'lost' hard disk external iMovie projects

I tried to move several iMovie 11 projects and events to an external hard drive. Had them distributed among four different partitions in the DHM. Now I can't open/view project in iMovie, but they are listed on the EHD. HELP - is - it possible to recover?


Records of projects and events will only be recognized by iMovie if they are the root of a partition level.   This could be the reason?


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    The thing is that it shows the albums and songs listed there.

    But when I open a song and try to hit the room then a box opens with a warning.

    Say that Windows Media Player cannot find file.

    This has never been a problem with older media players.

    I tried to re - download the player, but it's not part of windows more I guess and that sucks.

    I want the old player back.

    This was very frustrating, I hope someone can help.

    Thank you.



    1. What are the troubleshooting steps you have tried?

    2. What is the file format?

    3. are you able to play other files?

    4. What is the exact error message you are getting?

    5. don't you make changes to calculate it before the show?

    Please follow the steps below.

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  • To transfer the old backups Time Machine from a hard disk external to the airport in Time Capsule

    Is it possible to transfer the old Time Machine backups from my external hard drive to Time Capsule airport?

    Having done this in the past, I can say that it is possilble... but is not anywhere near the amount of time and effort it will take to do this.

    Even when I was successful, Time Machine has started a new backup of the Mac... it has not added on the old existing backups, so I lost a good part of the backup on the Time Capsule space.

    This will be easier if you keep just on the hard drive for a few months... in case you need to go back and pick up a file... While the time Capsule built a new story backups tons.  After 3 to 6 months, you will not need the old backups, and you can erase the disc and use it as a spare part.

    If you want to try it anyway... see this article: http://pondini.org/TM/18.html

  • iCloud Photo library of backup hard disk external

    Assuming that you don't use referenced files, copy & paste "Library.photoslibrary Photos" package to a hard external lead backup all my pictures in Photos? If I open this file on another computer, I will be able to access my photos?

    Assuming that you don't use referenced files, copy & paste "Library.photoslibrary Photos" package to a hard external lead backup all my pictures in Photos?

    Yes, you can simply drag and drop the photo library on an external drive.

    But make sure, that the file system of the disk is Mac OS extended (journaled).  Otherwise, you may experience problems with errors in the file. (such as described here for Aperture: using Mac OS X extended, for your Aperture library locally mounted volumes)

    Turn the meter of "Ignore ownership on this volume" for the external drive, if you want to open the library of another Mac.

    If I open this file on another computer, I will be able to access my photos?

    Yes, if the first mac has the same version of Mac OS X installed. Versions of Photos must be the same.

    Using iCloud photo library? In this case depends on your preferences to "Optimize Mac Storage".  Optimize Mac storage' active your original photos will be in iCloud and not on your Mac and not copy on the external drive.  "Then you will need to disable optimize Mac storage" and wait for your photos to download before copying the library.

  • My drive hard disk external DRIVE does not work!

    I have a problem with an external hard drive mij on my pc, it's a px1267e - 1 g 32.

    I have bould last year and it worked well on my old pc with XP
    Now, I have a new computer with Vista on it and I want to connect to my external hard drive, but it gives no reaction on my pc.
    The password screen does not appear, I tried different think and Regen, I installed but I can't make it work

    Somebudy here have the same problem or know how I can do it I love it!

    Welcome them

    PS. Sorry for my English


    I have the same problem. But I've found a workaround.
    -Connect your HDD to PC VISTA
    -Select the CD drive with your browser (password)
    -Run ONSPCLCK.exe
    -Select 'Options '.
    -Select "Disable security password"
    -Enter your current password
    -Unplug the HARD drive
    -Connect the HARD drive

    now, it will work, but without any protection of password :(


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  • file transfer windows backup wps7 Windows 10 using the hard disk external. The files are zip files in windows 10

    How to open the files transferred from one computer to another computer using hardrive external. The

    host computer contains windows 7 wps writer and destination 10 windows computer. The files are zip compressed files.

    Essentially, just drag the files from the external hard drive to your new desktop computer (or another folder) and double-click it to open the file.

    Don't forget, you must install the program that reads that kind of file.  If it's a RAR compressed file, for example, your new computer will not have software to open it again. You will need to go download the compression program to open it first.

  • Need S-1-5-21 etc permission to remove a specific folder on a hard disk external.

    When I connect my external hard drive today, there were 2 unknown files that I've not seen before. The folder names are (from top to bottom):


    The first file contains the following files:


    The second folder contains many files more similar to Internet Explorer files. Here are a few:


    However, as the title says I can't delete the two folders because I need permission of the following... user? :


    I'm really confused because I don't know how those files have been installed on the eHDD. Please help me!

    Thank you!

    Edit: Word changed 'external' or 'external '.

    Right-click the problem folder, click Properties, click Security, click Advanced Options, click on the owner tab, set yourself as the owner. You must logged in under an account that has administrator privileges to do this.

