Lowered target Version 9.0 or later form and now the validation messages are appearing, even when the Show Messages dialog box is set to "do not display any message boxes at all."

Hi all:

I went a form target version of "10.0 and higher" to "9.0 or more ' and now I get messages from automatic validation of Adobe to appear, even when the Validation of the form of the document is set on"don't show all the message boxes at all."

Any thoughts?  I have listed some other form to 9.0 and higher and the same setting form Validation works "do not want to display all message boxes".

The only thing I can think is the decommissioning of 10.0 to 9.0 or more did something?

Thanks in advance,



without knowing what the errors are, it is difficult to say what the problem is. Forms are usually not popups unless you use FormCalc. Then, the software is displayed a FormCalc error.

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