Mac OSX 10.11 - prior to joining photography CC, I had already installed the light Room 6.  Now that I joined CC I've noticed that I always seem to have my original LR6 installed.  Is it safe to uninstall the CC version not?

Mac OSX 10.11 - prior to joining photography CC, I had already installed the light Room 6.  Now that I joined CC I've noticed that I always seem to have my original LR6 installed.  Is is safe to uninstall the CC version not?


Don't know what happened... but... this AM to day LR CC to 2015.2.1 and now I have a folder named "Adobe Lightroom".  In this folder is an application named 'Adobe Lightroom' which shows Date of change as 26,2015 Apr, 11:41.

When I run this application I get info &... "Photoshop Light Room CC Release 2015.2.1.  Don't see no other record any other folder with "Lightroom in the name of".  What I find interesting is that the PS folder is named "Adobe Photoshop CC 2015".

So basically the things work OK but the naming convention seems a little different.  I'm coming back on "if it is not broken... don't fix.

Thank you


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    If she had a major equipment change (as a replacement of hd), it resembles another computer.

    Contact adobe during the time pst support by clicking here and, when available, click on "still need help", , and request activation reset account.

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    Not relevant for this reason:

    Error: "Activation Server is not available. CS2, Acrobat 7, pass a hearing 3

    Simply download this version and install it with the serial number provided on this page.


  • I'm on a MAC OSX 10.9.5 and using LR 5.7.  I lost the base of 'Developing' Panel (saturation balance & white in color).  How can I get that back?  Every thing seems to be in place.

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    This is one of the most frequently asked questions in this forum. See this.

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    Fortunately, I use my VISTA HOME PREMIUM PC when a message appears - something on a runtime with ROXIO error.

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    Hi, Terry,

    Roxio is a software that comes pre-installed on the computer systems of DVD burning

    Roxio instructions about uninstalling software

    Complete uninstall of Creator 9 & 10 on Windows XP¶ms=

    What exactly is the Message you get.  Word for Word, please.

    When you tried to remove Roxio was in the characteristics of uninstall from Control Panel or start > menu all programs?  If you find the software in the all programs list, click the uninstall program.

    Troubleshooting access Email Windows and IE

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    2) click Start, typemsconfig.exe in the start search box and press ENTER to startThe System Configuration utility.

    (3) If you are prompted for an administrator password or for confirmation, type your password, or clickcontinue.

    (4) on the general tab, clickSelective startup, and then clear the check box load startup items. (The check box use the file Boot is not available.)

    (5) on the Services tab, click to select thehide all Microsoft services check box, and then all disable.

    6) click OK, and then clickrestart.

    After your system is in a clean boot state, do divide and conquer method to check which particular application is the cause of the crash. In this, you will need to disable half of the services outside of Microsoft services, check if the problem returns and so on. Ditto for the startup items.

    For more information about the clean boot, follow the link below.
    How to troubleshoot a problem by performing a clean boot in Windows Vista or in Windows 7

    After you determine the startup item or the service that is causing the problem, contact the manufacturer of the program to determine if the problem can be solved.

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    You may be using a serial key to upgrade to Photoshop CS3 license and would need the license serial key for the previous version (eligible article), which was a product of CS2 and CS3 license has been upgraded or purchased. You can access the link as shown below to help find the series product CS2 license key.

    Find the serial number of your Adobe product quickly

    Thank you.

  • What is the procedure for upgrading Thunderbird ESR 17.0.7 at 31.6 on Mac OSX 10.10.2?

    What is the procedure for upgrading from Thunderbird ESR 17.0.7 at 31.6 (last public version) on Mac OSX 10.10.2?

    Is it as simple as install new version and then run to see all local folders and my email and its folders from IMAP to my company as before the upgrade?

    Thank you

    Create a full backup of your Thunderbird profiles folder.
    Uninstall the old version of ESR.
    Download the latest version from and install it.

  • HP officjet 7500 has mac osx mountain lion

    Three weeks ago, I bought a HP OfficeJet 7500 a AIO printer. I have an iMac and MacBook Pro computer both running Mac OSX Mountain Lion 10.8.4.

