Lost recovery DVDs my A200 Satelite


I am owner of laptop Toshiba Satellite A200 and I accidantly broke my recovery CD... I have not all backups. He simply snapped in my bag.

What should I do? I need to recover my system, my laptop is not operational right now.
My computer Windows Vista is a license, I can provide the serial number of my Vista laptop or something. I can even take pictures if you wish.

Maybe you can provide me with the ISO image to download or something...
Thanks in advance.


Recovery image can not be downloaded. All you can do is to order a new copy and you can do so under the https://backupmedia.toshiba.eu/landing.aspx
Check it out!

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  • Should I in fact this recovery DVD - Equium A200-15I


    I have a laptop Equium A200-15I series. For reasons too long to describe here, I don't have the DVD of master restoration - it was not provided with the product and after that a long period, I was told that I would have to pay for it. Not fair, but there you go!

    My request is that the hidden partition on the laptop is still there and what I want to know is that can still recover my windows Vista environment by hitting the F8 key at startup upwards and crosses the screen of recovery without the DVD Master procedure or do I absolutely this disc.

    I am aware that all media that comes with the DVD won't be available, but this isn't a problem.

    I hope someone can help

    Best regards

    Hello Seamus

    To be honest, I'm a little confused, and at first, I just want to clarify something. Notebooks (A200 series) are supplied with recovery DVDs and these books have no recovery image on the HARD disk and you cannot install the OS by using advanced startup options (F8).

    New laptops like A300 models are supplied without recovery media and recovery image is saved on the HARD drive and there is a possibility to install the OS without recovery DVDs. The recovery image is saved on the second partition in HDD Recovery folder. Drive HARD recovery can be done if this folder is not removed.

    If you want to have the factory settings again you need recovery (DVD) image. You can also purchase Microsoft Vista DVD facilities and install your own operating system. All the drivers, tools and utilities that you can find on Toshiba supports the page. Of course some other software like Norton or WinDVD player are not downloadable.

  • Satellite P200 purchased in Australia lost recovery DVDs

    I bought a computer laptop Satellite P200, Vista Home 32 bit, during a trip to Australia, in all my travels, I managed to lose my recovery DVD and now home to the United Kingdom, I need to run recovery due to corrupted Windows system files. When I try to order from Toshiba Europe site it tells me that I bought my laptop abroad, but when I visit the Australian site, there seems to be any method of ordering the recovery DVD, the only point of contact is applicable in Australia free phone number.

    Can someone point me in the right direction please?

    Original Toshiba recovery DVD can be ordered only in the country of purchase and what you can try is to contact the service provider allowed soma in Australia. I hope that they can order, but the question is whether they want to send to UK.

    One last thing: do not use recovery DVD for installing the OS. You can get Microsoft DVD facilities and install Vista on your own. I am sure that all the drivers, tools and utilities for your model laptop you can find on the Australian support and download page under

    If you want to do this alone and if you need assistance please let us know.

  • I lost recovery DVDs. Can I get a copy?

    Hi people, my laptop is working really bad slow. its all clogged and need formatting. I can't find my dvd data recovery so I thought of what are the options I have. pleeeeeeeeeease help... can I get a copy of it? It will be so much easier if I did... Please answer...

    For first aid, before finding recovery CD (or DVD), you can use the drivers and utilities from http://www.csd.toshiba.com/cgi-bin/tais/su/su_sc_home.jsp

    In fact, I am also interesting to have the recovery disc, because I bought used laptop (T9100) with XP just and little drivers and utill

  • Satellite A100-785 - I lost my DVD with Windows


    I have a big problem.

    I have to re - install my operating system, but I lost recovery DVDs.

    How can I get this plate or with windows form Toshiba .iso file?

    (Sorry for my English, I'm Polish and I don't have a good English ^^)


    You can not download the file from Toshiba.
    You have to buy the recovery disk.

    Check out this page of Toshiba Recovery:

    Here, you can try to order a recovery disc.

    Welcome them

  • Is recovery DVDs the only disc with Satellite A200-1CR

    I wonder if I had all the discs with my laptop Satellite A200-1CR, because I can't make heads or tails of the files on the recovery DVDs. Where are all the programs that I should get with the computer., and I had everything installed from the beginning. I want to reinstall windows, but I am concerned if I have all the programs like: winDVD and Norton Security and all the driver.
    Thank you!


    The Toshiba Recovery DVD is only one of the disks that came with your laptop.
    On this DVD, you'll find a Toshiba recovery image that contains the operating system Windows, drivers, tools and additional software.
    If you want to redefine the laptop to factory settings then just boot from the recovery disc and the installation will begin.
    But note; the recovery DVDs will format the drive so HARD integer if necessary backup data.

    Other programs like Win DVD or Norton Security are OEM versions and, therefore, are only on the Toshiba Recovery DVD. It of not possible to download it!

