Mail keeps opening unprovoked window

Since updating to OS X 10.11, my window of Mail keeps opening without rhyme or reason.

Mail is launched, but its window is closed, then at seemingly random times, the window opens suddenly, disrupt everything I was doing at the time. This also occurs when the Mac is in sleep mode, the window previously closed mail is open from wake up sleep. This is not related to any activity within e-mail, such as new audits of email arriving, periodic new email, synchronization status of e-mail with other devices, etc.

Everyone knows the same problem?

Is there a specific .plist file that I should try to remove?

Thank you.

User for messages settings are in the user's library > folder of containers:

~/Library/containers/com. Apple.mail

If you want to experiment with: Mail to quit.

Move the folder to the trash. Open Mail. You have to re-create your settings. You can always reverse this order in case of problems or to reset your original settings.

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    My problem is that all my links keep opening as pop ups, I used the connection to the link buttons (arrow) button to the files (html pages), I did it on each page, its really annoying hope, someone can help me out as soon as possible, im using CS4!

    You have probably set up to open in a new page. That is why they keep it.

    When you add a link on your property bar, make sure that the 'target' is set to 'home' or the box must be empty. This way the links open in the same window without having to open a new one.

    See photos attached.

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    What you have is, in my view, two problems.

    • Homepage

    Type of topic: preferences #general< enter > in the address bar.

    There are two settings;

    • At the start of Firefox

    When the browser is started, what you want
    view. Many of us choose view my homepage.

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    1. Use current Page. Use the pages that are never open at this time.
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  • The first time to open opens the window Import Mail Message - crashes during the infinite-import cycle how to break it?

    El Captain 10.11.03

    .. 10.11.03 .after install, I leave el capitan migrate my old yosemite data.

    restart: when opening mail insists in the import of 'old' e-mail accounts of the

    standard window "import mail message.

    When importing, it breaks down. How to curb this "never-ending cycle" and of 'just' open mail without importation of message and let me

    everything by myself: accounts and import the 'old' one by one.

    This way I can also identify the import data that causes the accident and so on...

    Is there a file to delete that stop the routine of "import of message window?

    This crash report help? :

    Process: Mail [890]

    Path: /Applications/


    Version: 9.2 (3112)

    Generation information: Mail-3112000000000000 ~ 7

    Code type: X 86-64 (Native)

    Parent process:? [1]

    Manager: Mail [890]

    User ID: 501

    Date/time: 2016-03-09 23:16:00.867 + 0100

    OS version: Mac OS X 10.11.3 (15 d 21)

    Report Version: 11

    Anonymous UUID: BD98511C-1892-5044-70F8-62C35E853145

    Sleep/wake UUID: B53BF3CA-4CDB-4B18-BC26-CBCE4AFEE019

    Time since started awake: 4700 seconds

    Wake time: 1700 seconds

    Integrity of system protection: enabled

    Crashed thread: queue 2-[LibraryImportAssistant synchronouslyDoTheImport] hurry: NSOperationQueue 0x7f8d2615c3e0: NSOperation 0x7f8d2617f2b0 (QOS: UTILITY)

    Specific application Backtrace 1:

    0 CoreFoundation 0x00007fff946e8ae2 __exceptionPreprocess + 178

    1 libobjc. A.dylib 0x00007fff81590f7e objc_exception_throw + 48

    2 CoreFoundation 0x00007fff94589840 _CFXNotificationGetTaskCenter + 0

    3 MailCore 0x00007fff8ee1c21b-[MCMimePart (SMIMEDecodingInternal) _verifySignatureWithCMSDecoder:againstSender:signingError:] + 2941

