Lose here!  How to start old OS OS later?

After weeks of shut down randomly, my 2011 IMac with OS 6.0.8 died apparently today.  It won't start, just to see the gray screen and the wheel without end.  Ironically, it has not transformed the black screen at all today.  No downtime, but nothing else.  So I guess it's gone.

Guess I'll buy a new one but it OS will have a few generations of 10.6.8.  I'm sure that a lot of my files and important apps will not work with higher operating system.  But I've saved everything on an external.

My question is, how do I open to the BONE saved 10.6.8 during execution of the higher system?

Thank you.

Gina B.

Sounds like the hard drive is dead.

Try to boot from the installation DVD and see what disk utility says about this.

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    Couple of good link of your interest for:


    The three levels of modeling data, conceptual data model, logical model of data and model of physical data are discussed in the link below:

    So, it just go through these data model theory, think of your data center application and match. Do'nt assumes that i / we will do this by that, simply note on them so you will know what was your approach at the time of the project, at a later stage; I mean using the pen and paper is a must; While we are in the design phase.

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    4 / your agent from ORACLE_HOME1

    avctl start_agent - nom_agent

    At this point, you should be able to start any collector that you created previously. Be in command line mode, ORACLE_HOME1, or through the web console...


    Published by: yves77 on May 14, 2009 19:21

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    She will be able to keep all purchases on his account.  See this document:

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    In the future if she leaves the group sharing of the family, she is no longer able to share purchases, but she will always keep its own.

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