  • Rescue and recovery - hard disk external bootable


    I had a problem with my external hard drive

    I formatted it, created the first 160 GB (mbr) partition

    I created backup top and makes bootable by the option "create rescue media.

    What is completed "successfully."


    I can't it boot from usb, because I got error:

    "NTLDR is missing".

    How to fix?

    Thank you very much

    What operating system are you using and what version of rescue and recovery?

    It is my understanding that ACTIVATE set must take place until all the data is placed into the USB port.

    My USB-hdd(1 tb) had files of data provider on it when I bought it. I ran to create a rescue support; It wouldn't boot.  I made the ACTIVE partition and still it would not boot. I have copied the close data of USB on my C drive, reformatted the USB with set ACTIVE partition.  I ran then create a support of rescue on the USB port and it will boot now.

    During the "boot failure" I think that it started just a black screen with a flashing underscore. Your system says NTLDR (nt bootloader) was not found. What is probably expected. It appears during the rescue process create a media, the necessary files are placed on the USB port, showing your list of directories. For some strange reason, the partition do NOT bootable after data are placed on the USB, then the rendered partition active. (Probably a problem breast to create a rescue support?).

    If you have a DVD burner, you can create a DVD rescue media, leaving your intact (with the data, but not bootable) USB. During a power outage, start you the DVD (standalone RNR) and that it points to the RNR backups on the USB port.

    I think that you focus too much on the message NTLDR not found and wait the NTLDR to appear on the USB port.

    On the other side of the room, there may be a problem with your boot sequence, which I doubt.

    I copy your files on your C drive, if possible _user, reformat the active USB/serial  Then everything should work.

  • Plugin Lightroom s hard disk external?

    I'm getting ready to start working with 2 computers and I want to keep all my Lightroom catalogs, but also plugins on an external drive that I can move between computers so all my settings are the same.  Is this possible?  I know it's easy to move the Lightroom catalog on an external drive, but I wonder about the presets and folders plugin moved?

    It is only for third party presets that save you

    When you check this option, it creates a folder called "Lightroom settings", which is stored in the same folder as the catalog that is currently open.

    Lightroom will write all new user presets that the user creates in the subfolder for the Lightroom settings folder (e.g. a new preset develop is stored in [catalog record] > settings Lightroom > develop Presets > user Presets).

    Do you have to manually track all your presets & models

    Yes, you could see all your presets in Lightroom Catalog Setings > Show Lr Ppresets folder

    The default location is:-

    /Users/ [user name] / Library/Application Support/Adobe/Lightroom / [folder preset or model] / [preset or template filename.lrtemplate (MAC)]

    The C:\Users\[user name] \AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Lightroom\ [folder preset or model]------[preset or template filename.lrtemplate] (Windows)

    ~ Assani

  • I have an IMac with time machine and time capsule. If I buy a big disk external hard can I save all my Lightroom Info to go to time machine, & that it saves on hard drive new, after he made a backup to time capsule.  In this way I'd have t

    I have an IMac with time machine and time capsule. If I buy a large external hard drive can back up all my Lightroom Info but also everything else to go to time machine, & that it saves on hard drive new, after he made a backup to time capsule?  This way, I would have two backups.

    Hi marinersr,

    I'm not sure the backup machine capsule/time, but according to me, that it backs up all data on your hard drive.

    Yes, you can back up the Lightroom catalog on the hard disk external.

    You can set the time of the backup under the catalog settings > backup > he would invite to the backup, when you exit Lightroom > click on select next to the location and specify the location as your new hard drive.

    If you want images of both original backup, you can configure to create a second copy of the images on your external drive during import.

    Kind regards


  • Installation on disk external USB - "Closed circle" after the first restart of the installer

    I tried to install on my MacMini Sierra (end 2012, Mavericks) to an external Seagate USB 3.0 drive 3TO. The drive is freshly formatted with utility disk (, logged, etc. extended partition GUID) and retired in good health.

    Installation always fails on the first reboot. On the first reboot, the screen goes black, there is a white Apple and white progress bar that moves two or three times to the right and then clears the screen and dreaded him circle with a diagonal line appears. Force reboot simply repeats the process.

    So, I decided to try and install the Mavericks (the OS on the internal SSD flash of the Mac mini disc) of the partition of the USB 3.0 drive recovery external. This eventually ended up with a white screen, the dreaded circle of diagonal and a widget of rotation for several hours. Force restart it worked and a new Workgroup installation Mavericks was now hard disk external and implemented to date.

    Another attempt to install Sierra on the external hard drive, but this time the Mavericks running on the external hard drive is not in the same way with the dreaded circle and the diagonal line.

    Near ideas, I tried to install Sierra on an old Seagate 500 GB disk firewire external hard. Shock, horror... it worked without any problem.

    Sierra is simply not install on an external USB 3.0 :-(3 TB drive

    Someone has it successfully? Any ideas?

    The saga continues...

