M1217: Can I pass a HP 8600 fax contacts to a HP M1217?

Is there a way to pass my contact HP 8600 fax list to the phonebook on a M1217.  Manual user supported software lists program directories, but products HP are not listed.  I think there will be a way to move the contacts between the HP products.  Thank you.

If they are stored in a directory on the PC, then you should be able to leave them in the folder and they must convert from one printer to another. I would backup all files associated first of all, just to be sure.

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    Hello Brian,.

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    Read the section on using disks of different CD players or format to ISO for older computers


    If your computer is equipped with a CD or DVD burner, you can copy files to a recordable disc. This process is called burning a disc. By default, Windows Burns discs in the active file system format, but you can also choose to burn discs in ISO image format.



    Why are there two different ways to format a disc?

    You can choose between the formats of live file system and mastered during the creation of a new recordable disc because each of these formats is used for different purposes. The default choice is the active file system because it is a more convenient way to create a disc. When you use a Live file system disc, files are copied to the disk immediately. When you use the ISO image format, the files are stored in a "transit zone" until you decide to burn the disc.

    When you use the system format active files with rewritable discs, such as CD - RW and DVD - RW, you can also erase unwanted files from a disc to recover space, which is not possible with mastered discs. On the other hand, mastered discs are more compatible with older computers, previous versions of Windows, and other devices such as CD and DVD players. For more information, see which CD or DVD format should I use?

    See you soon.

    Mick Murphy - Microsoft partner

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    Here is the link to the dv9700 maintenance manual.


    There is no procedure to remove and replace the video chip.

    This is because it is integrated (welded) on the motherboard.

    The entire motherboard must be replaced to replace the graphics chip as well.


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    We need a fax modem for this task.

    For your reference check from the link below: http://Windows.Microsoft.com/en-us/Windows7/products/features/Windows-fax-and-scan


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    I don't think you can use the url parameter passes in a report query.

    the binding variable: PARAMETER must be a page element or an element of the application.

    use the "include session information and application" in the defination of report query to bind the value when the report is run

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    Above code is in error. How do I get my requirement?
    Note: Assume that query to the function will always return a value of skis.

    Published by: bootstrap on August 28, 2011 12:13

    Subquery must be enclosed in parentheses. Function parameters must be placed in brackets. Therefore, you should use

    select ID from table1
    where areaid=f_getAreaID((SELECT sec FROM table2 WHERE artid='3232')) and

    Remember, it must be a scalar subquery (subquery returns one or no line).


  • Can be passed to the formula of the procedure/function the column value?

    Cf_value is back after some calculation using the main request.

    Can be passed directly the value of column of formulas of procedure without assinged to placeorder?
    as below...



    My procedure is...

    PROCEDURE f_convert (val1 val2 in number, number) IS


    val2: = val1 * 100;


    If anyone knows pls answer me...

    In fact, if there is that other calculations he (in Proceudre)

    Can I used is like below?
    PROCEDURE f_convert (val1 val2 in number, number) IS


    val2: = val1 * 100;

    return (val2);

    A procedure cannot return a value, the return in my previous post clause was part of the function for formula column.
    Let's say you have a column of forms of so-called CF_2, then the function because it will be like:

    function cf_2formula return number
     val1 number;
     val2 number;
     val2 := :cf_1 * 100; -- or val2 := val1 * 100 --parameters not allowed in formula column function
     -- All the other code that you need inclusive of calling function, procedure as in any PL/SQL block can be placed 
     return (val2);

    Any calculation can be used in the service of the formula column

  • Can I pass name of user and password for strobe playback as parameters?

    A question related to the SSO on.

    Can I pass name of user and password for playback of strobe as parameters so that the user does not need to be prompted for the name of user and password for protected content? In other words, Strobe detects a need for authentication, but rather establish a dialog box to prompt the user, it just extracts the name of user and password transmitted and transmits it to the license server?

    If no such function is available, can anyone point to a simple sample plugin, where I can spend the long name of username/password or a token to the license server, perhaps through the object connection or flow? I looked at the example of Akamai, and it's quite complicated with little documentation.

    Thanks in advance for your help.


    Hi Lei,

    The SMILPlugin seems to have a bug when used with a proxy plugin.

    Please follow these steps:

    1 starting the SMILPlugin source code: http://opensource.adobe.com/svn/opensource/osmf/trunk/plugins/samples/SMILPlugin

    2. open the SMILMediaGenerator class.

    3. go to line 123. You should see the following code snippet:

    If (! isNaN (duration) & duration > 0)


    (videoElement as VideoElement) .defaultDuration = duration;


    4. replace by this excerpt:

    If (! isNaN (duration) & duration > 0)


    Assuming that videoElement is that a VideoElement is wrong (I guess that we can find a better name for this variable?)

    Since any plugin proxy will break this code. Iterate through the string until you reach a VideoElement proxy

    We can add a deffensive code just after the iterator, unless we should always have a VideoElement on top.

    var temp: MediaElement = videoElement;

    While (temp is ProxyElement)


    Temp = .proxiedElement (temp as ProxyElement);


    (temp as VideoElement) .defaultDuration = duration;


    5. check that everything works with this patch.

    6. Let us know if that fixes the problem.

    7. connect the bug and submit the patch (with a link to this post on the forum) here: http://bugs.adobe.com/jira/browse/FM

    Thank you


    Post edited by: Andrian Cucu

    updated the piece so that it uses a temp var

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    Apple pay - no need Id Touch iPod has not

    HomeKit - Yes, with wifi

    Contact ID - no, the iPod doesn't have a contact ID

    Device compatible airPlay - Yes to an Apple TV or other AirPlay. Requires wifi

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