MacBook Air Flash storage problem

So I just got a Macbook air mid 2012. It has 128 GB flash storage whilst running the latest Mac OS X Version 10.11.1 and the problem is that it is either showing wrong info or a lot of storage was taken over by something unknown. Apps took more than 50 GB of space even if there is no all the apps that are heavier than Microsoft Word and Excel. Acquired photos 8 GB and 4 GB audio which is totally false because there is not any music in there still. Please guide me in solving this problem.


For more information about the other category in the view of storage, see this support article. If the display appears to be inaccurate, try to rebuild the Spotlight index.

Empty the trash if you don't have it already done. If you use iPhoto, emptying his trash internal everything first:

▹ iPhoto empty the trash

In pictures:

▹ Show of the recently deleted ▹ file delete all

Do the same thing in other applications like Aperture, with an internal feature of the trash. Then, restart the computer. Temporarily, which will free up space.

According to the documentation from Apple, you need at least 8 GB of free space on the boot volume (as shown in the Infolog) for normal operation, not the mythical 10%, 15% or any percentage. You also need enough space to allow the growth of the data over. There is little or no advantage in terms of performance to get more free space than the minimum Apple recommends. Storage space you'll never use is wasted space.

When Time Machine backs up a Mac laptop, some free space will be used to make a snapshots the, who are backups of deleted files recently. The space occupied by the local snapshots is declared as available by the Finder and should be considered as such. In the view of storage of the information system, snapshots appear them as backups. The snapshots are deleted automatically when they expire or when free space becomes less than a certain level. You don't need to usually and should not, remove snapshots them yourself. If you have followed the bad advice to disable snapshots the running a shell command, you may have ended up with a large amount of data in the other category. Ask for instructions in this case.

See this support article for some easy ways to free up storage space. A common waste of space is old backups iTunes to mobile devices. As shown in this support article, select the devices tab in the iTunes preferences window, select the backup that you want to remove and click on delete the backups. Keep at least a backup of each device you use yet.

You can use a tool such OmniDiskSweeper (ODS) or GrandPerspective (GP) to explore the volume and discover what is take up space. You can also delete files with it, but not unless you don't know you know what you remove and that all data is stored safely. This means that you have several backups, not one. Note that CESO works with OS X 10.8 or later. If you use an older version of the OS, use GP.

Deletion of files inside a photo library or iTunes will damage the library. Such a library should be changed within the application that created it. It is the same for e-mail files.

Go further than if the problem is not resolved by the steps above.

ODS or GP can not see the whole file system when you run simply by double-clicking; He sees only the files that you have permission to read. To see everything, you must run it as root.

Back up all the data now.

Install the application in the Applications folder as usual. Quit it runs.

Triple-click anywhere in the row of the text below on this page to select it, and then copy the selected text to the Clipboard by pressing Control-C key combination.

For ODS:

security execute-with-privileges /A*/*/M*/* 2>&-

For PMS:

security execute-with-privileges /A*/*/M*/* 2>&-

Launch the Terminal application integrated in one of the following ways:

☞ Enter the first letters of his name in a Spotlight search. Select from the results (it should be at the top).

☞ In the Finder, select go utilities ▹ of menu bar or press the combination of keys shift-command-U. The application is in the folder that opens.

☞ Open LaunchPad and start typing the name.

Paste in the Terminal window by pressing command + V. You will be asked for your login password.

The application window opens behind other open windows. When you scan a volume, the window will finally show all files in all folders, sorted by size. It may take a few minutes for the app to finish scanning.

I do not recommend that you make a habit of doing. Do not delete anything as root. If something should be deleted, make sure you know what it is and how it got there, and then remove by safer alternatives. If in doubt, leave it alone or ask for advice.

When you are finished with the app, he quit and also to leave Terminal.

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    Howdy Yaser of zoysia,

    It seems that your screen displays some graphical anomalies when you connect to your user name. I would use these troubleshooting steps in the following article on the resolution of screens:

    Restart your Mac in safe mode to reset the default display resolution.

    If booting safe mode doesn't resolve the problem, reset your Mac NVRAM and SMC to reset the video ports on your Mac to their default values.

    From: get help with graphics issues on external displays connected to your Mac.

    Thank you for using communities of Apple Support.

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    You'd better using an external enclosure of the MacBook Air SSD rather than MacBook Pro.

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    This will help you: OS X El Capitan: increase the disk space

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    The flashing? means that your Mac can not find a boot volume.

