Lost the remote TCP/IP connection through NOR-MAX

"" Hi, I try remotely LeCroy WaveRunner 104Xi oscilloscope through "resources VISA TCP/IP" option in Control Panel OR MAX, but the VISA session is lost (0xBFFF00A6) right after I viWrite the '* IDN?" order several times.

Here's my full configuration process:
1. install the Passport VISA LeCroyVICPPassportInstaller_1.0.8.exe , LeCroy oscilloscope

2. setting of the session to follow the instructions (as per joint, LAB_WM827.pdf)

[by the way, I'm not able to configure the session as "VCIP:'type', I only be able to configure the session asTCPIP0:: 1861:OCKET" ""]
    TCP/IP resources VISA-> Create TCP/IP new resource...-> Raw Socket
Set the IP address: (this IP address is successful to be ping by PC and this address is of course belong to the 104Xi WaveRunner oscilloscope)
Set the port number: 1861

3. then, there will be a new resource under "resources VISA TCP/IP". Select this option and 'VISA Open Session'. A dialog box will be retractable to the communication of the instrument.

4. go to the tab "viSetAttribute", the value VI_ATTR_TCP_KEEPALIVE to VI_TRUE, VI_ATTR_TMO_VALUE the value of 15000.

* NOR-MAX Version:
* Connection: The ethernet cable is used through the server (No 1 to 1 connection) of the company,

"After all this, I send '* IDN? \n"(dans l'onglet viWrite ), it returns the value 0 (which means no error occur) and return 6 counts. " So I try to read a buffer (in the viRead tab), but it send me error timeout (VI_ERROR_TMO). After that, I erase the buffer in viClear. Then, I repeat same steps, this time he (viRead) return me connection lost error (VI_ERROR_CONN_LOST).

This situation is repeated every time that I reopen it new session. In the meantime, I also doubt that the viWrite did send the command to the oscilloscope or not. The oscilloscope was no response after that I have send "ASET" (WaveRunner 104Xi order for autosetup oscilloscope) through the viWrite tab.

I am out of ideas now.

What's my configuration OR-MAX problem? or hardware problem? or a server problem?

Please advice... need help badly.

Thanks in advance.


Hi wcsoh,

Alan and LeCroy Support here...

Use the type of connection (LXI).  The problem is that when you use the connection TCP/IP (ACIP) type, you cannot configure the WaveRunner 104MXi as a resource of VISA's TCP/IP in MAX.   Note that MAX is not 'hip' to recognize any instrument type TCPIP, including extended via ACIP LeCroy.  To use LXI, go to utilities > utility configuration... and then to the 'Remote' tab, where you will find the button on the left side of the screen of config to use 'LXI '.  If you don't see this button, you will probably need to update your firmware.

With the type of connection (LXI), you can automatically find the scope through MAX, enter this amount as a VISA TCP/IP resource and configure an alias as well...  You can also point your web browser to the IP address of the bezel, and you will see a status page with information, including the name VISA always useful resource to use when you configure the scope in MAX.  (Note, however, there is no need to use MAX at all when the connections of VISA to LeCroy oscillloscopes!)

Here is a link to an application note written by me which deals with the LXI interface, including information about the configuration of MAX to show scope: http://www.lecroy.com/tm/library/AppNotes/LXI/LXI_Interfacing_AppNote.pdf

Do not hesitate to contact me for any question!

Best regards

Alan Blankman

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    Adobe Community Expert: Dreamweaver


    Unique templates CSS | Tutorials | SEO articles



    Web Design & development



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    Our problem is that we cannot run UDP connections behind our firewall without conversion on NAT. We send a client preconfigured to our users which forces to use tcp port udp by default 10000 10000 verses. We do this for several reasons, but the most important of them is our firewall will not redirect sessions IPSec UDP, IPSec TCP sessions only.

    Leaving the VPN concentrator outside the firewall and exposed is not an option. So, I find myself with say to all my users USB that is the only way that they can connect to install an Ethernet card, which ultimately is not really much of an option considering expenditure and technical knowledge necessary to pull it off the coast with hundreds of individuals it just will not fly.

    So, this brings me to this forum. Before I open a TAC case I hear experts to try to determine as closely as possible, if this is a problem of Microsoft or Cisco VPN client. I have my suspicions that this is owned by Microsoft, but I can't prove anything yet. Does anyone else have an idea on this? Please, I invite everyone to test this out and let us know what you find. If you would like more details on the methodology please let me know and I would be happy to provide it. I think it is potentially a huge problem only by the number of complaints I've seen in this forum. My supervisor thinks I smoking something when I try to explain this to him. All he can say is "if it was really a problem, more people would certainly also, and you would have heard about it now, it must be in your configuration." GO FIX"(does all this sound familiar?)

    I appreciate all of the comments that everyone is willing to give. I think that if we as a community get together on this we can find a solution.

    Thanks for your time!

    It is a bug, use the bugtool kit to see bug CSCdv00229.

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    Can you ping the server IP (or nomhote.nomdomaine) address of the client machine?

    What is the error you get when you issue "tnsping SCREWS" of the client machine?

    You have added the following entry to your client's tnsnames.ora file?


    SCREW =


    (ADDRESS = (PROTOCOL = TCP) (HOST = 1521))







    Can you reproduce the problem with sqlplus? If so, please see (11.5.10 news: run SQL * Net access for guests (Doc ID 291897.1)).

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    Thank you... (I'm a newbie in oracle and English... so I apologize in advance)

    Edited by: user1248176 APR 12. 2010 22:50

    steve80lyon wrote:
    If this problem a network, then please note that I run the client and the server db on the same machine... a sun fire v240 and I'm alone on this server.

    I also tried it on another computer, run the client on the same machine as the server... It's the same question.

    I am lost... I ran the client that connects to a Database 9i (the same structure but the data of the elder) I have a time to ' correct '...

    Edited by: steve80lyon Apr 13. 2010 08:11

    The request may not be leaving the machine, but it is still going through the network TCP stack. You have the gun of smoking showing exactly where the extra time is coming. Should it take that long? I don't know, but it seems to me that calculation adds up correctly to account for the difference between the tcp protocol and legacy connections.

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