    4 MailCore 0x00007fff8ee1a01e-[MCMimePart (SMIMEDecoding) decodeApplicationPkcs7_mimeWithContext:] + 4554

    5 MailCore 0x00007fff8edf3b36-[MCMimePart decodeWithContext:] + 411

    6 MailCore 0x00007fff8edee5d5-[MCMimePart decodedContentWithContext:] + 91

    7 MailCore 0x00007fff8edf42ae-[MCMimePart decodeMultipartWithContext:] + 140

    8 MailCore 0x00007fff8edf3b36-[MCMimePart decodeWithContext:] + 411

    9 MailCore 0x00007fff8edeedec-[MCMimePart parsedMessageWithContext:] + 95

    MailCore 10 0x00007fff8eddb40e-[MCMimeBody parsedMessageWithContext:] + 179

    11 MailCore 0x00007fff8edc08a7-[MCMessage searchableItemWithHTML:includingText:] + 2693

    12 email 0x00007fff96f14cff-[MFRecoveredMessage searchableItemWithHTML:includingText:] + 118

    13 mail 0x00007fff96f12b87 + [MFRecoveredMessage searchableItemForBodyData:plistData:path:persistentID:] + 335

    14 mail 0x00007fff96e04a08 __247 + [MFLibrary insertOrUpdateMessages:withMailbox:fetchBodies:isInitialImport:isMailboxRebuild: oldMessagesByNewMessage:remoteIDs:newDocumentIDs:setFlags:clearFlags:messageFla gsForMessages:copyFiles:progressDelegate:updateRowIDs:missedMessages:error:] _blo ck_invoke1168 + 18627

    15 mail 0x00007fff96e27e61 + [MFLibrary executeBlock:isWriter:useTransaction:isPrivileged:] + 766

    16 mail 0x00007fff96dff36b + [MFLibrary insertOrUpdateMessages:withMailbox:fetchBodies:isInitialImport:isMailboxRebuild: oldMessagesByNewMessage:remoteIDs:newDocumentIDs:setFlags:clearFlags:messageFla gsForMessages:copyFiles:progressDelegate:updateRowIDs:missedMessages:error:] + 6167

    17 mail 0x00007fff96e081cd + [MFLibrary addMessages:withMailbox:fetchBodies:isInitialImport:oldMessagesByNewMessage:rem oteIDs:setFlags:clearFlags:messageFlagsForMessages:copyFiles:missedMessages:erro a:] + 263

    18 mail 0x00007fff96e21ad1 + [MFLibrary importMailbox:] + 1640

    19 e-mail 0x00007fff96e24093 __46 + [MFLibrary importMessagesFromEnabledAccounts] _block_invoke2500 + 701

    20 mail 0x00007fff96e28469 + [MFLibrary executeBlock:isWriter:useTransaction:isPrivileged:] + 2310

    21 mail 0x00007fff96e230f7 + [MFLibrary importMessagesFromEnabledAccounts] + 4057

    22 mail 0x0000000109a431f3 + 1757683

    23 CoreFoundation 0x00007fff945b317c __invoking___ + 140

    24 CoreFoundation 0x00007fff945b2fce-[French invoke] + 286

    25 MailCore 0x00007fff8edf9036-[MCMonitoredInvocation invoke] + 245

    26 MailCore 0x00007fff8ee2b98e-[major MCThrowingInvocationOperation] + 48

    27 MailCore 0x00007fff8edb4cde-[major _MCInvocationOperation] + 426

    28 the 0x00007fff918c72fb Foundation-[__NSOperationInternal _start:] + 654

    29 0x00007fff918c6de7 __NSOQSchedule_f + 194 Foundation

    30 libdispatch.dylib 0x00007fff8617c33f _dispatch_client_callout + 8

    31 libdispatch.dylib 0x00007fff86180f6f _dispatch_queue_drain + 754

    32 libdispatch.dylib 0x00007fff8618763b _dispatch_queue_invoke + 549

    33 libdispatch.dylib 0x00007fff8617fc87 _dispatch_root_queue_drain + 538

    34 0x00007fff8617fa34 _dispatch_worker_thread3 + 91 libdispatch.dylib

    35 libsystem_pthread.dylib 0x00007fff961d568f _pthread_wqthread + 1129

    36 libsystem_pthread.dylib 0x00007fff961d3365 start_wqthread + 13

    Summary of the external change:

