mail for Mac do not trash a message

I have a mac mini running El Capitan. I use Mac Mail. Today, I got a message I wanted to trash. Mail don't trash the message. I got the error message: cannot open the file '48948.emlx' because there is no file.  Anyone know what this means? I don't want to open the file; I want to trash! All other messages went in the trash very well. Thank you all.

Fred J.

I had this same problem and found the answer that worked. Go to the involved mailbox, like "manyproblemsmail" and click on it. Then go up to 'Message' in the top bar and when you click on it there will be a drop-down 'rebuild '. Click on it and it will rebuild this mailbox and eliminate messages affected by the message "the file '150982.emlx' could not be opened because there is no file of this type." I hope this helps.

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    MacBook Pro - model: MacBookPro9, 1

    1 2.6 GHz Intel Core i7 CPU: 4 strands

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    NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M - VRAM: 1024 MB

    DELL U2414H 1920 x 1080


    OS X El Capitan 10.11.3 (15 d 21) - since the start time: about 3 days

    Disc information:

    TOSHIBA MK7559GSXF disk0: (750,16 GB) (rotation)

    EFI (disk0s1) : 210 MB

    Macintosh HD (disk0s2) /: 749,30 (Go 117,86 free)

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    Computer, Inc. Apple IR receiver.

    Apple Inc. BRCM20702 hub.

    Apple Inc. Bluetooth USB host controller.

    Apple Inc. FaceTime HD camera (built-in)

    GenesysLogic USB3.0 Hub

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    EFI (disk1s1) : 210 MB

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    Mac App Store and identified developers

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    [operation] to THE demon

    [operation] to THE demon

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    com.avast.CrashReport [loading]

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    [ongoing] com.avast.FileShield

    [ongoing] com.avast.helper

    [ongoing] com.avast.proxy

    [ongoing] com.avast.service

    [operation] - local-Com - Server. 188512





    Plug-ins Internet:

    MeetingJoinPlugin: Version: Unknown - SDK 10.6 [Support]

    o1dbrowserplugin: Version: - SDK 10.8 [Support]

    Web of Google Earth plugin: Version: 6.0 [Support]

    Default browser: Version: 601 - SDK 10.11

    OfficeLiveBrowserPlugin: Version: 12.3.6 [Support]

    Silverlight: Version: 5.1.30514.0 - SDK 10.6 [Support]

    FlashPlayer - 10.6: Version: - SDK 10.6 [Support]

    WidevineMediaOptimizer: Version: - SDK 10.7 [Support]

    QuickTime Plugin: Version: 7.7.3

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    WebEx: Version: 1.0 [Support]

    CitrixOnlineWebDeploymentPlugin: Version: 1.0.105 [Support]

    WebEx64: Version: 1.0 - SDK 10.6 [Support]

    Safari extensions:

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    The Camelizer - Amazon price Tracker

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    Video converter

    CLEA. Video Nr



    3rd party preference panes:

    Flash Player [Support]

    Java [Support]

    Time Machine:

    Skip system files: No.

    Mobile backups: OFF

    Automatic backup: YES

    Volumes to back up:

    Macintosh HD: Disc size: 749,30 GB disc used: 631,43 GB


    WD Backup [Local]

    Total size: 999,83 GB

    Total number of backups: 57

    An older backup: 07/03/15, 11:10

    Last backup: 31/01/16, 09:55

    Backup disk size: too small

    Backup size 999,83 GB< (disk="" used="" 631.43="" gb="" x="">

    Top of page process CPU:

    4% kernel_task

    4% of mail

    nsurlsessiond (2) 2%

    cloudd 2%

    2% WindowServer

    Top of page process of memory:

    3.12 GB (4)

    1.20 GB kernel_task

    754 MB suggestd

    Softwareupdated 475 MB

    426 MB messages

    Virtual memory information:

    22 MB of RAM

    4 pm used GB RAM (3.56 GB being cached)

