Lost file of PDF of Smartphones from blackBerry

I trasnferred a PDF file on my storm card support... can't find it trying of the blackberry.  Is it possible to open it and read about the storm?

Just to add more, sdgardne is correct, but you can actually use other applications that are a little less expensive as well.  One is BeamReader, while the other is Repligo Reader.  Both have trial periods as well (unless they changed it recently), so that you can try to see if you like it before you buy it.

And as a heads up, you can also try a free trial of the premium version of Documents to go, just to see if you like it.  To do this, go to one of the apps Docs To Go and then press the BB Menu key.  Select "try high-end features.  This will allow you to test the premium features for 30 or 60 days (sorry, I don't remember the exact number).

I hope that helps!

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  • Reader of PDF of Smartphones from blackBerry


    Need minor assistance with a minor problem,

    am having a problem opening an attachment pdf that only, it will not be open @ all,

    But if I got the attachment from within our workplace everythings fine

    No reason?

    TKS in advance


    Good deal, I think they all have a trial period, so you can see that you like best.

    Pesonally, I recommend you PDFtoGo, that ships with the purchased version of the DocumentsToGo, and if your BlackBerry is a device for professional use, you may benefit from Docs2Go and PDFtoGo.

    Good luck.

  • File Data1.cab of Smartphones from blackBerry Desktop Manager version 5.0 has bad CRC

    The current DTM software appears to be damaged. Clean uninstall of old software version 4.5. Downloaded the "500_b028_multilanguage.exe".  During the installation of software, I get a popup error message titled ' WinZip Self-Extractor ' and the message is "damaged ZIP: file C:\DOCUME~1\ttipps\LOCALS~1\Temp\WZSE0." TMP\SR_MM\Data1.cab: Bad CRC 6f092258 (should be 76f6d0e3).  Possible cause: file transfer error. »

    Any ideas?

    Have you tried to download the most recent (released this week) version of the Desktop Manager 5.0 SP 1?

    Download Desktop Manager here:


  • Files of Outlook of Smartphones from blackBerry can not be seen on Storm 9530

    I have a 9530 and subfolders under my contacts in Outlook 2003.  Is it possible that these records will appear also on my Storm?  I have in the categories but prefer records.

    Contacts on the BB has not the same set up for categories / folders than outlook a. I the same set using the 2007 version. The BB OS is not Microsoft office. It is compatible in many ways, but the contacts set up is different.

  • Blackberry Bold 9700 Smartphones from blackBerry backup


    I was able to backup data from my phone to the computer before it broke down. (Shows a white screen, I think the problem is the display screen)

    The questions are:

    1 is easy to fix the problem?

    2. how to open the data stored on my computer? I need to check some contacts and text messages.

    3. How can I transfer all the data again to a new phone? Should this phone be a Blackberry in order for contacts/messages/photos to be transferred?

    Thanks in advance for answering my questions.


    ateliermd2003 wrote:

    1 is easy to fix the problem?

    In my view, that can be firmly answered by a technician with the device by hand. If the problem is not a hardware problem, you might be able to recover it with this:

    • KB27956 How to recover a BlackBerry smartphone from any State

    ateliermd2003 wrote:

    2. how to open the data stored on my computer? I need to check some contacts and text messages.

    Natively, the backup file (BBB or RPI, depending on the version of the Desktop software you used) is intended for a single purpose... as the source of restoration to a BlackBerry. But there are several 3rd PC-based 3rd party there apps that can analyze the file backup, some even to do something else with the resulting data. I've never needed, but I heard good things about MagicBerry. Search for a few seconds (for example, on Google) and I'm sure you will find plenty of candidates for your needs.

    ateliermd2003 wrote:

    3. How can I transfer all the data again to a new phone? Should this phone be a Blackberry in order for contacts/messages/photos to be transferred?

    To transfer to another BB, simply perform the restore:

    • KB10339 How to use BlackBerry Desktop Software to restore data from a BlackBerry smartphone from a backup file

    To transfer to another device, these 3 save game file analysis applications (from your point 2 above) would be your source... you would have to understand what requires this device non - BB and then manipulate the data in the required format and then use whatever of this non - BB device has to load the data on this device.

    Good luck!

  • Smartphones from blackBerry Torch 9810 Software Update Lock-up

    This 9810 was to make a wireless software update and got 19 percent of the total backup (Social Feeds) when it locked in place - it was left running overnight without change. The telephone switching market he returned to the same point. removing and replacing the battery automatically starts the process of update again, until he gets to 19% and crashes again. Switch on the screen when you press ALT and shift.

