Lost partition recovery from Windows - Satellite L850-B757


I'm really grateful if you can provide me with the Windows license for my laptop from the windows recovery partition has been formatted by mistake

Here are the specs of the laptop

Satellite L850-B757
Part number: PSKG8V-05M002AR

Thank you for your support

Anas Shamasneh


Essential means of recovery can be ordered here:

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  • Lost my recovery of my Satellite A20-S103 disk

    Hi all! I lost my recovery of my Satellite A20-S103 disk. Anyone could copy it for me? Or, there is somewhere I can get it? Thank you! Be well!

    > Could someone copy it for me?

    Toshiba Forum is not an emporium of recovery disks!
    I guess that a recovery could be ordered from the ASP.

    If this laptop is too old then it will not be possible to get the collection of the ASP.
    In this case, you need to install the XP from your own disc, and then the pilots could be downloaded from the Toshiba page.

  • I lost my recovery for Windows Vista disk. How can I restore the computer to its original factory State?

    I lost my recovery for windows Vista disk. How can I restore the computer to its original factory State? I can't find how to create recovery discs, I did not have this option in the Recovery Manager


    Here are the different ways to reinstall vista

    Contact the computer manufacturer and ask them to send you to vista recovery disks to reinstall the operating system back as it was when you bought it

    they do it for a nominal cost of $

    also ask them if you have a recovery partition on your hard drive to get back to the way you bought

    you would normally press F10 or F11 or Alt + F10, 0 at startup to start the recovery process according to the manufacturer

    Ask them of the exact key sequence

    or borrow a microsoft dvd vista

    Make sure that you borrow the correct 32-bit or 64-bit microsoft dvd to your computer

    they contain all versions of vista

    This is the product key that determines which version of vista is installed


    Save all data, because it will be lost, do the above

    How to replace Microsoft software or hardware, order service packs and replace product manuals


  • I have two Acer ASpire laptops. They are totally frozen because of the virus. I lost the recovery of Windows Vista Ultimate Edition disc, where to get a replacement. I have to rebuild my laptop.

    I have two Acer Aspire laptops.  They are totally frozen because of the virus.
    I lost the recovery of Windows Vista Ultimate Edition disc, where to get a replacement.
    I have to rebuild my laptop.


    No - what are the two Acers come with a recovery disk?

    If this is not the case, one of them would have a recovery partion, which specifically is to reinstall the operating system on it.

    With an Acer, you press Alt + F10 at startup to start the recovery process.

    All data are lost when you do the above.

    And for the lost disc, contact Acer and ask them to send you recovery disks.

    They do that for a small fee:


    Some manufacturers have more available Vista recovery disks.

    If this happens, you may need to try this instead:

    You can also borrow and use a Microsoft Vista DVD, which contains the files for the different editions of Vista (Home Basic, Home Premium, Business and Ultimate) must be installed. The product key on your computer / Laptop box determines what Edition is installed.

    Other manufacturers recovery DVDs are should not be used for this purpose.

    And you need to know the version of 'bit' for Vista, as 32-bit and 64-bit editions come on different DVDs

    Here's how to do a clean install of Vista using a DVD of Vista from Microsoft:

    "How to do a clean install and configure with a full Version of Vista '


    And phone Activation may be necessary when you use the above installation method.

    "How to activate Vista normally and by Activation of the phone '


    See you soon.

  • My recovery from Windows Live Hotmail email is more so, how do I change my password?

    My recovery from hotmail email is no more so, how do I change my password etc...

    I can't even change my email recoverry because it will send a confirmation to the old enamel.

    Hello Michael,

    The best place to ask your question of Windows Live is inside Windows Live help forums. Experts specialize in all things, Windows Live, and would be delighted to help you with your questions. Please choose a product below to be redirected to the appropriate community:


    Windows Live Mail

    Windows Live Hotmail

    Windows Live Messenger

    Looking for a different product to Windows Live? Visit the home page Windows Live Help for the complete list of Windows Live forums to www.windowslivehelp.com.

  • Disk space and lost partition boot camp Windows 10 El Capitan

    Was trying to install windows 10 for the first time and I am unable to locate the Boot Camp partition for the installation of windows after restart alt + in windows installer.

    Disk utility also shows missing 50 GB partition.

