lyrics in iTunes 12?

.. .no place in 'information' to enter the lyrics despite a suspicion in help!


Files WAV or Quicktime, are the songs? If so, you can add words to them.

Read this Apple knowledge base article...

12 iTunes for Mac: enter and display lyrics

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  • Lyrics for iTunes

    Once upon a time, we used to be able to get the words on the iTunes.I think it was like 7 or 8 years ago. The function has disappeared since. I had used the lyricist until now, but it seems that it is more functional. I had heard that Apple is working to bring lyrics to iTunes again. Anyone know if this is true, and if not, does anyone know of an app that shows the lyrics all play the songs in iTunes?

    Works very well here

    I command and select the words.

  • iOS App music 10: error lyrics

    I just upgraded my iPhone iOS 10. When I was with iOS 9, the words seemed fine (by simply touching the screen). However, I can't find the lyrics to one of my downloaded songs. I only downloaded songs since I am not subscribed to Apple music. I know where the lyrics button should be, but it does not appear on my list of options. Any ideas...?

    If you press tab song is in playback mode, open a pop - up with the photo album, the game and mode, volumen break and if you drag this window to the top of the screen appears the tab named words, this faucet and open that the lyrics of the song are in playback mode.

    The problem is that in mi iPhone 6s this words tab (I see and I know this because I learned this in a tutorial on the web) does not appear, there is no words tab

    Maybe is because I have an account in the Apple's music, but I have a lot of songs, own songs, with lyrics in iTunes on my MacPro when I sync my iPhone 6 s, and see the lyrics on the songs after I paste the text in the song info > tab lyrics.

    I see the words in the same iPhone with iOS 9 and the previous version, by pressing on the cover of the album, but when I go to iOS 10, I see not the lyrics tab and lyrics of my songs...

    Can someone help us?

    Thanks in advance!

  • the custom words does not appear in my iPhone


    I joined my iPhone IOS 10 6 more and I noticed that the custom words does not appear in my iPhone, even if I have them in my iTunes library. I signed up with the same Apple ID on all devices. Very few of them, I can access the lyrics in my phone, but not all of them (as he used to be in iOS 9)

    any help is appreciated.

    Thank you


    I downloaded a program on my Mac (no app store unfortunately) called "get lyrical". automatically add lyrics to iTunes. Then in iTunes file > library > Update music library to iCloud. doing this during the last 20 minutes and so far it seems to work.

  • iTunes Store hacking

    Dear Apple lovers, I am of the Russia. I 13 and I wrote a song and posted on the Internet, but the bad guys have started selling in the iTunes and Apple music. What should I do? In our country there is no copyright. I wrote the lyrics using the translator, so there may be errors. I'm sorry. I hope you can help me. Thank you! Best regards, AZ!


    Apple has not taken your song, but unfortunately is not important, it is important that you learn only not to post your songs on the internet. Good luck for the future.

  • My iPod nano 2nd generation gets disk errors after installing iTunes?

    I use my iPod nano 2nd generation for... Wow little almost 10 years now and of course is not as sensitive, a little laggy sometimes, battery life isn't as good but still never had real problems with it that can be repaired by a reset. Well not until now and I have not really money to spend to get a new, in particular the fact that practically it still works fine on his own, just that I can not add or remove pieces of her more.

    The problem

    It seems that the computer has trouble reading the device. Whenever I plug my iPod nano 2nd generation USB in my laptop (Windows 10), which has some sort of interaction with it freezes. For the moment I plug in, programs such as Winamp, iTunes, File Explorer (if I click my computer-> try to right click on the drive, that says all F: drive instead of the usual name recognized as "My iPod."), the Device Manager when I try to turn Apple iPod USB Driver and the small icon in the system tray when you try to eject the drop-down list no longer appears, all these programs themselves just freeze and unresponsive until I unplug the device. In Event Viewer, the moment where I plug it, it gets spammed by looping errors to:

    Error: The device, \Device\Harddisk1\DR21, has a bad block.

    ATTENTION: An error was detected on device \Device\Harddisk1\DR21 during a paging operation.

    So, basically, it seems that the computer is blocked just not try to read and recognize the device, which means that I can't really do anything with it. The iPod itself seems to work fine, I can hear songs, recharge the battery and other things, earlier I can't add or remove pieces of her.

    Stuff leading up to it

    A year or two before, I used to manage the ipod via itunes (a relatively old version of time too I guess since I almost never update) until I formatted my laptop some time ago and never bored computer reinstall itunes. Since then, I really didn't need to change anything to my iPod and just use Winamp (my default music player) to the add/remove songs when I needed to. Today, I decided to install iTunes because there are some things that winamp cannot do as add embedded lyrics and also winamp blurs the sorted list of the song. Since then, after you have installed the new iTunes, start freezing and program I get the problems described above. There might be a chance that iTunes was not the real culprit and the disc was already beginning to get corrupted or something somehow, but I can't think of anything that's happened before this problem started.

