Looping/cycling through frequencies with the signal to create VI


I am trying to operate a PZT with a given signal (of a formula) and to save the output of the sensors. I use a PXI of NI 5421 to generate the signal and an NI PXI 5105 to record signals. I made the attached code that works well, however, I'd like to be able to the frequency and the number of samples (the number of samples is function of frequency) in the VI of signal to create loop so that I can scan a range of frequencies. Could you please help me. I can't find a way to control the frequency outside the edit in the Properties window.

Thank you


Sanjay-thank you

I just thought of it. I Redid the vi and when I ran an error that said come the input signal must be an integer value to a multiple of 4. I made a few simple changes to make and after that everything worked as expected. I guess that the entrance of waveform looked ok but not get operated by material, unless it is a multiple of 4.

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  • low Harmonic frequencies in the signal strength

    Hi all

    I try to know what are the causes of noise in my signal, whether it's a faulty hardware or my lack of knowledge.

    The system that I'm actually consist of two engines not to not (parker HV232) that provide the uprising due to frost harmonic + pitch motion with phase shift of 90 degrees (a kind of movement of fish tail beat). I have a load cell 3 - axes attached to the shaft of the motor, pitch, and it measures up, drag and torque on a plateau which oscillates in the tunnel water (oscillation is provided by these two Steps). Tunnel to provide the incoming stream.

    Signals of strength are captured through SG-23 + PXI-6221 daq card, I put the gain on the last of them to +/-200 mV for better resolution.

    When the engines are turned off, the noise level on the static signal is the threshold of resolution, and nothing strange is not shown in the signal, and its ghosts.

    The problems begin when I initialize the motion on the steppers, FFT of the watch signal of the low frequency spikes that are exact multiplies the frequency of oscillation, I have attached a PDF for example.

    Disengage amplifier/filter which was suggested by manufacturing, and suspect I have observed could be due to this I'm not sure at 100%. The VI I use filter band-pass data in the 0.2 to 6 Hz, but somehow I can still see noise beyond 6 Hz.

    I was wandering perhaps someone has experience with similar issues and can suggest a solution on how to get rid of these harmonics.

    Thanks in advance

    I'm not an expert in the dynamics of the tunnel, but from what you say, it looks like they can't be noise but components generated due to the rotation of a mechanical Assembly. Normally people refer to these harmonics in the form of 'order', which means that they are a multiple of the frequency of rotation.

    So maybe it's the attacker

    1. check by an expert (the one that includes the mechanical system that you are using) that to the point where you measure the force will not get the components of the order.

    2. understand what exactly is the measurand. What exactly do you want to do with the measured signal (RMS, FFT etc..) Then you will be able to figureout if components of the order may affect your measurement.

    Oleks wrote:

    Disengage amplifier/filter which was suggested by manufacturing, and suspect I have observed could be due to this I'm not sure at 100%. The VI I use filter band-pass data in the 0.2 to 6 Hz, but somehow I can still see noise beyond 6 Hz.

    During filtration, the attenuation in the band determines how fast the signals will be thinning of the hard shoulder.

  • Capture of frequency with the NI 9401 in cDAQ-9172

    Hi all

    I searched through all the examples and find the same results than my own code in Labview. So, I go back to my hardware to solve my problem. I use a digital tachometer that displays pulse with 2 wires (hot and ground). I connected these to the NI 9401 for 16 PINS for PFI 1 and PIN 3 on the ground. When I open the module through MAX, he reads the perfectly when hi and lo as well as count properly if it is placed in the location 5 or 6.

    However, I try to use the frequency max task and the task fails to capture anything in the table. I get a time-out error, even if my tach is read correctly. I have attached my settings of the task. Thanks for any help

    Your samples to read is set to 100.  If all the samples of 100 are not available before the timeout is reached, you will get a time-out error.  What is the frequency of the input signal?  Maybe just try to read 1 sample on request first.

    Best regards

  • Measurement of frequency with the NI 9402

    Has anyone successfully was able to measure the frequency in SignalExpress with the NI 9402 module? I have the 9402 connected to a tachometer (on a centrifuge) which puts a TTL signal. For now, I can get the light input line to work. (Right click on the project, acquire signals: DAQmx Acquire: digital input: input line.) When the tachometer completes the first round, light or the 'blip' lights indicating the sensor then goes back to the shore for the rest of the round. I would like to read the frequency of this "blip" instead. I can't understand the required parameters in Signal Express. I tried (right-click project, acquire signals: DAQmx Acquire: entry of meter: frequency) but maybe I do not have the correct settings. This centrifuge works usually between 0 and 3 hz. I have attached a picture of what I have. I am doing this correctly, with incorrect parameters? Or is there a better way to do this? I need to read Hertz over time. Thank you!