    Calls made by other processes for this process:

    task_for_pid: 2

    thread_create: 0

    thread_set_state: 0

    Calls made by this process:

    task_for_pid: 0

    thread_create: 0

    thread_set_state: 0

    Calls made by all processes on this machine:

    task_for_pid: 2405

    thread_create: 0

    thread_set_state: 0

    Summary region VM:

    ReadOnly part of libraries: Total = 325.4 M resident = 0 K (0%) swapped_out_or_unallocated=325.4M(100%)

    Regions in writing: Total = 376.5 M written = 0 K (0%) resident = 0 K (0%) swapped_out = 0 K (0%) unallocated=376.5M(100%)


    The NUMBER of DIMENSIONS of TYPE REGION (not melted)

    ===========                     =======  =======

    Accelerate.Framework 256K 3

    2048K 2 follow-up activity

    CG backup stores 5080K 4

    CG image 260 K 5

    CG shared images 240K 6

    CoreAnimation 168K 15

    CoreUI 1928 K 14 image data

    CoreUI image file 224K 5

    Ship 8192 K 2 continuations

    The Foundation 25.8 M 297

    Image IO 4096 K 2

    Kernel Alloc once 8 K 3

    MALLOC 282,9 258 M

    MALLOC 32K 7 cover page

    Tag memory 242 12K 2

    Memory 12 251 K 2 tag

    OpenCL                               8K        2

    Corpse process Info 2048 K 2

    SQLite page cache 15.2 M 106

    BATTERY GUARD 56.0 M 13

    The stack of 13.1 M 15

    VM_ALLOCATE 68K 10

    __DATA 36.3 M 349

    __IMAGE 528K 2

    __LINKEDIT 91.5 M 19

    __TEXT 233.9 356 M

    __UNICODE 552K 2

    mapped file 53.0 M 17

    16.3 shared memory M 10

    ===========                     =======  =======

    TOTAL 849,1 M 1501

    Exception type: EXC_CRASH (SIGABRT)

    Exception codes: 0 x 0000000000000000, 0 x 0000000000000000

    Note the exception: EXC_CORPSE_NOTIFY

    Request for clarification:

    "Reason for terminating app due to exception while now the database lock 'NSInvalidArgumentException',: ' *-[__NSArrayM insertObject:atIndex:]: object cannot be null"

    Abort() called

    You have locally stored messages slot "on my Mac"?

    You have IMAP or POP accounts?

    How much free space on your drive? Use disk utility to find this info.

    I wrote two articles that might help you. If you have the opportunity to start again in the Yosemite, you can export data, as explained before moving on to the post of El Capitan. If this is not possible, you can always ignore the upgrade process by importing your data. Let me know if you have any questions.

    Troubleshooting Apple Mail in OS X 10.11 El Capitan


    Before moving to the post of El Capitan

    (Fair disclosure: Needhelp4Mac is my site.) I can receive some form of compensation, financial or otherwise, of the links on my site.)

  • Mail keeps closing on Windows 8 application

    Hello. whenever I click on a folder in the mail application it will close and return to the start screen. any account or fiolder, as soon as I click it, it closes.

    Thanks in advance

    Johan Berkhoff

    Hi Johan,.

    Thanks for posting your query in the Microsoft Community Forums.

    The problem description, I understand that when you click a folder, the mail app closes and brings up the home screen on the computer of Windows 8.

    I would appreciate if you can help me with the following information.

    -Don't you make changes on the computer before this problem?

    I suggest that you try these methods and check if that helps.

    Method 1

    Download and run the troubleshooter modern UI App and check.

    Method 2

    See the help article and check that it helps.

    What to do if you have problems with a soft

    It will be useful.

    Let us know if you encounter problems with Windows in the future. We will be happy to help you.

  • In the preview, is this normal for a series of small to keep opening browser windows?

