M477fnw MFP: Scan to email

What analysis for those to send an email to this own email email address.
How to remove enamel of the printer as standard e-mail option


Hello LK_DK,

You must do the following:

1. open a browser and type the ip address of the device in the browser to open the built-in web server. For example, type

2. click on the scan tab.

3. on the navigation on the left under scanning to E-mail, select outgoing e-mail profiles

4. click on the link Edit to the right of the profile to change

5. According to the preferences of email message find the box Auto CC and uncheck the box (see picture below)

6. make sure that similar Save and Test or the only button Save to save the setting.

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  • HP Color LaserJet M477fnw MFP: Scan to computer button disappeared

    Hello, I saw similar comments of the same issue, but none with a solution.  The closest is this: http://h30434.www3.hp.com/t5/LaserJet-Printing/How-to-fix-missing-quot-scan-to-computer-quot-touchsc...

    Problem: We have a new printer that we have Setup.  During the installation process, on the touch screen, provided the message to "Scan to Computer".  We used the option to make sure it worked and took part in the computer we wanted.  We restarted the printer, and the option is now missing!  The option "Scan to Computer" has completely disappeared.  Where it was once a touchscreen button / option, no longer exists.

    Printer: HP Color LaserJet M477fnw MFP

    OS: Mac OS X 10.8.xx

    I downloaded the firmware update, but that doesn't work either.  I tried using the verification of updates of the touch screen of the printer, it can never connect.  I connected to the internet, I connected directly on a hard line, still no connection.  I literally just bought this printer yesterday, with a 2-year service plan, drove an hour to the next closest store that had it in stock and it gives me nothing else problems.

    I have unplugged and waited a minute.

    I've uninstalled and reinstalled the printer and the software from my computer.

    I'm out of ideas.

    Hello @gfrd3489

    If you talked about scanning to the icon post from work or option after pressing the icon of the scan on the printer itself that one has been dropped by HP since she had so many questions with that like on some devices will only scan flat and not of ADF.

    If you notice you still have other options such as scanning to USB key, scan to e-mail or scan in network on the printer folder of are next to the HP scanning app on the PC for windows and mac

    Devices most recent are not supposed to have this option on the first place and the firmware and normal updates which will remove devices more alumni who have it

    There were a few M477 which were sold to vendors when it first came out which was which, but as soon as he gets the first update will be deleted

    hope that clarifies the question

  • M277dw MFP: scan to email on M277 MFP

    I used to be able to scan to e-mail from the printer, but now it keeps telling me it ': could not resolve the SMTP server!  I use gmail and, in my view, the outgoing server is smtp.gmail.com with port 465, but it does not work.  I also tried my Yahoo email account and it does not work either.

    Then I tried to fax and I can hear it dialing and connection, but it takes forever to try to send and not send the fax to be!

    I'll have bad luck on all accounts, so cannot send all the documents at all!

    Help, please!

    Thank you


    There is the question. Your printer is not get a correct IP address of your router. If you click on the wireless icon that looks like a radio tower, go to settings and by default it will restore all the settings. From there on, run the installation Wireless under settings to connect your printer to your wireless network.

    If you still see an IP address that starts with 169.254, contact your internet provider or one that provided you your router to help determine why the router does not provide the printer with an IP address.

    Please let me know the results after following the above.

  • LaserJet M477fnw MFP: scan to PDF file / shortcut to scan


    Y at - it a shortcut to analyze more quickly. Now I have to go to devices and printers (waiting), right click on my printer (wait), then press scan.


    Once there I can choose only the following file types; BMP, JPG, PNG, TIF. I really need to scan in pdf without having to "print to PDF" never doc I scan.

    Thank you!!!

    (technically - challenged)

    Analysis of the issues...

    Please try this scanning solution:

    HP extended Scan

    FTP://FTP.HP.com/pub/scanners/HPScanExt/HPScanExt.msi for Windows.

    Once it has downloaded and installed, go to start > all programs > HP > HP Scan extended > Run "HP Scan extended.

    That scans PDF available for free with this scanning software - https://www.naps2.com/

    Let us know.

  • M1217 mfp HP won't scan to email in hotmail

    HP mfp m1217 not scanning to email in hotmail, but will print and copy


    1. what operating system do you use?

    2 did you change on your computer?

    3. did you receive an error message?

    4. this problem occurs only with hotmail?

    5. what exactly are you trying to scan?

    I suggest you to install the complete software of the printer features:

  • scan to email on Color LaserJet MFP M177fw Pro

    I'm trying to download the printable 'Scan to Email' on my Color LaserJet MFP M177fw Pro, but he continues to throw an error?

    When I bought the printer (yesterday), I was told that I could put up to Scan in a document and have it automatically send as an e-mail message to a recipient.  How to achieve this?

    Thank you!

    Hi grahammccarthy,

    Welcome to the HP Support forums.  I understand that you want to know how to scan to email using your printer Laserjet Pro MFP M177fw.

    You don't mention the operating system that you use, so I've included links to all the operating systems supported on the way to analyze.  There is a section called "How to scan with HP software" and there you can find a subsection entitled "How to scan to email.  It is in the subsection, you will find the instructions you need to follow to be able to scan to email.

