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I used to be able to drag an email to mail on the desktop or the folder and get an .eml file. For all last year, there is no worked - icon gliding zips return to Mail when the button of the mouse is released.  Is there something that will revert to the original behavior, or provides another way to save an email outside mail file structures.  Tanks


This option always works for me.

Try to select the message, and then under file in the menu bar, select export to PDF...

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    Hello, I have reinstalled Windows on my computer because my hard drive has failed; However, I get a message that my export key is not valid.

    Have you tried to restart by phone?

    How to activate Windows 7 manually (activate by phone)
    1) click Start and in the search for box type: slui.exe 4
    (2) press the ENTER"" key.
    (3) select your "country" in the list.
    (4) choose the option "activate phone".
    (5) stay on the phone (do not select/press all options) and wait for a person to help you with the activation.
    (6) explain your problem clearly to the support person.

  • How to delete Messages When you export the form to Excel results


    I created a menu to call a procedure of database (with asset_id as parameter) that sends a request to retrieve the details of Bill of fa.  It works when I hardcode the asset_id but whenever I try to refer to the system asset_id, I get error messages about invalid tokens, keyword not found, not all variables, etc.

    Here are the formats I've tried:

    ${: item.invoices.asset_id.value}


    {: item.invoices.asset_id.value}

    $: item.invoices.asset_id.value

    : item.invoices.asset_id.value

    Item.Invoices.asset_id. Value


    : invoices.asset_id.value

    Should what format I use?

    Thank you!


    We have a customization of forms on the FAXASSET form, based on the responsibility that disables updates when you navigate to Source lines.  The form generates messages "you can create folders here" without the customization.  Customization has solved the problem with the messages, but the messages to erupt again when users export the data to Excel.  How can we remove these messages when you export to Excel?

    Thank you!


    Application version: 11.5.10 CU2

    Database: 10.2.04

    Server: AIX 5.3 on IBM P750

    Hello again,

    The variable being passed to the database procedure is digital so I don't think it was necessary, but it is!

    This format has made the Tower - add three ticks around the reference item.block.field.value.

    '''|| ${item.invoices_header.asset_id.value} | " '

  • I use Lightroom 5.7, 64-bit with Windows 7 Professional. Without apparent reason, I now get an error message when I export a photo, say a raw image to a JPG. However, the exported image seems to be OK. But now, I've noticed that my directory the files LR

    I use Lightroom 5.7, 64-bit with Windows 7 Professional. Without apparent reason, I now get an error message when I export a photo, say a raw image to a JPG. However, the exported image seems to be OK. But now, I noticed that my repertoire records in library view LR does not show images correctly: If there is a folder with subfolders, the folder contains 0 images, but sub records show the correct number of images. What happened and is there a solution? I tried to uninstall Lightroom and re - install, but the problem persists.

    Here is a screenshot of the error message:

    LR ErrorMessage.JPG

    Post edited by: Joseph Costanza, Jr.

    See here for a solution.

  • Windows Mail export messages to drive c: with folder names wrong and structure

    I just tried to export all messages from Windows Mail on the PC hard disk and, while messages are grouped together correctly, their folder names appear to back a former name or took a completely different name.

    Records do not export in the structure correct (folders and subfolders) so it is impossible to work on the file that goes where, as much as the export messages as a reference number only and not with the subject alpha (as happens when you drag and drop on the C drive in Windows Explorer manually).

    Any ideas about how I cam get Windows Mail to export the current folder names, and also to preserve the existing structure?

    Thank you very much, Temp.

    What you see is what you get.  Essentially abandoned Microsoft Windows Mail
    in June 2006 for Windows Live Mail.
    To better exports, try this solution of third parties:
    Gary van, Microsoft MVP
    "Temporary name" wrote in message
    News: * e-mail address is removed from the privacy... *
    > I just tried to export all messages from Windows Mail on the hard drive
    > on the PC and, while messages are grouped together correctly.
    > their folder names seem to be back to old name
    > or took a completely different name.
    > Do not export files in the correct structure (folders and)
    (> subfolders) is and therefore it is impossible to work on the file which will
    > where, especially the messages of export as number reference only and
    > not with the subject alpha (as happens when you drag manually and)
    (> drop it on the C drive in Windows Explorer).
    > Any ideas about how I cam get Windows Mail to export the current folder
    > names and also to preserve the existing structure?
    > A big thank you, Temp.

    Gary van, Microsoft MVP (Mail)

  • being blocked access to internet explore from a link in the mail message electronic microsoft outlook

    What is the cause, what I need to change my settings to fix this? I use Norton anivirus, might that have changed something?

    Errors with the opening of links in outlook,

    Mr. Fixit,

  • Corrupted Windows Vista Mail export

    I tried export WIndows Vista Mail so I could import into a new machine Win 8.1. However, files are damaged and some folders and emails are missing. Any ideas on how to solve this problem? I've held last year, but did not get a response.

    What e-mail program you are using in the new machine? Note that the mail app does not support POP3 accounts.
    If you use Windows live Mail and messages seem to always corrupt, try this.
    To create a Windows folder on the desktop from the old machine.
    * Open a file in WinMail and drag the messages into the folder on the desktop. (They will remain in WinMail.)
    To copy this folder on the desktop on the new machine.
    Open the folder and drag the messages to a folder in the new e-mail program.

