Major Media Browser BUG. Deal breaker?

Currently working on a television project important and faced a huge problem with CS6. I heard that many have problems with the same question. I'm loading clips (in my case AVCHD) miniatures, as well as the list displayed in the media browser and it does not let me scroll down without be pushed upward. He came to the point where it is so more simply annoying but also literally impossible to work with. I tried to find alternatives, but after paying for a product, I don't think it is necessary using third-party applications to use my clips.

My production company comes from the years with FCP to work now with first, but if someone can't tell me what causes this problem, or Adobe cannot fix, it's basically a deal breaker.

My specs:

Mac Pro

Quad-Core Intel Xeon 2.8 GHz

Memory: 16 GB

ATI Radeon HD 5870

This is a bug that Adobe is aware of and supposed to be functional on.

Your only option for now is to let all the thumbs generated before scrolling.

And DON'T let not Adobe know this bug (what they initially considered a simple annoyance) makes the program unusable for you.  More what to do, faster it will get fixed.

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    My machine is a custom set up HP Z840 with 64 GB of RAM, 2 x HP Turbo drives and processors quad core etc etc if NOT my machine.

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    Thanks a lot guys,.


    still, it has not been fixed!

    That is right.

    Feature request/Bug Report Form

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    If I bring my images in the Source, I & O monitor works fine.  This a bug or if this feature has been removed?

    Hi Pcenginefx,

    It is the expected behavior. Marking points in the thumbnails of clip and output is not directly supported in the media browser, you must import the clips in the project Panel first. Clips in the media browser can not have metadata added to them for them (like points and output) until they are in the project.

    You can always open the clips from the media browser into the Source monitor Panel to set the points and exit before importing them into the project if this workflow is important to you.

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    I had a similar problem, but disable the zoom of the screen set in my case.

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    To access images sin Photos from another application using the media browser, this article was written for iphoto but it pretty much the same for Photos. The first option is to look for.

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    is it possible to get the movies stored in my lap top which is not on my PC dvd writer that has a dvd burner? Everio Media Browser is the program, I am happy to buy an external burner, but I am concerned about the prompt that appears when I click on "written strt" it would be simply because my laptop is not a dvd burner?


    You should check into the Everio browser settings to check the ability of the data you are trying to burn. You should be able to move the DVD to the new PC.

  • Import media vs. media browser.

    I work with very large files of 1.3 GB each for a 4-5 minute video. I'm combining them into one video with some modifications.

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    I use the method of the"new clip" when I want to edit videos in my project.

    There are times where a simple right click on > import will work fine.  It also happens when it won't.

    Media browser works every time.

  • Images in the media browser does not appear in chronological order...

    We went just to Adobe Premiere Pro. The images in the media browser does not appear in chronological order. In the media browser window, there is a drop-down list labelled 'name', but nothing else. How can we get the images to display in chronological order?

    Short answer: no

    Its digital or alphabetical.

    Once in the project window, you can sort by date.

  • Media Browser not bringing import does not in all files

    I have several folders, each with a few inside .mov files, I want to put into my project. I use the media browser, select the files, right click and choose "import". Folders appear so as the bins in the project, as planned. Curiously however .mov that one file in each folder is available in. There are several SBDAs in each folder that should have come, too. All the files in the folders are the same size, all SBDAs. Any ideas?

    I figured out what's happening. These other mov in the file have already been imported in other bins during the project (these are the exercise of Lynda files I use to learn the program). Apparently if the film is already somewhere in the project Panel, even if a different sandbox, they won't matter again. Thank you all for taking a glance at it for me.

  • Import of media browser and what is the meaning of ' compliant audio "for Premiere Pro

    The resolution of the problems of audio dropout there are a few recommendations:

    1 is to import via media browser. I always do this, but what is the difference between that and "importer" via the file menu or drag / drop to the level of the finder/Explorer?

    2 is to "wait for the audio to be similar." What does that mean? Historically consistent referred to the construction of an online version (high resolution) of a sequence of 'offline' version of lower resolution. It is rare to comply audio as it was captured in general integral quality as well as much smaller than video space considerations.

    I do see the "PIC file generation" that occur and disabled it automatically generate because it takes so much time and consumes so many resources.

    What is Adobe medium by audio "in line"? I do not see what to do (unless there's a lower quality cover, built for some reason any?)

    Thanks for any information

    1 tapeless media took us two steps forward, but also a step backwards.  Instead of a single file per clip containing audio, video, time and metadata code (what we had with DV), plus all formats enter a folder stupid and often labyrinthine structure.  Sometimes the video and audio in a single file, sometimes is not.  But even when they are, most of the cameras will write several files for longer clips (called covering), because they still use the seriously outdated FAT32 file system, which can create files up to 4 GB.  Some cameras will even write each image as an individual file.

    Given this mess, try to change some of these formats by using the method of normal import will create havoc with your clips in PP.  Adobe solution is the media browser, who can understand the stupidass records and bring in the clips as if they were correctly created - one file for each clip containing audio, video, code time and metadata.

Maybe you are looking for