LR mobile do not synchronize with the iPhone 6 more

Just bought the iPhone 6 more and downloaded the LR app on the new phone.  It shows the synchronized collections and has a dark spot for every picture in this collection, but there is no pictures and no charge. I think that checked all the settings to enable them.  what Miss me?

Never mind... I was disconnected (e) mobile LR on my laptop. Everything works fine again.

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  • iTunes does not synchronize with the iPhone SE

    My new iPhone IS will not sync with my iTunes library.  Whenever I connect it to my PC, I get the error message shown above.  The iPhone and iTunes are running with the latest version of the software, as shown in the image below.

    I don't know what could be the problem.  I never had a problem syncing my iPod or my iPhone 5 in the past.  I followed all the troubleshooting tips offered by the Apple Support, but I get the same error message.  The USB port is fine because the phone recharges when it is connected and other devices work in it as well.  It's iTunes that has a problem because iTunes won't even detect that the phone is connected after the initial error message.  Help, please.  All the world has ever encountered this?  If so, what do you have to solve the problem?  Thanks for your time.


    Hello nlg0405. I'm very fond of Windows Vista, but I fear that Apple is not, and I have very bad news for you: iTunes 12.1.3 isn't really "the latest version of iTunes," but it was the last version to support Vista and XP, and now it's almost a year. If you visit to Download iTunes for Windows (32 bit) 12.1.3, under What's new in iTunes , it should be noted that ' SE from iPhone and iPad Pro (9.7 inches) only is not supported on Windows XP or Windows Vista.» Exchanging the SE to an older model of the iPhone maybe not much better, because the 10 iOS update coming next month probably will make all the mobile devices Apple incompatible with Vista. I'm afraid that the only good solution is a more recent version of Windows or Macintosh.

  • Favorite contacts on WatchOS3 do not synchronize with the iPhone?

    I have a Apple Watch series 1 running an iPhone 6 more and Watchos3 with ios10. When changing my favorites in contacts on my phone it does not evolve on the Apple Watch. I looked in the app shows on the iPhone and that you won't find anywhere hand to change either.


    It can help restore your sync data:

    • On your iPhone, in the application of the watch, go: Watch My (tab) > general > reset > tap reset sync data.
    • The process runs in the background (invisible to you), allow a minute or two later.

    To clarify, series 1 does not refer to your existing, first generation watch. He referred to a new Apple Watch model that has the same characteristics as the original Apple Watch, with the exception of a new dual core processor.

  • Toyota link does not synchronize with the iPhone 6 s more. Bluetooth works with phone and music but unrelated to Toyota

    I continue to be not challenged with iPhone 6s over with now no connectivity through Toyota link although I have connectivity through blue tooth for music and phone. Do not have this problem with previous iPhone.

    Any advice welcome.

    Compatibility list which shows not its compatible with the more than 6 s

    Can contact them and see if it is.

  • My Itunes does not save my iPhone saying that the backup is damaged or is not compatible with the iPhone.

    I / m trying to backup my iPhone 5, but the iTunes says it is not possible because the backup is damaged or is not compatible with the iPhone... What should I do?

    What version of iTunes you have? The most recent is 12.4.1. Try downloading this version and controlled again.

  • Synchronization with the iPhone

    How can I sync my iphone with Lightroom rather than iphoto

    You cannot synchronize with the iPhone. That being said, when connected your iPhone must be accessible via the Lightroom Import window

  • Sierra mail does not synchronize with my Exchange Server more.

    Dear community.

    After the transition to macOS Sierra Mail is not synchronize with the Exchange Server, so I can't check my e-mail from work. I deleted and reinstalled the exchange account, which did not help with the problem.

    At the same time, my iOS (iOS 10) devices keeping synchronization without any problem.

    Someone has the same problem? Any solution?

    Thank you, David

    Works fine for me on more than one Mac running Sierra. Contact your IT Department.

  • iTunes version 12.3.3 used to synchronize with the iPhone 6

    I installed the update to iTunes (Version 12.3.3) on my MacBook Pro. However - now iTunes won't sync with my iPhone 6. The color wheel continues to turn but will not connect with my iPhone.

    My iPhone and MacBook have all proposed updates. And work well independently. (Note: iTunes doesn't seem to work a little more slowly than previous versions.)

    I've seen a few suggestions on discussion forums, but they seem to be for people using Windows. Advice for the MacBook crowd would be appreciated.


    If you do not see your device in iTunes for Mac - Apple-Support -

    Device are not not immediately after the upgrade - - try to restart

    LincDavis July 2014 post on reset sync services when iTunes is not responding -

    LincDavis June 2015 post about other things to try -

  • BlackBerry Smartphones BB does not synchronize with the Desktop Manager

    Suddenly, my BB 8220 does not synchronize with my Desktop Manager. He tries to synchronize the calendar and then I get an error message: BlackBerry desktop has encountered a problem and needs to close. It should also synchronize my contacts and tasks, but does not get it until now. My DeskTop Manager is version 4.3. All solutions?

    Hey ShelleyPringle,

    Welcome to the community of BlackBerry Support Forums.

    I suggest you upgrade your BlackBerry Desktop Software and then try to sync.

    Go to to get the software and then try to perform the synchronization.

