MacBook Pro does not start

I have tried several things but the laptop won't start do not. Power cable showing green light as if the laptop is fully charged. It's like the death does not start.

Try resetting the SMC

Reset the management system (SCM) controller on your Mac - Apple Support

You said "It's like death does not start."

Does this mean that he shows no signs of life? Indicator light power?

Hear the carillon?

Hear the fans?

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  • MacBook Pro does not start, the screen is pixelated.

    MacBook Pro (2011) running iOS later.

    Screen went blue, at which time mac was turned off.  Try to be able to save and mac does not start.

    Tried to boot using utilities, but can not access this screen.  (the screen is also all the "pixelated".)

    Looking for ideas before making a trip to the Apple store.

    1 disconnect all devices (Ethernet, USB, external hard drives, mouse)

    2. start in safe mode

    3. go Finder - press Option-Go - ~/Library/ /DiagnosticReports ofnewspapers

    4. find the missing table inception report and post it please

    If your Mac will not turn on - Apple Support

  • MacBook Pro does not start safe mode or recovery mode without start up

    I use my MacBook Pro almost daily for several months now, and all of a sudden I stopped and start it up to a kernel panic (so it seems) who never lets me start normally, safe mode is a nothing helps. Recovery mode does not start, and when I try to use an external drive usb in the selection of drive it will appear. I don't know what to do more and I'm stuck. I'm not able to get in all the menus, so all I have is these pictures of panic before it restarts. Post picture soon submit iPhone photo.

  • MacBook Pro does not start. Tried a lot of things, but no luck. Ideas?

    MacBook Pro mid 2012 does not start. Getting the various screens of gray. When trying to make right boot, get flashing folder.

    Other things does not: recovery of OS X, without failure, verbose mode, Boot Manager, single-user mode. IRA to the re-establishment of the Internet, enter the password, stall (error - 2002F-).

    Tried to reset the memory NVRAM and SMC, but nothing.

    Tried with the new hard drive, but accurate results same with the old hard drive (I thought that the old hard drive can be damaged, so got a new one, but get the same results).

    Any ideas? Could go to the Apple service center, but closer to here where I am is 3 hours away.

    Should note that there are many attempts Mac starts up fine (by divine intervention I think), so saved all all on, but after computer use as usual for an hour (especially Internet browsing using Safari and Chrome), computer slowed to snail pace, so tried to restart but still got results above.

    Any help or ideas greatly appreciated. Thank you!

    Hi Sevensmallwoods:

    Replace the drive SATA cable. - Cable/IF163-041-1

    Here is a guide on how to replace it. the + replacement/10379

    Here is a video to show you how it fails.

  • My MacBook Pro does not start all of a sudden upward


    I turned my MacBook Pro yesterday and when I went to start it up again today, I pushed the powerbutton comes the startup sound and clear grey screen with an Apple comes up with a progressbar under. about a cm from the bar gets full and then a code appears on the screen for a few seconds, then the computer tries again to restart and it circulates in a loop. I took a photo of the code that is displayed for a few seconds and attached to it.

    What should do?

    I have timemachine copies the MacBook on my TimeCapsule, but I have no idea how to use when the computer refuses to start.


    Try these in order to test your system after each see if it is back to normal:

    1. a. reset the PRAM and NVRAM on your Mac.

    b. Macs with Intel processors: reset of the controller (SMC) system management

    2. restart the computer in Safe Mode, and then restart again, normally. If this does not help, then:

    HD recovery start: restart the computer after the ring, press on and hold the

    COMMAND and R keys until it appears the Utilities menu screen. You can also restart the

    computer and after the ringing, press and hold down the OPTION key until the Boot Manager

    the screen appears. Select the Recovery HD and click on the arrow pointing down.

    3 fix the hard disk and permissions: at startup, select drive in the Utilities menu utility. Repair hard disk and permissions as follows.

    When the recovery menu appears, select disk utility. After that the charges of THE select your entry from hard drive (mfgr. ID and car size) in the list on the left.  In the status area, you will see an entry for the S.M.A.R.T. status of the hard drive.  If it does not say "Verified" then the hard drive is faulty or has failed. (State SMART is not reported on external drives Firewire or USB). If the drive is "verified", then select your OS X volume in the list on the left (subentries under the entry for the road), click the first aid tab, then click the repair disk button. If THE reports any errors that have been corrected, and then run repair disk again until no errors are reported. If no errors are reported, click repair permissions. Wait until the operation is complete, then exit FROM and return to the main menu. Select restart from the Apple menu.

    4 reinstall the 10.10.5 update: OS X Yosemite 10.10.5 Combo Update.

