LV: Sending 'sync' to get synchronous acquisition of CDN

Hello @ all

First of all: my knowledge on the bus CAN generally is not very good, so excuse a description of the possible problem.

My task is to read the devices CAN messages. This works very well for devices that send their messages 'stand alone' with a fixed repetition rate (here: 100 Hz).

But other devices do not send their messages with such a high repeat rate. They send their message only until they come in an overflow (here: after 150ms). I ve heard that I send a message "sync" for devices to get their message across. This means that I have to send the message of synchronization with the 100 Hz for the acquisition of 100 Hz.

My question: How can I have to set such a two-way CAN transfer? Of course, I can send a synchronization message and read the reply. But what it takes when I want to read for example 10000 messages? I Don t want to trigger it by software because of the accuracy of the timer.

What should I just start "CAN" and the parallel of "CAN"? Or is it possible to start the and the at a time determined, to obtain two parallel functions?

Tanks so far.


Hi LittleJoe198,

I'm not quite sure what exactly is the problem. I only know "sync messages" in the context of CANopen. But your question indicates that you are using the API of frame. Maybe you mean sending frames remotely?

You could use the CAN objects to transmit data periodically using material timing (only supported on PXI/PCI/PCMCIA-CAN cards). Take a look in the example finder LabVIEW (hardware category of entry and exit > CAN > frame API > base), "CAN transmit -

It is not a problem sending and receiving on the same port, see example 'send receive same "

You should also take a look at the manual CAN Hardware and Software (START > programs > National Instruments > NI-CAN).

What kind of material CAN do you use?

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Kind regards

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