Lost all emails and Valerie from cat I need to court. Help.

Hi my name is Ian Crook. My email is * address email is removed from the privacy *. I was recently accused of stalking. I was told not to communicate with my ex and told to delete everything I know as not not to contact her again. Since then, the Court gave me communication. And I got a package with all the emails from the past sent to my ex not of them show her responses. I need to get correspondence from Sep 2010 to 22 January 2011. All about my account. Her name is Natalie Wintels * Email address is removed from the privacy *, and I Ian Crook * E-mail address is removed from the privacy * I made a recovery of data at low level on my computer and came to nothing. I need the HISTORY of CONVERSATION between her and me more and emails that I can Getdes, Sep 2010 to 22 January 2011 please help me get all these information, historical msn messenger conversation mean the most in this situation. My future depends on it. Please if you have any questions call me at xxx xxx or xxx xxx xxxx xxxx. My court date is March 10, 2011. Please help me as soon as POSSIBLE.

Yours Truly,

Ian Crook


1. How did you delete the data?
2. you did a backup of the data on your hard drive?
3. what version of msn messenger, you used?

Because of e-mail, I would recommend you post your question on the forums of Hotmail.
Hotmail Portal

I hope hear from you soon!

Thank you, and in what concerns:
Shekhar S - Microsoft technical support.

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    Here is the information of HP (Compaq) for recovery options for Vista factory settings.


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    Open Mail, enter time Machine and scroll in position until the things that you want is visible, then tap on restore.

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    _ http://KB.mozillazine.org/Thunderbird: _FAQs_:_Backing_Up_and_Restoring

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    Dear Google/Thunderbird team! This is a very inadequate solution: there must be a way to secure all mails outside the Thunderbird! I set up my pc and I am not prepared to go the extra mile beside the work that requires a new configuration.

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    I love your products, but TB isn't really my preferred e-mail client!

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    Hi Eric,.

    Because you try to transfer emails and contacts from sky to BT Yahoo, you can either contact support BT or Yahoo support for further assistance.

    For more information, see the articles:

    How can I import my contacts in BT Yahoo! Mail?

    Add, import and export of contacts

    Hope the helps of information.

    Let us know if you need help with Windows related issues. We will be happy to help you.

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    I realized that the problem was because I was using firefox and not the blackberry, a... I think that solved my problem. Thank you

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    You may have logged in under a different name, guest, for example. Please open the users and groups in the system preferences. Your name must be on the top of the list of users, under the current user. See also this support article.

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    Submit all Live and Hotmail queries on the forum right here:

    Windows Live Solution Center

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    In your account email aol Web, accessible via a browser, you will need to select "Reference of IMAP" to activate it.

    With IMAP, you can choose to sign up to see the folders already on the server.
    In Thunderbird
    Right-click on the Inbox folder, and then select 'Subscribe' to see the list.

    Also, you can synchronize folders subscribed.
    See more info:

    Also located this info:

  • Smartphones blackBerry lost all emails & SMS after change of date

    After that I updated my BB Bold 9000 date 6 July 2015 , I lost all received emails and text messages. It is amazing that this can happen without any warning. This certainly isn't the first time that I am losing all my data. It's so frustrating that I am strongly considering leaving BlackBerry and switch to another brand.

    An assistance service, you can call and talk to a real person also seems to be not implemented to BlackBerry. Maybe they hate costomers?

    Your comments are welcome.


    Karim says:

    You have a backup of the device, you need to do at least once a week?

    My last backup is June 25, so fairly new

    Let me know.

    I am mainly interested to recover SMS lost - are. I have seen that it is possible to use back pointing up. How to recover SMS throughy this method? I don't see TEXT in the list.

    Connect your BlackBerry to your PC via the USB cable.

    Open Desktop Manager > backup/restore > advanced.

    In the right pane, you will see your device data, in the left window, you will see your backup data. Do scroll through SMS messages and see if there's something there.

    IF you do not see the backup data in the page on the left, above the pane, you choose file > open and navigate to your specified IPD backup file and open it.

    In the left pane, navigate to the SMS database and highlight the

    Click on the RIGHT facing arrow in the clear of the screen to move the data to the device.

    Follow the remaining prompts to complete the process.

    Karim says:

    JSanders wrote:

    You're kidding right? You come here on this forum, made up of volunteers and those who like to help others and in your fifth only after you choose to insult us? I think you could discover that"poops in his back yard, steps of battery.

    In a way you are right, although some understanding for the frustration when someone has lost all the data would be welcome.

    Key. Don't come here to criticize the volunteers very well here, either. Check my 26 000 posts here and see how understanding I have for frustrated users. I have very little understanding for rudeness.

    Karim says:

    I can count tens of thousands of users who have been helped here.

