Mainting double page in the PDF layout


I created a document using pages face to face in indesign. Once printed to PDF, it opens properly in safari, that is to say a single page (cover), followed by the double pages all the way, just like his laid out in indesign. It is important, or the document seems strange that aren't facing pages.

However, in adobe reader by default for single pages. Or the double pages, but the first page became a facing page with the next page which is false.

Can I do so that when the player double click the PDF file, it will open to two pages in the face of the first page as a single?


Set the initial view in Acrobat, then save the file. It's the way your customer we'll see when it opens.

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    Hi abbyg96242574,

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    Kind regards

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    Of course, it is possible. Copy the following code excerpt page 3 to a new (temporary) file:

    this.extractPages ({start: 2, nEnd: 2});

    Note that the page numbers are zero-based.

    Of course, this will work in Acrobat, not in the free player.

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    Thank you in advance!


    Hey kylec13960260,

    Could you please let me know which version of Adobe Acrobat you are using.

    You can use the redaction tool to remove the hidden content of the PDF and check.

    Also, please check under the header label & foot if the title and date values are displayed or not.

    Let me know.

    Kind regards

    Ana Maria

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    Erin pashelinsky

    Hi Erin

    I believe that you have posted the same Muse file with 2 sites on Business Catalyst, you can update the same sites with changes made in Muse.

    Publish window, click options and select the site that fell down, publish the site and old pages will be replaced with new content that you have added in Muse.

    Thank you


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    Hi NatashaSantamarina

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    Thank you


    Use the menu Document > extract Pages...

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