M7-K111DX: need Windows 7 64 bit drivers for laptop HP-M7-K11DX

I had to reinstall Windows 7 Pro complete with a valid product key. However, Windows 10 was loaded before, so the drivers are not compatible. HP does not provide drivers for this model for W7, only 8.1 and 10.  I miss several pilots and have found no legitimate source to download.

Is there anyone who can tell me where to get these drivers online from a legitimate source?

Thanks in advance.

You are the very welcome.

See if your laptop is a BIOS setting for USB to act as auto or emulation USB2 ports.

You will not be able to install all drivers unless you can read the USB key.

The other thing you can do is to run this tool on your installation of W7 media and reinstalling W7.

This tool should load the usb drivers 3.  There is a Readme on the link to find out how to use.

You must run the tool on a PC with W10 or W8.1.


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