  • Help, please! 100 e-mail exporting do not in files exported from the old Windows Live Mail to the new computer laptop

    I just bought a new laptop, have both Windows 7 and both have Windows Live Mail. I have several folders in the program my old portable Windows Live Mail and hundreds of emails in each folder. I experienced the process of export of emails every day now and no matter how I try (one folder at a time, highlighting of the emails in the said folder, simply choose the Inbox - as all the files I have are subfolders in the Inbox) - I can not send more than one in each folder when I imported the emails into the new Windows Live Mail. Why please? Please can someone explain how to copy every email in each folder on my new laptop it please!

    The properties which means the message are added to the file by Windows to make it possible to find e-mail messages by property (as of and object). If the memory stick is not formatted in NTFS, the properties of these files can be preserved. It is of no real consequence; Windows will just write again when the messages end up on a drive formatted in NTFS. So: either the memory stick format NTFS, or answer Yes to the prompt to copy files without their properties.

  • E-mail 'export' feature is not available.

    You want to transfer the e-mail address book from an old XP computer on the computer newly purchased with windows 7.

    Used IE6, export function was not available.

    Then downloaded and installed IE8, the 'Export' of e-mail addresses function is still not available.

    After clicking on 'File', there are two words 'Import' and 'Export' - but with a lighter color, is not available.  When click on them - nothing happens, because that is not available.

    Can anyone help on this difficult problem?  Thank you.

    Using Outlook Express? If yes her you need to export from Outlook Express inside.

    Outlook Express Backup information

    Outlook Express tips, tricks and Secrets for the backup and restore:

    MS KB:
    How to backup and restore Outlook Express data:

    How to change the default location of mail and news files:

    Inside Outlook Express (backup and restore):


    Never be afraid to ask. This forum has some of the best people in the world to help.

  • Winmail in vista mail export then problem of file name different when imported into windows live mail?

    win mail in export Vista mail then face the different file name problem when importing into windows live mail?

    I have dell laptop and vista 32 - bit os worm and now I change my laptop and have os windows 7, but when I export the name of folder windows vista mail rename (long file name) so when I import in windows 7 in the windows live mail client it is not imported as well as in win mail. folder and sub-folder is not in good
    the path folder and subfolder and subfolder; s subfolder is not to this strucherd only in win mail in vista. so, how to solvedthis problem and I want to win software mail in windows vista then where to download in windows 7. PS please help me I have the database of records of mamy creat inside.

    Hi ChintanThakkar,

    Since you are facing problems with its import to Windows Live mail, you can publish your application in the Windows Live Forum for assistance.

    Windows Live Support

    Hope this information is useful.

  • Windows Live Mail export do not mail. Help!?

    I am trying to export my mails WLM from old computer to new computer.  When I do the export and select all what it exports only the current view by email.

    How to export all the emails in my account?

    So frustrated!

    Use the file (1), export (2), (3) Email and choose "all files" (4).

  • Question about 10 Windows mail export

    Windows 10 has two options to send a photo. The first and apparently, the default value is "Photo"E-mail address ". This method uses OneDrive to send the image. I want to send a picture as an attachment, (not through OneDrive). If I export images from Lightroom 6 to a hard drive, it is possible to send an email with a picture attached. If I use the export to the e-mail function in Lightroom, it automatically goes to the Photo by e-mail, or OneDrive method.

    Is it possible to change the default behavior? I can't find a preference in LR to do this, and I'm not experienced enough in Windows to find the solution, if it exists. I would like to export to email from LR and have mail to open with an image as an attachment, the way it worked before the upgrade to Windows 10.

    Yes, not a problem of Lightroom.

    You must install an e-mail program that does not use this funky OneDrive nonsense.

    Then have Lightroom use this email program instead.

  • Use the message filter to export the message?

    I would like to automatically export some messages as text files in a folder on my hard drive. I thought that I would be able to define a message filter to do this, but to "perform these actions", there is no apparent way to run or use a plugin from the Tools menu. Is there a solution? I currently use the ImportExportTools plug in manually copy files, but it works well for me because it takes a long time and don't update.

    My main wish is to keep all messages from certain clients available on a server to any computer, readable regardless of whether or what e-mail program is installed, organized with other documents from the same customer. If there is another way to achieve this other than the export of text messages, please let me know.

    Thank you.

    The add-on to FiltaQuilla offers an option to "Save as Message file" as a filter action. I have not used this particular feature myself.

  • Messages electronic removal of blackBerry Z10

    When I delete a message from my Z10 and then use my desktop pc to access my email account, deleted email appears again, how this can be removed via my mobile phone?

    Assuming that your phone works well and so is your Yahoo account will delete the emails.

    I send email from my computer and they appear on my phone in 1 second, remove e-mails from Hub and server and they do not remove in 1 second, it sometimes takes a long time, but they delete and go to the folder to delete.

    Then give it some time, even an hour, so if they do not remove contact Yahoo.

  • Qosmio G30-220: HD-DVD via HDMI - error message Impossible to export the signal


    When I play a HD-DVD on my G30-220 LCD_panel, it works like a charm (with the Toshiba HD - DVD player software).

    When I switch to dualview to export the signal through HDMI to my LCD TV (HDCP), I get an error message:

    ' Cannot implement the signal. Please switch to the internal display "(this is not the exact English message. I get the error message in Dutch and I've translated).


    As much as I know the dual display is not possible. Either watch you on LCD display or on the TV. The two of them at the same time will not work. Reason because it's the protection against copying, and also because of very high data transfer.

    I tested it with Qosmio friends on my LCD HD-ready TV.

Maybe you are looking for

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