    Hi Choover,

    Even if you use the 0 meter to measure frequency, your singal acts at the door of the on-board clock source to measure the length (and thus frequency).  This is why you must use PF1 to connect to the door of the meter.  You can learn more about how DAQmx takes measurements of meter in any manual of cDAQ chassis: http://digital.ni.com/manuals.nsf/websearch/2C061605E17C7D04862578D200677B90


  • Measurement of high frequency with the NI 9411


    I would like to measure the frequency of a TTL signal with the 9411 OR in a cDAQ-9178 chassis.  1.6 at 48 kHz frequency range.

    With examples of Labview digital frequency meter, it is not picking up on the signal.  Any advice?



    After talking to an applications engineer of NOR, I realized that the input signal must be less than 5 v.  In particular, the bass is between 0 - 0.8V and the top is between 2 - 5V.

    Once I have limited input to this range, the module of frequency meter picks up on the signal very well.

    Thank you


  • Synthetesis of frequencies with filtered signals (Convolution)


    I am a new user of DIAdem and I analysis of the signal.

    To deal with my purchases, I use several tools alreaydy implement in DIAdem. But I want to do a convolution of the signal number to make a spectrum of synthesis.

    In fact, I want to filter several frequencies on a signal and put them in a same spectrum, think a convolution of each of the signals.

    How can I do that with DIAdem?

    Best regards

    Pascal GRAIGNIC

    Hi Pascal,.

    I'm no expert in acoustic analysis, but it seems to me that you could simply add together the resulting chains of each single frequency filter digital function of the results of the ANALYSES.  The result of the calculation of digital filter in tiara is a curve of time series that contains only the frequency components with a size proportional to the contribution of the relative amplitude of frequency of such component (s) to the curve of time series (complete) original.  There is a function of multichannel totaling in the palette of the ANALYSIS of "basic mathematics".

    Brad Turpin
    Tiara Product Support Engineer
    National Instruments

  • How to generate a pulse with the signal generator?


    I would like to ask if anyone knows how to use the Elvis platform to generate a regulated pulse wave?

    It should look roughly like the picture above. A sine wave with the regulation.

    Anyone who can answer my question please respond to my post.

    Thank you.

    You are using LabVIEW to generate the waveform or using the Soft front panels? In LabVIEW, you can use the express VI generator function and specify the Type as "Sine". Then, simply change the amplitude of the sine wave. During the actual pulse, the amplitude would be what you want (i.e. 1 V) and while the pulse is idle, set the amplitude to 0.

    If you use the soft front panels, you can use the Waveform Editor to create a waveform that includes a sine wave for the length of your pulse and then the values of '0' for the rest of the time. Then use this waveform in the flexible front of the arbitrary signal generator. Simply create a component of sine as the first part of the wave and then add another element to a level DC '0' for the rest.

  • Measurement of frequency with the NOR-6221


    I would use the OR-6221 to measure the frequencies of the order of 200 Hz to 12.5 Mhz.

    Is this possible?

    Can you guide me were to start?

    There are notes of application with examples?

    The required accuracy is not high 0.5 percent more or less...

    Thank you


  • Value of the loop variable for begins with the last entry of the previous run

    I have a problem with a loop for... I am a beginner with Labview and perhaps do not follow the order of events (since it runs not on a line-by-line as typical of programming languages), but I think that my problem is trivial.

    Say I'm running a loop for 16 iterations and I want to build a table which, for example, consists of four 0s, 1 4s, four 2s and 3 four s.   I initialize the array outside and using shift registers to be added to the matrix in the loop for.

    However, the first time I run the program I get funky results.  In subsequent runs, the first value in my table is a 3, and the rest of the rest of the table is moved down by 1, so I did that three 3s at the end (for example).

    Can someone help me understand how to solve this problem?

    Thank you


  • Text, highlighted during the navigation through form with the mouse


    I have forms IAS When I click on text tabled in form with the mouse, the text within the field is not highlighted (selected), but the slider is set when I clicked.
    When I tried the same thing on the same form on IAS 10 g and Forms 6i, the text still highlighted so I can run directly over the text.

    Is there a solution (set in) also for 11 GR 1 material ( forms.

    Thank you and fr.

    The behavior has changed several times between the versions. If there is a situation where the text is not selected, but you prefer that he was, simply create a trigger in a TIMES - NEW - ITEM - INSTANCE and add the built-in SELECT_ALL*. This will cause the text to select when entering.