  • How we prevent data lost on the relocation by recovery dvd

    Dear Sir.

    I bought the computer laptop pavalion g6 1002tx

    At that time, I had win 7 OS.

    later another two months, I installed win 10.

    now I want to reinstall Win 7 again because I like more.

    I have the DVD of recovery also for win 7,.

    But the problem is what if I install win 7 with the help of Recovery Dvd my data all important about 500 GB will be lost, because the installation using recovery DVDs will completely make my Matthew in a State factory.

    I don't have any external hard disk, all I have is only a slow internet connection, my laptop and recovery DVDs.

    Offers please how can I reinstall my original win 7 with the help of recovery DVDs without losing even a 1 mb of data.

    You can not. You need a way to backup you current installation.

  • Recovery for Satellite A200-21dts DVD includes Vista SP1


    My recovery DVD does not work... and I noticed this new download service, and my question is...
    Is - this this new recovery DVD come with the Vista SP1 already installed? and it comes with the latest drivers and utilities?

    Thank you


    I don't know about you, but I'm sure that you get just copy. This means that you got the recovery as well as the original. The original is designed maybe a year ago and at this stage the SP1 was not available.
    I think you have OS without SP1 and with the drivers, tools, and utilities that was available at the moment.

    When you install the operating system, you can get info about the version of each Toshiba utility and you can install the latest versions. You can find it on the Toshiba support page.

    To be honest you don't need all that. Package of added value is important. Remove the other preinstalled and install later the Toshiba download page. I did the same thing.

  • How to make a picture of Recovery DVD for my Satellite A200 - 1 GB?

    Hi Experts,

    As I have written before that I divided my 2nd HARD drive partitions in to 2partitions.

    Now, I want to make a DVD of recovery unless the manufacturer provided DVD.

    The reason I want it is the said USER MANUAL when we restore the provided manufacturer DVD it will FORMAT all Partitions and restore the HARD drive to the original state (when he come there two partitions).

    So now, I'm doing a recovery DVD to recover the laptop with on the FORMATTING of the second partitions.
    I just want to format only C drive and install the Vista operating system and other software manufacturer provided.
    Then other readers will be safe and data on these partitions will be safe.

    I ask you help me on this.

    It's better if someone can give me instructions for this operation.

    Thank you!!! {: 8}


    It's pretty easy, but you must right and Vista compatible program. I use Windows XP edition family Norton Ghost, but on this page you can find useful information on the most recent and the Vista compatible version.

    I get the same thing for me. It is very good program and I can really recommend Norton Ghost.

  • Re: Recovery CD Satallite A200-1CR


    I lost my recovery CD Toshiba A200-1CR Satallite, what should I do?
    I would be able to buy at the store of Toshiba europe backup media?

    I want to say is this site backup media is telling it recovery CD?

    Thank you


    Don t know you will be able to order the recovery DVDs using the above site.
    There, you can order the DVD of recovery only for laptops that were shipped with the drive HARD recovery option.

    But if you would contact the ASP, then I m sure that you will be able to order these recovery DVDs.


  • Satellite A100-999: the process of recovery (without recovery DVD/CD)?

    Hi all

    Here is my GOAL: I want to reinstall the original Windows Vista as it was when we bought this laptop.

    My PROBLEM: we never managed to create recovery DVDs (just after the purchase), always gave an error... today and to my surprise, I can't find any operating system recovery tool is...

    1. to the power of power off: I tried the button "0" (as read on the internet), but did nothing special...

    2 - I tried then in the options menu (after F8 on reboot): FIX YOUR COMPUTER
    Then (after choosing the Spanish language and the connection as a user), I tried to launch the WINDOWS RESTORE COMPLETE lo, but he said that no CD/DVD... (no current number with this = CD/DVD drive works fine)

    3 - I then tried another interesting option: RECOVERY HHD (more or less like this, as I have in Spanish version)... Just a pop-up open (maybe on the DVD recovery) but without any touch of the process...

    More complicated now, isn't?

    4 INFO:
    I could find the hidden partition and display it. It contains files and folders: a record 'source', 'boot.sdi"if I remember correctly... and maybe more...
    => I copied on a USB key and registered on a new DVD (and the image.iso of them as well) and repeat points 2 and 3 above, but nothing has changed... (the content of this DVD is read without problem on another laptop)

    -This folder and files (found in the hidden partition) means that the recovery is still here?
    -Are there a special file.exe or the procedure to follow in order to be able to launch these files found?
    (my ultimate last chance: order than the recovery CD of Toshiba, if it is still possible)

    Thanks in advance

    Post edited by: shupachups

    > I understand now that these files (hidden partition) are those used for the display of this special menu (after you click REPAIR MY COMPUTER) with the COMPLETE WINDOWS RESTORE, RECOVERY HHD...

    > Is that correct?

    No, the small hidden partition is created by the Windows system, and these aren't the recovery disc files.
    Toshiba Recovery disk files are placed (in general) on the D partition, it is not hidden.