    I tried to install the printer, connect to my router by Ethernet cable and iMac after a lot of frustration and Wifi the printer has been identified and I printed a document successfully.

    The next day, after it off the computer at night, I tried to print without success. I reinstalled the printer and print a document. The same thing happened every day! Then I found this file on HP's Support site: HP_Mountain_Lion_Ink_SW_v12.23.18 and I successfully installed and print a document.

    Today, once more, the iMac can't find the printer! I followed the instructions over and over again and as I client I'm frankly NOT interested if it's a problem of HP Apple or Apple HP problem. Mountain Lion OS has been available for years as a printer. It's also a shame that when you buy an HP printer new at Office Depot in Israel that you get an obsolete installation disc!

    Surely someone at HP does not have an iMac with Mountain Lion and is ready to take the problem to solve the problem or HP he expects visitors to reinstall the printer every day?

    I don't hold my breath that a response from the HP HP. doesn't have its customers when Windows 8 is out with drivers for laptops and it seems that HP is not always interested in the customer service!

    You are welcome Frank,.

    Try to access the web page of your router, then go to Advanced > Network Tools and enable IGMP Snooping:

    URL of the router is the gateway listed for your printer listed in the summary of the network cable to the printer.

    Then restart the router and check if that can help by using the Hello-add print queue, which is of course assuming that everyhing works fine using the queue of Jetdirect-socket

  • Is it safe to uninstall LR 5 If you use LR 6?

    I bought LR6 in April but just realised I still LR5 on my iMac, is it safe to uninstall LR5, will I lose all the images please

    Hi MickMedley,

    Yes, it would be safe to uninstall if you are not using Lightroom 5.



  • First Pro crashes after you quit - Mac OSX Lion



    I have a behavior coherent crash after quiting Premiere Pro (version 5.5.1 and 5.5.2). The complexity of the project does not seem to matter, and once it crashes, I get the prompt indicating that the application has encountered a serious error and will try to save the project. I then get the usual prompt to send to apple crash report, followed by the crash adobe report a few minutes later (must be why I see "dynamiclinkmanager" at the top for a bit after PP crashes).

    If I reopen it PP, I am prompted with a dialog box asking if I want to the last open project. If I say yes, I'm back in a crash before any active load (unexpected serious error and the will of the app must close) followed by accident yet for apple and adobe reports. Basically, I have a chance to do a project and it spoil when the application is closed.

    I am using an installation from a DVD, but had also tried the web version. I was able to create a project to couple with the web version (trial) and then when I got the DVD, I believe that I used for the update/authenticate, etc. - maybe it's where things went south (everyone is a similar trend?).  I don't think that too many mix the contents with the installation of web, DVD so the steps around how I mixed the two sources is somewhat blurred.

    For reference, I am pasting the online crash report. To reproduce, I just had to open PP, click on no when asked to open the last project of unexpectedly, and then just quit and got the crash. I didn't do anything other that accept the default values for the project in order to try to hit command-Q.

    If I can give you more information to help a repro, please let me know.

    Any help is appreciated and thanks in advance.


    < < start crash report > >

    Process: Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5 [280]

    Path: / Volumes/VOLUME / * / Adobe Premiere Pro Premiere Pro CS5.5

    ID: com.adobe.AdobePremierePro

    Version: 5.5.2 (5.5.2)

    Code type: X 86-64 (Native)

    Parent process: launchd [126]

    Time/date: 2011-12-08 21:42:17.998-0800

    OS version: Mac OS X 10.7.2 (11 C 74)

    Report Version: 9

    Crashed thread: 0 dispatch queue: - wire

    Exception type: EXC_CRASH (SIGABRT)

    Exception codes: 0 x 0000000000000000, 0 x 0000000000000000

    Request for clarification:

    objc [280]: garbage collection is OFF

    terminate called without exception active

    Abort() called

    Post edited by: Jeff Bellune.  Edited for brevity.

    Perhaps due to some of your other installed?

    Given that I started this thread, I had very recently PP5.5.0 working on Lion, even w / my ATI card and it turns quite stable. I need to test more but given that the PP is the only 3rd party something on this installation of the OS and it is inconvenient to change the startup discs when I want to use other applications.