  • 931 could not synchronize with the provisioning of the users of the planning

    I get "unable to synchronize with the user commissioning. Check the schedule for more details log"error trying to connect

    This question is not for all users. I can log on as an administrator and refresh my safety through planning web

    If is a migration between environments and shared services in the same place then the MSAD accounts must be exactly the same.
    If it is different, then the updateusers utility resolves the differences.

    See you soon


  • Smart playlist does not correctly synchronize with the iPhone

    I have a list of smart playlist in iTunes on my Macbook chooses 200 songs in my library based on 'least recently played', only checked in the songs, live update. My iPhone is updated via iTunes sync (no iCloud, Apple game, etc.). If I connect my iPhone and view its contents on my Macbook, the reading list "on my iPhone" seems to be the same as for the Macbook. However, when I look at the playlist on the iPhone itself, lack many of the songs in the playlist. They are on the iPhone in the song list, but not on the reading list.

    I tried to create a new list of smart playlist with the same criteria... same problem.

    I tried to uncheck 'Music' of criteria for iPhone sync (by removing all the music in the phone), then adding back again... same problem.

    I created a second smart playlist on my Macbook, which has selected songs using the criteria that they be on the first list of reading ("playlist is equal to [playlist name]"). I chose the second selection to sync to my iPhone. The songs missing from the 1st reading on the iPhone list appear on the 2nd reading on the iPhone list! So the bug seems to be something to do with the 1st playlist selecting songs from the play date function library and iPhone accept not for the determination of the Macbook which happens on the playlist.

    It's really weird that the contents of the iPhone shown on the Macbook is not the same as what was on the iPhone. Must I deduce that the contents of the iPhone shows which is assumed to be on the iPhone and not information from the unit itself?

    I use iTunes

    Everybody runs into this problem recently?

    Update: I tried to sync the playlist to my old Nano, and all the songs are there. So it doesn't seem to be an iPhone / iOS / music application.

  • iMac used to synchronize with the iphone

    How can I get my iphone 6 to synchronize with itunes on my Mac after ios 10 download? My Mac does not recognize my phone.

    Make sure that iTunes is updated on your Mac...

    1. Open iTunes.
    2. In the MenuBar at the top of your computer screen, choose iTunes > check for the updates.
    3. Follow the prompts to install the latest version.

    minimum requirements of iTunes are a Mac v10.9.5 or later version > >

  • Replace the iTunes from Mac to another folder and make it synchronize with the iPhone?

    I copied the iTunes folder full of an iMac of El Capitan 2013 a 2015 running iMac running a little newer version of El Capitan. I want to replace the iTunes folder on the new Mac with my backup and everything on the new Mac to work as it did on the old, well that the old iMac and a new have different names, I do not know if what counts.

    1. my entire library of music appear and be available after replacing the files?

    2. home sharing with all my devices work after replacing the files?

    3. what happens with my iPhone and iPad that already synced with my old iMac? Will they continue to synchronize on the new iMac, as I replaced the entire folder?

    4. are there any other questions or things that I need to address with what I do?

    Thank you!

    1 Yes

    2. no doubt. If this isn't the case, you may need to reconfigure. I don't know exactly where these settings are stored.

    3. Yes

    4. nothing much as your installation is as described and the entire library is stored in the iTunes folder. Some elements used in iTunes related activities are not stored in the iTunes library folder, but in special folders.  If you move a library to another computer, you can copy these too:

    -Music Apple file cache:

    -device iOS, various preferences files backups:

  • laptop do not synchronize with the desktop computer

    set my desktop to 12 + hours of synchronization. an hour ago, tried to sync my laptop to the stored data. some of the Add-ons seem to be transferred but any bookmark or scrapbook. the album, including a few hundred MB of data stored on my hard drive, I download from my office so when syncing to my laptop, download on this hard drive? same question for several thousand bookmarks I have on the desktop.
    the office is Win 7 laptop Win 8.1 (modified to mimic Win 7)
    both machines have the latest version of Firefox & updates.
    any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Cannot add the troubleshooting data, 4 734 too many characters for the position
    If necessary, can post these data in a follow-up

    Your troubleshooting information can be found by clicking on System Details more in the right column.

    I do not Scrapbook. I just installed, saved a "scrap" and do not see a reference in: config for "synchronization" of the data of Scrapbook. I don't think that extension works with synchronization.
    Please check the features 3 pages and boards online to see if there is mention of being able to synchronize data of Scrapbook. It is the developer of the extension to add synchronization functionality to their extension.

  • BlackBerry Smartphones delete prerequisite does not synchronize with the mailbox store

    Subscribe to a "Digest" newsletter and mail is delivered to my BB about once an hour or two.  Sometimes, I want to read the messages, other times that I don't have.

    When I don't want to read the messages, I just highlight the address of the sender to view only those messages, then I hit 'Delete forward' in the BB Menu.  This erases all messages from my BB, but it does not sync with my mailbox.

    Is there a difference that I'm aware of to hit delete prior vs just select each message and pressing DEL?

    Verizon Storm2 (9550).  Items removed from synchronization is enabled in settings BIS.


    This KB may apply:

    •  KB00285 E-mail messages not deleted after the email reconciliation

    While he discusses BES, it doesn't indicate that the behavior that you see is the one specified. The thing to do would be to wait at least 24 hours since all but new delivery e-mail is at a lower priority.

    Good luck!

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