    It is excellent for those thousands, but is not strange is that a device needs a forum where thousands of users need to go to get help because they are lost or frustrated. The best provider is a provider that does not need a helpdesk because everything is clear. This seems to be impossible these days 

    Of course, it is not strange that there is a forum like this. You have quite a learning curve high on BlackBerry, and you have users. Combine the two and you have gobs of questions.

    Karim says:

    It is if you have a BlackBerry with Vodafone BIS data Plan. How do I know this?

    Call your carrier and you ask if you have the BlackBerry BIS data Plan. They will know. It should be on your billing, as well.

  • Can I store and access all emails and attachments when it is offline

    I am currently using Eudora e-mail client, and so when I open the program that all emails are downloaded on my computer, even though I have not opened the so all are accessible offline, including all attachments. I need to upgrade because Eudora does not allow access to email gmail accounts where the authentication step 2 has been implemented. So I had recommended Thunderbird but everything I read suggests I won't have full access to e-mail and attachments offline, I'll only have offline access to any email I opened it, not sure how that applies to attachments. Can someone tell me what is the level of access in offline mode I would have with Thunderbird?

    Based on your description, I would say that POP-UP on the laptop would work well for you, but use the IMAP protocol on the phone, etc. Note that we can not give you the choice with the phone; the email clients on mobile devices tend to IMAP by default anyway.

    I would advise against POP on your "secondary" devices because if you download a message to one of them and you decide to keep also on the laptop, you will need to find a way to transfer to the laptop. With IMAP automatically would remain available for the laptop too. And the message will disappear eventually from the phone, after having supported by the laptop, so you will not have the additional job of removing of the phone. According to my experience, the phones stop working because they are filled to the top, and you don't want to aggravate it simply to store e-mail on the subject unnecessarily.

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  • I want to merge 2 Thunderbird profiles into one, if I get all emails and address book.

    I got a new PC and installed Thunderbird on it on 1 April and sent e-mails again. Then, I went back to the old PC and did a full back up all of my book e-mail and address. When I installed the back upward on the new PC I don't see new emails as well as the 'old' or the address book. How to merge back to the top with the current data so I see all of my old and new emails and two address books?

    Using a Pop or IMAP e-mail account?

    Re "made a full to the top of all my email and address book."
    How did you do that? Have you used "Mozbackup" tool to copy the entire profile or have you the emails to export as .eml files using ImportExporttool addon or manually save as .eml files? Or manually you the profile folder, then the Mail folder, then mail the account name and then copied all the files? Please explain.

    Did you export address books or access the profile folder and copy the .mab files? Are - what you are talking about "Personal address book" and "Collected addresses" or others that you have created?

    Currently, what do you see? Can you only see the old imported stuff or only new emails?

    How many profiles you have in the folder Profiles? You have more than one?
    A default profile name will be letters and numbers, for example: abc1d234.default and usually located here:

    How to move to a new PC: http://kb.mozillazine.org/Move_to_a_new_PC

    If you have a profile and emails only you see are new emails, then ImportExport addon for backup/backup tool use these emails as .eml files and save them in the new folder on the desktop.

    ImportExporttool: https://freeshell.de//~kaosmos/mboximport-en.html

    Then on the old computer, install the Mozbackup tool and use it to backup the entire profile.

    Copy the file *.pcv on the desktop on the new computer.
    Install Mozbackup on new computer and use it to restore the old profile on new computer. Then use ImportExporttool to get stored in Thunderbird .eml files.

    Re: address books:

    MozBackup tool should move the default address books, but the other address books can must be exported in form of files LDIF or .csv files and then imported into the new profile on the new computer.

  • lost all programs and docs on the vista help please

    the system makes the update then rebooted when he returned to this subject had lost all descktop ikons and all the photos, but they r always at the poster in the c drive and his commimg now upward with hard drive failures


    are you sure it was an update that caused it?

    If it was an update follow these steps:

    try a restore of the system before this happened


    If necessary do in safe mode

    Windows Vista

    Using the F8 method:

    1. Restart your computer.
    2. When the computer starts, you will see your computer hardware are listed. When you see this information begins to tap theF8 key repeatedly until you are presented with theBoot Options Advanced Windows Vista.
    3. Select the Safe Mode option with the arrow keys.
    4. Then press enter on your keyboard to start mode without failure of Vista.
    5. To start Windows, you'll be a typical logon screen. Connect to your computer and Vista goes into safe mode.
    6. Do whatever tasks you need and when you are done, reboot to return to normal mode.


    but also read this information too as you mention data missing and hard drive errors

    read the information at the bottom of the below link about what makes this malware hide your data files and the cure for it regarding

    Read article 17


    also follow the correct for that malware removal steps, just to be safe, let's


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