    When I saw in the Internet Explorer browser, I receive a small string of the browser windows that I need to view my pages I have designed for maximized screen individually. Is this a standard DW Preview in the browser process? I use 4 DW and IE 7.  I have Vista OS with screen resolution 1600 x 1200. All the targets of my pages are fixed empty. I don't want myself or my viewers to be entered through this tedious process when the site is finally online. I have a problem here?

    You know, I get that every once in a while. I think it has more to do with how you last left your browser with something to do with Dreamweaver. Go to your browser, maximize, then shut up. Then open it again and see if it happens great this time.

    And, of course, you can't control what your viewers do with their browser, unless you create these behaviours 'display the new window '. Your behavior window was empty, maybe because you have to first select the thumbnail or text... and then in the behaviors panel, press the "add the behavior." Choose browser window open, etc. etc.

    I think I'm repeating myself

    Yes, those big arms can be pretty average... Let's see, it was a Charles Atlas ad in the back of comics, Yes?


  • When I click on a link in Mail (Mac OS) Firefox opens two windows. The foreground window is still empty. The other window shows the page that made the connection. I would like to avoid having two windows open.

    Mail links open two windows. One is empty.

    This has happened

    Each time Firefox opened

    Is in the last two weeks. I had not noticed this problem before

    It is this bug: - Firefox 3.6 b opens two windows opening external links

    (please do not comment in bug reports, you can vote for show your interest)

  • Try to download a manual, but it keeps opening in my Windows Media Player

    Original title: all lost

    Im trying to download a manual, but it keeps open my windows media player as I play music help

    Is - this manual is a PDF file? Do you have a PDF Reader installed?  If it isn't...

    Foxit Reader

    If you...

    Right-click on the file.
    Select: Open with on the shortcut menu.
    Click: Choose [default] program.
    Letter: Your PDF reader.
    Check: Always use the selected program to open this type of file.
    Click OK.

  • How to keep each "open in Windows Mail file"?

    I use "Windows Mail" folders as a workbook.  But when I open or try to put something in a folder it opens and it takes forever to get to where I want to msg to go to.  Is there anyway I keep opening for 100% and just open the subfolder that I need?

    Why have they changed it in Outlook Express, that was such a good and well-organized program?

    Thanks in advance for the help!

    If you have 10 subfolders under one main folder, you do not see them all or none. It was the same in OE. If you want to 'post a message', expand the folder tree and drag the message into the folder wanted.
    Unless you make to each folder a subfolder of the folder above instead of the main folder, it should not take longer to get where you're going, regardless of the number of subfolders.
  • Windows live mail keeps freezing

    Windows live mail keeps freezing. When I open the task manager a notice telling me it does not. This happens whenever I read the mail and may occur several times during each session. I sometimes close direct mail and reopen it to solve the problem. Any ideas?

    Post Windows Live questions in the appropriate forum found here:

  • replacement computers. How can I keep all of my old emails. old computer windows live mail 2011 new computer windows live mail 2012

    replacement computers. How can I keep all of my old emails. I have hundreds of emails in the sent folder and hundreds in my folder of emails saved on my old computer (windows live mail 2011) but when I open windows live mail 2012 on my new computer all the folders are empty. I signed the same account on both computers.

    old computer windows live mail 2011 new computer windows live mail 2012 it is the problem


    It is relatively simple as you use and that you want to use WLM.

    You will need to copy a folder from where it is (the old installation) to another place where you know it will be (for example on your desktop)

    The folder is c:\users\your user name\app data (if it is not there, see the note below) \local\microsoft\

    At that point you will see a folder named oddly enough "windows live mail" copy on your desktop

    If you don't see the app data because it is invisible atm.  To make it visible, you need to go to your control panel > folder options > view > change to hidden folders (see figure)

    Once you have mail backed up on your desktop (or where ever) drag the folder from the desktop to the location for the new WLM (once again we C;-... just like above).  Just make sure that WLM does not run in time.  What wont be imported, it of passwords and rules.

    Accounts and data should now be in the new WLM when you open it.