    Oh no... now you have a more catastrophic problem... 507 means that everything is gone from your BB - the operating system, applications, data. First we need to get the features of your BB, and then you need to restore from your most recent backup.

    The easiest way is, on a PC (you can not do on MAC):

    (1) make sure that you have a current backup and your BB complete... you can find the instructions at the link in my auto-sig below. (not applicable in your situation, since you can't take one now)

    2) uninstall all the BB OS packages from your PC,

    (3) make sure you have the BB Desktop Software already installed

    (4) download and install on your computer, the BB OS package you want:

    • http://us.BlackBerry.com/support/downloads/download_sites.jsp
    • If all you want are the levels of BONE, it is first sorted by carrier - the carrier supports, your search will be fast. However, some carriers are much slower than others to release updates. To really get the package up-to-date OS for your BB, you need to dig through and find all businesses that support your specific model BB and then compare the BONE levels they support.

    5) remove all copies of the SELLER on your PC. XML... There will be at least one and maybe 2, and they will be located in the same way or to (it changes based on your version of Windows) these files:

    • C:\Program Files (x 86) \Common Files\Research In Motion\AppLoader
    • C:\Users\(your Windows username) \AppData\Roaming\Research In Motion\BlackBerry\Loader XML

    6 (a) to change your level of BB OS installed (at level or lower), you can run the Desktop software and connect your BB... the software should offer the operating system package you have installed on your PC.

    6 (b) or, for recharging your BB OS level installed as well to change, work around the Desktop software and use the CHARGER. EXE directly, through step 2 in this process:

    If, during the process of 6a or 6 b, your BB has an error '507', simply unplug the USB of the BB cord and reinsert it. do nothing else... This should allow the installation to continue.

    You must also use these tricks, but please substitute 6a or 6b above if all load allows you to use a Web site:

    If you are on a MAC, you are limited to only your sanctioned carriers OS packages... but can still use any level they currently have to sanction. See this procedure:

    • KB19915 How to perform a clean reload of the smartphone BlackBerry using BlackBerry Desktop Software application software

    Good luck and let us know!

  • Smartphones from blackBerry Torch 9800 completely erased during the update

    When I plugged my phone into the computer to charge, an update came on the bb Desktop Manager - to update to 6.0 Bundle 2467 - and I started the update.  After a few minutes, I realized that I have to back up my phone before the update but Office bb wouldn't let me - he said that HE had to be updated.  If the device software update paused until the Office update was complete.  When it was over, the update of the device continued... and I have no back upward.

    Somewhere in the middle of the update (after about half an hour) the phone blinked, there was funny "beep" and a message came that the update could not continue.  The phone has rebooted, but was stuck at about 65%.   I let it sit for a few minutes, still doesn't move do not.  Pulled the battery, let stand a few minutes like that and then reintegrated.  Began to restart, then won again at the same place.  Taken from the battery after a few more minutes and wait for about 15 minutes.

    When I put the battery back, the phone quickly started completely... but because the updater won Mid-implementation to date ALL is lost! Contacts, calendar, memos.

    Is it possible to recover whatever it is? Or all my data lost somewhere in cyberspace is?

    * There is a small file, about 5 MB called Contacts Blackberry so I thought I could synchronize the files from there, but I don't know how!

    Can anyone help?  Really aggravated in this topic...

    Hello and welcome to the community!

    First of all, we will be sure your BB works correctly and with the proper operating system. Is it? What you have said, I can't say for sure. If it does not work, then you can reload your new OS itself, just to be sure. Don't worry about all the data on your BB... he already went there now (based on what you said).

    For your data, Desktop software must have made a backup during the update process... sometimes, we offer the chance to overcome that... I hope that you do not have. In any case search your computer for files with the extension of the IPD or BBB (depending on the version of the Desktop software you use)... These are the files that would have been created on your computer when the update process performed the backup. Look at the time, the files were created... created around the time you were doing the update are candidates to perform a restore of your BB.

    Otherwise, if you had made use of yourself of the free app of the BB Protect your data are indeed "in the clouds" available for to restore you.

    In addition, if you use a Desktop Organizer (for example, Outlook), which must contain your data.

    In addition, if you have none of these, then you have indeed now met data loss, which is sad indeed.

    Good luck!