    27 MB used Swap

    Diagnostic information:

    January 31, 2016, 08:21:51 ~/Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports/Mail_2016-01-31-082151_[redacted].crash

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    January 28, 2016, 23:21:04 Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports/Mail_2016-01-28-232104_[redacted].cpu_resource. diag [details]

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    [loading] com.avast.PacketForwarder (2.0 - 10.10 SDK) [Support]

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    [loading] com.avast.userinit.plist [Support]

    [loading] com.avast.init.plist [Support]

    [loading] com.avast.uninstall.plist [Support]

    [loading] com.avast.update.plist [Support]

    [loading] com.avast.home.userinit.plist [Support]

    com.avast.account [loading]

    com.avast.CrashReport [loading]

    [ongoing] com.avast.daemon

    [ongoing] com.avast.FileShield

    [ongoing] com.avast.helper

    [ongoing] com.avast.proxy

    [ongoing] com.avast.service

    It's really strange

    3.12 GB (4)

    which means that Safari has only a couple of open tabs, but it consumes 3 + GB of your memory.  There must be some very greedy Javascript running in one or more of these pages.  Here again, it's Snow Leopard, so this version of Safari can not create processes by web page, then you might have dozens of tabs open, which would explain 3 + GB of memory used by Safari.

    Avast is the likeliest suspect.

    I suspect things MacKeeper remains links a MacKeeper withdrawal (unless the abduction was recent, then it could be that something damaged MacKeeper).

    Mettle network stuff.  If it's hogging the network that can interfere with other network applications, such as Mail (I think I have more to get here, but I also think it should be mentioned).

    These are all red flags, that I can see.

  • How to fix the mail for mac?

    I have a macbook air, version 10.10.5 trying to get mac mail to work.  I used all the information preferably help Yahoo, even spoken to a cat person.  my mail for mac still does not work.  He continue to send the message - Mail cannot connect to my Yahoo! Yahoo account.   I put my password and it does not accept it.  I hope someone can help please.

    Address postal (Yosemite): Configure Mail with your email accounts

    Yahoo! mail has stopped working with Yosemite

    Try to uncheck the box Mail > Preferences > account > advanced > automatically detect and manage account settings

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    COMODO should you sent a link to download the file 'bundle' containing the intermediate certificates. Who needs to go in the same directory as the certificate of your site. If you are using a control panel, your host can probably help with this process. And if you bought through them, shame on them for not taking care of this for you already!

  • the update of firefox 28 for mac does not, the bar just rotates, I can't get the update

    the update of firefox 28 for mac does not, the bar just rotates, I can't get the update. Thank you


    Try to get the full version here:

    Then just install it.

  • I can't download the application for mac windows phone. The message: you are interested in the content is now available in the store. How can I synchronize microsoft limia and macbook?

    I can't download the application for mac windows phone. The message: you are interested in the content is now available in the store. How can I synchronize microsoft limia and macbook?

    Contact Ms and ask them.  Only they dictate where their application is made available.

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  • My Thuderbird for mac does not delete messages from the server and can not find the setting in tools to do.

    According to the forum users, you go to tools-> account settings and there should be a box to "leave the message on the server" that I can uncheck, however, I don't see that my Thunderbird program for mac.

    You use the POP or IMAP protocol by e-mail? I guess that IMAP because you do not see the option.

  • How to see the size of the messages in mail for mac

    I need to clean up some of the larger emails since my mac mail. I can not configure a screen I see the size of the message, but it's a sorting option

    Select "size".

  • migrate Outlook 365 mail for mac

    Hi all

    I want to migrate my Outlook for Mac, worm 15.25 to Mac mail that I said its more stable and train less problems.

