Mac OsX trackpad scrolling?

It seems that whenever I try to scroll upward in a Flash/Flex application, the content gets automatically scroll down...

I use a Mac to date under OsX Lion with the latest version of Flash Player th!

Anyone have an idea what is wrong?

We did some research more into our code base to achieve ship an old library of a previous project, dated 2008, in which we faced problems of scrolling on the Mac computers: (ExternalMouseWheelSupport - nalMouseWheelSupport.html)

We have removed and here!

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  • Mac book trackpad scroll BUG - summer autour forever - please fix IT!

    Hi all
    This message is intended for representatives of adobe

    I'm talking about the bug in external scrolling on trackpad MacBook and Apple trackpad

    Of course, there is workaround buggy JS, but they do not cover the scenario that we need

    Our application is a flex application, with a major scroller for the app, which is unusable on Mac

    Guys, this bug has been around for years

    last mention, I fell on that is here-

    and that's about it when it comes to Googling for a solution.

    I asked in many forums - flash, flex, Starling, feathers etc...

    all pointed to the flash drive

    If you do not open sourch execution of flash player

    Can you please fix this nasty bug?

    It is essential, and the fact that we can only wait for your priority surface lists makes your users feel powerless

    Please answer

    Please give priority to this bug

    It is at the base and cuts to a whole new market that will not be able to use our product because of this

    I erge you considered this criticism

    Thank you

    Sorry, I was just poking at this meetings yesterday.  I am coming into this cold and seemed to be a pretty big deal that I should have to hear about it at some point.

    I asked around with a couple of experts of Safari and made a more thorough search of the bugbase this morning and was able to understand what is the shading.

    Apparently, cela used to work, but stopped with the release of Safari 6.  The developer assigned the problem says that we get is more the NPCocoaEventScrollWheel event from the browser.  Indeed, we have no way to detect the activity of the scroll wheel.  This applies to both the multitouch trackpads and actually a USB mouse with a scroll wheel.

    There is a public bug tracking this issue here:  We did take it seriously, and he gave an appropriate level of attention.  In response, we have filed bugs for Safari with Apple regarding this issue on two separate instances over the past months, but we have not been able to get traction.

    I talked to the Safari team a lot lately.  I'll drop an email to the team I worked with at the surface of the issue, but it's really the extent of what we can do on our side.

    Our bug notes reference also workarounds that you pulled in the discussions as the best solution account required circumstances.

  • Use the Magic Trackpad with Mac OSX Lion emulation

    I'm working on an Asus n71jq laptop running Windows 7. Recently, I've found VMware Workstation 8 and am currently emulate Mac OS x 10.7. What I found is that my notebook computer trackpad has hamper my experience (between spaces and back flip in the pages in safari) and so, I noticed that mac had the ability to hook up with an Apple Magic Trackpad.

    I bought an Apple Magic Trackpad and started to sync it with my Mac OSx comments lion. It recognizes the pad and arrives at the stage of establishing a connection, but is still unable to pair, it is said. Then, when he said that the mac comes up with a pop up that says the trackpad wants to pair, but even if I click it nothing happens. Nothing seems to work.

    So in essense, I was wondering if VMware has the ability to sync with a Magic Trackpad, if I'm emulating a Mac OS x guest.

    I scoured internet for anyone else having this problem but I seem to be alone in this problem.

    Thank you

    You do violent potatoes SLA for this product and is illegal!  Also, any discussions of illegal activities is prohibited by the terms of community use VMware and so actually what makes the end of this discussion!

  • Bookmarks drop down the list too wide Firefox Mac OSX Lion 31

    When I click on the drop down bookmarks menu, it's too wide. If there is a folder in the contents list shown far right. At the point where I'm moving the mouse on there where the contents of the folder is it disappears. Am on Mac OSX Lion. I tried to scroll on the corners and sides of the drop down list to search again for the sizing handles, but none are. It is not just Firefox 31 version as has happened for some time. Any ideas please?

    Which may be caused by the presence of a few bookmarks with a long title in the main menu of bookmarks.
    The width of a column in the list of bookmarks is in the current versions of Firefox automatically adjusted the bookmark with the longest name.
    You can check the names of the bookmarks and the longer more short.