    I tried many things

    • Uninstalled iTunes and all the other stuff related to the installation as pie, Apple Mobile Device Support... .etc
    • Reinstall the device driver USB Apple iPod. When I turn it off (Plug in iPod-> iPod poster 'do not disconnect'-->--> Device Manager driver right click-> disable-> Device Manager freezes up-> unplug ipod-> Device Manager-> thaws plug ipod in) ipod becomes simply the State of charge. Steps to reinstall is the same (need to plug and unplug).
    • Reset iPod in now the Center button + menu button.
    • Will then resetting operation rewind + Centre button iPod diagnostic mode. It is not a test disc hard because I guess nano doesn't have a disc hard just flash ram. Anyway, when I select SDRAM QScan he only says: "SDRAM OK." NAND_SPEC gives "NandLBA = 1982464". Flash gives Checksum "Checksum is 0x26AF".
    • Wanted to try as described here to check for disk errors, but cannot because the computer cannot correctly recognize and explore freezes if I right click. I tried using 'chkdsk f:' in the command prompt, but that seems to hang as well.
    • Switches mode disc reset ipod then now Center + play button. Then connect the laptop... etc, same problem.

    It's a pretty old device, so it seems that support because it is very rare. I didn't install iTunes could screw up the device that it is intended to support and do anything as permanent as this one.

    You must exclude a faulty USB, cable anchorage, try another, or using your power with another Apple device cable, to confirm that it works correctly.

    Otherwise, your troubleshooting seems complete.  If that's what you've done for disc Mode

    How to put your iPod in disc - Apple Support mode

    and connection to your computer causes this issue General 'freeze' with multiple processes, the iPod has possibly a hardware problem.  Flash storage eventually.  Or it can be a problem on the logic board of the iPod.

    I suggest try to reformat the iPod using Windows, as if it were a USB flash drive.  But you can only do if the system hangs when you connect iPod.

    NOTE: If you find a way to reformat iPod using Windows, use FAT32 as the disc format.  If there is an option to do a quick format, do a full format instead.  Once the process is complete, the iPod is totally blank.  You do restore using iTunes (if you are prompted or not), to the embedded iPod software.

  • Custom iOS 10 lyrics

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone had any problems with their custom iOS Apple music 10 words?

    My words appear more like coding the way they appear on iTunes, I like to remove my words and just use those of Apple's music, but every time I have to remove my custom words and uncheck the box they reappear.

    Anyone can shed some light on this?

    Very much appreciated.

    I just want to say that, as soon as the upgrade to iOS 10 I face a similar question. Not all of my custom words show in my iPhone, only very few of them. Even though I can access/view of all those on my iTunes. Some people suggested using app "get lyrical".

  • What happened to the lyrics of the songs on iPhone/iPod?

    Words are missing on iPhone/iPod after updating to iOS 10. They are always on my iTunes. How to return to my devices?

    Hello RWK8,

    Thank you for using communities of Apple Support.

    I see that you are missing words on your iPhone after updating to iOS 10. Since you have the lyrics on your iTunes, my first recommendation would be to synchronize your device with iTunes. This should return.

    Sync your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch with iTunes on your computer via a USB - Apple Support

    Best regards.

  • iOS 10: where are the lyrics in music apple, I used to have under iOS9?

    Before iOS 10 in the music app, I used to be able to tap the albumcover of the song and read the lyrics. Now, there are no words at all. They are still in iTunes when I opened the song in particular information, but the iOS10 function is lost. When I type the..., there is no words either. I have the lyrics of more than 5000 songs in iTunes. When I am not able to see them more in the music app, it's almost an improvement. I'll have to go back to iOS 9.

    I noticed a few lyrics of songs are viewable in iOS10 but others do not, it must be a bug in iOS10.

    Apple, please fix this...

  • iOS 10.0.1 lyrics music Apple does not show / no option to view

    In the Apple's music. Song lyrics synchronized on 6 64 GB iPhone running iOS 10.0.1 with iTunes not showing not / no option to view.

    I don't know if this a bug. or something that I need to activate.

    Hello Rivalfire,

    Thank you for using communities of Apple Support.

    I see that you don't see the option to display the lyrics of some songs. The most common reason for this is that the song you're listening to has no lyrics available to see. You can try to download a new song or two and see if the lyrics are available for those.

    Best regards.

  • Anyone using iTunes game on 10.5.8?


    I'm looking for people who are music Apple and iTunes game subscribers who use the game on the old Mac, specifically the machines running 10.5.8 - I really need some advice, or better yet reassuring, just what I'm trying to do.