    > So I guess I should have a COLLECTION case somewhere... but I read in some messages of this type of comment: 'the series A100 not fitted the HARD drive recovery partition ".

    That could be just because the A100 is old series and drive HARD recovery was not available at the moment
    As far as I know the series A200 and new series were equipped with recovery option.

    > If not available, I'm already so on this last-chance-step explained above? This means to order the DVD of recovery on https://backupmedia.toshiba.eu/landing.aspx

    Here is the link to the page where you can order a recovery for the EU Toshiba notebook disk series but I don't very well if you'll be able to order this disc don't due to the age of the laptop of m.

  • Qosmio G35-AV600: where to get the recovery DVDs


    I lost the Recovery DVD for my Qosmio AV600 and I would like to know how to get a new copy of them.

    Thank you.


    The recovery DVDs can be ordered through authorized Service partner (ASP) in your country. If you are in the United States, all ASP information you will find under http://www.csd.toshiba.com/cgi-bin/tais/su/su_sc_home.jsp > REPAIR CENTER > LOCATE a SERVICE CENTRE.

    Good bye

  • Re: Is it possible to completely recover VistaOS using only the recovery DVDs?

    Hidden WinRE partition has been deleted by mistake, but I still have the original recovery DVD for my A200.
    Is it possible to completely recover VistaOS without the WinRE partition, using only the recovery DVDs?

    Of course.
    The Toshiba Recovery CD is designed to recover the laptop.
    Using the recovery CD you will get factory settings.

    But note; the Toshiba Recovery CD format the whole HARD drive and erases the HARD drive partitions.

    Welcome them

  • Need for Recovery DVDs for my Tecra A3

    I ve lost my Tecra A3 recovery DVD. Are there opportunities to get a new one?
    Who can help me pls?

    Thnx for answers.


    Please contact the authorized Service (ASP) partner in your country. It can order a new one for you.

  • Tecra S3: issues of recovery dvd


    I have a Tecra S3 120 model and its drive hard sata 80 GB has been partitioned to install debian and other BONE and have a backup only fat32 partition.

    Tecra have a manual and a single DVD, the recovery DVDs. A long time, I decided to have a quick glance; I started, and oh surprise, tool recovery begins to format drive without my intervention.
    Quickly I turned off.

    I am fortunate because only first 20 GB seems to be lost, so I only lost partition winXP and no backups, and linux (knoppix and testdisk help me to redo the partition table and the man gpart show how to do a mbr backup me and restore).

    Unfortunately, a second attempt gave me the same behavior of "recovery."
    Now I reinstall Windows XP, and a look at DVD show me that, like other Toshiba (Quosmio F-20), this DVD has an 'expert' mode (I see the bitmat with the screen, in a folder).

    I consider that the behavior by default as a danger bug, but:

    1. How can I access the so-called "expert mode" before formatting?
    2 and, very important, what is the image of ghost I have to choose for my 20 GB partition?
    Perhaps these images are volumes of the same image? :

    Thank you!

    DVD series: PMR400461SP1
    [01:37] debian: ~ # tree /cdrom/
    | - 03485000.CRC
    | - 03485000.GHO 670 M 2005-09-28 12:54
    | - 03485001.GHS 670 M 2005-09-28 12:47
    | - 03485002.GHS 670 M 2005-09-28 12:52
    | - 03485003.GHS 252 M 2005-09-28 12:54
    | - G_INST
    | | - BMP
    | | | - MENU. BMP---> here, I can see to choose "expert mode".
    | | | - NO_TOSPC. BMP
    | | | - PARTFORM. BMP
    | | | - RESTART. BMP
    | | ' - SP.txt
    | | - BACK
    | | | - ATTRIB. EXE
    | | | - CHOICE.COM
    | | | - MODE.COM
    | | | - XCOPY. EXE
    | | ' - XCOPY32. MOD
    | | - SPAN. BMP
    | ' - TOOLS
    | | - BMPVIEW. EXE
    | | - CLK.COM
    | | - FDISK. EXE
    | | - TDISKSZE. EXE
    | | - TOSCHK. EXE
    | | - TSHOW. EXE
    | | - VOLCHECK. EXE
    | | - gdisk.exe
    | ' - trecover.exe
    | - SPAN. BMP
    ' - Setenv.bat

    4 directories, 27 files


    I m very surprised of your suggestion.
    To my knowledge the recovery procedure doesn't start automatically.
    You must choose between 2 modes, the standard mode and expert mode, until the procedure will begin.
    It is very amazing that it is not possible to choose it between these modes.

    But you can order a new partner of Toshiba Recovery CD.
    Perhaps only your CD is damaged.

    In any case, I don't think you will be able to restore your 20 GB on the HARD disk. My view, to start the process of full recovery to reinstall the Windows operating system

    Good luck

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