  • LANGUAGE of ENTRY of Smartphones from blackBerry to CHANGE

    Hi all

    I need to change the input from my bb to English language to French.

    I found where the do in the options...

    The problem is that when I get on the default English language entry screen / GB), when I click it, there is only English (United States). No other proposed.

    This bb has been offered to me by my former employer, maybe this can help you understand the origin of the problem.

    I have lloked on the site of bb to find answers, but without success sofar.

    Could you please help me find how to add a French in the other available Mo?

    Thanks in advance! :-)

    You would need to install an OS of a carrier that would include normally languages French or European.  Here are some instructions:

    1. start by searching for your operator and the system operating file that you want to use. I would like to use check European carriers (any carrier will work as long as the OS is for your type of device).  It is easier if you install the same version number you already have, you will be able to just install that language and not the rest of the operating system, but if you're updating to a newer version which is OK for... just takes a few extra minutes.  Make sure that the operating system download you shows as "multilingual".


    2. it's not bad to do a manual of your device first, backup using the Desktop Manager > backup. Close at the end Office Manager and disconnect it from BlackBerry. You can get the BlackBerry Desktop Software here http://us.blackberry.com/apps-software/desktop/

    3. download the OS from step 1 of the file on the PC then install on the PC by running (double click) the downloaded file.

    4. go into c:\program files Research in motion\apploader and delete the file named "vendor.xml." Also, check the following locations for the vendor.xml file and delete all instances of the file:

    On Windows Vista/7, go to C:\Users\YOUR_USER\AppData\Roaming\Research in XML Motion\BlackBerry\Loader (where 'YOUR_USER' is your user name)

    On Windows XP, go to C:\Documents and Settings\YOUR_USER\Application is In Motion\BlackBerry\Loader XML (where 'YOUR_USER' is your user name)

    5. connect the BlackBerry and double-click on "Loader.exe." It is located in c:\program files\common research in motion\apploader

    Pay attention to languages that are being installed and make sure you inlcude what you want.

  • Smartphones from blackBerry Curve 9380 - gel/pause

    I've had this phone for nearly 18 months without any problem, but last week I almost he threw out the window!

    For starters, he did pause for a few seconds, making send SMS, e-mail etc very frustrating! You might be texting, and then it is paused on everything that touches your tent to support on, then will take between 5 and 20 seconds to come for herself. Sometimes when I unlock or just try to navigate the phone - its fustrating Yes aswell!

    And then yesterday and today, the battery had drained by noon, although he had been accused of the overnight! I rebooted my phone at noon today, and its once again once drained (18:20)!

    They relate, or if my phone died?

    Hello and welcome to the community!

    Please try this sequence... Note that, throughout the whole 4h15m process, your BB should stay connected to a good charger (not the USB PC):

    1. With battery, connect your BB to the wall charger
    2. Leave it alone for 2 hours, no matter what the LED or the screen not
    3. Remove the battery
    4. Wait 15 minutes
    5. Insert the battery
    6. Wait another 2 hours, no matter what the LED or the screen not

    This has been known to "revive" some BBs.

    It is also possible that your battery or BB has encountered a problem... to test, this sequence is necessary:

    1. Get a known good and already fully charged battery... use it in your BB and see what happens
    2. Get access to a BB good and the same known... use your battery in there and see what happens

    The results of this will show if your BB or your battery that has the problem.

    You can also try to start safe mode:

    • KB17877 How to start a smartphone BlackBerry in Mode safe

    It will take several attempts to get the combination of keys ESC (press/release/hold) OK, so be patient. When properly in Safe Mode, see what happens.

    If the behavior continues, then well... think what happened just before this behavior started? A new application? An update? A theme? Something else? Think carefully that the slightest change can be causal... and try to undo all that was.

    But if the behavior continues mode without failure, you may need to consider more drastic measures - WIPE, OS Reload, BBSAK Wipe/Reload and the process of reloading OS 'skeleton '. To prepare, you should be sure that you have a full backup of your PC... Please see the Backup link in my sig auto on this post for instructions.

    You may also use these tips:

    Good luck and let us know!

  • E-mail blackBerry Smartphones from BlackBerry regarding "update my password by e-mail"

    Hi, I received an email supposedly from BlackBerry to my phone at 01:04 titled Action required: update password.

    The message told me that I had to update my password on one of my email accounts in the BlackBerry internet service. HE said that Email from that address were not distributed to my phone (I only noticed at this point that they were not because this isn't used much e-mail) and to resume the service, I needed to update my passwsord.

