Magic mouse "summary."

Only for a few days my Magic Mouse became 'summary' or incompatible with the follow-up.

I did the "tape/paper" difficulty on batteries, so he no longer has the disconnection problem (at least not often).

However, it is extremely difficult to simply move the mouse around the screen the speed is not all consistent (going from slow to fast... you have to fight so he can point more precisely what either).

I tried cleaning the sensor... no change.

Ideas... ?


I see that you are on El Capitan (and 10.11.3, not the highest level).  And that is your problem.   You are using a version of Magic Mouse 1 with the latest OS.

El Capitan requires 2 magic mouse work properly.  Magic mouse 1 will give you a small percentage of what you need, but for full functionality, you need Magic Mouse 2.

I know that Apple does not tell you this when you were tempted to upgrade, but the new mouse has been designed to work with the new operating system and the operating systems that will follow, such as the Sierra, coming in the fall.

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  • My magic mouse has stopped working.   Is there a battery that I need to replace?

    My magic mouse stop working.   Do I have to replace a battery?  If so, how?

    If it's a Magic Mouse 2 then you reload by using a standard USB cable Flash. The port is at the bottom of the mouse. If it's a Magic Mouse, then you must replace the batteries. Coverage is at the bottom of the mouse.

  • New Magic Mouse (wireless) works erratically

    New Magic Mouse (wireless) said low battery but it does not use a battery? How to charge it?

    The Apple article below should help.

    Recharge the battery in your Apple - Apple Support accessory

  • the magic mouse disconnects regularly

    Since last week my Magic Mouse is losing connection with my iMac (OS X Sierra) pretty regularly--several times each hour, sometimes more often - the connection is only lost for 5-10 seconds, but it's a lot of time when you're trying to work. Anyone else had this problem and had been able to find a solution?

    If your Magic Mouse is version 1 (with batteries), it won't be to fully integrate with Sierra.   You can buy Magic Mouse 2 for that.   Because all future operating systems need, you may as well buy now.

  • After the update of Sierra: not to Disable Trackpad with Magic Mouse connected


    After that I updated to macOS Sierra on my MacBook Pro the Trackpad is not disable mouse connected with Magic.

    Feature: MacBook Pro retina 15 inches (end of 2014) on macOS Sierra.

    Since the update, I noticed that my stays compatible with my Magic Mouse connected after built-in trackpad window connection.

    In system-> accessibility-> mouse and Trackpad preferences, I have not "ignore the built-in trackpad when mouse or trackpad wireless is present". If I switch it off and on again once again, the parameter will be.

    However, once I lock the device (user name right-> connection... window) and reconnect, the trackpad works. You must pass the parameter each time.

    Is this a bug of Mac OS Sierra (can't find anything) or am I missing something? I am aware that the trackpad is reactivated at the login window, but before it will deactivate after logging in.

    I don't use Magic Mouse, but I have USB Wired mouse and I have the same problem since installing Sierra.

    I have the box ticked, but I must go and clear the check box and then save.

    I have to use a mouse all the time because my trackpad goes haywire and I wasn't able to find a solution for this. It moves its own and open stuff on its own.

  • Magic Mouse works only with the latest el capitan

    Why Apple is not the problems with El Capitan (10.11.6) and it's Magic Mouse? The only way is connected to my MacBook Pro is to remove the at the end of each session and even that does not always work. When it is finally connected, the mouse connects and reconnects constantly during the session. The mouse is an Apple product, and Apple does not seem to recognize the problem or give anyone a viable solution.

    Determine that the problem is inherent in the software is an act of faith (there is no batches of messages here with the same problem).

    Try resetting the SMC and the NVRAM.


  • Where can I get the 'Mobee Magic charger for Apple Magic Mouse'?

    Where can I get the "Mobee Magic Charger' for my Apple Magic Mouse 2?

    This question by pasting into your favorite internet search engine would probably be a good way to start the search.

  • Question of sensitivity magic mouse


    I have a few problems with my Magic Mouse since the last update OS (Sierra).
    When I'm using programs such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator, it became almost impossible to zoom with precision.
    My screen will zoom 500% with the slightest movement of the finger.
    I move not even my finger, just move the pressure of my finger tip point.