    I ended up doing dmg at each point of restoration during debugging, i.e. after the new installation of OS, then after installation, PP, etc..

    It's a bit easier to go back to the last known good state, if I got in trouble.

    I can also test updates to Adobe, but w / stability given, I (fingers crossed) not sure I want to update something that is not broken. Same w / disk images to speed things up, I'd rather be in the mix. I'll eventually do this, but right now, I enjoy being able to use PP.

    Hope that helps, I'd back things until it works, or bring up the place, make images along the way and see where things break. I'm not sure how invasive is a facility (e.g. it is really all the reversible effects) and without a new installation of the operating system as starting point reliable, I am sometimes wary of some persistent pref/dependence silently screwing things up (for example after uninstall/reinstall, same behaviour). It is a PITA, but so is the major downtime.

    Let me know if I can give you any other details/info.

    BTW, I have not mixed AE w / PP installation, but I intend to. Other major software I want to have on this installation of the OS are Digital Performer, but that will have to be on another image.

    see you soon,


  • Could not load the firmware on P1102w (Mac OSX 10.9.2)

    I bought a new P1102w printer, connected to a Mac OSX 10.9.2.  During installation, it asked me to "update" the firmware, which I did but (too late) I noticed that I was "updating" with an * older * version of the firmware!  Yes, that was crazy, I should read more carefully the screen.

    Now I can't get the printer to work on the wireless at all (I tried * everything * on the pages of HP, all the alternatives) and it does not print a test page for the computer, and the Setup page: print with boxes completely empty (without text).  The supplies button returns nothing.  So I tried to reinstall the firmerware by going to the HP page

    Although it does not say here that this firmware supports OSX 10.9 (only up to 10.8).   And of course, I can't launch the HP Firmware Upgrade Utility App.  The error message says that it cannot be opened and more in detail, said "permission to the application has been revoked.

    So, what can I do?  This printer seems to work OK on USB (but the printer utility returns no information at all) but I would like to make it work wireless and that the printer utility work.    I insist, I applied * all * the options described on the pages of HP and also that I'm under the latest version of Mac OS x.  I would really appreciate the help.  The situation is irretrievable?

    I was informed by another respondent to reset the printer by turning off, then pressing X and wireless keys while turn on... but it did not work.  He advised - if his suggestion did not work - I called the Customer Service, I did.

    I was very impressed by the Customer Service Engineer.  He took control of my Mac via LogMeIn.  Like me, he tried all the obvious things (10 min).  He downloaded the firmware for 10.8 (I 10.9) and tried to open it, but the Mac refused to open it.  However, unlike me, he knew how to get around this (the normal Mac workaround does not work, it took him 10 minutes to do this step) and once it has been opened, of course, my printer had the OLD firmware.  Loading the latest firmware, everything's fine now.

    So my advice is: telephone Customer Service!  I had just bought the printer while it was under warranty.

  • Nikon D800 Tethering Lightroom 5 mit Mac OSX 10.11

    Hallo Zusammen,

    ICH habe nach langerem hin und her beim troubleshooting (updated Firmware, various USB Kabel und connections ausprobiert, Mit & Ohne Speicherkarte in der Kamera,...) soeben communications, dass die Funktion Tethering (Lightroom 5.7) nicht mit Mac OSX 10.11 scripte ist. ICH nutze eine Nikon D800.

    There are there now eine Lösung?

    Uber eine hilfreiche Antwort ware ich incredible thankful!



    Hi Phil,


    Please visit the sites



  • How to uninstall apps CC2015 (to change the language of the user interface) if the applications do not show up as installed in the desktop creative cloud application?

    Because I'm more used to the versions IN applications that I need to uninstall some applications that I had already installed in my computer to change the language of the user interface. After some research, found this procedure: change the language setting of your creative Cloud applications but the apps simply appear not listed as installed creative cloud. What should do?

    uninstall all of your programs of cc, including the application of office cc.

    clean through the use of the Adobe Creative Cloud cleaning tool to solve installation problems

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