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Like MAC, iPhone, iPad user, I automatically an e-mail to account.  If so, how I put it up to be my main email account for Apple and Windows?


Now, it's an email address.

If you signed in on your device iOS and Mac iCloud and turn on mail in the iCloud email account settings/preferences should be there.

iCloud: Configure iCloud Mail on your devices


iCloud: server for e-mail clients - Apple support settings


Set up and use iCloud for Windows - Apple Support

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  • Can't access iTunes purchases with an old .mac account

    Hi all

    I used to have a .mac account in the old days and I bought a number of songs on iTunes using this account. When they turned off the .mac addresses I've migrated to the new system (which I am using to write this post). I just tried to play one of these old tunes, and he said that I was not allowed to play. So I tried to enter the address of .mac using the iCloud and he says that the account has been locked and he would send me an e-mail. The only valid option seems to be the old .mac email address.

    Is it possible to access the email message that they (probably) was sent on the old .mac email address?

    The end of the game is to get into this account and re - authorize all my songs to my new account, but the first step is to get there in the first place. addresses have not stopped. I use mine to this day., and al e-mails, end up in your mailbox to the current iCloud email account.

    What I suspect is happening in your case, is that you've changed, or rather, add a new account Apple ID. For load of reflow or authorize your purchases made with the former Apple ID, you need to log in iTunes Store using this code from Apple.

    To check which was Apple ID used for the purchase of any article, read the file (cmd + I) information.

  • El Capitan e-mail, a lot of problems. Yosemite no email no problems.

    E-mail from Apple on the new MacBook Pro 15 "was so buggy, it is almost impossible to use.

    Most of the time my 3 email accounts are offline. I can get them online if usually 7 to 10 minutes. If the Mac goes to sleep or I leave him unattended for awhile I'll find my email accounts are offline. When the accounts are online, I'm still barely getting emails because they are sent to me, generally, hours later or the next day!

    Setting up a new e-mail account, 100% of the time it is an error (unable to connect to the server). I have to wait 24 hours before an e-mail account works.

    I run my old MacBook Pro along the side of my new Macbook Pro, so I can have reliable e-mail. On two Macs email accounts are set up as close as possible to each other. I tried every step that I could find online, however the e-mail problems remain problems.

    I am using IMAP.

    Any suggestions on how to fix the issues e-mail El Capitan, or recommendations for other email applications?



    In your e-mail application problems are not caused by bugs. I have - and tens of thousands of others - use 3 + accounts under El Capitan, and experience no problems.

    The most likely cause is a setting of mail account that need to be changed from when you were using OS X Yosemite. Please, try the following:

    Open your e-mail application and find the menu: ' Mail > Preferences ' , then the [accounts] - tab. This is your e-mail accounts.

    Click on the tab called [Advanced] and uncheck this option (as appropriate for the types of accounts you use):

    - automatically detect and manage account settings

    Then, in the same window, go ahead and check the box:

    -allow insecure authentication

    Repeat this operation for all your accounts. When you're finished, close the preferences window and choose to save the changes you made.

    Then, look for the menu: ' display > connection doctor ' you will be presented with a window listing all e-mail servers configured in your email application. If you have any servers SMTP-type with a red connection leads, double-click on this server and another settings window opens.

    Here you have another opportunity to uncheck:

    -automatically detect and manage account settings

    and check:

    -allow insecure authentication

    Repeat this step to save them all - SMTP servers that you use, the changes each time.

    Restart the OS X via: '  > restart " and let us know if this solved your problems.

  • Mail tells you if your email has been received

    I use Mail version 9.2.  I want to see if/when recipients have opened emails from me.  Mail can do this?


    All e-mail providers will send you an email if you have sent to the e-mail address is not correct, so unless you receive this message, the email will be "received" on the server. I think that when you say "received" you mean 'read '.

    Mac Mail, there is no checkbox to activate this, but you can still activate it using the Terminal.

    Please refer to this article to learn how:

    You can also check this other support Article: how implement in mail on OSX Mavericks read receipts

    Nice day


  • Attached to incoming mail in as files winmail.dat since update iOS 10

    This cannot be opened since update to iOS 10.0.1 and joined a mail of PC's entry in iPhone & Ipad as winmail.dat files. Able to access via gmail online but not by e-mail, phone etc yet another botched updated to apple I think. What happened to if it isn't broken, don't fix it!

    Hi Peterboynz,

    I see that your iPhone / iPad receive are formatted as files "winmail.dat" which you are unable to open attachments. I'll be happy to help you.

    If your Mac email contains a winmail.dat attachment - while this article is for the emails from Mac, the question is the same. Once the sender updates their e-mail applications, messaging on a device iOS and Mac applications should be able to open the attachments.

    In the meantime, he also winmail.dat readers available for both devices.

    Have a great day and thank you for the communities of Apple Support.

  • Firefox does not copy, will not stick. How can I fix it?

    Firefox does not copy itself in the menu dropdown. Will not accept paste material copied Mac email, password, Safari. Without copy and paste, the browser is USELESS.

    How can I fix it?

    Problem solved with 44.0.2. All right, thank you.

  • iCloud mail inbox problem

    When I access my iCloud account thanks to the Mac email application, it tells me that there are 67 new messages. There are no new messages when I opened the box the letters. I tried to turn off and on again sync, but nothing helped.

    Someone at - it ideas?

    Thank you


    Rebuild the mailbox

    If this does not work, try re-indexing of mailboxes mailbox. This can take some time if you have a lot of mail.

    Reindex messages        For El Capitan, try looking in V3.

