. MAB imported address book file is empty in Thunderbird, why?

I'm using Linux Mint 17. I recently updated from a previous version. I tried to import my old address book, but when I open it there is no information there. I can open it in my text editor, and they're all here! What is the problem? It seems that all online tips are for Windows. I'm using Linux! The only address book file is .mab, so how do I do this?

OK, I just closed and reopened Thunderbird. Voila, addresses were there. DUH! Problem solved, sorry!

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  • Address book import of csv file gets empty address book

    I have a .csv file from a Windows 'Contacts' window. It contains four hundred entries, each composed of a name and E-mail address. The first line of the file says .csv "name, Email '; the entries are separated by returns and the areas that fall within the comma.

    When I import to intoThunderbird, I say to import an address book from the file and to import only the Email address and display name fields. When the import is executed, it is very fast and no errors are displayed. The new address book is displayed among the Thunderbird address books, but it is empty.

    Thank you
    Joe Nelan

    To import an address book, try the following steps:

    Of the Treasury Board, click "Address book" (or 3-bar menu-> tools-> address book).

    In the list in the left pane address books, click the one you want to import (or use the "personal address book").

    On the menu bar, select Tools-> import. Opens a new window "import."

    Click on "Address books" and "Next"

    Select "Text file", click "Next".

    Near the lower-right corner replace LDIF 'separated by commas.

    Navigate to the folder where your CSV file. Left click on it once. Click on 'open '.

    For CSV, there is no standard for the number or the order of the fields. The screen you see allows you to 'match' your entry with the fields of TB.
    With respect to mapping of the fields, you have two columns: one of your CSV names and one of the CT. What you're trying to get first name, last name first name family name, etc.. If you are lucky, they will be already matched to the top. But if not, you can click on one and move it upwards or downwards in the list until it is opposite the name of the corresponding field. This will get names, email, phone, etc. in the right places. Make sure the fields are checked and the ones you don't want is unchecked.
    Once you have everything set, click OK.

    Note 1: the file name of your CSV file becomes the name of the address book (for example AddrBook.csv will produce an address book named "AddrBook").
    Note 2: when you first watch the imported address book, it can be empty. Click on another (for example, "personal address book"), and then return to that matter.

  • I get this message at the startup of firefox: cannot open fileUnable mab to load the address book file history.mab I can delete and move forward but can't continue until it is deleted? Any suggestions on solving this problem?

    When I open firefox I get the following message: could not open the file failed to load the address book file history.mab mab I can delete this message and continue to use firefox, but must remove it until I can move forward. Any suggestions to fix this?

    This has happened

    Each time Firefox opened

    Is 10 days ago

    Are you sure that your question is about Firefox and not on Thunderbird?
    Firefox does not use a file history.mab

    See http://kb.mozillazine.org/Profile_folder_-_Thunderbird
    You can ask questions about the program of Thunderbird on MozillaZine Thunderbird Support forum.
    This forum is better suited for questions about Thunderbird, this forum is for the support for Firefox.
    See http://forums.mozillazine.org/viewforum.php?f=39

  • import an address book file, no contacts Hatem

    As it is a problem for at least 5 years.  Apple still has not prepared to be resolved (too busy I think to make money on iphones and whatnot).

    In any case, to back up my address book.  Imported into my address book on another Mac.  Surprise, surprise, no contacts.

    So, how can we get the addresses from an address book on one Mac to another... Yes, iCloud, but that's not the answer because Apple export/import function address apparently does not.

    Any ideas out there?

    Thank you.

    Clarifying question - did you export your contacts from the first computer and copy the file to the second computer?

  • Failed to load the address book file impab.mab. It may be read-only or locked by another application. Please try again later. This is the message I get every time

    The information above shows what told me whenever I have open Thunderbird. Nothing I've been able to do has gotten me even closer to a solution. I'm desperate. Where is impab.mab stored on my computer, maybe I can stand a certain way.

    on the Help menu, select troubleshooting information

    Select the button view profile.
    Close Thunderbird
    Rename the file impab.mab to what you really want

    Restart Thunderbird.

  • How to delete the folder in address book staff originnal importing address book connection from another PC?

    When you import a file of address book in Thunderbird the original PAB is still by default even if it is empty. Is there a way to remove this vacuum "personal address book"? Thank you... Andy TB version 24.3.0

    You can import the address book into a new address book. That drag and drop contacts imported to your personal address book.

  • import address book - names do not - even with only one name only

    I've simplified the import csv for first name and last name only. The import in TB shows map everything is OK, but when the address book is seen there are no names listed. A name can be searched but not shown. Totally puzzled.

    I want Outlook to tuberculosis, but it is a real blocker.

    I tried the process on two PCs one running XP the other 7 with the same result.

    Tell me, when you open the address book is there a list of imported address or anything like that at all.

    Note there is first a final and full name. This is the display name that appears in the lists. In the absence of the display name of the part of the address of e-mail before the @ is displayed.

    I speak a little CSV and clean up the content here http://thunderbirdtweaks.blogspot.com.au/2013/03/importing-csv-files.html

  • Import address book in Contacts BlackBerry Yahoo! smart blackBerry phones

    I am trying to import my Yahoo! address book in Contacts on my Tour 9630 via Desktop Manager 5.  My email address (which is an att.net account) is already installed and that when I perform synchronization, he tells me that he has been completed successfully.  And yet, after several attempts, the directory of Contacts on my lap is always empty.

    Any ideas?