    I have two exchange accounts and a POP account I want to migrate

    Can someone advise how to proceed - apparently, I need to find the Outlook data file - sounds very complicated

    Appreciate your help

    It should not be so difficult if you subscribe to Office 365. Here is a useful guide: 9648-4044-a76c-e8a60e178d54

  • How to apply the rule of mail for mac?

    before mac I use windows machine and there is a lot of rule set in outlook mail, but now I have change all the mail to mac mail folder and I want to add my rule also but I serve as outlook e-mail rule:

    my e-mail outlook rule is to follow:

    Apply this rule after the arrival of massage

    where my name is in the cc box

    and where my name is not not in the box of

    and [email protected]

    and only this machine only

    Move it to the... folder

    Please, help me mail from mac game.

    Mail rules apply to the new unread messages in the Inbox only. Open Mail preferences, select the rules tab and add a rule. The rules are different in the messaging applications, but you should have no problem setting up a similar to the one above:

    The illustration below shows something similar to what you have above. What do you do with this problems?

  • Windows Live Mesh for Mac does not work with Mac OS 10.7 Lion

    Maybe someone could help me with this.

    • I migrated to a disk hard again and update of Snow Leopard Lion this week
    • Live Mesh has stopped working so I downloaded the most recent distribution of MS: 15.4.5726.23, 20/07/2011 release date, which says it's for Mac, including the last OS 10.7 Lion as well.
    • It loads, wait, does nothing (the choice of unique to Quit or help menu, and then it ends after about 30 seconds, the LiveAgent not appearing.)
    • I made sure the application has access through the firewall Mac and use the stealth mode.  With stealth enabled, there are messages from the console: Live Agent is listening to proto = 6 AND Live Agent is listening to: ffff: proto = 6 AND the first msg repeats.    I also disabled the firewall to test without effect if LiveAgent fails to load. Firewall of variants: with the firewall on, LiveAgent just sits with console messages above until the user clicks on the icon status agent and it then goes to the waiting interminable spinner; with the firewall off, it goes to spinner in less than 15 seconds spontaneously with the GSM, but two sets of their pop up.
    • I repeated a deinstall [app and files] / refresh-download/install process three times and got the same results.
    • In the Finder, and LaunchPad, the icon is displayed normally.
    • I reinstalled the previous version [15.4.5722.2] and the LiveAgent charges, but never decided and just hangs.
    • After doing this and made a fourth installation 15.4.5726.23, 20/07/2011, it now loads the agent but is still suspended as the previous version.
    • If after that, I have now the LiveAgent treat during initialization, but never finished.  It remains active for approximately 8 MB of RAM, but no cycles CPU are used
    • My sync folders are orphans of their source computer, although they always synchronize with my Win7 laptop.
    • I dug a little deeper trying to solve this problem.  I get the following error message if I dig in the 15.4.5726.23 app and run the executable manually:

    aarc01: ~ $ Applications/richard/Windows\ Live\\ Live\ mesh; "exit";

    Exception thrown:

    System.IO.FileLoadException: Error 0x1A88.  Debugging resource strings are not available. See

    [IO. FileName_Name]

    Arguments: Microsoft.LiveFX.ResourceModel, Version =, Culture = neutral, PublicKeyToken = 7cec85d7bea7798e

    Debugging resource strings are not available. Often the key and arguments provide enough information to diagnose the problem. See

    at Microsoft.MeshOperatingEnvironment.Runtime.Client.MoeRuntime.Start)

    at Microsoft.MeshOperatingEnvironment.Runtime.Client.ILFilter.ExceptionFilter.TryFilterCatchFinally (FilterDelegate filterDelegate, CatchDelegate catchDelegate, TryDelegate tryDelegate, FinallyDelegate finallyDelegate)

    I've seen this behaviour before with v.15.4.5722.2, about 4-5 months ago, but I do not remember what was the solution that solved.

    Can anyone out there advise me?

    THX in advance,


    Hello RichardCampbellVancouver,

    There is a dedicated forum dealing with problems Windows LIve Mesh. They will be better able to answer your question in the forum.