  • Need help with the recovery partition/create recovery media

    HI - first thing I did when I got my thinkpad is a clean install of w7, but then I thought about it and restored the recovery partition, conviniently located at the end of the training, in order to create a backup dvd factory. Thing is, when I click the autorun (lenovoqdrive.exe) and select 'create recovery media', I get an error stating that "program files (x 86) \lenovo\factory recovery\recovburncd.exe" is missing... obviously since the operating system partition was crushed.

    I tried RnR and looked on the software + drivers page and nothing happens as "... \lenovo\factory recovery\" when it is installed. So, where can I download the program that creates the recovery discs?

    (I know possible to restore the operating system of the *.wim file but I want to leave that as a last resort).

    Okay here's what I did to who mightve had the same question: as mentioned earlier, I have restored the partition Q with (your favorite free partition recovery tool), then booted from a usb winpe (with imagex) generated from victory aik (free).

    first I deleted (from winpe boot usb) windoze partition with diskpart and recreated the 2 partitions S & C (and Q is on the left) by hand according to 'recovery.ini' found on q. then I restored S and C 'sdrivebackup.wim' and 'cdrivebackup.wim', respectively, using imagex.exe, which is actually two one liners.

    Finally, I tried the bcd to fixation by hand according to "bcdinfo.txt", also found on Q, but that did not really work... so I just jumped into a bootable win7 USB and he rewrote the bcd by itself (I assume). the last step has been fixing the mbr by using /fixmbr and /fixboot bootrec.exe.

    ATM I started just and afaict it behaves exactly like the first start-up of the plant. see you soon

  • Masking with the pen tool creates unwanted cropping

    Adobe Premiere Pro CC - 2015.4 version 10.4.0 (30) build

    Operating system - OS X 10.11.6

    Sequence/images - images of reflex digital H.264 in a 1920 x 1080, 16:9, 29.97 FPS

    I'm adding a chart and try to hide a file HAVE with the pen tool. As soon as I click on the tool pen under the control of opacity effect, a small portion of the image is cropped on the right side. Even when I finished the mask, he trims still on the right side.

    Here is what the chart looks like no mask at all. http://i.imgur.com/CtKbvOD.PNG

    Once I click on the tool to start feather mask, it cultures immediately a small part on the right side. http://i.imgur.com/W5ICaJR.PNG

    Even when I change the mask to make sure the mask is not touching the graphic, it cultures still a small portion. http://i.imgur.com/zNTGQ60.PNG

    Here's a short video showing what I want my mask to do (with keyframes) and you can still see the cropped part. https://youtu.be/Sy-Fx4YUc1g

    I restarted the program, re-import the file, delete the chart out my calendar and it added on. Remove the mask and tried again.

    I am at a loss here, but feel like there is something simple that I'm missing. Did anyone had this problem? Does anyone have any suggestions?

    Thanks for your help.

    Is the file have identical to the sequence value.

    How the mask behaves if material MPE turned to the software.

  • Problems with the contours of Create type

    B.jpegI have converted a character in a line with the help of vectorize.

    I cut a part of the race of contour with the scissors tool, but it is still connected to the original letter. I can catch it and move with the direct Selection tool, but if I select it with the main selection tool selects the line and the remaining part of the character. The bounding box then includes the section that I cut out and the rest of the character. Is there a way I can completely separate the cutting of the section and the rest of the character so that it is a completely separate object?

    Select it with the direct Selection (A) tool, and then cut and paste in place.

  • Problem with the tool pen creating a fill when I want only the stroke


    I'm having a problem. I create a simple spider for a project. Initially, I used the pen tool to make the legs. He worked for a bit, then started suddenly in an area that I has yet to draw with the fill color. I don't know what I did to cause this happens. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you

    colorkey stroke.png

    This form shows a yellow fill, probably from the last shape you drew.  If you select the form and clear the fill, your drawing will return to black lines only.

  • Problem with the menu when creating Bluray

    Hello world

    My first post here and not really a professional in creating...

    I recently create a project still

    The project is made of some exported videos first.

    The problem is that when I build a bluray image (file works the same and I have not tried disk because I don't want wasting them) there is absolutely no menus.

    I created a set of chronologies, some in playlist (no chapter selection) and named 3 menus associated with a video in the background.

    When I check the project all that I get no error and the entire construction I've tried so far is well over.

    When I saw after the restitution of everything on the menu is very good.

    When I build the DVD image everything goes according to the preview and the chart.

    When I build the BluRay all the files appear to be in the bluray (I can access everthing with the option of selecting players), but there is no menus.

    I found videos with buttons and circles, but they are like other videos, they are not menus...

    If anyone has any idea I'll take.

    Thank you for reading me and sorry for my English, I'm french.

    If you have a BD - RE disc, then please try to burn to disc.

    And if the menu is set as the first piece, it will appear after inserting the disc. (Anything defined as part of the project appears on the disc.)

    Thank you


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