.
    In case the recovery of HARD drive would not work too, then you should use the recovery disc.

  • Satellite Pro C850 - 1 M - update to Win 8.1 fails - error 0xC1900101 - 0 x 30018

    Hi all

    bought a new satellite Pro C850-1MX (PSCBZE 00M009GR) in December 2013. System works virtually unchanged to the State of delivery. Yet installed OpenOffice and Firefox, AdobeReader in most actual versions. And a updated driver for AMD GPUS to the latest version. No other changes made.

    Now I tried to upgrade to 8.1 via Windows-App-Store Windows. Download was made, run, reboot, installation of changes, preparation of devices--> restart, rollback to 8.0 with 0xC1900101 - 0 x 30018 error code upgrade.

    Searched internet solutions: Toshiba ISC
    -updated all the components Toshiba via TOSHIBA Service Station--> fact
    -(Lien: [http://www.toshiba.de/innovation/generic/windows8_1-upgrade-stepbystep/]): uninstall some components: esp. LAN/WLAN-driver.

    Hmmm... If I do I can't access to Windows App-Store to re-run the upgrade because I have no connection to the network. Stupid...

    -Why I'm updating a nearly unchanged system due to some driver-inflicted where I has not changed anything of the delivery status of canĀ“t?

    Please indicate any tip/solution. Thank you!

    > Now tried to upgrade to 8.1 via Windows-App-Store Windows. Download was made, run, reboot, installation of changes, preparation of devices--> restart, rollback to 8.0 with 0xC1900101 - 0 x 30018 error code upgrade.

    This error message appears because of some incompatible drivers and tools that are already pre-installed on Windows 8.

    This problem has been reported several times here in the forum and has been resolved as indicated by user harrie_1 on January 12, 2014
    Look in this thread: http://forums.computers.toshiba-europe.com/forums/thread.jspa?threadID=74631

    Check that drivers must be uninstalled in Appendix a.
    [How update of Windows 8 for Windows 8.1 | http://support.toshiba.com/sscontent?contentId=4003162]

    + What is important to remove the internet connection. +
    + Only use to download 8.1 and then disconnect (also the Lan cable) +.
    + After Win start 8.1 for the first time do not connect to the internet. +

    + On another pc download first for 8.1 audio, realtek wlan and bluetooth drivers and driver display. +
    + Install and reboot after that when system is stable, you can connect to the internet and download the updates of windows. +

    PS: this thread should be closed to avoid the misunderstandings and because the other thread already exists

  • Satellite Pro C850 - strange problem with LAN connection

    Hello world

    I just signed up on this forum because I hope you guys can help me with a really strange problem.

    I recently bought a Satellite Pro C850-1MX
    It came with Win8, but given that I don't really like Win8, I bought an additional Windows 7 Pro (64 bit) license and installed on the laptop.

    The problem I describe, also arrived on 8 to win, which makes it even more strange.

    As soon as I connect a cable to the RJ-45 port, Windows tells me, that the LAN connection is not connected.
    As soon as I unplug the cable, Windows starts looking for a network and actually found one!

    So, the only way to connect to my LAN cable is... I have activate the LAN connection, wait that it detects a network (without the cable connected!) and meanwhile to connect the cable to the network port.
    Now... If I disconnect the cable once again, Windows still shows its connected.

    I must say, that I am a Director of professional network for more than 10 years now, so I should know my systems, but this never happened to me before. Event log shows nothing, re-installing drivers did nothing either. IM quite confused here and I hope you guys can help me.

    Thanks for reading, and let me know if you need any additional info!

    Greetings from the Germany,

    Hello Sandro,

    To be honest I confused m.

    I would try to start talking about the drivers installed, since you changed the system for Win 7.
    All the network devices, such as card WLan and LAN card are properly recognized in Device Manager?

    As I m not wrong not the laptop was equipped with a network card Realtek-8111F (1000BASE-T/100Base-TX/10Base-T) and WLan RTL8723AE Realtek b/g/n card.
    If both should appear in the device properly Manager if you have installed the drivers correctly.

    2nd question:
    You said:
    > As soon as I unplug the cable, Windows starts looking for a network and actually found one!
    Are you sure that you speak of LAN and WLAN?
    For me it made no further since. If the network cable is unplugged, the notebook would connect to the WLan where WiFi is enabled.

  • Satellite Pro C850 - 1 H 8 - upgrade the BIOS CPU support

    Hi there are people.

    I'm wandering if there is a possibility of upgrade of the i5 3230 m which is currently in my Satellite Pro C850 - 1 H 8.

    Looking at the options available in the decision-making FCPGA988 and chipset Intel HM70 there seems to be a variety of the i7 available for use.

    The laptop supports processors with a TDP plu max than 35w?
    The bios supports all the CPU upgrade options?

    Cheers, Nick

    In this forum, you will find various discussions on the theme of CPU upgrade.
    I found this one:

    Paolo and Macius posted some information about the situation of CPU upgrade.
    As you can read in another thread, the CPU upgrade isn't supported. Updates can be made at your own risk, and no one can say if CPU supported by the chipset would be supported by the BIOS.
    Test it if you want, but it's at your own risk.

  • Satellite Pro C850 - how to activate 'Numlock' on startup

    Hi all

    No one knows how you can activate the "Numlock" key to start the laptop.

    Concern: Satellite Pro C850 - 1LN

    I look in the BIOS (6.70) > advanced... but find nothing
    I am also looking Windows 8.1, but also without success.

    Any idea to help me?

    Thanks in advance.


    Hi Marc

    As much as I know there is no certain special option to turn on the num lock and you can not define is as default to be always enabled. Extra keypad on the keyboard is designed for use with different applications such as Office Excel and allow you an entry comfortable numbers in some document.

    On my laptop (P500), I noticed that when I turn off laptop with active NumLock will be on next start so let is all the TIME.

  • Satellite Pro C850 Wi - Fi lost after updating BIOS

    Today I received the notification of an update of the bios,

    I completed the update of the bios, but when the laptop restarts I had lost the Wi - Fi connectivity and now cannot connect via Ethernet.

    I looked online for answers, but the links I presented m with doesn't seem to work.

    I think I need to restore the bios to the previous version but can t find what to do.

    I have a Satellite Pro C850 - 14 c

    Will you please help if you can because it's ridiculous for Toshiba released a update that actually loses some of the functions to portable computers, especially the main function of a laptop that is portability.

    Thanks in advance

    What do you mean with lost?
    You can enable and disable the wireless network card?

  • Update graphics on Satellite Pro C850-1EQ

    If I buy the Satellite Pro C850-1EQ with Intel HD Graphics 4000 - how easy/possible change is for a dedicated at a later date if graphics card I want better graphics performance?

    Thank you

    At first, I must say that it is not logical for me. If you want to have the laptop with good graphics performance buy new notebook with a powerful GPU inside.

    General GPU Exchange/upgrade is not supported and more info about what you read on http://aps2.toshiba-tro.de/kb0/TSB9401AX0001R01.htm
    Check it out.

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