    Here are the:

    diskutil list

    Cs diskutil list

    sudo TPG - vv - r see the/dev/disk0

    sudo fdisk/dev/disk0

    dLast login: Fri Mar 18 18:08:26 on console

    WiFi-131-179-43-25: ~ list of Austin$ diskutil

    / dev/disk0 (internal, physical):


    0: GUID_partition_scheme * GB 251,0 disk0

    1: disk0s1 EFI EFI 209.7 MB

    2: Apple_CoreStorage Macintosh HD 250.1 GB disk0s2

    3: disk0s3 Apple_Boot Recovery 650,1 MB HD

    / dev/disk1 (internal, virtual):


    0: Apple_HFS Macintosh HD GB + 199.0 disk1

    Logical volume on disk0s2


    Unlocked encrypted

    / dev/disk3 (disk image):


    0: Apple_partition_scheme disk3 + 18,1 MB

    1: Apple_partition_map disk3s1 32.3 KB

    2: Apple_HFS Flash Player disk3s2 18.1 MB

    WiFi-131-179-43-25: ~ list of Austin cs $ diskutil

    CoreStorage groups of logical volumes (1 found)


    + Logical Volume - Group 822D4439-B5F0-492F-927E-479F175CCDD8


    Name: Macintosh HD

    Status: online

    Dimensions: 250140319744 B (250,1 GB)

    Free space: 50788065280 B (50.8 GB)


    +-Physical volume BA074CDF-10E2-41F3-BCF1-1500780CE658

    |   ----------------------------------------------------

    |   Index: 0

    |   Disc: disk0s2

    |   Status: online

    |   Dimensions: 250140319744 B (250,1 GB)


    +--> Logical volume family 94ABCFD9-91C2-4542-A81C-9954CA69F1CC


    Type of encryption: AES - XTS

    Encryption status: unlocked

    The conversion status: complete

    High level queries: secure

    |                        Password required

    |                        Accepts new users

    |                        A visible users

    |                        At the Volume key


    +--> Logical volume 9B55AED4-119C-44D3-90CC-735356BFD6C5


    Disc: disk1

    Status: online

    Size (Total): 198999932928 B (199,0 GB)

    Reversible: Yes (unlock and decryption required)

    Put the situation: Restart required

    Name: Macintosh HD

    Volume name: Macintosh HD

    Content indicator: Apple_HFS

    WiFi-131-179-43-25: ~ Austin$ sudo TPG - vv - r show/dev/disk0


    See the TPG: / dev/disk0: mediasize = 251000193024; SectorSize = 512; blocks = 490234752

    See the TPG: / dev/disk0: PMBR to sector 0

    See the TPG: / dev/disk0: Pri GPT to sector 1

    See the TPG: / dev/disk0: GPT Sec at sector 490234751

    start index size summary

    0 1 PMBR

    1 1 Pri GPT header

    2 32 table GPT Pri

    34 6

    40 409600 1 part TPG - C12A7328-F81F-11D2-BA4B-00A0C93EC93B

    409640 488555312 2 part TPG - 53746F72-6167-11AA-AA11-00306543ECAC

    488964952 1269760 3 part TPG - 426F6F74-0000-11AA-AA11-00306543ECAC

    490234712 7

    490234719 32 table dry GPT

    490234751 1 dry GPT header

    WiFi-131-179-43-25: ~ Austin$ sudo fdisk/dev/disk0

    Disk: geometry / dev/disk0: 30515/255/63 [490234752 sectors]

    Signature: 0xAA55

    From end

    #: cyl hd s - cyl hd s id [Start - size]


    1: EA 1023 254 63 - 1023 254 63 [1-490234751] < unknown ID >

    02:00 0 0 0-0 0 0 [0-0] unused

    03:00 0 0 0-0 0 0 [0-0] unused

    04:00 0 0 0-0 0 0 [0-0] unused

    WiFi-131-179-43-25: ~ Austin$

    It is your free space.

    Free space: 50788065280 B (50.8 GB)

    You will have to perform first aid on the drive to get it back.

  • Cannot find the partition recovery on the Satellite A200-1BP


    First of all, I have a Vista Home Premium 1BP A200 and I lost the product recovery disc and I want to create one with "Recdisc.exe" product of Toshiba Recovery Disc Creator or Vista.

    They both failed because I didn't get a message "No disk HARD recovery Area!", then I looked in the "Disk management" section and could not find any partition without a name.

    There were two primary Partition which were 1.46 GB 'in good condition (EISA Configuration)"and my Vista (c).
    So, what should I do? Can I create a recovery partition?
    Or can I set the Recovery Disc Creator? (v.

    PS: I got my computer several times with my CD, which probably used my recovery partition.
    Seriously, I'm out of ideas and I don't want to lose 50 dollars just to get another copy of disc PR.

    PS2: I used press '0' and 'F8' thing too, they no longer work.
    Is there a way I can restore without any disk?

    Post edited by: darthbabam12

    > There are two primary Partition which were 1.46 GB 'in good condition (EISA Configuration)"and my Vista (c).
    > So what do I do? Can I create a recovery partition?
    > Where can I solve the Recovery Disc Creator? (v.