    He went on to give me instructions on how to do it. He said to open my BlackBerry Internet service account is by opening the configuration of email on my device application or visiting the BlackBerry Internet Service site then to go to the page e-mail accounts, choose the option change the correct email address, update the password field and then save.

    Depending on my device, the message has been received using the email as needed update account and has been in my Inbox and came from "[email protected]."

    It may seem silly, but I'm always a little kept when I get emails about passwords, I still did nothing, but I connect to my e-mail account online and there are 3 messages in my Inbox that indeed did not come to my phone, but no messages from blackberry. I didn't have a problem with my existing password.

    Is it current for BlackBerry to ask me to do this?

    Thank you very much for any help received

    It happens from time to time. Fear not:
    it you don't trust that, just go to your carrier's BIS site and edit the passwd file.

  • Smartphones from blackBerry App World

    I have a TORCH (software 6.0 Bundle 3049) with App World installed from Blackberry Desktop Software.  I have download the updates and App World indicates that a new version is available, I download the new version and App World Spear is no longer.  In other words, I click on the world icon, and nothing happens.  I'm going to BB Desktop Software, delete App World, re - start the phone and re - install the and functions of the App World.  In other words, until the App World informs me that a new version is available for the update and I can choose 'Update' or 'Close' and the cycle repeats.  I have 18 months left on my contract with Bell Mobility and I was kind of hoping that BB would fix it so I won't be too miserable until I can update an iPhone.

    I talked to Bell Mobility and that they me related to BlackBerry (RIM). The technical expert has helped me greatly.  I downloaded the software, saved my camera and reloaded the software bundle.  I won't go into details, it is best done with the advice of an expert.  Then, call your provider.

    But App World works perfectly now. So, all well that ends well.  I don't know if I will "jump" to an another unti now that my BB Torch works well again.

    FYI, the assistance was FREE!

  • Smartphones from blackBerry Desktop Manager does not recognize my Sprint Bold 9650

    I put these questions I have on You Tube.


    or you can search youtube for.

    Sprint Blackberry Bold 9650 Desktop Manager questions

    The software does not recognize my phone at all - ever - new install on 13/07/2001

    It's my first installation of the Software Desktop manager (no previous version where installed)

    I changed the power setting on my laptop USB ports

    Phone is version 6.0 bundle 2647

    Version of Desktop Manager is

    Thanks for your help-

    KB00125 - had the answer - I didn't know this - the data cable was thicker - the two cables where from Blackberry
    The answer
    Some USB cables are provided for only working load. These cables have no pins for data transfer.

    Implement a USB cable with pins for the transfer of data.

  • Update the Firmware of Smartphones from blackBerry to 4.5 is crushed, but updated it lost contacts, messages etc.

    Hope someone can help me, I me upgrade the firmware on a 8300 colleagues, he crashed with a fatal error. He must have reached a stage where he has updated and was about to copy the original data back in because that all user information are empty. I know he he saves when it upgrades the firmware I need to know is there a way to manually restore this backup. I ran the same procedure on my 8300 own no problem but unfortunately my colleague has never saved her using the desktop app, then he lost everything. Thanks in advance

    Search the PC for any file.. *.ipd. all the files backup Blackberry device end by extension "pi."

    I hope you find that and then using Desktop Manager > restore > advanced, in the left pane, choose open, navigate to the ipd file and restore the databases to the device.

  • Update of Smartphones from blackBerry Curve 9360 - lost all ringtones

    Hi all

    yesterday I updated my BB Curve 9360 to software version 7.1 Paket 2814.

    Unfortunately I lost all my standard ringtones and I have found no solution to get back them. The only way is to buy new.

    Does any body know a fix for this?

    Thanks in advance



    If you like everything about the new operating system but miss ringtones of your previous operating system, I suggest doing a search for "download ringtones BlackBerry OS6" (or whatever OS you had). I know that CrackBerry has always a selection of ringtones to download along with instructions to do so.

    I hope that helps you.

  • Smartphones from blackBerry 8310 PDF

    I bought the 8310 after promising that he would make PDF without the need of email.  It will not.  Other than wasting money, is possible or I don't throw away & buy the Samsung I know will be?

    Do you mean the reading of PDF files? Yes 8310 can read PDF files! Are you facing difficulties? You receive a prompt?

Maybe you are looking for