    Reindex messages (2)        See post by Linc Davis

  • BlackBerry Smartphones customize "sent from a blackberry.

    I have a .mac email account and I was told that I could not customize "sent from a blackberry.

    Is is true? Or y at - it another way to do it.

    Thank you!

    Configuration of e-mail site is the same as that used when adding e-mail on your phone accounts (unless you have not yet done this). You can access it from your computer here:

    These are only for North American carriers.

    Click on your service provider and off you go.

    Post back if you have any other questions.

    See you soon,.

  • Has anyone meet the i/o error 52 when trying to load something from a relative to the extension of the script path?

    I have problems loading something in a relative path via a script, on my computer I have no problem, but the other 2 devices at work, it does not work. Even at home on a PC and a mac, that I've not met problems, someone at - it a glimpse of this?

    Here's where it fails:

    #include common.jsx

    It's this loading in the same way another script is called from. Thoughts?

    I remembered that we have weird permission to labor issues. Somewhere between my horrible Home Windows 8 (permissions issues) machine with network, my home mac, email and my work computer, obtained permissions basket case. Workaround for this is copy the file to my desktop, exactly the same task on the network. This resolved all the issues.

  • The combination of several lines to line of monkey through SQL Stmt


    I try to combine the values returned by several rows in a row,
    through indoor/outdoor sql or any optimally.
    In the example, I would like to have name, surname, email and phone to be
    returned in a single line.
    create table TEMP_AAAAA
      LAST_NAME  VARCHAR2(25),
    INSERT INTO TEMP_AAAAA VALUES('TOM','MAC','EMAIL','[email protected]');
    Any suggestion to do this through sql stmt.
    I did it through pl/sql, I wondered if it could be realized only thru SQL Stmt
    v_EMAIL       VARCHAR2(25);
    v_PHONE       VARCHAR2(25);
    v_EMAIL := NULL;
    v_PHONE := NULL;
            IF v_FIRST_NAME IS NULL
               v_FIRST_NAME := IMPL_CUR.FIRST_NAME;
            END IF;
            IF v_SECOND_NAME IS NULL
               v_SECOND_NAME := IMPL_CUR.LAST_NAME;
            END IF;   
               v_PHONE := IMPL_CUR.CON_VALUE;
            END IF;
               length(v_PHONE) > 0 
                 v_EMAIL := IMPL_CUR.CON_VALUE;
              END IF;        
            END IF;
             DBMS_OUTPUT.put_line('firstName...:' || v_FIRST_NAME);     
             DBMS_OUTPUT.put_line('lastName....:' || v_SECOND_NAME);     
             DBMS_OUTPUT.put_line('PHONE.......:' || v_PHONE);
             DBMS_OUTPUT.put_line('EMAIL.......:' || v_EMAIL); 

    START BY RN = 1

    ------------------------- ------------------------- ------------------------------------------------
    TOM MAC [email protected] 12345

  • protect mac phishing emails


    I was wondering if anyone knows how I can protect my devices, MAC, iPad, iPhone phishing emails, or put a higher level of security on the enamel.

    See you soon


    Do not click on any links in them. If you wish, you can use a filter spam or rule to prevent them from getting to the Inbox, but this method can miss some or intercept legitimate messages.


  • Server Mac on the Sierra only sign email with DKIM

    I am running Mac Server 5.2 on a clean install of Mac OS Sierra.  Since the upgrade to Sierra, my outgoing email is no longer be signed with DKIM.  I followed the same steps I did previously (summarized here:  Someone has figured out how to get DKIM working with Server 5.2 on macOS 10.12?

    I finally found the error in amavisd that did not keep the original variable. You will need to edit amavisd in VI, adding to line 22852

    $msginfo-> originating (c ('originating'));

    Restart amavisd

    Be sure to copy your original amavisd as a backup.

  • IMAP is not supposed to retrieve emails from the server only? In my case, all mails are downloaded to my mac and I can see the offline!

    IMAP is not supposed to retrieve emails from the server only? In my case, all mails are downloaded to my mac and I can see the offline!

    His grip on my mac space, even if I'm using the same settings for my Iphone email are not downloaded to the phone and its not not using any space!

    It is often possible to access the same account using IMAP or POP.

    Make sure that your settings are correct. The account type is on the first part of the account preferences.

  • can I delete email on mac accounts and retain their remaining icloud?

    can I delete email on mac accounts and retain their remaining icloud?

    I'm looking forward clean my OSX and I wondered if I delete accounts on mac, along withh records, etc., do I still have access to them in Icloud. (I don't know which way the sync works)

    Unless the e-mail accounts are based icloud.  That is to say, they end in, then without removing the Mac not keep them in iCloud because they are not in first place.

    You should always be able to access through their respective clients to Web Mail however.

    If they are based, then Yes you can remove form Mac and they are accessible via by logging into each account there.

  • I do my job to the computer on a MAC computer. I want to create a document using Pages and then convert the document to PDF and send a group email. I want to send the PDF using the pdf for each receiver icon must click the icon to open t

    I do my job to the computer on a MAC book PRO. I want to create a document using Pages and then convert the document to PDF and send a group email. I want to send the PDF using the pdf for each receiver icon must click the icon to open the document. My problem is the document does not show the icon, but rather the document is already open. I spoke with 2 Apple. 'Experts' care and can help me. Can someone tell me what to do?

    It's a question of how the recipients e-mail programs deal with attachments. Many e-mail programs will open all the files they can handle, including files jpg and PDF, by default, and if the recipient has not changed that there is nothing you can do about it. The only solution is to the compress first, then it will be delivered as an attachment, allowing the recipient to decompress and open it.

Maybe you are looking for

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