    How to perform a scan: Windows XP

    How to perform a scan: Windows Vista

    How to perform a scan: Windows 7

    How to perform a scan: Windows 8

    How to perform a scan: OS X v10.8

    How to perform a scan: OS X v10.9

  • HP LaserJet Color MFP flow M575 - problem Setup scan to email

    We were not able to configure the scan to e-mail on this device.

    We have created an email account POP3 for the device with our local ISP ***@shaw.ca and have tried to use the following configuration settings:

    Server name: mail.shaw.ca

    Port number: 587

    Select the SMTP SSL: checked

    Server requires authentication - always use these credentials: username: * password: *.

    Use this server for: Email: Send scanned documents and notifications of job status.

    When you attempt to send a test e-mail, we get the message: the operation failed. Please check your configuration and try again.

    We tried all variants, including Port 25, disable SSL, etc.  Can I use the ISP webmail to send and receive emails to test on this account to other devices.

    Scratching my head.  Any ideas?

    Hi Dennis,

    Thanks for your suggestion.  I use Outlook e-mail clients, but finally realized that it was the parameters of the Port/SMTP server that needed to be changed.

    It happened to me I have a Xerox Phaser 6180 MFP - D in another location configured with scan to email capacity using a similar e-mail account Shaw.

    Check the settings of the device shows that it uses Port 25 and another server SMTP (shawmail.cg.shawcable.net instead of mail.shaw.ca).  It turns out that this last SMTP server requires authentication and is used for mobile devices operating from various locations.  Still, the old SMTP server uses Port 25 and requires no authentication.

    Once I imported these parameters into the MFP HP LaserJet ColorFlow M575 configuration settings, I was able to send a test message successfully.  Problem solved!

    See you soon,.


  • Direct scan to email using the touchscreen working even if test in EWS was successful


    I try to get the email function works with the M425dw of MFP HP LaserJet 400 direct scanning but have failed so far.

    To make this feature without a computer other than the WLAN router is required to run since I use the wireless option. However, the operating system of my laptop is Windows 7 Home Premium.

    By using the browser or the client of HP Toolbox to configure the built-in web server (EWS) and test the direct scan to email function works perfectly. I get emails in my Inbox that confirms that the configuration is correct. However, whenever I try to send a scan to email using the touch screen I see that messages saying that it connects with the mail (SMTP) server, sending to the e-mail selected, the last message on the screen indicates that the connection has failed and that I should try later but without success.

    I have the latest firmware installed, tried the ADF - without success. Scan to USB works fine.

    I hope someone has an idea of what to try to get this great work featured.


    I had to realize that the problem is not necessarily related to the printer. Even if, by executing a test by sending an e-mail with an attachment from my laptop using exactly the same email configuration succeeded.

    Anyway, once I changed the SMTP from a different provider that has worked.

  • How can I scan my email?

    Nice day:

    I have a problem in my e-mail address. It seems that I have a virus. My email messages to different recipients containing the virus itself. How can I scan my email

    I have a problem in my e-mail address. It seems that I have a virus.

    How - what is related? You may have a virus problem, but not necessarily a problem with your email.

    My email messages to different recipients containing the virus itself.

    How do you know this?

    I would like to you can scan my email.

    Who do you mean by 'you '? If you really send messages with some kind of malware attached the damage is already done. The point of all the antivirus software is to prevent that infected files on your computer in the first place get.

    If I changed my password, the Web site designer would know the new password or not.

    What Web Designer are you talking about? In any case, I hope for you that your provider will not store your password in the clear.

    How can I change the password correctly

    What password are you talking about?

  • Norton Internet Security can't scan SSL email use. How can I ensure that I don't get a malware or a virus by opening an email in Thunderbird?

    Norton Internet Security can't scan SSL email use. How can I ensure that I don't get a malware or a virus by opening an email in Thunderbird? I read that you don't have to click on a link to get malware, but that some e-mail may trigger the malware just by opening and reading. Any suggestions to prevent the outbreak of malware emails? AOL Desktop software has its own built-in email scanner, but I am trying to get away with their software and to rely only on tuberculosis.

    Thank you

    There are many aspects to this question.

    First of all, by using SSL or TLS to send and receive emails is important because it prevents others from sniffing your login email. Especially if you use a device over wi - fi or on untrusted networks, it is essential, because if others get your email IDs, bad things can happen.

    Of course, by using SSL or TLS with your mail server also protects the content of your email being captured by others, so it's good also.

    Secondly, you are right that there may be threats to security in E-mail other than the attachments, even if attachments are usually the most dangerous. Your antivirus must protect you against bad attachments as to open them, they must be written to disk in a temporary folder, and your AV software jumps into action whenever a new file is added to the disk. You can also hedge your bets by using a two step approach: first save the attachment to disk and only after she survives the real-time AV scanning and then run it in the appropriate application.

    Sometimes the content in the body of the message can trigger a vulnerability in your software e-mail or a plugin. As these known vulnerabilities, Mozilla is updating its software, but there always seems to be new problems discovered and it will never be perfect security. I don't know how useful email Scanner is for this problem.

