Looking for pinout - PCI - CAN 18472E-02 d - SUB 9-pin


I have a 2003 PCI - CAN card that I can't seem to find much information on:

NOR CAN series 1 card. Connector D - Sub 9 pins - Part Number is: 184726E-02

Someone at - it a pinout or know if this follows the normal output of 9-pin NI CAN?  Nothing in MAX and nothing Google or OR from what I've been able to find.

Thank you!


Hi Waterppk,

The pinout of the connector 9-pin D - Sub CAN is basically the same for PXI, PCI, PCMCIA, 1/2, series, USB AND interfaces (Center of differences around the use of the PIN 9: "V +").

You can find the latest version of the manual here: NI-CAN hardware and software manual and specifications

Chapter 4, "Connectors and cables" describes the pinout in detail (see page 4-2).


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    I see here many have problems with installing windows and drivers for xp.

    XP installation
    A normal sp2 installation cd will not be able to install windows on the laptop. You need the S - ATA for Intel drivers.
    You can download the site http://www.Intel.com or
    http://www.connect.de (search Intel_SATA_965.zip)

    This driver is for XP and Vista, a Core 2 Duo processor.

    -Download nlite to www.nliteos.com.
    -Copy the files from your xp cd to a folder on the hard disk as C:\XP_CD
    -unpack the drivers to a folder on the hard disk
    -launch nlite, choose the xp folder and continue
    -ignore the form 'sessions' and continue
    -Choose pilots and the possibility to make an iso and continue
    -Open the drivers with nlite (folder with multiple files)
    -Click on the name of the driver one continue with ok
    -choose "textmode driver" mode and select all drivers in the list box (use ctrl)
    -continue to nlite and burn on a cd setup

    Now you can boot from the cd and install windows xp

    Audio driver
    Many have problems with the audio driver, it does not work. Here, I explain how I solved the problem on my laptop:
    -go to the Device Manager
    -look for uninstalled 'pci device's
    -Right click on it and install the driver
    -Let windows automatically installs the driver, it will show one uninstalled HD Audio definition Driver
    -Now, you install the Realtek driver

    Display driver
    For my laptop, there is no screen driver download for xp, here I explain to ati, how to install the original driver
    I Don t know how to solve the problem with nvidia graphics, but maybe there, he works to

    -Download driver catalyst newes at amd.com
    -try to install, it will make a folder in C:\, but won´t install
    -go to the Device Manager
    -Right click uninstalled the VGA card and choose install driver
    -take the last option, the auto driver, continue
    -ignore the next form and continue
    -choose to install the driver of a data medium
    --aller go to C:\ATI\Support\Drivers\, find the inf file and open
    -Choose your graphics card for example Ati Radeon HD 2600 Pro
    -install the driver, windows will say, the driver may not work, but it works!

    [Edited by: admin]

    Very useful and interesting display. I m missing information.
    Could you please say what laptop do you have?

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    Where can I see what chipset is my feet bar and then see the list of caught CPU supported?

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    Post edited by: aLx90tm


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    I have loaded all the MS Updates surrent

    Daithi MacSeinichin Hello,

    Welcome to the Microsoft Answers Community!

    You have Windows Search 4.0 installed on your computer?

    Windows Search 4.0 will allow you to search through your contacts, emails, appointments and text documents just to name a few. To access Windows Search 4.0 after installation:

    ·         Click Start

    ·         Click on Search

    ·         To the right of the blue bar at the top, you can click a menu dropdown and search more precisely what type of document you are looking for

    You can download Windows Search 4.0 to:

    Windows Search 4.0

    Hope that helps, I look forward to hearing from you.

    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think

  • You try to play the file vmx, looking for a certain value

    We had a third-party deployment go wrong.  They add a few lines in vmx files and these lines are originally NIC disconnect and reconnect not.  We have almost 500 VMS and so I try to make a loop on all virtual machines looking for a value.

    I've been playing with Get-AdvancedSetting and I can get the values I'm looking for, but I can't get the name of VM affected to appear as well.