  • With the help of Photosmart 7660 w / G5 mac OSX 10.5.8

    Hello I have recently connectedmy Photosmart 7660 on my G5 mac OSX 10.5.8 running. I made sure that I deleted all of the old files HP from my hard drive. I also unplugged my printer (and it turned off). I then powered back on my Mac, re-connected the printer and turned it on. Once the printer is on, I ran the new OSX software update that updated the photosmart software (installed etc.). Now my problem is when I print a document, I get an error message in the Middle staing impression that the print job was arrested. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. No matter what assistance [would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

    Basically, I did what you said now about the CTRL key and selecting Remove the hp printer (I had previously deleted all of the other old hp drivers etc.). Then I turned off the printer and it disconnected from my computer. Then I reconnected the printer and turned it on. Then I went to the apple icon and ran the software update. Then downloaded and installed the HP package through software update. Then, when you are prompted to set up / choose the appropriate model / driver I noticed before I skipped this step and just assumed that the installer would automatically choose the correct printer / driver. When I skipped this step already, I came across stop printing and not being able to see ink level etc. So this time I scroll through the list of printers / drivers and chose model 7660 closest number which was 7550 I also noticed that all the models in this range seem to use the same driver who was Gutenprint v5 1.3. so I thought it must be the correct driver for this printer hp group to address number. I've been running non-stop printing since then without any problems and I can also check and see my ink levels now. Hope this helps someone else with the same questions...

  • Some Applications of 2015 CC Crash at launch on Mac OSX

    Some Applications of 2015 CC Crash at launch on Mac OSX

    This article refers to a problem where some applications CC 2015 crash when it is launched or just after its launch on Mac OSX. You can see the problem from the June 16 release of these applications.

    • After Effects CC 2015
    • Flash Pro CC 2015
    • Illustrator CC 2015
    • InDesign CC 2015
    • InCopy CC 2015
    • Photoshop CC 2015
    • Prelude CC 2015
    • First Pro CC 2015

    Here are the solutions. Solution 1 should be able to solve the problem. In the case where it does not, try the solution 2 and 3.

    Solution 1: Install Dreamweaver CC (2015)

    • On your Mac, open Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop Application and go to applications.
    • Install Dreamweaver CC (2015).

    Solution 2: Install Muse CC 2014.3.2

    • On your Mac, open Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop Application and go to applications.
    • Scroll down to FIND ADDITIONAL APPS, click Previous Version > VIEW PREVIOUS VERSIONS.
    • Click the Install of Muse, select CC 2014.3.2 (2014).

    Solution 3: Install Acrobat Pro DC

    • On your Mac, open Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop Application and go to applications.
    • Install Acrobat Pro DC.
    • You will be asked to uninstall old acrobat before you install Acrobat Pro DC.

    More information

    • When you upgrade an application CC 2014 2015 CC, you can choose to keep the 2014 version.
    • After you upgrade an application for 2015 of CC, you can also reinstall the CC 2014 version. Please refer to the procedure described in solution 2.

    Try disabling hide MenuBar in your system prefs - which seems to be a trigger for crash at startup in El Capitan...

  • Mac OSx Sierra Time Machine WD my cloud

    Since upgrading to Mac OSX Sierra my Macbook Pro and Macbook Air are not capable of doing Time Machine back Ups to a WD MyCloud drive that is connected to our router.

    We have updated the firmware on the WD My Cloud drive to the latest version and contacted WD on this problem, so far they have not come with a solution to the problem.

    If you open Time Machine preferences and then observe what happens, by hitting 'Back Up Now' systems do "Looking to save the disc" then "Preparing backup" then stop and then go back to the status of 'rest' without backup anything to the top at all. It is the same on both machines. You can see here: Time Machine Back Up My Cloud

    Notice how the drive icon changes to the point where it stops working and then goes to the other drive which is a USB.

    Now, to complicate the issue further... an iMac connected via Ethernet to the router can go back to the My Cloud drive perfectly as before. If Apple changed something with the wireless protocols I think but that?

    Hi stevefrompembury,

    Thanks for posting in the Community Support from Apple! I understand that your or your Mac back up Time machine since the update. Backups are certainly crucial to ensure that your data remains secure, so I'm happy to offer some suggestions.

    You have already tried a few milestones. I recommend you take a look through this article so that you have covered all the steps mentioned, including the section titled 'Control your readers': If you can not back up or restore your Mac with Time Machine

    See you soon!