    My main machine is an iMac running Yosemite 2011 & and iTunes I am a subscriber of Apple's music as well as a game of iTunes Subscriber and I am VERY picky about my library... I have invested a lot of time in my music over the last decade (sides, custom illustrations, lyrics, metadata, etc)-I would be absolutely devastated if my library got screwed up somehow.

    Now I have this old PPC PowerBook G4 bearing around which cannot not be updated all other than 10.5.8 and so has iTunes 10.6.3 installed (the most "current version" for this system, as far as I know). This laptop has not been used much in the last two years, but he is still going strong, and so I decided to reactivate it. Today, I realized that iTunes game is actually supported by iTunes 10.6.3, so I created a new library empty and lit Match, just to see if it would work. And to my surprise it worked: all my music is there, all works of art, everything looks great. Only the titles of music Apple are greyed out off course - they have the status 'pending' (iTunes 10.6.3 obviously knows not what to do with these tracks, but he always "sees").

    So my question is: will I live things if I use iTunes game (& music from Apple, somehow) on this old machine? Maybe on the PowerBook iTunes completely end confusion because obviously, it does not recognize the Apple music tracks? I would really appreciate it if someone who uses a similar setup I described to share their experience with me

    Thank you & see you soon


    Music Apple is not compatible with OS and iTunes on your old machine. Have you already discovered, you can use iTunes game on your old computer. Your old computer is grateful for the music that has been matched or downloaded. You should be able to listen to or download this music, but it's not what you have added music from Apple.

    I use the latest OS and iTunes, but I don't think that your use of the old computer will confuse your existing upward set. As a measure of protection, you must hold another to the top of the iTunes library.


  • Cannot add lyrics

    With the help of itunes 12.4.1 and I have an album that I bought on itunes. I try to add the lyrics because the song did not come with them, but the fields are gray when I click on 'Get Info'.

    I re - sync my library and disconnected and reconnected my phone.

    Thanks for the help

    Is not the case here.

    I can add all I want.

    You're on the tab my music in iTunes > music?

  • lyrics for my music on iphone ios

    Dear community: I use iOS 9.3.1.  Where are my words in the app music? !  What have they done to music?  It's now a glorified music store.  I have spent an hour looking online and in this forum and may not know how to view something simple like the lyrics to songs that ive added lyrics.  Can someone help me?   Please note that the "settings: music" doesn't have a related words option.    Also, I refuse to turn on iClous or Apple music because they destroyed my playlists irrevocably.  Thank you in advance!

    If you are using a Mac

    Automatically add lyrics to all the songs in your iTunes Library [How To...

  • 12 iTunes AppleScript list but the song

    I have this script. It allows to work.

    Now, when I run it, song after song are displayed at the top of their middle iTunes window (without playing)

    but they are not the one I selected :-)

    After it's over, I see that the good song are changed.

    What should I change in the present code.

    say application "iTunes."


    the value trackList to the selection of window 1

    if ((count trackList) is 0) then

    display the dialog box 'Any piece not selected!' with a caution icon buttons {"Ok"} default button 1


    on the other

    display the dialog box "I'll start!" buttons {"Ok"} default button 1 with icon 1 giving upward after 5

    Repeat with theTrack in trackList

    game of theTrack to words "Instrumental only.

    period 2

    next track

    end Repeat

    display the dialog box "Done!" buttons the {"Ok"} default button 1 with icon 1 giving upward after 5

    end if


              end say


    To view the song in the player without playing, the script must the play and playpause commands, like this:

    Repeat with theTrack in trackList

    play theTrack


    theTrack lyrics to "Instrumental only ' value

    delay 2

    end repeat

  • Operating system is 10.8.5 with iTunes! A DISASTER! I need to downgrade iTunes.

    I'm under 10.8.5 mountain lion because it has been very stable for me. However, I updated iTunes to! I refuse to OS level... but I'd love to downgrade iTunes! I am a singer with more than 400 songs and before I updated I got a nice working system. I couldn't remember all these words, so, I simply typed in photoshop and saved as a JPEG. Then I dropped in the "album cover" of each song. Downloaded all the music on my iPad. Whatever the song, I chose the words filled my screen automatically. Since I updated iTunes, everything changed. I thought I should update my iPad and that would make things to work, fake!

    My words always appear on my iPad... but cover only 1/4 of the screen. In the meantime, in iTunes on the computer, he started turning the words of many songs. In addition, I'll have a success rate of 50% addition of song lyrics and have iTunes recognize at least.

    I'm not a "technical" person I need a "simple" solution I have the original CD for OS 10... I'm about to "recharge" the whole software!

    There is no simple solution. Reloading your OSX 10.6 of the disc and then reload another version by upgrading back to 10.8 while also restoring all your files of users is certainly not straightforward. You can browse the Internet for dozens and dozens of instructions on how to downgrade iTunes but who is not either a 5 minutes task. If you were smart and had cloned your machine before installing the new iTunes would be the simplest solution.

Maybe you are looking for