    It seems that the recovery of HARD drive partition is missing
    The first 1.46 GB partition is automatically created by Vista and the C partition is the system partition, the partition of HARD drive recovery doesn't seem to be available

    > PS: I got my computer several times with my CD, which probably used my recovery partition.
    Retrieve you the Vista using the recovery disc or what drive did you use?

    If you have installed the system using Microsoft Vista disk then, it was a big mistake because it deleted the partition of HARD drive

    > Is there a way I can restore without any disk?
    Either you use a Vista MS disk and missing drivers, which you can download from the Toshiba page or you order the Toshiba Recovery disk don't see another solution

  • file recovery from Windows 7 missing in boot options

    My loptop completely collapsed work after that a blue screen of death took now place their and error at start up and it does not load windows 7 seems to be missing my hard drive could recover from this? is there a way to run my drive of windows 7 is broken and have no way to get a new one? is my hard drive died a need a new? Why do we say that my part is locked? Thank you for your time


    Test your hard drive

    Go to the website of your computer manufacturer > search your computer specifications > know brand of hard drive > access the Hard Drive manufacturer's Web site > find and download hard drive Diagnostic software and make a record of start of it on the computer that you use to get here, following their instructions > test your hard drive to see if it has failed.

    And you can also use this method to test your hard drive:

    "SeaTools for DOS.


    "SeaTools for BACK tutorial.



    If it's OK:

    Make your own information system repair disc in this tutorial:

    "How to create a Windows 7 system repair disc"


    "This will show you how to create a system repair disc Windows 7 to be able to use to start the system recovery options to help recover your Windows 7 installation, if you have not a Windows installation disk, can't find your Windows installation disc or can not access the recovery options provided by your computer manufacturer.

    A system repair disc is not able to install Windows 7.


    If you are unable to start your Windows 7 to create a Windows 7 system repair disc, and then you could create on another computer for use on your computer. »


    Then, use this disk for System Recovery Options:

    "System recovery options".


    "How to run a startup repair in Windows 7"


    See you soon.

  • lost all music from windows media files and all images in picasa 3 after restoring

    have McFee security and when my daughter connected to an Indian restaurant local website

    McFee came on the screen saying a Trojon had been removed and then the screen went crazy
    and I finally managed to restore to an earlier date through any other user on the same laptop but have lost all
    my music (windows m p) and image (picasa3) files
    LS this the end?


    You can reinstall Picassa and install again the computer and check.
    See the link for uninstall and reinstall Picasa with the help of the link:
    Uninstall or change a program

    Picasa download link is provided here.

  • Recovery from sleep - Satellite 1800-514

    I'm developing an application on a Satellite 1800-514. Here's the problem: is it possible to turn on the laptop in sleep mode without pressing the power button (for example, by pressing a key on the external keyboard to PS2, or by moving an external mouse)?

    Thanks for any help!


    You should know that if the Toshiba power saver is installed on the unit the Microsoft power management doesn't work. In addition the energy saver is responsible for standby and hibernation mode.
    Here, you can set different parameters.

    Well, I can't say much about your developed application. I think that if you want to use you own tool, so you should remove the energy saver. But you know all the tools and the 3rd party applications, you can use at your own risk.

    PS: I'll be a happy man if someone here in the forum will give you a precise answer.
    It is a forum for users with currents and issues problems and not an application developer.

  • Satellite L850 - USB and touchpad stopped working

    Hey guys

    I got this laptop from toshiba Satellite L850 (faptop) and I am having some problems.

    When I turn it on nothing is wrong.
    When I hit the first screen after registration on (windows 8) with all the options of what to do (office, internet etc.) none of my USB ports work and my laptop mouse (touchpad) doesn't work that way.

    The only keys that work are the F-keys (F1, F2, etc) I was wondering if anyone knows what's the problem with him.

    I saw a message when I was turning right at the first "loading screen" (black red background text "TOSHIBA" or something else he said) saying that he was going to scan C drive and fix it.
    He finished and turns off.

    Being a person I turned it back and that is when the problem occurred.
    Before this problem came to me was to play counter strike and 10 minutes after it happened.

    If anyone can help I will appreciate it. Thank you.

    I think that there is some sort of software problem because the system has started the automatic repair process. Of course, this repair process touched the keyboard, the touchpad and USB device.

    I assumed that the updating of the system, reset or restore would solve your problem and this is why I think you should start with the option refresh your PC without affecting your files.

    This option should be selected if your PC is not made as in the past and you don't know why, you can refresh your PC without delete all of your personal files or change your settings.
    To refresh your PC
    1. start charm bar (Win key + C), click on settings, then change PC settings.
    2. click on update and restore and then click recovery.
    3. under Refresh your PC without affecting your files, click Start.
    4. follow the instructions on the screen.