    For example:

    Get-AdvancedSetting - entity (Get - vm) - name ethernet0.filter0.name

    Name value Type Description
    ----                 -----                ----                 -----------
    ethernet0.filter0... vtap_vmkern VM
    ethernet0.filter0... vtap_vmkern VM
    ethernet0.filter0... vtap_vmkern VM
    ethernet0.filter0... vtap_vmkern VM
    ethernet0.filter0... vtap_vmkern VM

    It returns only the name and the value of the AdvancedSetting, I can't understand how to include the name of the server.

    Finally, I have to write a script to remove the affected rows, but for now, I just want to get a list of the virtual machines that have these lines.

    You could do something like that

    {foreach ($vm in Get - VM)

    Get-AdvancedSetting - $vm - name ethernet0.filter0.name entity.

    Select @{N = "VM"; E = {$vm. Name}}, name, value, type


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    Bought my m18x in May 2010 with two SLI GTX 460 M in the m18x. Tried to ask dell for the options at level, but never had a solid answer, perhaps the community forums will help.

    Try to get a new nvidia GPU that will fit in this machine and be good for the next 5 years, as the double 460Ms have treated me so far. You are looking for something that can run on ultra BF4 if possible

    But the main priority is just the m18x without any problems and compatible with the motherboard.

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    The video cards that we validated for this system and that I could recommend whether the following

    NVidia GTX560M

    NVidia GTX580M

    AMD 6970M

    AMD 6990M

    You can add any other video card but I can't guarantee it will work properly.

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    I am a student in wildlife biology and I use Adobe Photoshop to quantify the color of wild animals. I'm looking for someone who can help me with a java script.

    The script automatizes selection of random point in an image and gives a color average points.

    I need the script to do more than two things for me:

    1. save the RGB values of random points in a spreadsheet I can calculate error Ratings or provide the error as well as the RGB average.

    2 randomly select points in a highlighted in the photo area (now he selects at random points across the image, but I need to select only from the animal (not the bottom).

    If you know how to add these to the script, please let me know.

    Thank you

    Marketa Zimova

    With the script below you operate a rough selection of the area you want to be sampled, and then run the script. He'll ask how many samples to be taken, the size of each sample in px area. He then dupes the selection into a new layer, turns off the original layer and taking samples. If the random sample is in a transparent area, she tries again. If it finds a color, he invites the position and color of the sample and you ask if you want to keep this sample. When the requested number of approved samples he writes a csv file in the office.

    The selection can be done with all the methods of selection and does not need to be specific to. But the better the selection less background samples will be made.

