macOS Sierra always invites credentials for network drives

At home, we have several Macs, when connecting, to mount a network SMB readers of different servers (OS X Server and Synology NAS). The credentials (username and password) for the network drives are stored in the keychain of the user through the time of the first option "remember this password in my keychain" readers was already mounted. So a command like "Mount" command correctly get readers without users needing to interact with an authentication dialog. This was works very well for a long time a completely up through OS X 10.11.6.

In the Sierra, any attempt to build a network of road always opens the authentication dialog. The password can be filled in advance (probably from the keychain), but the user must always respond to the dialog by clicking OK. It is a huge problem for me because it breaks the loads of the automation scripts that I have that rely on the use of 'Mount' (the problem is not specific to climb, however, the same problem occurs if you use something like the command "Connect to Server" Finder).

I tried to delete all the entries in keychain "network password" so that they will re-creqted (they make), but the behavior problem persists.

Anyone know if this is a bug or design?

Just to clarify. I mentioned "Mountain" above, but it is not really correct. I don't talk to the OS 'mount' command line command but rather the command mount AppleScript as in:


turn up the volume "${url}".

try to end

the same problem afflicts the function 'connect to server... ". "finders.

Certainly a change in behaviour; I hope this is temporary and is fixed in an update in the short term.

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    Hello Jack,

    Thanks for posting your question on the Microsoft community.

    Thank you for your question details.

    This behavior can occur if the hard drive or network drive settings are not configured correctly.

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    Thank you

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    Welcome to the Microsoft community.

    These questions are better suited on the TechNet forums. I suggest you send the request here:

    Kind regards

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    I realize that I could probably add an account with the same username / password for my local account on the server and give access to my file shared.  I don't want to do that.  I have several users who share the laptop and access the local account access (I realize this is not ideal, but it is inevitable at the present time).  I don't want to have access to this network share.

    Can someone help me get my login prompt?  I searched on google for the last 2 days trying all kinds of suggested solutions, but I couldn't find one that works.

    Too bad... I was hoping that was the problem.  But at least it now asks you a name of user and password :-)

    Apart from that, you could look to make sure that NetBios over TCP (NetBT) is enabled on the client.  Deactivation of this force a direct hosting of SMB which sometimes has problems.

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    Your latest comments seem to point to a followed initial connection or bad connect more or maybe you is not authenticated as expected.  A few quick tests, I did showed that if you connect using TCP/IP address instead of the computer name and specify everything, including the scope of user name online net "use", it reduces the network traffic needed to establish a connection.  As a test on a client, from a command prompt, try a syntax such as:

    NET use * \\\share /user:\username password

    Where "" is the IP address of the server, 'share' is the name of the action that you want to connect to and "username" is the local user on the server to which you authenticate you.  If you use domain identification information, substutite for "" domain name in the "/ user:" part.  If you log to a local account server from a name of user and password graphic prompt, try to including the name of the computer and the user name in the user name as in Nom_ordinateur\Nom_utilisateur area.  If it does not, unless there is really something wrong with the access permissions, I'm out of ideas.

    Good luck

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    Hope Apple take note and fix.

    I have the same problem. I found this,

    macOS, problems of the Sierra: Time Machine backup Mac

    Time Machine problems prevented the Mac owners of their devices to backup since the upgrade to Mac OS Sierra, and the problem is widespread enough that Apple has published a guide on what to do if you can't back up:

    Discount for the iMac SMC

    1. turn off the device

    2. unplug the power cord from the monitor

    3. wait 60 seconds

    4 reconnect the power cord


    Reset the PRAM

    1. the computer must always be switched off.

    2. Locate the following keys on the keyboard: command, Option, P, and r. you need to hold these keys down simultaneously in step 4.

    3. press and release the power button to turn on the computer.

    4. press and hold the Command-Option-P-R keys. You have to press these keys before the gray screen appears. Continue to hold the keys down until the computer is restarted, and you hear the tone of starting for the 3rd time.

    5. release the keys.

    You can then try to save again. If this does not work, try to disable indexing on the drive you want to back up.

    but I'm not sure it's the same question. I'll try it and report.

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    If please contact Apple Support team and send them system.log and corrupt /System/Library/Extensions/IOPCIFamily.kext/Info.plist.

    The person wrote that if Apple can't help, we will try to help "."

    Is anyone able to help please?

    Thank you.

    It is a user to user forum, not a team of Apple Support forum. In any event, it sounds like a problem of Parallels as it is unlikely that multiple versions of the operating system have defective or damaged kernel extensions.

    For what it's worth, I use Parallels 11 without problem on macOS Sierra to access Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows XP64, Windows 7 and Windows 10 of virtual machines. I think you should go back to parallels Support. I've avoided Parallels 12 because of all the problems users are reporting

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    Hi all

    I have upgraded my iMac and MacBook Pro with the new macOS Sierra and did not have a lot of problems until recently. As my exams are approaching, I print on my printer, Canon E560 comments. However, recently, some pages may not be printed and printing stops. He said "stopped -"filter"failed", and I can't find a way to solve this problem. I did this experiment several times, and in early printing, it is said immediately that the filter is not on my computer, but continues to print up to a page where it stops. Some pictures on the already printed pages are distorted. Is this related to the Sierra macOS? This is true for my two computers. I replaced the cartridges of ink, but in vain. I've also sent cannon on it, but they take a lot of time to answer me.

    I have another printer on the floor in my house, which is of my fathers. So, I tried printing with it, but words have white lines through it, for some pages. This shows that it may be a problem with the document or the software, macOS Sierra 10.12.

    For two printers, it seems that the content of the pages is pushed down as well.

    Thank you very much


    Have you looked for a new driver for your printer? Canon are responsible for updating the drivers for their products to ensure that they are compatible with the new operating system

  • reminder for macOS Sierra notifications shows 1, but none here

    I am running the latest official version of macOS Sierra 10.12

    Everytime I turn on my MacBook, I see that there is 1 reminder on my reminders open it and nothing. I followed the steps from Apple on the deactivation of reminders in iCloud and turning them back top and restart and restart before reminders, no other results.

    Has anyone found a fix for this, that may be having the same problem?

    Here is a screenshot

    Hi there, HMILLER75. Thank you for using communities of support from Apple!

    It seems that if you get a reminder that there is not actually on your MacBook Pro, which has been upgraded to macOS Sierra. You have made a huge step in troubleshooting, but since it did not help I have a few extra steps for you.

    With the reminders on your Mac app, close it using the Menu option (callbacks > reminders Quit) then hold down the SHIFT key left while the reopening of reminders to clear the cache.

    Safe mode try if your Mac does not start -is not only recommended safe mode when your Mac is not put into market, it also erases the system caches and certainty that your Mac starts correctly.

    These steps should clear reminders inhabiting not actually on your Mac. Have a great day!

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    sets the space to the left producing a Horiz scroll bar

    Network and Thunderbird readers have a very eventful history. There are still open around bug to save files in the network drives.

    That being said
    I don't think it sounds like Thunderbird. Looks like widows not opening the connections until after they requested. I would guess that repeated in Thunderbird attempts could also encourage the loading of the network drive.

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    Hello Scott,

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    Thank you


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