  • What is the procedure for upgrading Thunderbird ESR 17.0.7 at 31.6 on Mac OSX 10.10.2?

    What is the procedure for upgrading from Thunderbird ESR 17.0.7 at 31.6 (last public version) on Mac OSX 10.10.2?

    Is it as simple as install new version and then run to see all local folders and my email and its folders from IMAP to my company as before the upgrade?

    Thank you

    Create a full backup of your Thunderbird profiles folder.
    Uninstall the old version of ESR.
    Download the latest version from and install it.

  • MacBook trackpad scrolls

    JJust brought a new MacBook from the store, and the trackpad scrolls. Someone at - it see or heard of this happening? Y at - it software solutions n? Leaving town tomorrow and here really this operational b

    It is possible (although very unlikely, unless done on purpose) for turn off the scroll in System Preferences > accessibility > Trackpad options.

    Your settings should look like this:

  • 26.0 Firefox works do not correctly with Mac OSX 10.9.1. Text jumps from one side to the other spontaneously

    I used firefox on Mac computers for years. I am now under Maverick Mac OSX 10.9.1 and have major problems with sizing of text in windows and windows suddenly change size (much smaller) and jump on the left side of my desk. Apple does not support Firefox, so I can't get assistance on their part and Mozilla is impossible to contact them directly. Can someone please help with this problem?

    You can check the problems caused by a corrupt localstore.rdf file.

    Reset the zoom of page on pages that are causing problems.

    • View > Zoom > reset (Ctrl + 0 (zero); 0 + Command on Mac)

    Start Firefox in Safe Mode to check if one of the extensions (Firefox/tools > Modules > Extensions) or if hardware acceleration is the cause of the problem (switch to the DEFAULT theme: Firefox/tools > Modules > appearance).

    • Do NOT click on the reset button on the startup window Mode without failure.
  • My Bluetooth icon in the Firefox toolbar "suddenly" has a line wavy through it and when I click on it the dialogue is "Bluetooth:not available." [Mac OSX]

    I recently tried to update the firmware on my bluetooth, which I use on a daily basis, and had to leave the update before it was a minute in the update. When I tried to use my bluetooth thereafter, I get the notice above. How can I repair my bluetooth?

    Moderator has added Mac OSX to the title to attract the attention of other Mac users.

    Which of course is not a problem of Firefox support, as the operating system manages connections such as Bluetooth. You really need a Mac OSX support forum for help with that, unless another user of Firefox which also uses Mac OS x comes through this thread and can help you.

  • Crept on all Mac OSX El captian data


    I use a Mac OSX El captian 10.11.5 (16 GB of memory, 4 TB HD) I bought a year back. I was installing a client FTP (FileZila) and wiped out all of a sudden my system and now it disc space shows empty. I had about 2 TB of data stored in the local disk (Macintosh HD). I tried to recover the the discwarrior 5, but it did not work.

    I don't know if Disk Warrior recovering files from a network drive. In addition, Warrior of the disc does not have the recovery of deleted or formatted files. It repairs a damaged hard drive and/or recover inaccessible files from it. (Someone correct me if I'm wrong).

  • Removed Mac OSX Lion on app store.


    unfortunetlly I deleted Mac OSX Lion of appstore how can I restore OS in the appstore?

    How do you remove his, Apps in the store are not disposable

  • Firefox v15 and up to cause my computer (MAC OSX 10.8.2) to freeze for about 30 seconds every 15 to 30 seconds and I have to turn it off with the power button

    Firefox v15 and up to cause my computer (MAC OSX 10.8.2) to freeze for about 30 seconds every 15 to 30 seconds and I have to turn it off with the power button. It this causes only after I opened Firefox, my computer works well before the opening of Firefox. I h

    It looks a little like yo maybe has a hardware problem on your computer. have you tried to repair permissions on your hard drive? create a new Firefox profile? Use the Profile Manager to create and delete profiles Firefox

  • How do we install serato to my mac osx el capitan 10.11.4 thanks to a denon MK6000 controller version?

    I have problems installing serato dj to my mac OSX el capitan version 10.11.4. it keep crashing everytime I tried to upgrade from serato.

    Serrate does not yet support El Capitan, expect problems

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