    // script expects an open single layer document in RGB mode with a selection of the area to sample.
    // the csv file is written to the desktop and the script will overwrite an existing samples.csv
    function main(){
         if( app.documents == 0 ) {
              alert("No image to process");
         var doc = app.activeDocument;
         if( doc.mode != DocumentMode.RGB ){
              alert("Image must be in RGB mode to sample");
         if( !hasSelection( doc ) ){
              alert("Please make a selection of target animal\rbefore running script");
         var numberOfSamples = Number(prompt("How many selections should be made?",10));
         if(  numberOfSamples == NaN )  numberOfSamples = 1;
         var sampleSize = Number(prompt("What size should each selection be?(NxN px)", 3));
         if( sampleSize == NaN ) sampleSize = 3;
         var originalLayer = doc.activeLayer;// make reference to current layer
         executeAction( charIDToTypeID( "CpTL" ), undefined, DialogModes.NO );// dupe selection to new layer
         var sampleLayer = doc.activeLayer;// make reference to that new layer
         originalLayer.visible = false;// turn off original layer
         var samples = [];// make array to hold samples
         var bounds = sampleLayer.bounds;
         var layerX = bounds[0].as('px');
         var layerY = bounds[0].as('px');
         var layerWidth = bounds[2].as('px') - bounds[0].as('px');
         var layerHeight = bounds[3].as('px') - bounds[1].as('px');
         // make requested number of samples
         var s = 0;
         while(  s < numberOfSamples ){
              var sX = randomRange( layerX, layerX + layerWidth );
              var sY = randomRange( layerY, layerY + layerHeight );
              var cs = doc.colorSamplers.add( [ new UnitValue( sX, 'px' ), new UnitValue( sY, 'px' ) ] );
              var sample = getSelectionColor( 0, sampleSize );
              if( undefined != sample ){
                   var keep = confirm("Sample at px "+sX+','+sY+ ' is R:'+sample.rgb.red+', G:'+sample.rgb.green+', B:'+sample.rgb.blue+'.\rKeep?',true);
                   if( keep ){
                        samples.push( getSelectionColor( 0, sampleSize ) );
         var sampleFile = new File('~/Desktop/samples.csv');
         for( var s = 0; s< samples.length;s++ ){
              sampleFile.writeln( samples[s].rgb.red+','+samples[s].rgb.green+','+samples[s].rgb.blue );
         function randomRange( minVal, maxVal ){
              return minVal+Math.floor(Math.random()*( maxVal-minVal ));
         // Function: hasSelection
         // Description: Detremines if there is a selection
         // Usage: alert(hasSelection())
         // Input:
         // Return:  true or false
         // Dependencies:
          function hasSelection(doc) {
              var res = false;
              var as = doc.activeHistoryState;
              if (as != doc.activeHistoryState) {
                   res = true;
                   doc.activeHistoryState = as;
              return res;
         // adapted from scirpt by jugenjury at adobefourms
         function getSelectionColor( s, A ){
              var origRulerUnits = app.preferences.rulerUnits;
              app.preferences.rulerUnits = Units.PIXELS;
                   if ( undefined == s ) { s=0; }
                   if ( undefined == A ) { A=1; }
                   var CP = app.activeDocument.colorSamplers;
                   var sampleSize = A;
                   var r=((A-1)/2);
                   var x=Math.round(CP[s].position[0]-r);
                   var y=Math.round(CP[s].position[1]-r);
                   activeDocument.selection.select([[x, y], [x+sampleSize, y], [x+sampleSize, y+sampleSize], [x, y+sampleSize]], SelectionType.REPLACE, 0, false);
                   var re = RegExp( '[123456789]' );
                   var sColor = new SolidColor();
                   if ( activeDocument.mode == DocumentMode.GRAYSCALE ) {
                        var gv = re.exec(activeDocument.channels[0].histogram.toString() ).index/2;
                        sColor.gray.gray = 100 * (gv/255);
                   if ( activeDocument.mode == DocumentMode.RGB ) {
                        sColor.rgb.red = re.exec(activeDocument.channels[0].histogram.toString() ).index/2;
                        sColor.rgb.green = re.exec( activeDocument.channels[1].histogram.toString() ).index/2;
                        sColor.rgb.blue = re.exec( activeDocument.channels[2].histogram.toString() ).index/2;
                   if ( activeDocument.mode == DocumentMode.LAB ) {
                        var lv = re.exec(activeDocument.channels[0].histogram.toString() ).index/2;
                        sColor.lab.l = 100 * ( lv/255 );
                        sColor.lab.a = ( re.exec( activeDocument.channels[1].histogram.toString() ).index/2 ) - 128;
                        sColor.lab.b = ( re.exec( activeDocument.channels[2].histogram.toString() ).index/2 ) -128;
                   if ( activeDocument.mode == DocumentMode.CMYK ) {
                        var cv = re.exec(activeDocument.channels[0].histogram.toString() ).index/2;
                        sColor.cmyk.cyan = 100 * (1-(cv/255));
                        cv = re.exec(activeDocument.channels[1].histogram.toString() ).index/2;
                        sColor.cmyk.magenta = 100 * (1-(cv/255));
                        cv = re.exec(activeDocument.channels[2].histogram.toString() ).index/2;
                        sColor.cmyk.yellow = 100* (1-(cv/255));
                        cv = re.exec(activeDocument.channels[3].histogram.toString() ).index/2;
                        sColor.cmyk.black = 100 * (1-(cv/255));
                   executeAction( charIDToTypeID('undo'), undefined, DialogModes.NO );
                   return sColor;
                   app.preferences.rulerUnits = origRulerUnits;
                   app.preferences.rulerUnits = origRulerUnits;

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