    This was not the case in El Capitan.
    Really hope that this bug gets fixed because it makes these very frustrating easy tasks.

    Since I'm on multiple Adobe programs professionally, I have this problem too in the Sierra.

    It helped me to slow down a little zoom: double click on Adjust and scrolling speed of your mouse or trackpad - Apple Support

    Unfortunately, it is still not as good as he was at El Capitan. I really hope that Apple will fix this bug as soon as possible.

  • Magic Mouse 2 scrolling does not

    I have a magic mouse 2 I have installed on my Windows laptop, 10 but I can't get the scrolling to work, I know there is a way to make it work, but I can't seem to get the mining work like everyone else.  I really want to buy a different mouse.  Can someone please help me and give me the steps in lame terms

    Thank you

    Hello, 4kids4me,

    The magic mouse 2 has been designed for OS El Capitan of Apple and its successors.  It only works partially with older Apple systems.   I often read Windows users, but they almost always have problems and you will understand, Apple adapt their products for Windows users.

    That said, I haven't read more partial workarounds and wonder if the Windows forums could be more productive for you.   Which leads to believe everyone can work with them.

  • Make a right click of the magic mouse has stopped working

    Right click my magic mouse function does not work. Is it a hardware problem or can I fix it myself?

    Which machine do you use?

    What operating system do you use?

    What version of Magic Mouse do you use?

    Please keep in mind that we still need retail in order to answer the questions... otherwise its speculation that helps the person.

  • Magic mouse 2

    is it possible to replace the battery of the 2 magic mouse?

    I see no way to penetrate the hull, so no.   It's probably the lithium battery with long life expectancy that has increased the price.

  • the magic Mouse loses connection

    I have an iMac 21.5 "running 10.11.6. Recently, I added a to an existing stereo system bluetooth connectivity so I could broadcast on the system. By the way since then I lose my connection to the mouse. I get "connection lost" notification even if the mouse is sitting idle without hands even near him. I tried the suggested pieces of paper, battery replacement and any other thing, I found displayed. Nothing works. As I was typing that I got the message several times, and I'm not even using the mouse! I have another computer in another location and plan to try to see if the problem changes switching. I suspected that the additional bluetooth device could be the culprit, but I tried to unplug and had the same results. It is not a problem with another computer running the same operating system, even if a year or two older hardware. The intermittent mouse problem existed before, but I've lived with him because he doesn't seem to be that bad. Now, I have moved and am in an apartment complex and wonder if there is an interference cause me pain. I do not know to replace the mouse by a non Apple device can solve the problem or if I need to use a WIRED one remedy! The keyboard has never given me problems and with the exception of the low battery notification, it has worked perfectly.


    May be corrupted Bluetooth preferences.

    Open a Finder window. In the Finder menu bar, click go > go to folder

    Type or copy paste the following text:

    / Library/Preferences/com. Apple.Bluetooth.plist

    Click OK, and then place the file in the trash.

    Can it match the Magic Mouse > OS X El Capitan: use an Apple wireless mouse

    If this does not help, because you are having problems with the battery, Reset System Management Controller (SMC)

  • To stop a Magic Mouse to work?

    I have an original Magic Mouse. It has new batteries, but clicking on it or by pressing the mouse does nothing. The green light doesn't Flash or lights. What he would do to stop working like this? Any ideas or suggestions would be very appreciated.

    Thank you.

    Batteries installed incorrectly, lack of battery charge come to mind

  • My magic mouse 2 charge while my iMac is in sleep?

    I received a rechargeable Magic Mouse with my iMac and I wonder if it will load into memory if the computer is in sleep?

    It should do.  Here is the document from Apple on the power to the USB ports.

  • I just bought a new Magic Mouse 2 but it can't scroll.

    I just bought a new Magic Mouse 2 but it can't scroll. But if I change this mouse with microsoft mice, that the mouse can work well. However, I take the 2 magic mouse the apple store where is can match the other apple computer. Can you give me some suggestions?

    You must meet these requirements: Mac computer compatible Bluetooth with v10.11 OS X or later.

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