    If this would not help you, you could _Restore PC to the point of beginning at the time. _
    To restore your PC to an earlier point in time
    1 win key + X and choose Control Panel.
    2. Enter the collection in the control panel search box, and then click recovery.
    3. click on open system restore and then follow the instructions.

    In the worst case you will need the laptop initial configuration using the Toshiba HDD recovery recovery.

  • Partition lost after recovery - Satellite L30

    I had two partitions on my HD (Satellite L30-114).

    I used the Toshiba recovery Cd to restore windows back to my laptop. The CD has not offered me a full mode or an Expert as written here http://support.toshiba-tro.de/kb0/FAQ350072001GR01.htm he has just recovered without any input on my side!

    After recovery, Windows does not see my second partition. I used the disk management utility, and it is said there are 17 GB of disk unassigned space (this is my second Partition!).

    Can and how can I restore it?

    TX a lot!


    It seems that the L30 comes with a new version of the recovery cd.
    I think that the recovery procedure is a bit different than the old with 2 different recovery modes (standard and expert)

    I know a little new recovery procedure because a friend of mine bought a new Satellite with this recovery CD. He asked me for the installation of the laptop and we checked.

    It seems that you must press the setting button after the language selection.
    If you n t use the button setting for the configuration if the recovery procedure will be remove and erase everything on the HARD drive. I think you didn't configure the settings and therefore all the partitions have been deleted.

    Unfortunately I think that there is not much to do. You the partition has been deleted and it of not possible to bring back the lost data.

  • Satellite L850 and partition recovery

    Hello, I want to ask about my recovery my computer portition L850 corei7 satellite phone.
    I got the pc 3 years ago and my restore partition has been deleted by mistak and I found one about 1.46 GB partition is tiltled by issue of recovery active healthy partition .my, these is the recovery partition? If its how can operate agine and if not how can my recovery partition agine reback... If she need to make an order in Egypt cost... and thx in advence

    This recovery partition belongs to the operating system itself and has nothing to do with the Toshiba recovery partition. If the recovery partition is deleted you can not get it back.
    Only thing to do is to reinstall the recovery image and use laptop with 'presets' again.

    In my opinion, only option for you now is to order the original installation of the recovery media - https://backupmedia.toshiba.eu/landing.aspx

  • Satellite L850 - how to replace a HARD disk recovery partition?


    Toshiba laptop Satellite L850. PSKDGA-02Y012. The original HARD drive has failed in his colleagues even mobile, so we replaced the two HARD drive after you have created a recovery USB. When used to restore the operating system to original status of OOB.
    That has worked and portable runs much, but now I want to BACK the recovery partition (now only on the USB I think) for the new HARD drive.

    Simple to shrink the disk HARD C: (partition 2) on the HARD disk, but then how to transfer twhats on the USB (USB recovery stick) back on the HARD drive?

    Thanks for any help.


    Hello karim

    When you buy the notebook you will get it with preinstalled operating system (recovery image). Original recovery image is saved on the HARD disk on the recovery partition.
    Each owner of the laptop has option to make the backup recovery image and create recovery media. It could be the DVD or USB support. You can do this by using preinstalled Toshiba recovery media creator tool.
    This tool will create bootable recovery media that can be used for the installation of original image recovery if there is problem with the installation of image disk HARD recovery or when the drive is defective and must be replaced.

    Where the HARD drive is faulty and should be replaced or the owner of the laptop to upgrade HARD drive, you can install original image created using recovery recovery media (USB). After installing recovery image, you will have the same situation as for the first boot after the purchase of the laptop. With other words notebook will have factory settings again.

    In this case original recovery image is already copied onto the new HARD drive and you will also be able to start the installation of HARD drive recovery. There is therefore no reason to copy a recovery on HARD drive media.
    Please note: installation of HARD drive recovery works with the factory only settings.

    If you have any other questions do not hesitate to ask.

    Good luck.

  • Partition recovery satellite L850 - 19 c: removed. How can I create a new?

    Laptop Toshiba Satellite L850 - 19 c (PSKDLE)

    Hi, ich have new partioned my HDD, befor that i have deleted all them were leaving! :-)

    I installed the new operating system, everything is ok and works well, I loaded all the drivers for the toshiba homepage...

    I need a description of how to create a new recovery partition empty, so that I can make a new backup with Recovery Wizard!

    Thank you.


    Unfortunately you can not do more. You must install the original recovery image using recovery media and this restore partition is created automatically.
    Have you created DVD recovery or recovery USB before you changed the structure of the partitions?

Maybe you are looking for