    Please transfer your question in the Windows Live Mesh Forums on the link below.
    Click on the yellow - ask a Question.



  • AutoUpdate for Office 2011 for MAC does not work

    2011 26 "IMAC

    OSX 10.7.5

    2.7 GHZ Intel Core I5

    4 GHz 1333 mhz DDR

    I just rebooted / cntrl R and ERASED the disc

    Reinstalled OSX and "software-update" all the software needed for Mac successfully

    BUT, after I installed my Office for Mac 2011 student / home edition successfully.

    entered my code produced and opened with success of Word and Excel documents

    then I tried 'auto-update' Office for MAC via their "help / check the drop-down list updates.

    Set TI to update several times...

    BUT, then got into a loop trying to install "Microsoft Autoupdate 2.3.6 critical 10/19/12.

    He said... Download the update very quickly (hard to read)

    then he said... .checking for updates again

    AND the same automatic update 2.3.6 appears as needing to be installed

    I keep hitting install it... and same repetitive steps keep occurring...

    LAST loaded version said 14.0.0


    Note: searched the Internet and some sites from microsoft... but none has seemed relevant for my version

    Thank you, Mark

    I found the solution on the site:

    Just look for the thread titled

    "Microsoft for Mac 2011 auto update stuck in the cycle of the strange"

    Problem is that your Installer is coming from a DVD player that has the older version of the installer.

    Therefore, follow the instructions on the thread (there are several options available).

    I solved my problem by going to the Microsoft Web site and download Office 14.6.3

    directly from their site < -.

    Thanks to all of you who have read my thread.

    … Mark

  • Slim Canvio for Mac now not recognized by my Macbook

    I use a Slim CAnvio for Mac 1 TB drive hard outside for a few months to save my Macbook Pro.
    I did not support for 2 weeks and plugged the HD into the USB slot to save in Time Machine and is not to be recognied by my laptop! The blue light on the hard drive, but I have no idea what I can do. I looked in the disk utility, and there is no sign of the HD it.

    Advice please!

    Thank you


    It seems that Tuxera requires an update if you've gone from Yosemite to El Capitan.
    In my case, my Toshiba HDDs had become read-only after update OS X El Capitan.

    Now, my problem is that with Tuxera upgrade is free for 15 days only and requires a license key afterwards.
    Where is the license key for Toshiba customers?

    Thanks and greetings

  • Microsoft messenger for mac does not work.

    My msn for mac said these things for centuries, I tried to fix it for ages. It is said: 'sign in to Microsoft Messenger failed because the service is not responding. The service is not available or you may not be connected to the internet. "I certainly know my internet works because I can access everything. There is a way supposed to solve this problem, which is where you click on the sign with a different account link, then click on clear history, but I would not have to do something like that, because I want to keep my story, is it possible for me to keep my story and always solve this problem?

    Please visit the following link.

    This can guide you in the right direction...

Maybe you are looking for

  • Apple Watch, calling emergency since the update services

    Guys, I was wondering if anyone else has this problem, but since the upgrade to ios3 in my watch randomly called emergency services when I rode my bike with my jacket on. Obviously gloves are putting pressure on the power and set up the menu, but the

  • CanDo Lea


  • Problems of airtime...

    So, here is my question: Music Apple listened via AirPlay of Apple TV. Connection drops a lot too. However, if I listen to music from Pandora, Spotify, or Amazon, with the same features, the connection never breaks and it starts instantly (unlike wit

  • Satellite A100 - Taken Broken headphones

    Hello As a result of obvious negligence, I broke the hack of headset plastic on the front of my A100 until still accept a but is barely staying in there. Anyone know if its easy to replace by myself with a soldering iron and the part? How it is conne

  • WRE54G canmot associated not with this access point in Repeater mode.

    Hello Because of the concrete walls, I have a weak signal to use the WRE54G to extend my existing wireless network. However, I installed an Ethernet cable and found possible to connect the WRE54G access point. This is my extension of network is via a