    5 reinstall OS X: Reboot of HD recovery Select reinstall OS X in the Utilities menu, then click on the continue button.

         Reinstall the 10.10.5 Update: OS X Yosemite 10.10.5 Combo update, if necessary.

    Note : You will need an active Internet connection. I suggest to use Ethernet if possible because it's three times faster than wireless.

  • MacBook Pro does not start after asking password

    My MacBook Pro asks for my password, then the password window disappears as if it is going to start but then it asks for the password again. This happens again and again and again

    It will start in safe mode (hold the SHIFT key down as soon as you hear the ringing tone)

  • MacBook Pro does not start. Pls help


    When I turn on my mac, a white screen with a record (with an exclamation mark on it) appears.

    It flashes on the screen several times, and then the mac turns off.

    Anyone know what it is?

    Is that what you see:

    If the included directions do not work for you, suggest the EXACT year/model of your MBP.


  • MacBook Pro does not recognize my SD card?

    My MacBook Pro does not recognize my SD card, even with an external card reader. However, this same SD card can be read through my iMac. Don't know what I'm doing wrong here, but I'm going abroad and would like to be able to download my pictures I'll.

    You didn't say what model / year is your MacBook Pro.

    I found this video, don't know if it applies to you.


  • My macbook pro does not detect my s6 (connected via USB). How can I solve this problem

    I tired to connect my phone using the usb cable, macbook pro does not detect my phone as a media device, but the phone is charged. Y at - it a patch or an app, I need for macbook pro to detect my phone.

    Thank you

    If you expect to be recognized in the Finder, note that it is not designed for it. Admittedly, in the Capture of images, Photos or iPhoto if there is no picture on the device.

  • ITunes on my old MacBook Pro does not recognize my new Iphone

    ITunes on my old MacBook Pro does not recognize my new Iphone... but apparently I can't download the new version of Itunes to this model of MacBook Pro? (according to the message that I get)... So I can't transfer my photos / apps / data, etc., for my new phone... Does anyone have advice?

    Thank you

    It is not so much the Macbook Pro model as what operating system your help, for example, if you're running Lion and trying to download Itunes for El Captian. Impossible to run your operating system which. Updates for your system come from apple. Ether through a software update or the Apple app store. Generally, you will receive a notification if an update is available. What operating system you're running and what Iphone model? IPhone 6plus has for example need OS 10.7.5 or newer.

  • MacBook air does not start - symbol of circle/slash

    Hello! I hope someone can help...

    MacBook Air 13.3 model "2013 will not start. It froze and when restarting, this symbol was presented to the screen:

    I searched the web and followed all these instructions, including disk etc. target mode, nothing works: r-turn-on-3423817.

    When I ran the file system consistency check, I received the following message appears on the screen:

    I then ran into Recovery Mode disk utility and the SSD was OK, so I couldn't fix it:

    Then, I ran Apple Diagnostics and received this message:

    According to codes of reference diagnostic Apple, PPM002 is a problem with modules of memory onboard:

    Apple Diagnostics: Codes - Apple Support reference

    I then used DiskWarrior 5. Sometimes I could get it to rebuild the directory, and allowed me to access the SSD and copy the directory of the user, so I recorded all the data. Sometimes I could not rebuild, and here I got this message:

    I also tried to reinstall OS X from OS X Internet Recovery, but he did not finish the process. He stops and says that it cannot continue. The Installer log has this as the last entry:

    Sep 19 22:46:14 MacBook Air Viewer [509]:-[SFLListItem synthesizeMissingPropertyValues] was not being updated to bookmark for element (null) [EA0E40C9-D4E9-44EC-B18B-97870E1F573F] - URL: file: / / / var/root/Downloads/with error error Domain = NSCocoaErrorDomain Code = 260 "the file could not be opened because it does not exist."

    My last chance is to restore time M

    It would seem, therefore, that the DDI is OK, but the edge welded RAM is corrupt.

    What can I do? The MBA is lost? Is there anything I can do to get it working?

    Hey, DK Deadhead!

    Thank you for reaching out by Apple Support communities. I understand from your post that your MacBook Air will not start. Instead, you receive a forbidden sign. I rely on my Mac every day, so I definitely want to make sure that yours is supported!

    Looks like you did also troubleshooting problems - thanks for that and for the display of screenshots! According to the results posted from the Apple Diagnostic, your MacBook votre MacBook Air Air requires a repair for the battery and memory on-board quantity. You can get this service in several ways:

    First of all, we invite you to contact the Apple support directly implement the service here: contact Apple support

    We also invite you to take the MacBook Air in an Apple Retail Store or Apple authorized service provider. The following link will provide you with locations and contact information, and you also allow to define reservations: Apple - find

    For more information on the repair service, you can consult the following site: Mac laptop Service Answer Center

    Have a wonderful day!