  • tabs, windows and keep opening with ads and downloads that I can't stop

    New tabs with ads, downloads etc. keep opening on firefox also of new windows getting install supposed repair tools (eFix now). Executed ADWCleaner, Malware Bytes, TDSSkiller, uninstalled and reinstalled firefox but not anywhere... help greatly appreciated!

    Thank you

    ... In fact I think I have solved this. Unistalled Firefox again, then on a search I found a few Firefox files I deleted and I reinstalled and it seems to be ok now.


  • If I click once on an e-mail in the message window while I closed the preview window, I opened that makes e-mail?

    If I click once on an e-mail in the message window while I closed the preview window, I opened that makes e-mail? I worry because I don't want to open a message that my bad-ware download on my computer. If the preview window is closed, I noticed that the number of e-mails read does not change when I click once on e-mail. Can I assume that unread means that it has not been opened.

    Read the answer! Your question is answered there.

    Read / unread is purely an indicator. It has no real meaning. If you go into the menu (alt + T) tools > options > advanced > reading and display, you can change when a mail is marked as read in immediately to 10 seconds (this is what outlook express used) up to 1000 seconds.

    The software marked the email read is that this logic can go. It's always "BOLD", the software did not mark the message read.

    You open the mail? It is an unquantifiable statement.

    In the context of Thunderbird an individual mail is not a discrete element that is stored. It is a part of your data for mail/News. So try to equate open to action just does not fit.

    Thunderbird received mail as a series of lines. He collected in an email that he stores in a file with all your other emails for this folder. You open the file in that the mail is stored? Totally irrelevant Thunderbird opens to get mail every time that mail is added to the folder or to view a mail in this folder.

    Each time a letter is displayed (any mail) the file all your emails for this folder are saved in the opening and reading.

    If clicking on the mail list 'open' the file. Probably not, it was probably already open. The file is opened, read, written to and updated probably half a dozen times since Thunderbird started so if you click on the mail to see won't change anything good at all. If the e-mail file has been closed it will be open to view the contents of the mail, but he is perhaps already open.

    The key is that you try to apply assumptions to mail that simply do not apply. That's why I sound as if I'm going in circles.

    You also may ask, when I fill the kerosene tank my electric light.

    • The software mark mail as read when you say
    • It opens files underlying storage constantly. Clicking on an entry may or may not cause the opening of the file.
    • Your mail is not in a file on its own, it is in a file that contains all the messages in the folder and the mail deleted until the folder is compacted.
  • I want to mail to open in a window

    I had to reinstall Thunderbird. But the new version of mail as a tab opens. As a tab in the browser. I want the mail to open as a new and separate, window as before. How can I change this back?

    In the Menu bar, select Tools-Options-advanced-reading and display

    No menu bar? Press the ALT key.

  • Why the msg of the LOCATION of WEB OPEN area keep opening when I try tro type a person's name or type anything in the subject line of mail Yahoo? I have to ke

    In the case of Yahoo mail, the OPEN WEB LOCATION box opens for each letter, that I try to type in the line 'To' and/or the 'subject line ' of all new email to someone. I type a letter, the box opens, and I can't type in the window of email anywhere until I have shut the box. I close the box, type another letter and the gain of OWL box open. It takes forever to type anything. It started when I updated Firefox to the new version of 21. I uninstalled and reinstalled Firefox. No help. I uninstalled 21 and re-installed the 19 (I used 19 with no problems until today). No help. The problem will not go away. I note that others have complained about this problem. Is there a fix yet? I was forced to IE in the meantime.

    Hello, you have two this extension in your profile (DownloadTerms 1.0 & WhiteSmoke New that may be regarded as malicious software.

    Pleasereset firefox and see if these entries are always present thereafter. also, go to the windows control panel / programs and remove all toolbars or potentially unwanted software from there and run a full scan of your system with the security software you have in place and various other tools such as the free version of malwarebytes & adwcleaner.

    Remove a toolbar that has supported your Firefox or the homepage search
    Fix Firefox problems caused by malicious software

Maybe you are looking for