    If a flashing question mark appears when you start your Mac - Apple Support

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    I'm not aware of any program by Apple about the graphic problems with MBA.

    You can connect a monitor on the MBA and which could indicate if there is a problem of connecting GPU or display/display.

    An Apple Hardware Test could provide a clue:

    Note that AHT free error is not conclusive.

    The best option will be a date at a bar in engineering of Apple for a FREE evaluation.


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    Is anyone aware of problems with the flash drive on macbook air (mid-2013); I know the mid-2012 models Flash drive recall program. Air of my son just conked and just start displays a folder with a question book icon. After several attempts with the CSR, it turned out to be a flash player problem. Any help is welcome

    If you cannot correct the problem via disk utility > first aid, making an appointmnet to a bar of genius Apple store for a FREE evaluation.


  • How can I increase storage on a 13th 2011 macbook air?

    How can I increase storage on a 2011 13 macbook air?

    Buy a drive flash memory or if you need a storage more consider purchasing a USB hard drive. If you need a low-profile option, you can use an SD card but transfer speeds will be slower. You could get the updated DSS to level, but this will be done by a trained professional and would be quite expensive.                   -zerotwo77

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    Use many small external drives that you can carry in your pocket that connect to the computer via USB 3.0. Shop for them at

    BTW, 4 GBs is the memory of the computer, no storage. MBA come with built-in SSD from 128, 256 or 512 GB capacity. You choose the MBA with the SSD model that best fits. However, once you make the computer cannot be updated.

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    I have a macbook air. My computer crashed 2 days ago and since I rebooted it, since 2 days I have ' plugins blocked» I installed, update... what he said I needed, although there was an option to pay for additional stuff I didn't pay. but the update was installed, didn't work. I uninstalled flash player and reinstalled twice, he still considered blocked. I closed and restarted twice, after uninstalling and after installation. No luck. I get a check for installation message that it is not on my computer, or I don't have the right to run. I read something on the search for programs on IE... but I use safari. I need help please.

    I got it fixed with a personal link gave to someone else with the same problem. The link was problematic... I had to use it 3 times... but finally I found the download for version 15.0 on my computer and finally I installed it and finally things work again. The problem seems to be related to having to find the version 15.0. Nevermind, I lost two days trying to do what should be a simple update.

  • Enabling iCloud library fills a storage capacity on macbook air

    So I try to upload my pictures on iCloud to free up storage on my Macbook air.  Besides the fact that this process seems to take forever, I noticed when it goes I'm actually losing space on my hard drive.  This caused the upload stop and gives me the error message indicating that I have no more space on my hard drive and the process cannot continue.  I made sure the storage parameter optimize is on so that I do not download originals to iCloud.  Also, when I turn off iCloud, I don't have storage space.  So I have the feeling that anything that is uploaded is downloaded several times.

    So my question is what is being downloaded, and how to delete to free up more space on my hard drive?

    The use of the photo library of iCloud frees space on your Mac, it uses the same space, as it would if you do not use. So if you don't have enough space on your Mac to fit photos, you'll have enough space to use the photo library.

    Try another service for storage.

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    Pretty much any external hard drive will allow you to transfer your Photos and iTunes libraries for use directly off the drive.  Here's how to iTunes and I'm sure it's similar for the Photos.

    Page 6 of Apple, meticulous instructions step by step: how to move your iTunes library to a new computer - it is convenient if you think that all your materials are not in the standard location.

    My resume in a sentence if you use preferences by default iTunes settings: copy the folder integer iTunes (and to ensure that all of its subfolders and files) intact at the other disk, hold down the option/alt key (shift on Windows) keys to start iTunes and on request to select a library select iTunes Library.itl file in the copied folder (open a different iTunes library file or create a new one -

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    I have a Macbook air mid-2011 running 10.10.5 2 GB memory and 64 GB of storage that seems filled with "other" most

    I tried to upgrade to el Captain but did not to enough disk space to install it then stopped the download.

    I have since created more space on the computer, but now to the upgrade of the software, he said 10.10 is already downloaded.

    However, I can find a way to find the download file to complete the installation.

    Please help if you can.

    Thank you

    You will find your original download in the purchase page of the App Store. Will need you about 20 GB to download and install El Capitan. You will also need about 4 GB of RAM, so I suggest the RAM upgrade if you can. You can visit OWC to know what options allowing the upgrade of RAM and disk space since you really don't have enough.

Maybe you are looking for