    I tried the USB of the FW - same problem Imaging reader drive.

    I tried to start the Sierra - same problem recovery partition USB drive.


    I plugged the USB3 drive on a cheap Chinese USB2 hub and... Sierra, booted from the USB3 drive! Obviously not ideal speed wise, but it'll do for now.

    Sierra really dislike my external Seagate Go Flex Desk media USB3 drive when it is plugged directly into a USB3 port on my Mac Mini end of 2012.

    [Keep in mind, the Mavericks had no problem installing and running on the drive USB3.]

  • New Mac, same disk external DRIVE for the library; does not see the files

    I reconnected my iTunes library from a disk external DRIVE to my new computer, but iTunes does not recognize my files of the ALAC instead, he goes to the cloud and plays music from Apple things. How can I listen to my files? All the files are there, the library is intact; I changed the path in iTunes. Without result. He always plays with the cloud.

    You do not change the path in iTunes.  Who does as it says which is tell iTunes where media files [new] store. You change the path you launch iTunes by holding down the option/alt key, while the application starts and then choose when prompted the iTunes Library.itl file in the iTunes folder you included if all goes well on the hard disk external.  If everything you have on the outside are media files, then you better head for your old computer fast and get the rest of the library there.  It's the rest of these files in the iTunes folder that make up the other half of the 'library' iTunes needs.

  • You can download additional content on a hard drive external?

    I have Logic Pro X 10.0.0 and I want to download any additional content. Unfortunately, I don't have enough space on my laptop. Is there a way to download additional content on an external hard drive?

    You can do this only if you install the full application of Logic Pro X hard disk external. You need to either get the entire program on your MacBook or your external storage device.

  • Transfer Media Player on a hard drive external?

    I run XP and bought an external hard drive to my music collection.  Is it possible to transfer the Media Player itself on the hard drive external?  I'd rather play on Media Player on those of the drive, that there is none.  Choose a record and that's all that you can play at the same time; No shuffle or several artists in one sitting.

    Any suggestions, anyone?

    There is no need to transfer WMP itself hard disk external, WMP can perfectly handle music on other players.

    In WMP, please press F3 to display add it to the library, make sure that Advanced Options are displayed and add the folder music on the external hard drive in the list. Now, all the music on the hard drive will be added to the WMP library.

  • Files missing after moving iMovie events from local disk to external HARD disk. Are they lost?

    Hi all

    Tonight, I tried to clear up little space on my local HARD drive and wanted to spend my events/projects of the iMovie local library to an external HARD disk, which I connected via firewire 800.

    I opened iMovie (v10.1 - current version with all updates installed). I clicked on an event to highlight and then the FILE--> COPY OF LIBRARY of selected EVENTS.

    There, I sailed on the external drive and created an iMovie new library called ReWatch2015. I copied successfully eight different events, including files from my external hard drive.

    The ultimate goal is to get rid of them on the HARD drive internal, I highlighted the 20 remaining events I wanted to move and then used the FILE--> MOVE of EVENTS at the LIBRARY and specified ReGen_2015.

    It seemed at first glance to move. In fact, he seemed to move too darn fast in my opinion. When I looked at home in the library of the external drive, they were nothing more than a string of question marks, with a message telling me that particular item is not found and re-import the original clips. It's impossible because I have not kept the original source material on my internal drive. I had asked before if they are preserved in the library of iMovie and told me Yes, so I that's why I deleted the original source material.

    Don't see no activity on the disks, I did the cmd - Z to go back. Events have now shown upward into the iMovie library internal. HOWEVER, they still have the question mark, with msg on reimport. What is scary, is that if I go to ALL projects of them have visible thumbnails. Yet, when I click on any of these thumbnails to load the project into the editor, I am back to the page of question mark again.

    Are the file on drive HARD internal, and they just disassociated projects, or two-thirds of my library of events of 2015 are now toast? I was not under any type of backup Time Machine to be able to recover them, and frankly, if they left, it is not the end of the world since I was of the .mp4 displayed on Vimeo. But, I would just assume the iMovie library intact if possible.

    Suggestions on how to recover are greatly appreciated!


    Hi Robert

    Am having exactly the same problem on a new iMac 2016 running El Capitan: when I want to MOVE events such as you describe it, they sometimes get lost in the original library, both in the target library. Like you, I noticed that a such attempt to move just a very short time even if several GB of data play a role. Sometimes however, iMovie is able to move successfully. I my case, I had to re - import events so lost since an additional backup, I got on another external drive that I couldn't find the clips 'lost' on the HARD drive more. Very scary!

    I think it's an iMovie/El Capitan question which could be corrected with future updates. The only solution I've found is to the events of the FIRST COPY, and then check if the target is really OK and only then select the MOVE option, which will remove the original library to free up space. In addition, I plan to copy on a regular basis my library full iMovie on an extra disk to backup using the finder.

    Did you find anything in the meantime?


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