  • Server connection error - scan to email App


    Out of the blue my scan to email app no longer works on my HP Officejet Pro 8600. I get the error that says check the connection to your server. I did it. My connection to the server is fine, and my WiFi signal is very strong. I have no e-printing problem I just can't scan to email more. I have unplugged, rebooted, restored and updated the firmware, but still no luck.

    I see that many of you are experiencing a similar problem.

    Help, please!

    Thank you!


    Thank you for the phone #. The woman at HP has solved my problem. For others out there, here is the solution that helped me.

    -Get the IP address of your printer (can find it under Network Config under settings)
    -Type the IP address in your web browser
    -On the left side, click iPV4 under WIRED or wireless (however you are connected)
    -Click on manual DNS
    -Under favorite type
    -Under type of spare
    -Disconnect the Modem from the wall. Wait 30 seconds. Reconnect it.
    -Turn off your printer by pressing the power button. Wait 30 seconds. Turn on.

    I hope this helps.

  • HP 6700 scan to Email


    HP 6700 there the possibility to scan to an email without a computer such as the HP 8600 Pro?   Thank you.



    Scanning to email option is a unique option for the Officejet Pro and laserjet on some models only.

    I'm afraid, it is not available for the 6700 JO, you will need to use your PC or as a solution, you can plug a drive into the key and then analyze directly into it.

  • HP photosmart 6510: error on hp photosmart 6510 showing-95 when using scan to email

    My photosmart hp 6510 displays error - 95 when using scan to email. Help!

    Hello @twinec, greetings!

    Thank you for joining the Forums of HP Support! I came across the question you posted, and I want to help you with the best of my knowledge.

    You can try a manual DNS address assignment to fix most of the analysis of the questions by e-mail. Try the steps mentioned below and check:

    • Get the IP address of the printer, you can touch the 'Wireless' icon on the Control Panel printer to get the IP address.
    • Type the IP address in your web browser to get the EWS page on your computer printer.
    • Go to the 'Network' tab - click on "wireless (802.11), and then click «network address (IPv4)»»
    • Click on the radio button that says 'Manual of the DNS server' and under manual type favorite and manual replacement enter (it is Google's DNS server address)
    • Save the settings. Restart your modem, router and printer.

    Let me know how it goes! Good luck

    See you soon

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  • Scan to email using gmail as SMTP

    I have a printer HP Office Jet Pro 8600 N911g.  I have this configuration currently with the network folder scan works very well.  I would like to set the scan to email.  As Headquarters uses the Exchange I have to use another service for SMTP.  Set up a Gmail account and puched in appropriate settings, but the device is unable to connect to gmail.  I tried several ports without success, I also tried to configure the e-mail server settings, again try several ports without success.  I tried using all the combinations using SSL and SMTP authentication, but nothing seems to connect.

    Gmail actually works, I have seen some say yes, others say no.  Is there another service that could work outside my corporate network or do I need to set up an internal, just e-mail server so that I can scan to e-mails?


    Try following the exact steps below and check if this can help:

    1. Click the setting of network on the printer and locate its IP address.
    2. Type this IP address from the browser on your PC to access the EWS page.
    3. Click the scanning tab.
    4. Under Scan to E-mail click e-mail profiles.
    5. Click new.
    6. Type your email address and any name to display selected, and then click Next.
      Note: Be sure to take note of the specific display name.
    7. Fill in the parameters of mail as follows:
      -Tick the box SSL
      -Check the box next to the SMTP authentication option
      -Enter your full gmail address as the user name and the password for gmail.
    8. Click next and dontinue following the steps until the summary, then click on save and test.

    If the Test fails for any continmue of connectivity problem following the steps below:

    1. Click the network tab.
    2. Under the active connection type section, click IPv4 (wired / wireless).
    3. Keep the IP address Configuration because there is, under the address Configuration DNS check the box next to manual DNS server.
    4. Define DNS preferred as
    5. Set the auxiliary DNS as
    6. Click the scanning tab and click the e-mail profiles again.
    7. Click the Test button next to the previously configured display name and check the time difference.


  • Want 7640: scan to email

    I have a new fancy 7640 all-in-one that I cannot receive emails of scans made from the electronic mailbox "button", or by opening a new e-mail message and adding the scan as an attachment.  Initially he used to take a few hours for the email to appear, and now nothing appears.  Web enabled, I am at a loss to what is wrong, and my working life is at stake.  We have HP connected laptop and Windows 7.  Someone at - it any help?    TIA


    Sorry to hear about the problems you're having with scanning to E-mail. I mainly use the scan to Email from the printer and leave the PC of the equation.  Answer the questions below if you are interested in getting setup in this way.

    1. Web services are enabled?
    2. The printer is connected to a wireless network with Internet access?
    3. You have created a sweep to the e-mail account via the front panel of the printer?
    4. What does the last part of the email address (domain) that you configure the account with the look like?
    • NOTE: Do not answer with the full e-mail address, the entire domain. For reasons of confidentiality, the moderators will remove it if you do. Just reply with the e-mail domain, examples: @hp.com, @AOL.com and so on.

Maybe you are looking for