  • My macbook pro does not connect to Time Capsule

    My Macbook Pro has not saved for a few weeks and does not connect to the time Machine.

    Whenever I try to connect, I get a message saying check the IP address. Everything else works - i.e. wifi is working, etc. But for some reason any time Capsule of the functions are lost.

    Please can someone help.

    My operating system is OS X Yosemite 10.10.5

  • MacBook Pro do not start

    I was working on my computer yesterday as usual and suddenly a blue screen appeared and my computer did not move from there. I rebooted and now it does not start up. I have tried rebooting several times an apple logo appears on the screen and the loadding account begins loading never ends but sometimes it goes to a blank screen and does not spend. Finally, I have to restart my computer again... Help, please!

    I've tried the command + R it does not work. When I turn on with the Option key he asks me for the wifi connection once connected I select the drive and click the upward arrow. Same thing happens again it goes to the screen with the apple logo loading and does not receive past...

    I would like to repair my OSX EL living but I can not do... Please help me. I really need this macbook work as soon as possible...

    You can try the following, but it is quite possible, you had a hardware failure such as the HARD drive.

    This will reinstall OS X without erasing your drive. Please make sure that you have backed up.

    1. Restart the computer. Immediately after the chime hold down the COMMAND and R until the Utility Menu appears.
    2. Select disk utility, and then click continue.
    3. Select the withdrawal (usually Macintosh HD) entry of the volume of the list to one side.
    4. Click the first aid tab in the toolbar. Wait that the button is active, and then click it.
    5. Quit disk utility and re-enter the Utility Menu.
    6. Select reinstall OS X and click on the button continue.
  • Tablet Dell coming 8 Pro does not start


    The Tablet is only about a year. And I've kept it's safe and sound, no damages or drops. Nothing.

    But yesterday morning when I got it, he went to sea and no matter what I do, it does not start!

    I press and hold the start buttong. Nada. I even press the windows key or was desperate enough to press the volume even toggles!

    I thought that maybe the load isn't enough. So I let it charge overnight. Still nothing.

    He used to have a small problem before that sometimes he used to take a few minutes to actually boot (startup). But it's random and many times, it was when an update has been installed. But not always.

    But this time, he stayed off the coast and after more than 24 hours, does not illuminate!

    What should I do?

    Thank you

    I think just, I solved this problem. Make absolutely certain that you are using the supplied with your coming Pro USB wall wart, similar and ordinary phone chargers don't work reliably and sometimes not at all! There will be a sticker on the side of her windows. The Pro should need more energy than what is normally fed by normal phone chargers. I hope this helps!

    Also, I think that light orange/red momentary while that push the power button is actually an indicator of battery flat (as crazy as it sounds). These types of batteries are supposed to be completely empty as it will ruin their fast enough, so they are designed to power off with a few charges left to protect themselves to be completely discharged.

  • Windows 8 Pro does not start after windows update updates for April


    Pulled up to my PC this morning and was asked to install updates from windows update. Check the list, there are 11 important available updates. I have unchecked and hiding implementing Nvidia updated as I want to do the updates of my GPU myself. Installed the remaining 10, completed and has been asked to restart my PC.

    The problems starts here; I am more able to start windows.

    It is past the bios screen, shows the blue flag with a circle of rotation below and then... nothing more than a black screen and my screen goes to mode 'sleep'.

    I tried to start in safe mode minimum clean using a prompt (bcdedit/set {default} safeboot) repair my installation disk option, but it does not start even in safe mode.

    I run system restore turned on so that the option is not valid for me.

    The system is now check the disk for errors, but it seems to hang there as well as happens for more than 2 hours now...

    Any way that I can return the updates of windows on the outside? Any other suggestions than the reset of the installation disc?

    Spec: Evga x 58 classified 3, Intel Core i7 950, 2 x Geforce GTX 580 in SLI, 12 GB Corsair Dominator GT DDR3, Corsair Force 3 SSD 128 gb, Dell u2711 2560 x 1440. Win Pro 8 x 64, completely up to date with the latest drivers. PC worked perfectly up to this Point.

    Disappointed that the "major updates" Microsoft kills my work machine.

    Problem solved now and it was the update of KB2808735 who was / is the origin of the problem.

    I placed my SSD into another computer and was able to pull up in SafeMode off and remove the updates.

    Installed all the updates one by one until it chrashed again installing the update mentioned above.

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