    I thought about it.  Box synchronize Organizer Date not was not verified when I finished the final stage of the process.  Reference is made by the original instructions, that I was going to offshore at this stage, so I missed it and finally stumbled upon the answer.

  • How to manually import address book from the XP desktop at the top of the Tower 7 worm? Thank you

    Have V8.0 Firefox on top of Office XP. You want to import my address book to a new Windows 7 laptop running Firefox V16.0.1.
    Thank you

    Firefox does not have an e-mail it is strictly a web browser, so it has nothing to do with an address book.

    If you use Firefox to access your e-mail, you use "webmail". You must seek assistance from your service provider or a forum for this service.

    If your problem is with Mozilla Thunderbird, check out this forum for support.

    or this one


  • How to import address book (WAB) from Outlook Express in Windows XP in Outllook MS in Windows 7?

    I have used is Windows transfer to get all files of Windows XP in Windows 7, no problem.  But it seems not brought old emails or contacts or address book in Outlook Express, the e-mail program that was used under XP.  I do all this to help an old lady to avoid paying an expert to do!  Thank you

    Version of Microsoft Outlook? (You speak Outlook as part of the suite MS Office and not Outlook.com, accessed through the browser)?




    PS for future Q on Outlook or MS Office components, post to a group of UNRWA

  • my address book is now empty?

    Hi all, I did not open my address book on my macbook pro for a while, actually so long that I had not noticed it was now called "contacts".

    What is strange, is that I have now no real contacts in there either... Now, I have backups time machine so im not too concerned, but why would they dissappeared & where can I get them back? I think it happened when I updated to yosemite a few months back...

    I should perhaps update to capitan & see if it works?

    Update will not help.

    When you open Contacts, click display in the menu above and make sure you are showing your groups. If it says 'Show groups' in the view menu, click to show the sidebar of groups.

    Once you see the side bar, you should see similar groups to:

    You want to click on the group "all on my Mac" to see if your Mac Contacts are still there.

    Using iCloud at all?

    See you soon,.


  • InDesign, address book files, place objects, package the project

    I want to use a book file to combine several smaller files (let's call them "chapters").

    Each of my chapters has a number of objects (cmd - D).

    I said who placed objects remain outside the main .indd file and allow re-binder if one of these files is updated or replaced.

    I use the package tool menu to combine all the fonts placed objects and .indd (and PDF) file in one folder.

    I want to know how to use the objects placed in the chapters that are contained in a book file, and how to package everything when I'm done.

    Where each of the files belong (in which folder); and how they are organized when I pack them?

    How to make a copy of all of the compressed file, to start working on a new iteration [review] the entire book?

    I watched the tutorials and read what I can find.

    I can't find answers to how working together package, the book and the place .

    Thank you.

    • So you place graphics and text files in an InDesign doc (we'll call it aCHAPTERc) and use the features of InDesign to arrange a nice layout.
    • Repeat this process for each chapter.
    • Collect all of the chapters in a book for the paging file, generate a Table of contents, may be a clue.

    Now what? If you want to print, you can export the book to PDF and send it out for professional printing. Or you can package the book (use the menu of the control panel in the upper right of the book panel) and collect everything you need for printing through InDesign in a single project file, as well as folders nested for fonts and graphics. The zip file and send it out for professional printing.

    These days, providing a high-resolution PDF is more common. So, why use the package? Let's say you're not particularly organized. (I am and always start with a project folder and subfolders and put everything that relates to this project in these folders.) But let's say you're not. You can still use the package afterwards, just to collect and copy all of the assets of the project in a new folder (assets include book and chapter files, fonts, graphics and .idml file and a .pdf print quality). Zip, archive and you are ready, when someone says: "Hey, can I get a copy of this article moved you 10 years ago? What is happening to me more that you would think!

  • Import address book csv file, in the pop-up window, it is only left list of columns displayed.

    See the attached pictures.
    windoew work is 'left & associarions columns.
    -of - columns are displayed to match items

    I met the 'left only column.
    -only - items are displayed, the left column is empty exercise.

    continuation of the process, there was a message that
    "error imporint duning happened that no address is imported.
    (Korean message Translsted)

    That I can't import the address file which is the csv file.

    I don't know what the problem only occurs on the Korean version.
    I tried only on the Korean version.

    How can I solve this problem?

    no photos.

    Open your CSV is a spreadsheet and make sure that it is really a CSV file. Sounds to me like the first line doesn't have a domain names at this topic. or they are not set properly.

  • Cannot import address book vcard version 3

    I exported my contacts from my webmail E-mail ISP as a file VCARD.vcf (version 3) - which is the only option that my ISP is also for the export of contacts - but when I try to import this file in the Thunderbird addressbook, none of the fields are filled in.

    Take the example of Wikipedia, not my answer.
    Also, I lose crlf when copying my answer, something changes and does not matter.

    There are key - words for fields such as N: EMAIL: in some way, it shouldn't be hard to use a script to search for these words and insert a CRLF before.
    I have if your provider won't check it upward.

  • OK... I see that to print the address book, you go to address book, files, print address book. BUT there must be a way to print on one page instead of 13.

    In preview mode before printing of book of addresses, I changed R margin at 6 so that I don't have to print long lines dividing addresses. I dropped the top & bottom margins a.2 I also changed to 50% and uncontrolled of headers and footers. Now is it possible that I can copy and paste this into a spreadsheet so that I can put addresses in columns and not have to waste so many sheets of paper to print it? Is there a way to remove the spaces between the lines, even delete the line between addresses? Is it possible to record the actual list in my computer... .not in csv or txt form... just a list?


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